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papua new guinea - islands

rabaul and kokopo East New Britain, with its evergreen rainforests and rugged terrain, is a must-see when visiting Papua New Guinea. Its capital, Kokopo, is located not far from the original capital of Rabaul. There’s plenty to see and do in the region from diving to birdwatching to exploring amazing cave systems.

events • The National Mask and Warwagira Festival is one good reason to leave the mainland and travel to the beautiful island of East New Britain. Occurring in July each year, this colourful event brings together the exquisite masks of Papua New Guinea, the art of storytelling and varied cultural performances. • The Frangipani Festival occurring in Rabaul on Independence Day is symbolic of the township’s rejuvenation and regrowth. The festival celebrates this event with a float parade, fire dancing, sing-sings and colourful costumes.

attractions • East New Britain Historical & Cultural Centre • Vunapope Catholic Mission (old colonial buildings) • Bitapaka War Cemetery • Malmaluan Lookout • Japanese Barge Tunnels • Sub. base off Tavui point • Vulcan & Tarvurvur (active) Volcanoes • Warwagira Festival • Kokopo Market • Duke of York Islands • New Guinea Club & Rabaul War Museum • Admiral Yamamoto’s Bunker • Japanese air craft wrecks on Matupik Island • Peter ToRot’s Cemetery & Memoral Church • Hot Springs • Volcano Observatory Lookout • Queen Emma’s Steps • Queen Emma’s House • Beehives


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