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I like that scene when.... (best and worst ďŹ lms of 08-09)

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Ever find yourself chatting to your friend about Films, and when you do find your-

self chatting about them, is there that one moment from that film that pops into your head. Well this is what my book is about. The scene that stands out in a film. The one that makes you love or a hate a film. A character that you can instantly relate to and find your self saying ‘hey that something I might do’ or ‘ha ha that’s why I love that character’. Look at this book as an average film review and I’ll basically tell what I think of it, hopefully you can agree from my opinion or even make you want to see the film. -John Adedoyin

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500 days of summer Like the narrator says, ‘this is not a love story’. That what’s so great about 500 days of summer, it grabs rom-com films by the heart and pulls it out, but for your benefit. We follow Tom Hansen a hopeless romantic, listens to the smiths, his idea of love is meeting the girl of his dreams and the gets married to her. Then he meets summer, the girl who doesn’t believe in love, the girl who doesn’t want a relationship, the girl who doesn’t know what love is but thjat doesn’t stop Tom who takes that risk (for once we see it from the eye of guy) and we then see him fail badly. Using a non linear narrative we jump 4

back and forward on Tom’s 500 days of falling in and out of summer. The whole film is great it’s a must see, in fact go buy it now or download it, but yes everyone should see this film no matter is your a huge man who watches football on the daily or if you’re a woman who loves pink, in one way or another this film will speak to you. The scene that really stands out to me is Expectation Vs reality, where we see Tom trying his hardest to impress summer. One side of the screen shows what tom was hoping to happen (expectation) and the other is what really happens in life (reality).

LOVE is so beautiful

Slumdog Millionaire


In conclusion, it’s a beautiful film, that what I can say it takes your breath away and Danny Boyle really does capture the slums of india. That right I’m talking about Slum dog millionaire, where we follow to brother in their life of poverty after their mothers killed in a raid to the slum. We follow Jamal on his quest to become a millionaire on the TV show ‘who wants to be a millionaire, to save the girl of dreams also known as his childhood sweetheart. This film goes in-depth about India and the trouble they faces

between religion and power but also provides that love story to make us believe in hope. My favourite scene would have to be the ending scene. No not the one where they dance but at the train station, not to give too much away (in case you haven’t seen the film) but the cinematography is just beautiful, the ending heart-stopping and Freida Pinto, well she, what I like to call the eye candy of the film. The film really does make Love a beautiful thing in an ugly sitiuation.

FAIL of an Adaptation

Dragonball Evolution I can’t find one good review anywhere about this film. If you’re familiar to the popular anime series following Guku, a bean from out of this world, you would know he’s pretty much stronger than superman (if that was possible) but what Hollywood did (curse you America) they made the Japanese icon into a teenage boy with no courage or common sense at all. Guku strip from his man hood and well becomes a loser. We follow him in high school, where he lives 8

with his granddad training him to be the ultimate fighter of some sort, but Guku discover a new world of dragon balls that hold a secret power and is now followed by 2 fit girl an old guy and a teen frat boy from the 90’s. The whole film is a no no but what I can say there is one scene that probably is good. The fight scene with the students in his class, a really fancy car and a lot of body twisting and great camera techniques.



Seven pounds, I would have to say this is one of the saddest films I’ve seen in a long time. If you do remember the hype about the film when it came out in cinema you will remember not that many people could talk about the plot as it would give the story away, so I’ll try my hardest not to give anything away. What you learn from this film is that good things come to good people. Love is what Will Smith shares in this story and well it really sad. Not saying to much we follow a good man Ben Thomas, but really don’t really know

he’s a good guy because of his job but he does change 7 people on his quest of being a good man. He meets a woman he falls in love and he tries his hardest to be there for her. I can’t really say what happens in this scene, coming to the end of the film, it involves a jellyfish and a cold bath, if you do what this film and you see this scene what I love about it is that it pretty much sums up the film and the quest we see Ben go through.



Nick & Norah Infinite playlist


Nick and Norah infinite playlist Young indie film yay !, so really this is a good film, the music is good a little repetitive but hey that what music is know a days. Anyway the film is about Nick (a teenage boy who heart has been broken) and Norah the girl who heart well it’s probably been broken by men in the past. Okay still not convinced it a good film well, it’s full of laugh, a night out that most of us wouldn’t experience, and in one scene when we lose

Caroline (Norah friend), she at the train station toilet and well chewing gum goes in the wrong place. Scene I say look out for, Nick and his ex Tris, she dancing in found of her car, the gay bar scene and the scene at Norah house when she really discovers what love and music is. The film is shot really good, even it if does have a low budget but that’s what good about the film, it low-key, traditional love story but all in one night.



