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the theme of panSEMIOentheism, the cosmic metanarrative of creation and co-creation: the trinity asked: could we employ finitude, even, to augment values ? and the rest is history = creation = the navajo rug (woven, purposefully, w/at least one blemish) what are signs, what are icons, indexes and symbols? mistaken perceptions and memories, neuronal constellations that lose their original algorithmic function and then nonalgorithmically present the organism with novel behavioral responses to stimuli that are more often adaptive than not, predicates stripped from their subjects, mistakes that evolution has parlayed phylogenetically and that we exploit as our ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, as we exploit metaphor to deepen meaning signs are neuronal replication variances (mistakes) adaptively exploited by organisms and find their richest exploitation in the symbolic language of humans transformation entails the exploitation of replication variances (only errors ostensibly but not otherwise via a robustly telic interpretation) into novel realities that are more true, more beautiful and more good than otherwise could be realized had the replication variance (error or mutation) never occurred = creation or processing forth of finitude exploitation (in the most benevolent sense) creation is a risk-laden act that engages finitude (primarily misinformation or replication variances) in order to augment truth, beauty, goodness and unity replication variances (errors) in the 3 levels of thermodynamic, morphodynamic & teleodynamic emergence risk-amplifications via replication variances to realize valueaugmentations or ontological mutation yielding axiological transmutation kenosis in service of love exploitation of paradox (rather than paradigmatic dissolution, dialectical resolution or practical evasion) signs becoming Signs, "mistakes" becoming metaphors soteriology of sacrifice, giving up the good for the better, even the best


perfection shrinking back to make room for superperfection


Kenosis as cosmic metanarrative  
Kenosis as cosmic metanarrative