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Please don't consider my remarks as insults. I am really looking for an answer. compassionatevegan 55 minutes ago

@compassionatevegan Some say His words apply more so to some eschatological (future) realization of Kingdom values & not immediately. Others say His imperatives & injunctives apply more so to a personal vocation & not political statecraft. That DOES sound like lawyering! Jesus' words were not ambiguous. Pacifism, martyrdom and nonviolence conform to the pattern of His Life and Teachings and are esteemed vocations. But following isn't a simple either-or reality; rather, it is realized in degrees. wfb2008rip 23 minutes ago

@compassionatevegan Continuing - So, in my view, there can be no theoretical theological capitulation. What is encouraged sometimes, though, is a practical, pastoral accommodation to human weakness. At the same time, Jesus is inviting us to extraordinary virtue, to the unitive norms of love, which exceed the demands of justice. These go beyond our universal moral norms, where self-defense is s ll ethical & part of ordinary virtue. One does the best one can. Perfection isn't required. wfb2008rip 14 minutes ago

@compassionatevegan We do not need special religious revelations to live a good & ethical life because morality is transparent to all human reasoning. What differentiates the Gospel in the marketplace, then, is not its moral teachings but, rather, the Good News that the universe was both created & is far friendlier than one could ever imagine (b/c reality is far too ambiguous for us & ambivalent toward us for us to otherwise draw such a conclusion). God is Abba, Daddy, is the primary take-away! wfb2008rip 6 minutes ago

@compassionatevegan Finally, rather than answering What can I know? (describing reality) or What must I do? (norming reality), religion addresses What might I hope for? Descriptive science answers: What's that? Evaluative cultures: What's that to us? Normative philosophy: How might we best acquire/avoid that? Interpretive religion: How do we tie (religate) this all together? And it doesn't get to make up the answers to the 1st 3 ques ons. It goes beyond but not without them. Hope this helps.