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travel tips and apps

Travel Tips • Roll clothing before packing. • Pack comfortable shoes. • Pack a hat to suit the weather. • Pack chargers for all electricals. • Write down your bank’s international phone number. • Make copies of your passport, drivers licence and visa. • Pack toothbrush, medications, ear plugs and something warm in your carry on.

ARRIVING • Learn the local rules and customs. • Ask a local for recommendations. • Try eating where the locals dine. • Set aside extra money for emergencies. • Know the exchange rate. • Keep your accommodation address on you.

EXPLORING • Find out what a taxi should cost. • Learn some basic words to converse with the locals.

5 great travel APPS PackingPro (iPhone)

Trip Journal (iPhone & Android)

A digital travel journal that allows you to document your amazing trip via blog entries, images and videos, and share with your family and friends.

Allay your worst fears with Packing Pro. This app will make sure you remember to pack every item so that you can relax and enjoy your travels.

Emergency (iPhone) Phone Numbers

This handy app will find your location and provide you with the emergency phone numbers for the region.

• Wear a money belt. • Dress appropriate to your destination. • Wear sunscreen everywhere. • Be open to new experiences. • Don’t plan your whole itinerary.

The Converted (iPhone)/The Converter (Android)

Apps that help you to convert exchange rates, temperatures, metrics, clothes sizes, and more, with no fuss.

TripAdvisor (iPhone & Android)

Find great advice and reviews about eateries, attractions and tours in your travelling destination. Leave a review yourself! | Toll Free: 180 2121 |


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