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snoeck For the Use of Those Who See Susanne Pfeffer


Available: March 2011 ISBN: 9783940953599 Price: £23.95 Format: Hardback Pages: 144 Illustrations: 21 col ills Size: 270 x 195 mm Category: Art Rights: UK & Eire, Scandinavia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, E.Europe only

This extraordinary book relates to an extraordinary exhibition, which Susanne Pfeffer curated at the Kunstwerken Berlin at the end of 2010. The problem with perception, its extraordinarily important function for art, is not always easy to represent and yet immediately apparent, for lots of artists like to hide. It is therefore all the more illuminating in those cases when, with a skilled hand and as part of a clever concept, a few incisive, calibrated examples are able to describe the problem. This can be, quite literally, the pure tension of thermometry (John Baldessari), the tactile sensation of an invisible, but lively surface (Javier Téllez), it can be short, acute pain caught on film (Harun Farocki), but also eloquently simple, painterly shadows (Luc Tuymans); and all of this plays with our imagination and our experience of perception with varying intensity. The book includes a series of short texts by Solakov, Zink Yi, Allais, Godard, Jaar, and Snyder, and an essay by Lambert Wiesinger.

snoeck Art

Florin Kompatscher: Works Klaus Thomann

Available: March 2011 ISBN: 9783940953568 Price: £38.00 Format: Hardback Pages: 144 Illustrations: 64 col ills Size: 295 x 245 mm Category: Art Rights: UK & Eire, Scandinavia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, E.Europe only



During the past five years Florin Kompatscher has, on the one hand, discovered a remarkable balance between surreal metaphor and special depth of field in his oil paintings, and, on the other, an abstract concentration as well as a resolution. In so doing, he actually maintains a difficult equilibrium here, which also holds for his pictures that perpetually carry over the memory of the familiar into a dream-like liminal moment. Of course, anyone so inclined can forage in these paintings for quotations, for traces of Dali, Magritte, Tanguy, perhaps even Caspar David Friedrich. However, whosoever wants to see how a particular terrain, believed to be exhausted, can be revitalised for a new and concomitantly surprising abstraction, can partake in this stirring engagement of form and colour. The book itself demonstrates this almost in exemplary fashion and is strictly removed from any form of weary didacticism—as such, a battle of pure painting—to such an extent that it is scarcely possible to imagine anything more beautiful.

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