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Distinctions & Neologisms neo-catholic pansemioentheism pneumatological consensus (the secular as) descriptive sciences evaluative cultures normative philosophies interpretive religions theoretic concept semiotic concept heuristic concept dogmatic concept intraobjective identity (absolute unitary being) intersubjective intimacy (intimate unitive communion) intrasubjective integrity interobjective indeterminacy simple phenomenal experience vague phenomenological concepts robust ontological descriptions risk management, both attenuation & amplification, ordered toward the augmentation of value-realization axis of co-creativity (formative and redemptive poles) axis of codependency (a/pathetic poles) theoretical theological capitulation practical pastoral accommodation universal ethical norms of justice & ordinary virtue (morality as end-product) Christian unitive norms of love & extraordinary virtue (morality as by-product)


Jb's neologisms  
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