I love you man

After the hangover, this is the second funniest film of 2009. I love you man has that adult humour that makes you think ‘this possibly couldn’t happen in real life’. Love is the common theme we see in cinema know a days but this film provide a new kind of love, Bro-mance if you could all that or just the love of two new best friends. Peter Klaven is a successful estate agent who just proposed to his girlfriend, who in all respect is his best friend. He comes over one night and over hears a convocation been his fiancé and her friends and they start to worry he’s will become to

clingy so he goes on a search to find a new best friend. After a montage of a search and almost becoming gay he meets Sydney a guy who I can describe as awesome. The scene they where they meet is the one where the laughs will start to kick in, at the house viewing at Lou Ferrigno (yes the 1980’s legend that played the Incredible Hulk). From there you’ll understand why the movie is so great, another scene is when Sydney, peter new best friend try to fight Lou Ferringno. I promise you will enjoy this film.





Such a heart warming film, Pixar best since toy story, we follow Carl an old man who lost the love of his life and his dream to see the wild of south America. The film start off with him as a young boy and he meets a girl Elle, who he falls in love with instantly, they grow together get married but things take a turn for the worst, This animation might make you cry especially the hospital scene. Not giving to much away, years later we see Carl as an old man who close to being evicted out of his house and decided to take a long vacation by taking his house and thousand of helium pumped balloons with him. As in many story, things never go so smoothly, a little boy named Russell

accidently becomes a part of the journey. The lonely boy scout becomes fond of Carl and starts to see him like a father figure. The scene that makes me sad is when Russell talk about his father not being around that much and all he wants is someone to be proud of him. The whole film really touching and will make you laugh, especially when were introduced to the Dug the Dog and Kevin the mother of 3 exotic birds. This is a must film, especially if you see it in 3-d, Disney doesn’t just create film for children but for families. What stands out to me is Carl and how he doesn’t let anything stop him from pursuing his dream especially for the woman he loves.



Bolt the super dog, so naive but such a good film. I tell you now the best bits are with Rhino the hamster that lives in his own well. This is a family film it’s a must see, because it’s based around a dog, a cute one, not like the ones that bark at you on the street. What really stands out about this film is the journey the animals embark on. Like I said it’s a family film, which will make you smile and say ‘awwww’ a lot. The scene I like our when bolt has no idea where penny (his friend/master) is, and meets a group of pigeon, that pass of

the real New Yorker vibe. The comedy value is immense and the animation is just awesome. Another scene is in the studio where the cats taunt Bolt as he naive in thinking the TV show he on is actually real life. What’s so heart warming about this film, well to me is his search for Penny, the person he so close to in the world and the person he want to me with in the whole world. It shows the loyalty and friendship of a Dog. Look out for scene with Rhino and the pigeons.


Two pixar Dogs, who’s the winner! Look at this as a friendly Dog fight (for the children), we have Dug from ‘Up’ and we have Bolt from the movie ‘Bolt’. I’m going to base this fight around 5 factors i think a disney character should have, well a disney Dog ‘Humour, cuteness, hero Loyalty and role’.



cuteness Hero Loyalty Role

9/10 8/10 6/10 5/10 9/10




BOLT humour

cuteness Hero Loyalty Role

7/10 5/10 9/10 9/10 9/10




Bolt wins by 3 point, he wins because well when you what the movie, his aim is to find the one he loves, which is pennie, his trusted friend. He has a major role and at the end he does becaome the beloved hero that everyone didn’t really expect him to be.


Cloudy with a chance of meatballs


One of the best animations I’ve seen and it’s not even made by Disney or Pixar. Seriously after ‘Up’ it’s one of the best animated film I’ve watched in the last two years. You will literally laugh until you’re in stitches. We follow Flint a geeky scientist whose inventions are great but never successful, until he creates a machine that converts water vapour into food. The time he does test his invention out it goes wrong, oh so we thing but instead brings his down

fame and fortune. He meets a girl who an undercover geek as well. Suddenly their lives start to change when it rains cheese burgers. The part you should look out for are the rat birds at the beginning, Steve the monkey, ice cream land and the jell-o house. If you’re a 5 year old child or a 40 year old man what you’ll love about this film is the food, secretly everyone would love food to be real.

