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Brief Story of condoms Although condoms have grown to be a necessity today, the background of condoms starts back to more than 400 years. It is not proven that condoms were utilized during middle ages times but there is proof that condoms were definitely used in the final 400 years.

But not by everybody but by chosen few. In start condoms were created by lambskin and also by leather sometimes.

It is known that Casanova also used some sort of condoms as he wanted to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

From the eighteenth century the application of condoms increased. In earlier times condoms were often considered bad by large amount of people including religious people. That is also the case nowadays.

Nevertheless the sale of condoms definitely increased and people who were rich and middle class started utilizing them.

In nineteenth century, the sales of condoms increased and condoms were still considered bad despite the fact that there was clearly increase in STD’s in some countries. People could afford to purchase condoms nevertheless it was not encouraged in that time.

This has been all prior to invention of latex. Latex was invented in 1920 and then there was surge in manufacture of latex condoms.

Many religious organizations approved the use of condoms in the 20th century but it is possible to some religious organizations who oppose the application of condoms.

Latex is still the most common male condoms and used by greater part of people. If worn properly, it can indeed reduce the risk of STD and also unwanted pregnancy.

Condoms are also made from many other materials like polyurethane, polyisoprene, or lamb intestine but the latex condoms are most popular nowadays.

Although latex condoms are famous, there are many cons in this type of condoms also. Latex condoms should not be used in combination with oil based lubricants like petroleum jelly, cooking oil, baby oil, sun tan lotions and cold cream. These kinds of lubricants will damage the condom.

There are also lambskin condoms however these kinds of condoms don't seem to be good to help you avoid STD’s as they're thought to be porous.

Condoms may also be made into textured condoms. Which means that condoms have dots and ribs on them to increase a feeling on the G spot while making the love. As hitting the g spot is the goal during sexual intercourse, these condoms help out with stimulating the G spot.

When wearing a condom, it is good to make use of a condom reading the instruction. This is true for people who are putting on condoms for the first time.

A number of people also wear two condoms at the same time while having sex. This is simply not good because condom upon condom can tear a condom because of friction however there is not much evidence to prove his.