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Cover image from David Smith Courtesy of Snoeck Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

Catalogue Design by Adam Hutchinson



August Sander: People of the 20th Century One volume edition

July 2016 9783829606448 | £90.00 Hardback | 808pp | 290 x 230 mm 619 duotone plates Rights: Worldwide

With People of the 20th Century, August Sander created a monumental work, which both as an idea and an undertaking is unique in the history of photography and a classic of photographic literature. Sander conceived this large-scale project, which he ultimately never completed, in the 1920s. He was to spend the rest of his life working on it, his objective nothing less than a complete typological portrait of contemporary society. Hundreds of individual portraits classified according to professional, social or family criteria were intended to provide a representative picture of the various social groups. He envisaged seven groups for this “picture of the times”, as he referred to it: “The Farmer”, “The Skilled Tradesman”, “The Woman”, “Classes and Professions”, “The Artists”, “The City” and—on the theme of age, illness and death—“The Last People”.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016




Helmut Newton: Portraits

July 2016 9783829601313 | £45.00 Hardback | 248pp | 290 x 230 mm 91 colour and duotone plates Rights: Worldwide

Newton’s collection of portraits from the worlds of film, fashion, politics, and culture can be considered a pantheon of VIPs. But there is a lot more to his work than this. From his portraits, one can see that he would have most liked to be a Roman paparazzo—as he once admitted. Anyone who had a portrait made by him knew what the result would be, and by the 1980s there were absolutely no ‘beautiful people’ in this world who did not want to be photographed by him. In front of his camera, both men and women peeled off their covers—literally as well as figuratively. His brilliantly staged creations celebrate the attractiveness and prominence of his models as well as their vanity and imperfections. Newton’s top-quality work for major fashion journals and elitist art magazines is likewise first-class erotic art. This collection, first published in 1985 and a Schirmer/ Mosel classic today, is now available as a reprint.


Oktoberfest By Rainer Viertlböck

September 2016 9783829607650 | £35.00 Hardback | 160pp | 240 x 305 mm 100 colour plates Rights:Worldwide


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Originated in 1810 to celebrate the wedding of future King Ludwig I of Bavaria, the Munich Oktoberfest is the world’s largest funfair. Locally called the “Wiesn,” it is a glamorous part of Bavarian culture and, with 200 amusement rides, sidestalls, and games, with 6 million visitors and 7 million litres of beer sold each year, an important economic factor for the city. In spectacular pictures, Rainer Viertlboeck, a photographer who has received numerous awards and is the author of the recent Schirmer/Mosel publication München, has documented the 2014 and 2015 Oktoberfests covering their entire 16-day runs.

Edited by Benedetta Donato

July 2016 9788836633708 | £40.00 Paperback | 240pp | 380 x 300 mm 120 col ills Rights: UK, Eire, Scandinavia & E.Europe only


Maurizio Galimberti: Portraits The first anthology of portraits by Maurizio Galimberti (Como, 1956) over the last few thirty years, from the first experiments, to famous compositions called Mosaics. Galimberti, with his Polaroid, reinvented a genre, immortalizing the most representative figures of our time. In his portraits, inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson, he proves to be able to acknowledge the immediateness of reality, overcoming the poetics of instantaneity and managing to seize beyond that specific present moment, which is elusive by definition. The dynamism that these pictures convey, clearly of Futurist kind, confers to the artist’s portrait the ability to be and persist in the suspended time. Constantly evolving images, perceived as ever-changing by both the subject and the viewer.


