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Dong Wensheng: No World-View for the Face Xia Jifeng, Zuo Jing, Zhu Zhu et al

Available: January 2011 ISBN: 9789881890641 Price: £22.50 Format: Hardback Pages: 126 Illustrations: 47 col, 22 b/w ills Size: 285 x 210 mm Language: Chinese / English Category: Art Rights: UK & Eire, Scand, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe & Russia only

Dong Wensheng focuses on the re-discovery of the aesthetics that originate from the Jiangnan region. His practice criss-crosses freely between photography, installation and experimental film, and he ingeniously uses elements that symbolize what one would consider as representations of Chinese traditional culture, such as “garden”, “rock”, “tattoo”, “skeleton”, “moss”, etc. From the early backyard garden and still life series, to the more recent photographs that utilize human bones as his main subject, Dong’s work has evolved from focusing mainly on the mysterious, the surreal, and sometimes the bizarrely and sexually-charged situations, to an abstract meditation on philosophical questionings such as time, existence, and nothingness. Dong’s work uses a naturalistic style to express the entanglement between a contextualized tradition and a globalized contemporary society that is under development.

Available: February 2011 ISBN: 9789881890733 Price: £32.50 Format: Hardback Pages: 220 Illustrations: 69 col ills Size: 284 x 284 mm Language: Chinese/ English Category: Art Rights: UK & Eire, Scand, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe & Russia only


Hung Liu: Great Granary Wu Hung et al

“Hung Liu: Great Granary” catalogues not only this important artist’s exhibition at the New Beijing Art Gallery in 2008, but, through a penetrating essay and an extended interview by curator Wu Hung, it also chronicles the journeys of the artist and her art from China to the US (in 1984) and back. This is the story of one of China’s pioneering women artists, whose groundbreaking 1981 mural - “Music of the Great Earth” - at Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA) is remembered by a generation of Chinese artists, including Xu Bing, Sui Jianguo, Liu Xiaodong, Yu Hong, Li Songsong, who contribute short essays to this book. “Hung Liu: Great Granary” celebrates the artist’s return to her homeland, placing her in the rightful context of its revolutionary history. Hung Liu was born in Changchun, China in 1948, growing up under the Maoist regime. She immigrated to the US in 1984 and currently lives in Oakland and is a tenured professor in the art department at Mills College.



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