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Water Is Good For You, Make It Even Better With Berkey Water Filters The healthy habit of drinking water can actually be an unhealthy practice if unfiltered water is used for drinking. Out of many different varieties available in the market, the right berkey water filters must be chosen for your household on the basis of the nature of water in your area. This will improve the water quality thus making it absolutely safe for consumption.

“Drink more water.” This is one of the world‟s most popular solutions that everyone, right from a doctor to a hair expert, suggests. Taking a cue from these expert recommendations, you have resolved to drink more water and are zealously advising others to do so. It‟s true, drinking water is as much a part of Grandma‟s beauty secrets as it is a subject of continuing research. But if you delve deeper, you would be surprised to find that drinking impure water can cause more diseases than not drinking enough. And, if you believe the UN‟s reports, more than 80% cases of death due to diseases are

water-related! So, unless you have an efficient berkey water filters at home, you are risking your health big time. There are many reasons why unfiltered water plays host to many diseases. Firstly, microscopic germs including disease-causing bacteria and parasite give rise to different kinds of stomach-related disorders. Secondly, excess of harmful chemicals like arsenic, nitrates and fluorides in water render it unfit for drinking due to its high toxicity. Now, these health problems can be avoided by using water filters at home. You might still be in doubt as to whether or not you actually need a water filter since the purified city water supplied to your home is safe enough, or so you think! While supplied water does contain chlorine that kills most microorganisms, it has no effect on Giardia and Cryptosporidium, two of the nastiest disease causing germs. Moreover, chlorine cannot remove toxic element and can itself cause various problems if added more than its permissible limit. Therefore, water filters have become home essentials without which you and your family is exposed to serious health threats. Now, when it comes to choosing the right water purifier for yourself, you might get confused with so many varieties of them available in the market today. Start with understanding the water in your area. Get it tested by professionals to know how safe your water is. If you find that it is not full of chemicals or it is not mineral-dense, then you can be sure that it is not what is typically known as „hard water‟. For this kind of a situation, a basic water filter such as Black Berkey Filters would be perfect for you. However, if your water shows heavy traces of chemicals, then you might have to consider a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier for optimum results. There are other water filtration systems available too, such as UV filters and water filters using ultrafiltration technologies but none of these are as potent as the RO filters in removing chemicals from water. Once you‟ve installed your black berkey filter, make sure to keep it clean and if you have a filter that needs professional servicing, it‟s important to get it done on a regular basis. You should also remember to change the cartridges of your filter at recommended intervals to enjoy uninterrupted supply of safe and clean water. So, make water filters a part of your everyday life to get the real benefits of drinking water.

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Water Is Good For You, Make It Even Better With Berkey Water Filters