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HIPAA Risk Assessment Software HIPAA risk assessment software offers organizations within the healthcare industry a tool that makes reaching HIPAA compliance simpler for those with access to sensitive patient information.

Compliancy Group, LLC offers organizations within the healthcare industry access to HIPAA risk assessment software that is designed to meet or exceed current HIPAA standards. HIPAA risk assessment includes proving that both paper records and electronic patient information is stored and accessed by staff securely to reduce exposing sensitive patient information unnecessarily. The Guard software from Compliancy Group, LLC offers entities and organizations within the healthcare industry a tool that has an included risk assessment checklist.

The Guard cloud based Software includes features that streamline HIPAA risk assessment. Organizations and entities can evaluate current procedures and policies, perform online audits of the organization and determine where remediation needs to occur to meet HIPAA risk assessment guidelines.

Software is particularly important in reaching the required guidelines for electronic patient health information, or ePHI, since the changes to regulations stating that patient information be easily accessible through an electronic method. While ePHI makes it simpler for patients to access their personal health information, reaching HIPAA risk assessment guidelines can be challenging for businesses within the healthcare industry. The Guard Software streamlines the process of auditing, gap remediation and employee training.

"The Guard risk assessment software allows organizations and entities to quickly identify risks, train staff and perform affordable online audits. Once the questionnaire for HIPAA risk assessment is complete the software creates the necessary gaps to remain HIPAA compliant. The Guard can help businesses reduce the costs associated with risk assessment audits and provides organizations within the healthcare industry with software that helps them become HIPAA compliant with six months."- Mark Haskelson - Compliancy Group, LLC About Compliancy Group, LLC

Compliancy Group, LLC offers The Guard software for businesses seeking a cost efficient way to meet HIPAA risk assessment guidelines. The Guard is designed to allow organizations and entities to achieve HIPAA, Omnibus and HITECH compliance as well as offering the tools needs to prove and maintain compliance over time. The software is designed to be easy to use and understand, making it a useful tool when training new employees in HIPAA risk assessment methods. You can learn more about The Guard HIPAA risk assessment software by visiting the company website at http:// or by contacting the company directly at

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