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Served warm in disposable, re-heatable tin ware Catering chafers available for rental upon request

Saffron Paella Tartlets $24 seafood, chicken, sausage & rice sautéed with saffron then baked in a pastry shell

Spanikopita Tartlets $23 mediterranean classic of sautéed spinach, onion & feta cheese with pine nuts baked in a filo-dough shell

Grilled Chorizo $23 sliced long & served with stone ground mustard

Lamb Pop $84 new zealand lamb chops marinated in mint jus then grilled

Kobe Sliders $48 idaho’s snake river farms kobe mini burgers, smoked gouda & caramelized onion on gaston’s local organic wheat bun

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders $42

Appetizers by the Dozen All orders need to be a minimum of 2 dozen per selection / prices are listed per dozen

slow cooked pork pulled & slathered with our house bbq sauce on gaston’s local organic wheat bun

Chimichurri Beef & Seafood Grille $42 double r ranch sirloin marinated in preserved lemon & herbs seared with scallop then skewered

Served at room temperature on disposable, black, plastic platters

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms $16

Artichoke-Filo Tartlets $19

cremini mushrooms stuffed with sautéed chorizo, seasoned bread crumbs & vegetables, drizzled with wine then baked

with feta cheese & melted parmesan medallion

Curried Chicken Salad Tartlets $16 creamy curried chicken with currants & toasted almonds

Grilled Pesto Shrimp $22 Greek Skewers $18 cucumber, tomato, olive, oregano feta cheese

Ceviche Nacho* $26 fresh seafood marinated in citrus with jalapeño, onion & cilantro served with house fried tortillas

Berryhill Bacon Mini-Sandwiches $16 with red pepper aioli & cheese on house baked focaccia

Roma Mozzarella Crostini $15 fresh basil, salted tomato & mozzarella on toasted bread

Roast Beef & Chevre-Radish Roll $16 beef, chèvre-rosemary horseradish crème & pimiento

Beef Carpaccio Bruschetta* $24

Vegetable Stuffed Mushrooms $15 grilled vegetables blended with seasoned bread crumbs, drizzled with wine then baked

Albondigas Meatballs $14 spanish meatballs seared then baked smothered in a rustic herb-tomato ragout

Ginger Kobe Gyoza $36 idaho’s snake river farms kobe beef & fresh ginger wontons pan seared with chile-maple-soy

Lavender Chicken Wings $23 rubbed with rosemary, thyme, basil & lavender then baked

Mini Quiche $16 loaded baked potato or spinach-mushroom-feta in pastry shell

Miniature Wild Salmon Cakes $33 with red coconut curry reduction

Spicy Hot Fried Shrimp $17

double r ranch marinated beef on grilled bread

BACON Wrapped Scallops* $48

Caprese Skewers $17

BACON Risotto Tartlets* $24

tomato, fresh mozzarella balls & basil with balsamic reduction

Kurobuta Pork Quesadilla* $23 idaho’s snake river farms kurobuta pork sautéed with onions, garlic, pruned bacon & cheese

Consumption of rare or uncooked foods may be hazardous to your health

*these items might require on on-site chef for prep

Appetizers by the dozen  

John Berryhill Restaurant Banquet Appetizers by the Dozen