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HIPAA risk analysis is a major aspect of completing a HIPAA compliance checklist for organizations within the medical industry. Risk analysis is used to determine the security of electronically stored patient health information. HIPAA compliant software is often used to aid medical facilities in determining the security of patient records. All covered entities must perform a regular HIPAA risk analysis in order to meet guidelines and avoid penalties.

Organizations and entities within the healthcare industry must perform a comprehensive risk analysis based on a HIPAA compliance checklist. A comprehensive checklist includes identifying potential security flaws in software and determining whether there is sufficient backup to restore electronically stored patient health information in the event of a natural

or environmental risk such as a power outage or fire. Internal and thirdparty software must be analyzed on a regular basis to ensure continuing security. HIPAA audits are a commonly used tool in HIPAA risk analysis. Audits are most often performed using software and the assistance of customer service representatives. Some businesses use a third-party auditing service. The audit will examine how electronic patient health information is stored, used and shared among other organizations and entities as well as offering solutions to assist businesses in becoming HIPAA compliant. Following a HIPAA compliance checklist allows businesses to perform an affordable internal audit. Implementing a risk management program is required by all businesses within the medical industry. Insurance companies and other organizations are included in HIPAA risk analysis guidelines. Organizations should have a formal plan in place for handling sensitive patient information. For example, access to patient health information should be limited to authorized staff and the organization should have an established security official in place to prevent unauthorized access to patient information. The Meaningful Use Core Measures, Privacy Act and Security Act all impact HIPAA risk analysis and how patient information can be stored, used and shared with other parties. Business Address: The Compliancy Group LLC. Contact No: 855 854 4722 Fax: 631 731 1643

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