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snoeck Siegfried Anzinger: Linz Exhibition Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller Available: March 2011 ISBN: 9783940953636 Price: £38.00 Format: Hardback Pages: 194 Illustrations: 120 col ills Size: 300 x 240 mm Category: Art Rights: UK & Eire, Scandinavia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, E.Europe only

Siegfried Anzinger has undertaken a radical departure with his new oil paintings and sculptures. In particular, he has broken with his trademark impasto application of paint, his particular pictorial way of figurative representation, his occasionally resonantly Italianate colour pallete, in short: with painting as painterly thinking. The effect is quite literally like a brilliant light suddenly shining brightly. Now, for example, Siegfried Anzinger applies the background tones quickly and in diluted form, and out of the detail of, say, an upward looping motion, he builds up something epic in a set of clearly stacked layers. Thus the figures and scenes have, up to now, received our attention in a seemingly enclosed space, not unlike a chamber drama. Siegfried Anzinger has now torn open the curtains with his new style of painting and has set up a new stage for them. In so doing a painterly panorama is opened up in which hitherto the epic works by David, Delacroix or Gerricault have invited us to dream.

Sergej Vutuc: Something in Between Jocko Weyland Available: March 2011 ISBN: 9783940953629 Price: £28.50 Format: Hardback Pages: 104 Illustrations: 80 col ills Size: 240 x 255 mm Category: Art Rights: UK & Eire, Scandinavia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, E.Europe only



Hard-edged realism determines Sergej Vutuc’s black and white photographs, but at the same time, it is possible to see the influence of hazardous acrobatics. All of this is for a reason: Sergej Vutuc’s involvement of the skater scene is visceral. He has followed it for years in his photographic work. Thus an imposing body of photographs has arisen, which, for the first time in this book, enables a particular dynamic to develop which has been instigated by the photographer himself though his selection and over all design. In this way, the truly sensational aspect of this predominantly youth/underground phenomenon is given proper emphasis. Sergej Vutuc takes photographs, runs a gallery, as well as he is the editor of a variety of Fan- and Art-zines that veer at times more towards the artistic and then more towards the skaterly. He was directing and acting in the Skateboarding theatre performance Skateboard series 1–3.



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