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Yankees naturalize GIs during war games Vol. XXXVIII No. 1

November 8-14, 2011 Olongapo City and Zambales

Dissent brews vs Xmas Bazaar


PAGE 6 Zambales most wanted falls



usinessmen have appealed to Ologapo City Mayor James Gordon, Jr., to remove the Christmas Bazaar located along Magsaysay Drive and Perimeter road, citing a myriad of issues it causes from traffic problems, sanitation to peace and order. This, after the city government leased portions of Gordon Avenue and Volunteer’s Park along Perimeter road to a night bazaar organizer for three months. In a letter sent to Mayor Gordon, businessmen sought the transfer of the Bazaar to a different location after severely affecting their businesses. Maria Jesusa Seva, property manager of Anne Raquel’s building along Magsaysay Drive, said that they have already received complaints from their Christmas conundrum—Scores of stalls line-up Magsaysay Drive, Perimeter road, Volunteers’ park and the main gate bridge. A lessees. turn to page 2 certain Haniah and Aliah Company was contracted to put up the Bazaar despite objections from local businessmen.

Two ‘Gapo stores win trade award The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) awarded a Gold seal to two local department stores early this month for pursuing responsible business practices. The trade department awarded Mart One Department Store and Saver's Appliance Depot the Bagwis Gold seal. Eight other stores in the region were given the same recognition. The Bagwis program began in 2006 as a way of helping consumers identify companies who implement good business practices. The other awardees include San Sebastian & Ligtasan branches of EZ Supermarket in

FAB hotel to rise soon

Tarlac City; Big A Department Store-Tarlac City; K-Servico Trade Inc.- Iba, Zambales branch; Emilio S. Lim Appliances- Malolos City; DBL Aircon & Refrigeration Center- Balanga City and the Guiguinto, Bulacan, and Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija branches of Honda Cars. The Gold seal is the highest award in DTI's Bagwis program and is given to establishments that uphold the rights of consumers. DTI regional (turn to page 5)

Subic Bay Futsal Finals: Makati vs Olongapo OCNHS clinch U14 crown Makati-based Timog FC kept a clean slate in the national futsal qualifiers, defeating Gordon College and Lindberg FC, last Saturday at the Subic Bay Basketball gym.

Daphne Joy Narvaez charmed Jack Sparrow and his crew in the latest edition of the franchise film ‘Pirate of the Carribean: On Stranger Tide’ as a mermaid. And since then, she had made

SCTEX crash kills Nepalese

Manila. Of the seven, Aldwin Benedict Ednalino, 16, a resident of Sta. Cruz, Zambales, was listed in critical condition at the Mount Carmel Medical Center in the City of San Fernando.

Playing coach Jade Bejemino added another in the closing minutes, dousing the hopes of GCFC for a finals slot. In the 14&Under group, the OCNHS kickers blanked D'Expendibles 3-0 to clinch the age group championship for a total (turn to page 6)

Batang ‘Gapo in ‘Pirates of the Carribean’

ANGELES City—A Nepalese student was killed while seven of his classmates were hurt when their vehicle turn turtled along the Clark Freeport section of the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx) A Hong Kong-based firm recently. pledged to put up a hotel and The Angeles police identified Chief Inspector Melencio restaurant inside the Freeport the fatality as Nikhil Adhikari, 23, Santos, chief of the Angeles City Area of Bataan (FAB) recently. an aviation student from Metro traffic management and enforcePompil Corsame, president of the Export Processing Zone Chamber of Exporters and Manufacturers (EPZCEM), said that Luen Thai International Group expressed interest to put up the facilities. turn to page 5

Struggling in the first half, Makati-based Timog FC (TFC) trailed Gordon College FC (GCFC) 1-2 behind the heroics of GCFC striker Emil Pellezer and Paul Jaime. But TFC strikers Mark Cajon and Ian Clarido blasted a goal each to take the lead in the final half.

ment unit, said that Adhikari and Ednalino were thrown out of their Isuzu Crosswind. ‘Their vehicle rolled four times before slamming into the highway’s steel railings,’ Santos said. turn to page 6

several big splashes in the US entertainment industry not only as an actress, but as a magazine model and TV host. Daphne is a certified Olongapeña, having lived in the city until she was 8 years old. Her dad is Puetro Rican, while her mom is a Filipina. "I love my chicken adobo, bibingka, taho, everything! I hope to go back one day,’ she told ABS-CBN writer Yong Chavez in an interview recently. The lanky lass is proud of her Filipino heritage, noting her features are definitely Pinoy. ‘I have a Filipina face and my mom has beautiful high cheekbones and pouty lips,’ Daphne said, adding that her mom ‘is the cutest thing.’ turn to page 5

