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Organizations and entities within the medical industry have the challenge of learning and complying with a wide range of changing HIPAA rules and regulations. The Compliancy Group offers organizations the tools needed to understand what are HIPAA rules & regulations and how these regulations impact organizations and entities within the industry. Greenlawn, NY - June 10, 2014 - The Compliancy Group offers a wide range of educational webinars and software resources that assist businesses within the medical industry in understanding what are HIPAA regulations and how new and upcoming HIPAA rules & regulations impact their business practices. HIPAA rules and regulations provide guidance on how patient information can be stored, created, transmitted or maintained but also impacts many aspects of personal patient care. For instance, current HIPAA rules and regulations are geared toward providing the patient with more information about their care and the options available for treatment. Recent and upcoming changes to HIPAA rules and regulations have left many organizations within the industry seeking innovative solutions to reaching compliancy. The Compliancy Group offers educational webinars and software that provides businesses with the tools and resources needed to reach compliancy in a streamlined, efficient manner. “I was looking for an informed source that could help me keep track of all the regulations and information that I am being mandated to track. The Compliancy Group (The Guard) was the right choice in helping me weed through the complicated mandates, allowing me to track employee education and create action plans and a guide to follow" - Lorrie, Choctaw Family Medicine & Aesthetics

"“The Webinar was informative well presented and advance copy of the slides was much appreciated. The Data on the slides are excellent for future reference and/or citing to CSuites.� - Gail A., Compliancy Group Client With options available to educate staff about current and future changes to HIPAA rules and regulations, organizations and entities can reach compliance using resources that are available online through the Compliancy Group. For example, The Guard software and Virtual HIPAA audit can be used along with educational webinars in order to bring staff upto-date on HIPAA regulations and to implement protocols for securing electronic patient health information within the organization. Contact Address: The Compliancy Group LLC. 55 Broadway Unit 684 Greenlawn, NY 11740 Contact No: 855 854 4722 Fax: 631 731 1643

Hipaa rules & regulations Recent and upcoming changes to HIPAA rules and regulations have left many organizations within the industry seeking inn...