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a) philosophical theology grounded in the values realized from our interobjective indeterminacy - a minimalist natural theology of The One ... and what are the implications of indeterminacy vis a vis God but that no eye has seen nor ear heard nor the heart of wo/man conceived His essential nature having "only" received the Love revealed through the creation and the Incarnation b) 5fold christology grounded in the values realized from our intersubjective intimacy as we are 1) oriented 2) sanctified 3) empowered 4) healed and 5) saved ... and what has primarily been revealed thru the Incarnation is that we are invited into an intimate love relationship with God beyond our mere moral & practical concerns, legitimate though they are c) 5fold pneumatology grounded in the values realized from our intraobjective identity - a robust theology of nature of The Many - as expressed through our 1) eschatology 2) sophiology 3) ecclesiology 4) sacramentology and 5) soteriology ... and what is that identity but the agapic dynamism of a community of love - cf Bracken re: being and love d) 5fold theological anthropology grounded in the values realized from our intrasubjective integrity - a suitably chastized but reasonably optimistic vision of humanity as approached through our axiological epistemology via the 1) historical (descriptive) 2) cultural (evaluative) 3) social (interpretive) 4) economic (normative) and 5) political (unitive) ... and where is our integrity founded but in our being in love - cf Lonergan re: authenticity


Pneumatological heuristic