STEVE the monkey




To me, I think Ironman an average film. I like it but it doesn’t really stand out from the other comic book film I’ve seen over the years. People always compare Ironman to the Spiderman movies and I would have to say that Spiderman is better, in my eye but that doesn’t mean Ironman is not a good film to watch with friends and family. What I like about Ironman is that it a little darker than the other marvel/ comic book films. It got darker humour, which Robert Downey Jr. does well as an actor. I think the problem I had with the storyline is that it was similar to the other movies, where hero, where the

hero gets into a crazy incident, they discover the most unique power from this incident (that could never have in real life) and then suddenly an enemy appears who somehow has a unique power (what are the chances). I think the format need to change a little in the future, possibly why films are starting to be compared to each other by similarities and not for the differences. I could say that my favourite scene is when he starts to discover his powers when he working in his lab (who wouldn’t enjoy being rich and being able to build your own body armour).

Tony... is that you?

I want white hair like Samuel L Jackson Jumper


Despite the mix reviews of this film I actually thing it worth watching. Why? You might ask because of the visual expects. Lately Hollywood keeps producing superhero movies and what I like about jumper is that it can out of nowhere and produced a story about a boy discovering his powers. Having the ability to jump from one place to another, from one country to another would be pretty awesome and maybe one reason why I like this film but it does have a decent storyline, great visual effect and a great cast of characters. David rice (the main character) becomes a loner once he discovers his powers, after his mum runs from

his family; David and his father have unresolved issues. As always there a love interest her name is Millie a girl who dreams of exploring the world. The scene that stands out to me are the ones where he discover his power when he in high school and how be develops them over the course of time, at the same time he starts to leave everything in his world behind to find a better life, everyone thinks he died but Millie doesn’t. Another is with loud mouth Samuel L. Jackson and David in the finally battle, what’s good is that a parts of the fight you do feel the pain of the character, especially when it involves electricity.

Did Someone say MEGAN-TRON?



Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Robot in disguise, it just genius, apart from a confusing storyline this film is really great. The second adaptation of the popular Japanese cartoon, we return to watch Sam Witwickey, on his quest to start a new life in college and turn away from the alien race auto bots that’s trying to save the world from the messed up decepticons. Visually this film is amazing, that’s what I love about it, the way Michael Bay transforms the popular toys into metallic robots has to be one of the best things I’ve seen in cinema for a long time. The humour is amazing, young star Shia Labouf is

a rising star to the scene and for once we have a decent actor who doesn’t live us to the Hollywood stereotype. Apart the robot the other amazing thing to look at is Megan Fox. The girl pretty much carries the movie, nah really it’s the camera work is what I love. The scene I think everyone needs to look out for is the fight in the wood between optimums prime and the decepticons. The continuous shot used in the fight is amazing, how we see every angle is pretty cool. Also we have to remember the acting because most of it consist of robots that aren’t even there.

Errrr W.T.F !?



I will try my hardest not to over hype this film but you really need to see it. It’s one of the funniest films of 2009, in fact one of the funniest in the decade. The story is basically 4 friends go on a bachelor weekend to Las Vegas before Doug gets married and well from there things go wrong. Phil (Doug’s best friend) arranges the big trip to Las Vegas, leading to a missing Phil, a lost baby, Mike Tyson tiger (yes the Mike Tyson), a secret marriage and a stolen cop car. The scene you have to look out for (apart from the whole

film because it’s just that good) are at the police station, after police find out the four friend stole their car, they find any way possible to avoid going to jail, leading them to do voluntary work at a school with the officers. I can’t really say what happens next because I can’t ruin it for you but, I personally think you will laugh until you can’t breathe. My favourite character, who just provide the comedy needed is Alan (the awkward character of the group), after the film you’d wish you had a friend like Alan.


eview over! I hope you enjoyed this book, I actually had fun making this. This book is based around my passion, which is films. I have to say I can’t pass an opportunity when it comes to watching a great film, there’s so many classic out there but i wanted to review the film that will be a classic to the next generation someday. Hope you enjoyed this book


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