Hans Eijkelboom: Photographic Concepts By Gabriele Conrath-Scholl, Wim van Sinderen, Gerrit Willems and Dieter Roelstraete

November 2016 9783864421891 | £31.50 Paperback | 384pp | 290 x 225 mm 300 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

The book is an overview of Hans Eijkelboom’s work developed continuously for more than four decades with a scrutinizing look at “human identity”. The origins lie in Concept Art of the 1970s with its new medial understanding of photography. While the artist in his early series has sometimes presented himself in dialogue with other people, he now considers the streets of major cities as his ideal studio. Thousands of aspects and views are on offer: men, women, young adults, children; though he does not get to know them personally, they nonetheless speak to him via their appearances and make it more than worthwhile for him to draw attention to them, and to combine them in image series under specific aspects. The volume gathers for the first time an overview of 60 major series of works and shows Hans Eijkelboom, who has been invited to documenta 14 in 2017, as one of the most important recent Dutch artists.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016




Willie Doherty: Home Edited by Andreas Baur

September 2016 9783864421785 | £23.50 Paperback | 120pp | 265 x 215 mm 80 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Home is the latest video installation by Willie Doherty, documenta participant in 2012 and representative for Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 2007. In quite a subtle way, Willie Doherty has always reflected the precarious political situation in Northern Ireland while focusing on individual sensitivities fluctuating between security and threat, vulnerability and integrity – just as he now essentially questions the context of migration and social affiliation. Challenging the imaginative powers of the viewer, Doherty’s videos are always accompanied by mostly documentary photographs. Between the two polar opposites of authenticity and fiction, he examines conditions of the cinematic while his imaging technique resembles that of a crime story: It enhances the seemingly indistinguishable nature of a given threat and indiscriminate fear; narrative structures and their interpretations remain largely open. Willie Doherty’s photographs and videos therefore invite you to keep an open mind in the face of images, which you would otherwise meet with utmost suspicion.

Texts by Gian Paolo Gri, Sabrina Zannier

August 2016 9788895157887 | £24.95 Hardback | 144pp | 280 x 280 mm 56 colour plates Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy

There is no doubt that the body is at the centre of attention in Roberto Kusterle’s new works, just as we have seen in most of his previous work. We should however clarify what kind of body we are talking about, since its specific designation holds within it the poetic approach of an artist who has distanced himself from the many forms that contemporary art and knowledge have given to this ancient subject/object of attention. Kusterle is not interested in the body as a labour-force to be employed, of flesh to be redeemed, an organism to heal or a subconscious to be released. His is an archaic body that should be reconsidered in its original notion of Corpus mundi. In this first intense collection of portraits, the tree-character is a vegetable body elevated to human metaphor. It is the Corpus mundi breathing with the anxiety, but also the wonder of transformation.


Roberto Kusterle: Morus Nigra

Mario Vidor: Prelude Of Time Before. Text by Alessandra Santin

August 2016 9788895157900 | £22.95 Hardback | 108pp | 280 x 280 mm 56 colour plates Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy

In his latest research Mario Vidor returns to one of his favourite subjects, Time. He has already dealt with absent Time, wasted and urgent Time, past Time and that still to come, now he turns his attention to the Prelude and directs his gaze to contemplate the moment before. These shots are sounds of silence that convince and hold one in that fraction of Time waiting in the wings, in the moment that cannot last. Colours fade to compose an almost unreal, dreamlike palette, and the rare things shown take on meaning. A large crab seizes its own limelight and denies human dominion; a bottle holds the remains of a magic elixir. A road sign announces danger to save us from all possible hazards. Footprints on sandy beaches or cliffs tell of days spent far from ports. Nothing is still. Nothing is completely new. Bather’s shelter under beach umbrellas before the rain arrives; before the wind creates its confusion, they stroll through the sandy mist, among wild dunes that suddenly become distant.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016




A Dark Premonition Journeys to Hieronymus Bosch By Cees Nooteboom

July 2016 9783829607674 | £28.00 Hardback | 80pp | 235 x 200 mm 60 colour plates Rights: Worldwide


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Hieronymus Bosch (ca. 1450–1516) is the most enigmatic artist of Early Modern Age. Inventing monstrous creatures, grotesque ogres, and bizarre chimeras walking abroad between this world and netherworld, he visualized the vices and desires of mankind, the promises of paradise, and the horrors of hell like no painter before and after him. Carrying Bosch’s paintings in his mind and memory for 60 years, Dutch writer Cees Nooteboom describes his journeys to seven of them that he visited and studied in Lisbon, Madrid, Ghent, Rotterdam, and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the painter’s hometown. Hieronymus Bosch was born and lived all his life in and near ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Duchy of Brabant. A popular painter in his lifetime, he received commissions from the Netherlands and abroad. Cees Nooteboom, born in The Hague, Netherlands, in 1933. An awardwinning essayist, poet, and novelist, he is one of Holland’s most renowned authors. He lives in Amsterdam and Menorca.

