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A IM HIGHER JOHN AAROE GROUP is a different real estate company. One whose agents are experienced and committed to upholding the high standards that come with the name. Where every client is carefully counseled, skillfully represented and treated with respect. And where the only focus is to help you reach your goals. “At John Aaroe Group, I feel listened to and taken care of.”

“There’s no question that a move to this company will help your career.”

Mimi Starrett | Beverly Hills Aaron Kirman | Beverly Hills

Can a company lift your business? John Aaroe has always been known for proving it can. Now he’s masterminding a fresh take on his famous approach: give skilled agents the full focus and support they need to reach their clients’ goals — and their own. What’s happening at John Aaroe Group is inspiring motivated agents to rethink which firm can help them serve their clients best.


“John Aaroe Group is new, but also proven. You won’t find that combination of innovation and stability anywhere else.”

“The main reasons I chose John Aaroe Group? The people, the energy and the atmosphere.”

Brandon Road | Pasadena

Brian Mazurkiewicz | Sunset Strip

Elevate your success Real estate is a personal business, but it can be hard to concentrate on cultivating relationships when you’re worried about where your next deal is coming from. At John Aaroe Group, you can do what you do best, knowing you’re backed by a sound business plan, expert support, and powerful marketing and technology.

Your management team is made up of supportive partners, not competing agents. You gain experienced support, personal coaching and proven strategies from the best in the industry. Even the business model is agent-driven, not feedriven. Our company makes money when you sell homes, and our job is to help you do it.

ELEVATE “I feel the same level of support today that I did from meeting number one with John Aaroe three years ago.” Brian Courville | Sunset Strip

“I have been overwhelmed with the support we have received since transitioning to John Aaroe Group. We have jumped right into the fun and fast-moving atmosphere and have been able to pick up right where we left off.” Sally Forster Jones | Beverly Hills

Upgrade your environment In real estate, you have the freedom of working from anywhere. But flying solo, you can miss out on powerful energy, inspiration, ideas and leads. Until now, few real estate offices did much to inspire that kind of synergy.

John Aaroe Group’s uniquely beautiful surroundings in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Sunset Strip, Baldwin Hills/View Park, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Downtown LA and Pasadena are designed to maximize the power of the office. Every detail, from colors and lighting to innovative community spaces, is designed to welcome you, delight you, and keep the energy flowing.

UPGRADE “I joined the firm because I knew John Aaroe would personally be there for me.” Adrian Grant | Beverly Hills

“Our team is on it. We’re never stale. We’re always moving and evolving and that’s an important part of our company.” Ryan Fitzgerald | Sunset Strip

Raise your confidence John Aaroe realized from the start that taking care of agents is the first key to success. “Our agents are our partners,” he says. “My job is to send them to the front door better prepared and more confident than anyone else in town.” His company builds that confidence in many ways — all designed to make you more assured, more at ease, and more effective.

“I look forward to office meetings, because I always walk away with a new piece of knowledge or an innovative idea I can incorporate into my business.” Mary Dignan Hill | Sherman Oaks

RAISE “Moving to John Aaroe Group has been the best career decision I ever made. The feeling here is vibrant, fresh, and infused with great energy.“ Paul Stukin | Beverly Hills

A company to build on It’s reassuring to know you’re aligned with a stable company that’s energetically moving forward to a bright future. Sized to turn on a dime, secured by a solid plan for growth and backed by substantial resources, it’s a foundation to build a career on.

“I didn’t question the move for a minute. I knew it was the best place to continue to grow.” Clinton Wade | Sunset Strip

The most effective tools

Responsive guidance

John Aaroe Group is making significant investments in the most effective marketing and tech tools — plus the hands-on support you need to make them work for you. We’re continually seeking out the best innovations like our mobile platform and effective property marketing campaigns. More importantly, though, we surround you with trained staff to help you integrate the programs into your business.

The smartest agents welcome expert advice, and we make sure you get it. At John Aaroe Group, you have access to personalized coaching and business planning by the best in the business — experienced pros who’ve been there and know what works.

“I can always depend on John Aaroe Group for its beautiful, high quality marketing materials and cutting-edge technology tools.”

“JAG really allows you to run your business without getting in your way — but anytime I need something it’s a phone call away, and we get straight to solutions.”

Allen Roth | Beverly Hills

Holland Ashrafnia | Beverly Hills

A AROE “John has been an inspiration throughout my career.” Brian Mazurkiewicz | Sunset Strip

“John’s reputation is the reason I’m here.” Kevin Driscoll | Sherman Oaks

About John Aaroe The John Aaroe name has been synonymous with a commitment to professionalism for decades. From his early days with the elite Jon Douglas Company to his first record-breaking firm, Aaroe & Associates, his leadership role with Prudential California Realty and his dynamic vision for John Aaroe Group, he has relentlessly set the bar higher for agent productivity and impeccable client service.

“Every agent is a small business that needs attention and direction. John Aaroe Group delivers concentrated individual support.”

“I don’t think I could have switched to any other company and had it be this easy. It was seamless.”

Kevin Bourland | Pasadena

Aaron Kirman | Beverly Hills

OFFICES Based at strategically located offices across greater Los Angeles, John Aaroe Group is well positioned to represent clients in a wide range of neighborhoods throughout the region.

BEVERLY HILLS 150 South Rodeo Dr.

STUDIO CITY 12915 Ventura Blvd.

BRENTWOOD 11601 Wilshire Blvd.

TOLUCA LAKE 10154 Riverside Drive

SUNSET STRIP 8560 Sunset Blvd.

DOWNTOWN LA 527 W. 7th St., Suite 301

BALDWIN HILLS/VIEW PARK 3717 S. La Brea Ave. #102 SHERMAN OAKS 14242 Ventura Blvd.

PASADENA 42 S. Pasadena Avenue

John Aaroe Group  
John Aaroe Group