Page 1 is all about you having a great time with our custom-built water trampolines, launch pads and blobs 11th September 2013 – is synonymous with fun when it comes to water sports. We, at focus on bringing forth the best possible range of products that become an inseparable part of your fun and enjoyment in water. The outdoor water sport experience can be something of an addiction and with our range of products; we make sure that it is a healthy and safe one. Our range of Fat Boys products ensure that every minute you spend in the outdoors with water trampolines, blobs and launch pads is a fun-filled party.

We have a comprehensive range of water sports and fun products at of which, the water trampolines are the most popular. Our high quality padding ensures that you never have that nasty, hard landing ever again. Our water trampolines are as popular as they are because they come with some of the thickest padding you would come across. The two inches of solid padding makes sure that you never have to worry about that nasty injury again. The design of our trampolines is highlighted by the reinforced canvas chambers that have three inflatable chambers on the inside making this one of the most conceptually advanced trampolines out there. The heavy duty steel frame gives you all the rigidity you could ask for. Similarly, the springs provided in these trampolines are also the toughest and most durable ones you would find out there. If a water launch pad is what you are looking for, with, you need look no further. Again, the water launch pad from the Fat Boys range of products comes with safety as the primary focus of the design. The base on these launch pads is 23% wider than most other models so you can forget about jumping off target. These launch pads also include a

one meter diameter black target that makes it easier to know where to aim when jumping for the launch pad. These launch pads also come with a color coded section to avoid the risk of back launches. Similarly, these launch pads come with tick marks so you know just what kind of projectile to expect when launched. Whether you are looking for a water blob, a water slide or anything else to make your water sport experience more fun, you can be rest assured to find it all here at Then again, our products such as water trampolines also come with loads of additional stuff such as free ladders, air pumps and one year warranty. Our range of Fat Boys products have all been designed with safety as the top priority and this is something you cannot do without for any water sporting activities. Apart from safety, we are also always on the lookout to innovate our products to ensure that water sports are always fun and exciting just the way they are supposed to be.

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Custom built water trampolines, launch pads and blobs is synonymous with fun when it comes to water sports. Watertrampoline