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DOCUMENTA Pepe Espaliu Adrian Searle, Marie-Laure Bernadac, Juan V.Aliaga Available: February 2011 ISBN: 9788496130166 Price: £27.50 Format: Paperback Pages: 256 Illustrations: 330 col ills Size: 285 x 240 mm Rights: All territories exc Spain & Portugal

Hermetic, provocative, paradoxical, young, angel and demon. An artist committed to the times and the society he lived in, Espaliú (Cordoba 19551993) is one of the 500 artists of the 20th-Century included in Phaidon’s The 20th Century Art Book. His works are held by major museums, from Tate Modern (London) to Marugame Hirai Museum (Japan), from Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid) to Rufino Tamayo Museum (Mexico). Dead at an early age from AIDS, Pepe Espaliú, a landmark in the world of gay culture, has nevertheless left a work of great international impact, both due to its high intellectual level and the radical contemporary nature of his themes and languages – sculpture, installations, paintings, drawings, writings, performances. Exhibitions not only in Amsterdam and Paris, where he lived, but in London, ICA Institute of Contemporary Art; Serpentine Gallery, Venice Biennial, Marseilles, Copenhagen, Vienna, Barcelona.


Available: February 2011 ISBN: 9788496130494 Price: £25.00 Format: Paperback Pages: 208 Illustrations: 179 col & b/w ills Size: 170 x 240 mm Category: Art Rights: All territories exc Spain & Portugal


Francesco LoSavio Daniel Soutif, Peio Aguirre, Michel Gauthierl Recovering an artist lost in the early ‘60s, this is the first international publication on Francesco LoSavio (Rome 1935 – Marseille 1963).The late 1950s, before the blossoming of minimal and conceptual art, was the setting for unclassifiable and visionary proposals that oblige us to rethink our interpretation of the avant-garde as a whole.The intense career of Lo Savio took place at that time. His work over the course of just five years shows both the influence of informalism and his interest in the spatial conception embodied in his Filtri and Spazio luce series. In his final works, the Metalli and Articolazioni Totali, he explores the interaction between artist and society through industrial design and architecture. In his experimentation with space, use of materials, forms and light, and the relation with the viewer’s body, the artist / architect crosses and combines different paths in modern art’s development.



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