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Olongapo News

November 8-14, 2011



Christmas mystery The Olongapo City Christmas Bazaar is like a Twilight Zone episode. The stalls appear and disappear in a snap of a finger. Who’s fingermakes the magic we do not yet know because city officials refuse to talk. Last October 6, on the motions of Councilor Gina Perez, the city council passed a resolution and an ordinance allowing Haniah and Aliah Company to operate a Christmas Bazaar for three months along Gordon Avenue and Perimeter road from 3:00PM to 2:00AM. Both got the nods of councilors Rodel Cerezo, Eyrma Yvette Marzan-Estrella, Elena Dabu, Eduardo Piano, Edna Elane, SK federation chairman Dolly Mae Ramos and was approved byMayor Jamed Gordon, Jr., on October 25th. A day later, stalls appeared along the Perimerter road, unmindful of the vehicles passing through. In fact, two days after the Bazaar opened, folks were busily eating and shopping with jeepneys dangerously whizzing past their backs. How mysterious is this Bazaar? For one, no one can locate this Haniah and Aliah Company.Obviously, city officials were in touch with them because they were allowed to put up 12 stalls along Magsaysay Drive. This happened not once, but twice. After taking down their stalls during the Mardi Gras, they were allowed to put it up again after the street party. It gets worse. Recall that the resolution does not cover Magsaysay Drive. Does this make the occupation of the portion in front of SM Mall illegal? And twice over? So, why are the stalls still there? The organizers even occupied the entire main gate bridge to the chagrin of thousands of workers. Notably, not one of the councilors who said yes to this Bazaar would talk about it even though most of them are seen at the Bazaar regularly. Even the proponent, councilor Perez, remains unavailable, despite repeated efforts fo this paper to reach her. According to our sources, Mayor Gordon is left to defend the activity from irate businessmen. Weird, right?

I intend to write a column that would

We then imagine the conspiracies, draw

discuss parenthood, family, faith, education, community and relationships. Filipinos have a short memory— “mada-ling makalimot” of past wrongs and issues, to the point we justify that we are merely “mapagpatawad lang.” Filipinos are good remembering events, dates and names in Philippine history yet fail to learn from the lessons. If we are poor in learning the lessons of our long history, then I hate to say that we only have short-term opinions that last simply overnight! We develop opinions the moment we listen to the morning radio commentators, read the newspapers and watch the news on television. We become livid with the news about corruption, alleged abuses of GMA, Mike Arroyo, over-priced choppers, Maguindanao massacre, gruesome killings like Ramgen Bautista, election fraud and other shenanigans. We often say ‘Walanghiya talaga! Ang kapal ng mukha! Grabe! Sobra naman!”

during the family dinner. The hottest national issue becomes everyone’s topic and favorite sawsawan during lunch. Opinions are shared and debated in the office and school, posted on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Until the last broadcast of the late night news, the last twit and text message, we have strong opinions and resolve on things. Then we go to sleep, still feeling edgy with the opinion in the recesses of our mind. We wake up the following morning and the news about the PNP chopper scandal has become old news! Ramgen Bautista’s killing is the latest trending news topic! Our opinions can be as fleetingly cold and hard as that morning’s pandesal. So in the end, news becomes part of our daily entertainment minus the truth and justice. Corruption, killings and scandals no longer revolt us but merely amuse us – till we become victim ourselves, only then it would not be amusing at all.XXXXX

POLITICS, religion and money they make people critical of facts, discerning conclusions, the whodunits and we say are the three things we should not of issues and awaken them into action. suddenly become crime-scene invesdiscuss among friends. Still, from time to time, my column will tigators, legal luminaries or Mike Enriquez It is either that we have profound knowledge about politics and our religion or know nothing about it at all. As for money, people either have it or they want to borrow yours.Maraming tao ang may kuro-kuro tungkol sa pera, pero kadalasan wala naman pera. So for my first column with Olongapo News, and hopefully in the next few more, I will leave politics to the politicians and let our personal beliefs and faith be discussed by our pastors, priests and ministers in our churches. Still, I expect every citizen, mortal, believer, and our religious & political leaders to practice what we preach and do as we say. Since opinions are subjective beliefs which are often clouded by emotion, personal perspective or interpretation of facts, writing a regular opinion column can be a conscientious challenge. This column will be of insightful and thought provoking opinions about issues concerning Olongapo, SBMA and Zambales.