The firm of Willem van de Velde the Elder and Willem van de Velde the Younger, 1640-1707 By Remmelt Daalder

July 2016 9789059971790 | £32.50 Hardback | 224pp | 280 x 240 mm 135 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Netherlands & Belgium


Van de Velde & Son, Marine Painters

Painting naval battles, views of harbours and coasts, as well as detailed ‘portraits’ of battleships, yachts and merchant vessels was the core business of the Van de Velde family firm. Father and son Van de Velde had flourishing workshops producing large and small marine paintings, first in Amsterdam, and later in England. This present publication focuses on the development of the Van de Velde firm: how it managed to distinguish itself from its competitors, how it built its clientele, and how father and son adapted to the changes in the 17th-century art market. The book is not merely about the art of painting, but also tells the story of the people behind the artefacts, the way in which the firm coped with the stormy circumstances of its time, and the importance of family ties.


Georgia O’Keeffe/ John Loengard Paintings & Photographs

August 2016 9783829607865 | £28.00 Hardback | 80pp | 240 x 190 mm 48 duotone, 26 colour plates Rights: Worldwide

In June 1966, photographer John Loengard was asked by Life magazine to photograph Georgia O’Keeffe in New Mexico, where she had been living since the late 1930s. Georgia O’Keeffe was 79 years old at the time, Loengard was 32, and for three days he observed and photographed the private life of this pioneer artist who virtually redefined American painting. For this unique book almost fifty of the finest black-and-white pictures Loengard took of the grand, solitary woman in the desert were selected and juxtaposed with selected paintings of hers. They record the course of a day in the life of Georgia O’Keeffe from sunrise to sunset, developing their own quiet, mysterious effect. It becomes clear how much the austere poetry of the landscape corresponded to the artist’s own self-created world and how her artistic imagination was kindled by bleached bones and an infinite desert.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016


Picasso: Transfigurations ART

1895-1972 Edited by Judit Borus

July 2016 9786155304545 | £37.00 Paperback | 370pp | 270 x 230 mm 200 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Hungary

In collaboration with the Musée National Picasso, Paris, the Hungarian National Gallery holds an exhibition from the works of the most influential artist of the 20th century. The selection focuses on almost all of Picasso’s periods; particularly concentrating on the continual alterations of the shape of the human figure, the continuous attempts at capturing features, as well as the sort of innovations that the completed works entail. Exceeding the traditional frames of portraiture and genre scenes, Picasso created a new category, whereby a human figure is disassembled into flat transparent geometric planes that overlap and intersect at various angles. The central theme of the exhibition is change, which follows the development of Picasso’s distinctive artistic methods, with emphasis on the series, the recurring motifs and the exceptional breakthroughs. The exhibition congregates around eight subjects: Acrobats, Broken Mirror (The cubist affair), Clowns and Dancers (The line), Surrealist metamorphoses (The genesis of form), Monsters, Political figures, Pastorals and The essence of painting.

Modigliani Edited by Judit Borus

July 2016 9786155304613 | £35.00 Paperback | 288pp | 270 x 230 mm 200 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Hungary


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Several of the world’s leading museums and private collections have lent works for this exhibition, at the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest. Presenting statues, paintings and drawings, this extensive display explores the main periods and stylistic turns in the work of Amedeo Modigliani (1884–1920), as well as his relationship to his contemporaries. The myths surrounding Modigliani’s life and the record prices his works fetch often obscure the artist’s real accomplishment. He became one of the most important masters of European modernism while never really abandoned classical genres and classical modelling. The exhibition seeks to highlight the complexity and original modern quality of the work of an artist who followed his own path. The young Modigliani left his native Italy and arrived in Paris in 1906, and soon became involved in the artistic circles of the Montmartre, and then of the Montparnasse. The show places a special emphasis on introducing the intellectual and artistic milieu of the two localities, as well as their important figures.

