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Chapter Chief Brandon Newell (904)502-5447

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Vice Chief Of Program Austin Kriznar (904)472-6586

Elemukulek Chapter serving Echockotee lodge 200 Winter Fellowship 2010 edition

Vice Chief of Membership Andrew Knuppel (904)230-7695

Elections By: Andrew Knuppel

Secretary John Batten (904)404-1792

Historian William Sanders (904)383-9352

Advisor Mr. Hume (904)737-7049

Hey Ducks, Elections season is finally here! As you may recall when you did your ordeal, a team of arrowmen in sashes came and talked to you about the OA. The arrowmen then held your election. A few weeks later, you were selected in the callout ceremony. All of these parts are extremely crucial to the process of getting new arrowmen into the chapter and lodge. We all need your help! Each troop should have an election and callout done once per year. I need 2 people that are NOT FROM THAT TROOP for each election. There is no need to worry because the process is not too time consuming. Let me know if you are interesting in helping out with the elections by sending me an email at Thanks!

Getting Involved

Camp-o-ree By: Chris Faison Hey Elemukulek, 2011 Riverbend District Camporee is right around the corner. We have put together a strong staff made up of the best scouts from around the district. It is going to be a weekend filled with fun games and competitions for every troop. If your troop hasn’t signed up you need to make sure that your leaders register. Camporee starts at 5:30 pm on January 14th and ends that Sunday. I hope that everyone had an awesome Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all at Camporee. In Brotherhood

Cub-o-ree 2010 By: John Batten Hey guys, Cub-o-ree was November 5-7 and everyone had a fantastic time! It was a record-breaking event in many ways. The number of attendees was higher than any other event ever hosted at Camp Shands! The OA put on the most number of Webelos games of any Riverbend Cuboree with a total of 11 games this year. The games we ran were Scout Law Ball Toss, Tent Setup/ Breakdown, String Burn, Compass Race, Bean Golf, Recycling Relay, Knot Relay, Stretcher Race, Hula Hoop Relay, Life - Ring Toss, and Tug of War. I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Brad Watkins as well as all of the Arrowmen that came down and helped, we could not have done it without you! In Brotherhood

Special Needs Camporee By: Austin “D.Q.” Blizzard Greetings fellow Elemukulek Chapter members, The Special Needs Camporee was October 16th-18th, at Camp Echockotee. Before the participants arrived we set up a lot of tents for the campers. It was hard work, but it made me feel really good that I was helping people accomplish things that they might not have been able to do themselves. Our game was where you throw 2 balls connected with rope and try to wrap it around posts. Afterwards, we gave the participants candy. It’s satisfying to see a kid accomplish something and I would recommend everyone to go next year! Yours in Elemukulek

Officer Reports Brandon Newell (Chapter Chief) Whats up Ducks, Elections have been going great! We plan to have many new members tapped out soon. Winter Fellowship is here so lets hope to get the Best All - Around Chapter Award. Let’s keep this morale going and get sonic for THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW!

Austin Kriznar (Vice Chief of Program) With the theme of 'Football' for our Winter Fellowship, it is imperative, no, a complete necessity for you to get into the spirit by pre-registering ahead of time. It is also a necessity for you to bring all the most sports related, orangest and blueist, brightest and most seeable paraphernalia. If we aren't seen or heard at fellowship, there's no way we can win Sonic for the third (yes 3rd) time in a row! This would be a record for Elemukulek reminiscent the days of Chris Hume as Chapter Chief. So get up, get out, and get super-duper registered and excited! Andrew Knuppel (Vice Chief of Membership) Hey Ducks! The last few months have been pretty awesome, as we started by bringing home Sonic for the second time in a row. Let’s keep up the spirit for Winter Fellowship! As we head into January and February, we’re entering election season. Make sure your Troop has an election scheduled or has had theirs! Keeping new membership going is key to maintaining our member base. If you are interested in helping out with unit elections or callout ceremonies, let me know. They’re an easy way to get involved, usually take around 2030 minutes, and are important to our Chapter. You can email me at if you’re interested. Yours in Brotherhood John Batten (Secretary) Hey Guys, This has been an awesome couple of months for the ducks. We have staffed at cub-o-ree and special needs camporee. We have also been having the most outrageous chapter meetings, with Austin Kriznar leading the games. Let’s hope to win sonic at winter fellowship for a 3-peat. WWW William Sanders (Historian) Hey Guys, I have been taking a lot of pictures. Let’s get the historical display award. Go Ducks!!

Games and Calendar

Up Coming Events Elemukulek Chapter Meeting – January 6th, 2011 Winter Fellowship – January 7th to 9th, 2011, at Camp Shands Riverbend District Camporee – January 14th to 16th, 2011 at Echockotee Elemukulek Chapter Meeting – February 4, 2011 Spring Fellowship – March 4 – 6, 2011 at Camp Shands Section Conference – April 8 – 10, 2011 at Tanna Keeta OA Service Day – April 23, 2011 at Camp Shands Summer Fellowship – May 20 –22, 2011 at Camp Shands LLD – August 19 –21, 2011 at Camp Shands

Chapter Publication Winter 2011 Edition  

Chapter Publication Winter 2011 Edition

Chapter Publication Winter 2011 Edition  

Chapter Publication Winter 2011 Edition