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QUALITY CHAPTER RECOGNITION PETITION 2011 ECHOCKOTEELODGE200 District Name__________________________________


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____________________________________ To qualify as a Quality Chapter of Echockotee Lodge 200, the Chapter must achieve these twenty objectives during the 2010 Quality Chapter year (May 30th , 2010 to May 30th, 2011). At the end of the year, check each objective achieved and submit this form whether you have qualified for recognition or not . The information will help us improve our lodge and these criteria in the future. 1. The chapter experienced positive growth in its dues-paid membership. 2. The chapter inducted a number of members into the Brotherhood equal to 30%of the number that became eligible during the year. 3. The chapter conducted a legitimate unit election during the year for every consenting troop in the district. The election teams were prepared and all team members were in proper uniform during each election (see for exact election policies)

4. The chapter had at least two members on any of the following committees: Service, Song and Dance, Inductions or Ceremonies. 5. At each Fellowship, the chapter provided one trained Elangomat for every 10 Ordeal candidates from their chapter. 6. The chapter conducted camping promotions contacts to a minimum of 75%of the units in the district. 7. The Chapter Chief and at least one other officer were trained at LLD. At LOAC,all chapter members not otherwise engaged in service participated in training. 8. The chapter held a Chapter Meeting open to its full membership every month during the Quality Chapter year, except summer camp months (June and July). 9. During the year, chapter members contributed an amount of service equal to three hours per dues-paid member (including service at Service Days, Fellowships, Learning for Life Camporee, and any chapter projects). 10. The chapter completed at least one chapter service project approved by the Lodge Chief. 11. The chapter provided and ran at least one booth for the Learning for Life Camporee, held each October. 12. The Chapter Chief or his designee represented the chapter at all Roundtable or district committee meetings. The Chief or his prepared replacement represented the chapter at all LECand Lodge BusinessMeetings during the year. 13. The Chapter Chief submitted his report on-time for all 4 editions of The Feather.

14. During the year, the Chapter Key 3 (Chapter Chief, Chapter Advisor, and District Scout Executive) met to identify ways for the Chapter to be more effective in cooperating and coordinating with Council programs and events. The chapter calendar permits members to actively participate in unit, district, and council events 15. The Chapter submitted a written or oral annual report of its accomplishments to the District Roundtable or District Committee. The Chapter Key 3 and District Executive must jointly identify and approve five additional objectives to be accomplished during the 2010 Quality Chapter year. On the reverse of this form are ten suggested objective’. Choosethree from this list and enter the corresponding letter on lines 16, 17, and 18, below. For objectives 19 and 20, you may write two objectives of your own (these additional two objectives must be approved by the Lodge Chief before Summer Fellowship) alongside the numbers or select two additional objectives from the suggested list 16. _____ Enter the letter corresponding to the selected objective. 17. _____ Enter the letter corresponding to the selected objective. 18. _____ Enter the letter corresponding to the selected objective.

19. _____ 210. _____

Signatures: Chapter Chief Chapter Advisor Associate Chapter Advisor

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Lodge Advisor


SUGGESTED QUALITY CHAPTER OBJECTIVES A. 50%of all units in your district have an OA Representative, and a designated OARep Liaison in the chapter

maintains a complete roster of these Representatives with their names, phone #s and e-mail addresses. B. The chapter sent at least one adult and three youth to the Section 4 Seminars. C. The chapter has at least one member attending Trail Crew, Wilderness Voyage, or OAOA. D. The chapter had 10%of its dues-paid membership at Section 4 Conference. E. For every 10 dues-paid youth members, the chapter supplied 1 youth staff member to NFCSummer Camp

programs (Brownsea NYLT, Aquatics Camp, or Camp Shands). F. At least two chapter officers were present at each of the following: the Fall Fellowship, Winter Fellowship, and

Spring Fellowship, the December and April Service Days, Learning for Life Camporee, Section Conference and Section Seminars. G. The chapter provided manpower, resources and/or program assistance in support of the Council’s Cub Scout

outdoor program and Webelos transition to Boy Scouts. H. The chapter produced and mailed (through the postal service or email) a minimum of four newsletters to its

entire membership and contributed articles to the Lodge’s newsletter or website. I.

The chapter has a website that conforms to the Order of the Arrow’s website policies and has links to the district, lodge and council websites. (see

Echockotee Lodge 200 Quality Chapter Criteria 2011  

7. The Chapter Chief and at least one other officer were trained at LLD. At LOAC,all chapter members not otherwise engaged in service partic...

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