TALKBACK John Bayarong

I hear New Cabalan barangay chief Rafael Lim is squarely opposing the construction of the P400-M sanitary landfill. Can the city government push through with the project? Maybe. Will it be legal? Probably not. Beacuse of this, I guess the moderators of the ‘Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga OLONGAPO garbage’ are raring to fire up their Facebook page again. I don’t understand why city officials are fuming over #34 National Highway, Upper Kalaklan the construction of the coalOlongapo City fired power plant, but are joyMember, Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. fully proclaiming the coming of the sanitary landfill.


President Publisher Editor Accounts Manager Accounts Assistant Commercial Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Secretary Legal Consultant

Pinoy opinion, news and amusement


Power Talk ‘...will (CEPALCO) charge us a higher distribution cost?’

Which is worse, a coal plant miles away from the city limits or a landfill at the heart of the community? Personally, I would have none of any. Good thing nobody is asking me. *****

But did you know that construction is underway for a 75-MW coal-fired power plant in Limay, Bataan. My friend Dinalupihan, Bataan councilor Noli Soriano is railing about the project. A stark contrast to its Subic Bay sister, the entire government apparatus of Bataan are behind the 75MW power plant owned by Petron. Well to each his own, right? Well, not quite. Power, after all, is a shared resource.

The Department of Energy (DOE), in its Power Development Plan 2009-2030, estimates that in 2012, Luzon will have a dependable capacity 9,384 MW while peak demand will be at 7,934MW. DOE says the required reserve capacity in 2012 is 1,774MW, lest we face some power supply issues. The problem with demand is that it is very tough to predict. So, the only solution is to make sure we have enough reserve capacity. But power generating capacity, on the other hand, takes time to build. Estimates put it at around 2 to 3 years. And it is private sector dependent. If they don’t build, we have no plants. turn to page 5

Batang ‘Gapo in ‘Pirates’ from page 1

The Pinay is ready to talk about everything, but is mum on her rumored relationship with rapper 50 Cent. Tan is sexy While most Pinays would love to be light-skinned, Daphne, 24, loves her brown complexion. Her advice to other young ladies is ‘accept what God has given you, push yourself to be the best, be healthy, and no one can make you

feel insecure about anything.’ As a young girl in Olongapo, she had a dream that she never thought would come true. "My childhood dream was actually to be on magazine covers. I feel blessed." she expains. Since its launch, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ has earned more than US$1 billion dollars worldwide.

50 Cent

Asked how she keeps fit, Daphne runs a list of things to do.

‘I do about an hour at the gym.(I) do cardio and weights, at least twice a week,’she explains. She also reminds girls to stay beautiful inside, sleep well, and manage stress levels. (30)

Olongapo News

November 8-14, 2011

Two ‘Gapo stores win trade award from page 1

information officer Wilfred Carbonell disclosed that as of September this year, the trade department handed out Bagwis Gold seal to a total of 154 stores in Central Luzon.

Nationally, Central Luzon ranks second only to the National Capital region with the most Gold seals awarded. In the region, Nueva Ecija has 30 Bagwis Gold recipients, followed by Tarlac with 19, and Bulacan with 16. The program has three levels, bronze, silver and gold. The Bronze seal is awarded to stores complying with the Fair Trade Laws and maintaining good customer relations through the establishment of a Consumer Welfare Desk. The Silver seal recognizes an establishment with effective store management/operations and demonstrates social responsibility. To graduate to the Gold seal, a store must implement some elements aligned to quality and environmental management systems in their operations that meet international standards. (30)


Dissent brews vs Night Bazaar from page 1

‘Again, may I reiterate my observation that putting these stall here caused logistical turmoil, traffic conjestion, sanitary and security problems,’ Seva explained. Earlier, a group of 45 business opposed the setting up of the night bazaar along Gordon Avenue, forcing organizers to move some stalls infront of the SM Mall and Anne Raquel’s building. ‘It (the setting up of a Bazaar) has come to our attention and we are not in favor of the said activity in our area,’ they wrote the mayor. The letter was signed by a mix of salons, internet cafes, laundry shops, bars, religious groups, water refill stations owners and managers, among others. Relief and rescue fund

In a resolution, the city council authorized Mayor Gordon to allow Haniah and Aliah Company to organize the Christmas Bazaar along Gordon Avenue, Perimeter road, and Volunteer’s Park.

