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Benefits of Using Portable and Domestic Berkey Water Filters With Berkey water filters you can ensure that the drinking water you use is purified in the healthiest way. Have a quick look at the benefits of using black Berkey filters cum purifiers. It is needless to the necessity of drinking pure water and the risks if you don’t. You must already be aware that the city tap water that you use contains chemical and bacterial that may prove to be very harmful for those who drink or use it. It is for this reason that most families use water filters. The number of brands that manufacture water purifiers is also remarkable. However, a few of them stand out for their exceptional water filtering capabilities. Take Berkey water filters, for instance. Of all the water filters, Berkey water filters, especially black Berkey filters have become exceptionally popular. Let’s see what makes it more preferred among all water purifiers.

Why Berkey Filters Are So Popular The growth of popularity of the Berkey filters is noticeable. The prime reason it has become popular so fast is its capability to purify water in the healthiest way. It removes the harmful bacteria, parasites and chemicals while retains the necessary minerals. Most water filters remove minerals along with the harmful elements from water, making it less healthy. These filters have also passed the food coloring test where its capability to remove food dye from water has been tested.

Berkey Water Filters for Home Use There are seven different models of Berkey water filters, which are meant for home use. Each of these seven models has its own distinct features. These models include Big Berkey, Berkey Light with LED, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey and Crown Berkey. These indoor filtration systems usually feature large container.

Portable Berkey Water Filters Apart from large water purifiers for domestic use, Berkey has also introduced portable water filters such as Berkey Light, Berkey Sport Bottle, Travel Berkey, Go Berkey Kit etc. Berkey ensures that you can have pure and healthy water even when you are out of home. These are easy to carry and have the same water purifying potential as that of those meant for domestic use.

Advantages of Using Berkey Water Filters There are multiple advantages of using Berkey filters. First, these purifiers have the potential to filter drinking water in the healthiest way. So far as the quality of these filters is concerned, they have already proved themselves to be better than all its counterparts. Though these are basically water filters, its filtration magnitude is so high that they are categorized as water purifiers. The most important factor is that Berkey water filters or black Berkey filters is that none of them is power driven. Thus this is one of the most economical water filter brands.

Contribution to Nature Berkey is not merely doing business and making money. Apart from ensuring pure and healthy drinking water for every family, it also contributes to the efforts to make this world plastic-free. It does not use plastic for its containers as other packaged water brands do. So, when you use black Berkey filters or portable Berkey water filters, you not only drink pure and healthy water, but also make a significant contribution to making this world clean and pollution free.

Benefits of Using Portable and Domestic Berkey Water Filters