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Art Encounters provides different types of art programs for kids and teens that enjoy expressing their creativity through painting and drawing. Our art classes are buzzing with lively conversation and children are positively radiating with exciting energy as they learn and create their own artworks.

Juniors : 5 - 8 years Art classes dynamic program has been designed for young children who are eager to concentrate on learning skill based art making. This program is perfect for those child who is demonstrating curiosity in improving the way things look when they draw and paint.

Young Artists : 8-12 years The Drawing and Painting for Young Artist classes are ideal for children who are sincere desire to both improve their skills in drawing and painting also to find an outlet to express their feelings, their experiences and their view of their world.

Teenagers Teenage students want to develop a disciplined and methodical approach to art making while honouring and attending to personal expression. Art classes program helps teenagers to understand the important balance between personal expression and technical knowledge.

Bloom your child with artistic confidence and skill. Enroll your child today in our art classes program. Its for sure that you will find difference in your young artist. For more information, visit here :

Art Classes And Courses