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Losing Weight Fast in This Busy World By: John Scott

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Sometimes when you get into the swing of life, you find yourself much too busy and unmotivated to lose weight. Whether its work or family, there always seems to be something distracting you from your goal. It's hard enough for you to focus on losing weight, let alone taking on the task of doing it quickly. However, don't be discouraged though!

Today in this article, I am going to show you few very simple techniques for how to lose weight fast that only take a few minutes a day.

Change Your Surroundings

The environment in which you eat is a huge component on how much you eat. For instance, the color blue is proven to be an appetite suppressant. Try eating on a blue tablecloth, on a blue

plate, in a blue room or while wearing blue clothes. On the other hand, completely avoid eating in yellow or red surroundings. These colors will make you want to completely stuff your face with food.

Another tip for changing your environment is to eat in front of a mirror. There's something about watching yourself eat that discourages you from eating too much. Studies have shown that eating in front of a mirror cuts the amount you eat by a whopping one-third. This simple technique for how to lose weight fast is very easy to implement in your life and does not require much time daily.

Set Aside a Third of Your Meal

The sad truth is that portion sizes have grown significantly within the past decade. If you absolutely must eat out at a restaurant, ask the server to bring you a take-home container along with your meal and immediately put aside one third of your food. Set that container in the trusty hands of a friend and remind them not to let you grab for it when you finish the rest of your meal. The best part, now you have some lunch for the next day!

Wait for the Growl

It's shocking how often we eat when we aren't hungry. For a lot of people, this is because they just don't pay close enough attention to the reason behind why they are eating. Become aware of your eating habits by only heading for the kitchen when you feel your stomach growl. It's going to take a lot of practice and self-control but you'll be in this habit of losing weight fast in no time. After about a week of doing this, you'll be surprised at just how little food you actually need and how much weight gain you have avoided.

Now that you have got these tips on how to lose weight fast, you can no longer use the excuse of being too busy to lose weight again! These methods of losing weight fast are so quick and simple, that you'll wonder why you ever used that excuse in the first place!

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Losing Weight Fast in This Busy World  

Sometimes when you get into the swing of life, you find yourself much too busy and unmotivated to lose weight. Whether its work or family, t...

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