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m o r f e g a s s e Am s the Carrick and Cooks

Well it’s been hectic as usual delivering Christmas gifts in time around the world. I don’t know how I do it every year but I tell you I’m knackered, and, just when I’m ready to put feet up for another year, the bloody Carricks ask me to go back to Oz (where my shift started) and deliver some festive cheer to family and friends. They weren’t pleased when I told them where to stick their festive cheer and their Christmas tree to boot! Then, of course they turned on the charm as well as a bit of bribery. John offered me a bottle of malt (my favourite, LAPPhroaig), Sarah gave a piece of her famous stuffing and wee James gave me one of his little smiles (aw!) But I’ll be damned if I’m getting that sleigh out again and rounding up all those reindeer, I’m really getting too old for that malarky. Once a year is definitely enough, so I’ve compromised by going all internetty. I mean what’s the use of delivering computers to all and sundry and not use them yourself, eh? IT’s the way to go! (my little nerdy joke) Anyway, my eyes are getting heavy I think I’ll head off to hibernation. I hope you enjoy the following messages and I wish all you Aussies a very Happy New Year.


To Frank, Ann, V Frances, George, Stuart and

A very Happy New Year from John,

Robert, Sheena, Grah


Victoria and Allan. Dena. Drew and Christine.

, Sarah, Emma, Neil, Kath, Rachel,

ham and wee James.


And finally, a song... 

 Did you see the boats goan doon the watter.  Did you see the baggie minnows scatter.  Fine well rae know what we were after. Whae your jeely jaurs your nets and your hauns. Oh! ra day we had at Salco-ets,  .......  Sheena (naw we’re no singing) Cook Sarah (OK if you insist) Carrick

Happy New Year  

Belated wishes