The Olongapo News sought the comments of councilor Gina Perez and city government through the Public Affairs Office, but have not received a reply as of press time. In a separate letter, Conrad Tiu, president of Conti group, reminded councilor Perez that the law does not allow roads and sidewalks to be leased or used for commerce. He also asked the lady councilor to whom the

alluded to the plight of ‘more than 300 families affected by the typhoon which necessitate generation of public resources to address the requirements of relief and rescue operations.’ The proceeds of the activity, it added, was meant to augment the resources of the Disaster and Management Office (DMO) for ‘its rescue and relief operations.’ Workers entering the

Freeport, meawhile, rued that the stalls obstructed the passage ways and the main gate bridge causing severe inconvenience for them. ‘Hinarang na nila ang Magsaysay, pati tulay sa main gate nilagyan pa nila. Mali na yata itong ginagawa nila, ilagay lang sana sa tama,’ a Hanjin worker, who asked not to be identified, said. As of this writing, 6 stalls were put up on the main gate bridge. (30)

2,000 join kids’ festival By Allen Villa, PIA

More than 2,000 preschool children from the city’s skills and talents and we 54 day care centers showed their talents in the re- should recognize these talcent Children’s Month Celebration held at the Rizal ents in an early age.’ In drawing and coloring, Triangle Multipurpose Center. Mayor James ‘Bong’ Gordon Jr. paid tribute to the children of this city in a festival that showcased their budding talents in drawing and coloring, calisthenics, singing, and in poem recitation. The City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) spearheaded this year’s celebration guided by the theme ‘Lo-

FAB hotel to rise soon

cal Council for the Protection of Children, Para sa Bright Child: Pakilusin, Palakasin, Pagtulungan natin.’ ‘We are doing this to recognize and promote children’s rights and to mold them to become the future leaders of the nation,’ Mayor Gordon said. The mayor also stressed that, ‘we should hone their

the representative of Mercurio Day Care Center of Barangay Mabayuan won first place while the Purok 5 New Cabalan Day Care Center won the first place in poem recital. The Malikawat, New Cabalan Day Care Center took home the first spot in calisthenics while Cell I Day Care Center won the singing competition.

electricity, did you know that Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company’s (CEPALCO) office is located just across city hall. I asked for an interview regarding their plans and programs and Dondon (sorry, I forgot to ask his last name), a CEPALCO supervisor, graciously welcomed me. But he said he was not authorized to speak in behalf of the company. He promised to work something out, so I gave

him my questionnaire hoping to hear from them soon. With P1.3 billion in initial investment, and surely more capital expenditures to fix the city’s aging distribution system, one wonders how long they expect to recoup their investment. Will CEPALCO also pay the power supply debt incurred by the city’s Public Utilities Department over the last 9 years? But I guess the more important question is, will they charge us a higher distribution cost?

Power Talk from page 1

from page 1

'We weclome Luen Thai since we need such class but affordable (facilities) to be put up inside the Freeport (in Mariveles, Bataan),' the newly-elected chamber president said. Corsame is the incumbent Managing Director of the Dunlop Philippines based inside FAB. Luen Thai, headed by a certain Raymond Tan, owns garments manufacturing firms in Clark Special Economic Zone, Tarlac and in Cebu.(30)

sidewalk was leased to, for how long, and how much per square meter. In an interview, Councilor Noel Atienza told Olongapo News that he will seek a temporary restraining order against the operation of the bazaar. ‘Not only are public spaces illegal to lease out, the Magsaysay Drive portion is not included in the resolution, thus, also illegal,’ he explained. The approved resolution

Kikay Kim lights up PBB House ‘Simple, maganda at mahinhin: si Kim ang typical girl-next-door girl’ is how her official Pinoy Big Brother facebook page describes her. Cheers for Kim, and Kikay ng ‘Gapo! Name: Kim de Guzman Origin: Olongapo Age: 19 Religion: Catholic

Hobbies: shopping, eating, playing with dogs Favorite Food: sinigang, spaghetti

DOE says Luzon needs 300MW of capacity in 2011 and another 300MW in 2012. RP Energy, one of the few firms building power plants, says its plant will be commissioned in 2013. So, I surfed the net looking for a plant that will be commissioned in 2012, but found none. With only 1,450MW in reserve, 2012 might be a hot and dark period for many Pinoys. ***** While on the topic of

Olongapo News 6

Futsal Finals:

