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ENERGY Loss Adjusting services in Italy

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Chartered Loss Adjusters

ENERGY Around the world, energy efficiency is becoming one of the most critical policy tools to help countries meet their substantial growth in energy demand while easing the consequential environmental impacts. The European Union applies two alternative systems of incentives which determine the price at which energy is sold the first the ‘Feed in’ Tariff based on the cost of generation of each type of technology - and the second ‘Quota System’ based upon the requirement to sell a determined quantity of environmentally-friendly produced energy or the purchase of an equivalent value in Green Certificates, regardless of the type of technology employed. Feed In tariffs vary according to the renewable technology used - wind power being normally lower per kWh price, while solar PV and tidal power are currently offered a higher price, reflecting their higher production costs per MW. With the ‘Quota System’, each European Union country requires different quantities of energy to be sold in order to qualify for the relevant incentives. In Italy the Green Certificate system has been in operation since 1999. Currently in Italy there are about 225,000 solar plants producing a total of MW 6,581,40 of which about 80% produce less than kW 20. The Puglie region has the highest production of MW 1,077 by 14,500 solar plants. At the end of 2009 there were 200 wind farms in Italy concentrated in the Puglia, Sicilia, Campania and Sardegna regions. As the first farms were installed in the late 80‘s and the estimated life of a wind farm is 25 years the early farms are now ready for renewal or re-engineering. The Italian national energy provider owns some 212 hydroelectric plants of which 80 driven by torrents and the remainder power from reservoirs. In the 60’s this form of clean energy supplied 82% of total demand which has fallen currently to 25%.

Dr. Francesco Cecere Head of Energy Claims In my role as head of technical services, energy claims form an important part of my work, and particularly in the renewable energy sector. In addition to my degree qualification in electronic engineering, I and other adjusters have completed the European Enerbuild Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies courses which include both the theory and the practical aspects of installing and testing solar and renewable energy solutions. If there is anything you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact me.

Francesco Cecere

In 2009 420 biomass plants produced 7.631 GWh being 2,6% of the national energy requirement and 11,1% of total electrical energy production from renewable sources. The mean output per plant was MW 4,8.


Chartered Loss Adjusters

ENERGY The Insurance market has followed closely the expansion of the renewable energy market and currently offers Transit, Construction, Operations, Contract Works, Property All-Risks, and Machinery breakdown, coverage. In addition Insurers provide Advance loss of profits (ALOP) insurances and coverage for operational downtime as a result of an insured peril. General Liability covers including Employers and Public liabilities during construction and operation are also insured. We investigate material damage and loss of revenues losses for solar plants and wind farms arising from extreme weather conditions, lightening, theft and malicious damage to contract works or operational plant. Machinery breakdown losses include gearbox and major component and transmission line failures, loss of access, and loss of Public Utilities. We are able to offer Insurance carriers ‘know how’ in the renewable energy sector, in particular with regard to the causation of loss events, cost control and expenditure verification, contract delivery and hand-over timing, plus assistance in calculating loss of operating revenue or loss of advanced revenue taking into account all of the factors which would have influenced completion of the works had the loss event not occurred. The ‘know how’ we offer also includes advice on eventual recovery prospects against security companies, material and equipment suppliers, and contractors. We are also available to provide clients with statistical data in order to better understand loss trends for risk management or underwriting purposes.

Our expertise in the renewable energy sector includes a working knowledge of the various renewable energy systems be they wind turbines or Pelton water driven turbines. We assist and advise on the quantification of consequential losses or loss of advanced profits arising from the delayed start-up of renewable projects, including the step-by-step calculations of lost revenue based upon the national market energy price plus the incentives offered according to which incentive system is being used. Our team has participated in the Altech Consortium Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies courses which include both the theory and the practical aspects of installing and testing solar and renewable energy solutions. If you wish to contact us, or have particular requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website which explains our energy services. John Amos Partnership Srl., Via Fratelli Rosselli 17/19, 15048 Valenza (Alessandria) Italy. Tel. 0039 0131 95.09.72 Tel. 0039 0131 97.24.66 Fax. 0039 0131 94.25.53 Web.:

Besides the European Bodies who regulate the renewable energy market, we have a first hand working knowledge of the Italian Electrical Market Authority (GMA), the Italian Electrical Services Authority (GSE), the Italian Electrical and Gas Energy Board (AEEG). Our reports are presented in clear and comprehensible English.


Chartered Loss Adjusters

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