Makati vs Olongapo from page 1

two game aggregate score of 6-1. The D' Expendibles is composed mostly of students from Olongapo Wesley School. AJ Diaz scored all 3 goals for the OCNHS, recording his first hat trick in a sanctioned competition. The Balic-Balic Elementary Kickers U8 (8&under) team, on the other hand, continued their dominance in their age group, beating Juventus FC 15-1 in their second outing. In their second game, the Kickers blanked Barretto FC, 4-0, to gain a maximum 6 points for match day 3. Their older schoolmates, Balic-Balic Green 11&under could only manage a draw against the Lighthouse FC, 3-3, while the Yellows blasted Barretto FC 9-1. (30)

Zambales’ most wanted falls Olongapo City -- The fourth most wanted felon in the mended. A report said the suspect raped province of Zambales was arrested by police authorities in Phase a 17-year-old girl in the vacant 1, Taugtog, Botolan, Zambales recently. Zambales Criminal Investigation and Detection (ZCIDT) Team chief Ruben Tampis identified the suspect as Everlito Lovino, 44, of Bgy. West Poblacion,

Palauig, Zambales. Lovino was arrested by virtue of a warrant issued by Judge Clodualdo Monta of RTC, Branch 70 for three counts of violation of RA 7610 with no bail recom-

Power cost a burden, Magsaysay

Supported by: Olongapo NEWS

1st Game Results: Timog FC - Jade Bejemino, 5; Ian Clarido, 2; Mark Cajon 1; Lindberg FC - Eddie Mantolino, 1 2nd Game Results: Timog FC - Jade Bejemino, 1; Ian Clarido, 1; Mark Cajon 2; Gordon College FC - Emil Pellezer, Paul Jaime1.

Yankees naturalize GIs during war games Eighteen sailors participating in the joint PH-US military exercise were sworn in as citizens of the United States of America on board the USS Essex last week. The servicemen are crew members of Essex and the amphibious transport dock ship USS Denver (LPD 9), which were in port in Subic Bay, Philippines as part of Amphibious Landing Exercise (PHIBLEX). Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Alejandra Gutierrezalba, from Essex supply department, said she was proud of her new citizenship. “It feels great to say that I’m a U.S. citizen after being in the military for seven years,” she said. “I am originally from Mexico, but lived in the U.S. for 14 years before joining the military. I am proud to be a part of a country that has provided me an education and a better chance at life,” Gutierrezalba added. Capt. David Fluker, Essex commanding officer, said that the new citizens play an important role in defending the nation. “There is nothing inevitable about the future. The blessings that we enjoy are not merely a privilege, but a responsibility. We have to work at freedom and to defend it to keep our nation safe and secure.” said Fluker. US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas also attended the event.

House opposition leader Mitos Magsaysay urged government to review power contracts ‘because consumers are bearing the brunt of every power increase.’ ‘There has been overpayments made to the IPPs, so there must be some adjustments to be made,” she added. The lady solon said this was admitted by the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM). A recent study revealed that the country has the highest electricity rate in Asia. Magsaysay added that the problem is in both generation and distribution.

house of the victim on May 2007, June 2008 and September 2009. Record shows that the suspect was also listed as the 9th most wanted person in Palauig, Zambales.(30)

SCTEX crash kills Nepalese from page 1

Locally, the Public Utilities Department (PUD) charges a residential rate of P7.01 per kilowatt hour based on a August 2011 billing. Subic Enerzone, meanwhile, charges a residential rate of P5.04 per kilowatt hour according to a Subic Bay Freeport Chamber of Commerce study. Recently, CEPALCO secured power distribution rights in the city but has yet to announce its tariff rates.

The other injured students were identified as Marc Jonathan Ong, 20, the driver; Nepalese students Arum Basnet, 21, Milan Neupane, 22, Rajiv Rimal, 22, and Bibek Baral, 22; and Filipino-Iranian Ramin Teimori, 21. The group was on its way to the Subic Bay Freeport when they saw the Omni Aviation Complex at the right side of the road. Ong told investigators that they were all looking at the complex when he noticed that the vehicle was about to occupy the emergency lane. ‘This prompted him to steer to the left and step on the brakes, causing the vehicle to roll over,’ Santos explained.(30)



Philippine and US marines set sights on a target as 200 soldiers storm a San Antonio beach during a mock assault last October 23, 2011.


A Sea Knight CH-53 helicopter lands near a beach at the Naval Education and Training Command in San Antonio, Zambales.


US Marines’ amphibious armoured vehicles from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit storm a beach in San Antonio, Zambales.

November 14-20, 2011  

Dissent brews vs Night Bazaar

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