From Steinlen to Satie 1870–1910 By María Gonzalez Menendez & Saskia Ooms

July 2016 9782757211120 | £9.50 Paperback | 48pp | 290 x 230 mm 50 col & b/w ills Rights: UK, Eire, Middle East and Far East only


Artists in Montmartre

From 1870 onwards, a host of artists from varied backgrounds settled in Montmartre. Seldom in the history of art had there been such a concentration and diversity of talent in such a small area. Every artistic movement—the Realists, Impressionists, post-Impressionists, Symbolists, Nabis, Fauves, and cubists—chose to develop their art on the small hill. The spirit of freedom that reigned on the Butte also attracted poets and musicians such as Erik Satie, a leading figure in Montmartre’s bohemian scene. The coexistence of the arts made this hill an exceptional place that attracted artists from many nations and every generation, such as the Fauves and the cubists. Les Demoiselles d’Avignon—a painting that foreshadowed the art of the twentieth century— was conceived and executed in the Bateau-Lavoir in 1907. Pablo Picasso’s departure from the Butte Montmartre, circa 1910, marked the end of a unique episode in the history of art, in which Montmartre was the cradle of the historical avant-garde movements.

A History of Montmartre A Guide to the Musee de Montmartre By María Gonzalez Menendez & Saskia Ooms

September 2016 9782757211267 | £17.00 Paperback | 160pp | 265 x 190 mm 140 col & b/w ills Rights: UK, Eire, Middle East and Far East only

The rural charm and landscapes of Montmartre first appealed to nineteenth-century artists. In search of realistic subjects, the Realists drew their inspiration from the area’s narrow streets. Later, the quality of its light, low rent, and popular balls turned Montmartre into the favourite destination of the Impressionists, and subsequently the post-Impressionists. Circa 1880, there were many cafes and artistic cabarets on the Butte Montmartre, which developed a highly unusual utopian concept: promoting dialogue between the various arts (painting, sculpture, poetry, and music). This laid the foundations for a new artistic era. The Symbolists and Nabis developed a taste for popular art in Montmartre. Nonconformist, they raised the so-called minor arts to the level of art and challenged academism with marginal themes that included workers, clowns, and prostitutes, who became central figures in their works.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



Nina Mae Fowler: Measuring Elvis

July 2016 9780993392805 | £45.00 Hardback | 200pp | 330 x 235 mm 242 b/w and col ills Rights: Worldwide


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

This monograph covers the works to date by British artist Nina Mae Fowler. It explores her practice through the words of cultural figures, from prominent curators, film and art theorists to acclaimed playwrights and Hollywood film directors. This multifaceted approach has resulted in an in-depth and varied commentary on the artist’s unique practice and contemporary society’s notions of fame. Fowler is known for her large-scale enigmatic pencil drawings and accompanying sculptural works. Her subject matter often centres around icons of cinema and popular culture, presenting a dark and contradictory side to their otherwise idealized lives. Measuring Elvis exposes the intensive research methods used by the artist as well as presenting an overview of Fowler’s artistic practices, which include her trademark cut-out drawings and a section on her ambitious installations. With texts by Sandy Nairne, Dr Margherita Sprio, Craig Wylie, Charlotte Martin, Eloise Fornieles, Anisha Birk, Jessica Purefoy, Sienna Miller, Polly Stenham, John Maybury, David Anderson, Barry Miles and Cassie Beadle.


Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Water Projects

p S C E J 9 P 3 R

Edited by Germano Celant

July 2016 9788836633579 | £26.50 Paperback | 344pp | 240 x 170 mm 350 col ills Rights: UK, Eire, Scandinavia & E.Europe only

This catalogue includes Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s realized and un-realized large-scale projects from 1961 to 2016. Besides the famous wrapped monuments, from the Kunsthalle in Bern (19671968) to the Reichstag in Berlin (1971-1995), the publication also includes the barriers made with barrels or with fabric, from Wall of Oil Barrells - The Iron Curtain in Paris (1961-62) to Valley Curtain in Rifle, Colorado (1960-62), the great inflatable objects, from 42,390 Cubic Feet Package of Minneapolis (1966) to 5600 Cubicmeter Package, Project for documenta IV in Kassel (1967-1968), and the fabric pathways, such as Wrapped Walk Ways in Kansas City (1977-1978), or doors, such as The Gates in New York (1979-2005). The seven Water Projects – Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s installations sharing a connection with water – are considered in further depth.

T r m ( w V 4 P W N i T t v b

The catalogue, besides a rich photographic section, includes an introductory text by Germano Celant and a dialogue between the curator and Christo. The volume also comprises the artists’ biography and a complete list of projects, bibliography and filmography.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016


Jan Fabre ART

Spiritual Guards Edited by Joanna De Vos, Melania Rossi and Sergio Risaliti

October 2016 9788899534141 | £44.00 Hardback | 160pp | 310 x 240 mm 117 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Italy, Spain & Portugal

This large-scale exhibition is promoted by the Municipality of Florence to be held at the Belvedere Fortress, Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria. This is one of the most comprehensive exhibitions by the Flemish artist and theatrical director, Jan Fabre, ever held in Italian public areas. On display will be about a hundred works created between 1978 and 2016: bronze sculptures, scarab shell installations, wax pieces, and documentary films of his performances. Fabre will also present two brand new works created especially for this occasion. The important event is beautifully illustrated in this book with photography by the internationally famous photographer, Attilio Maranzano. With critical essays and introductions by the curators Melania Rossi and Joanna De Vos, the project’s artistic director, Sergio Risaliti, and by Arabella Natalini, providing analyses of the works on show and describing the extraordinary and multifaceted career of the artist. Spiritual Guards is an incitement to live a heroic life, either unarmed or as a warrior, in defence of imagination and beauty. 

John Currin Paintings Edited by Sergio Risaliti

October 2016 9788899534172 | £27.00 Paperback | 84pp | 280 x 205 mm 24 colour plates Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Italy, Spain & Portugal


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

John Currin, one of the most highly regarded contemporary artists, will be the subject of an upcoming exhibition at Museo Stefano Bardini in Florence. The catalogue, including essays by Antonella Nesi and Sergio Risaliti plus an interview between the artist and Angus Cook, will be published in conjunction with the exhibition. Currin is an extremely talented painter who is most well-known for his portraits and his often risqué figurative scenes interpreted with ironic realism. Within his work, Currin searches for and creates paradoxes – between real and fake, contemplation and voyeurism, obscene and refined, and photographic truth and figurative imagination. The artist paints with deliberate honesty and studied frankness, casting aside any academic nostalgia and ideological dislike of figurative painting. Never unpleasant, revolting and never predictable, Currin takes on different genres and styles, choosing and alternating different themes and modes, such as portraiture, still life, the obscene and indecent, the lyrical and sentimental.

Racing Cars / Art Basel 2016 Edited by Luigi Sansone

October 2016 9788899534165 | £49.00 Hardback | 176pp | 280 x 240 mm 116 col, 24 b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

This year, at Art Basel 2016, Tornabuoni Art is showing the core pieces of some of the most emblematic works by Salvatore Scarpitta inspired by the world of "racing cars". Salvatore Scarpitta was born in New York in 1919. At the beginning of the Sixties, he built two racing cars that he showed in 1965 at the Leo Castelli Gallery. In the summer of 1985, in his studio-garage in Baltimore, Maryland, Scarpitta realised a dream that dated back to his teenage years: he built a perfectly authentic racing car (Dirt Track Racer) which, with the help of Leo Castelli, he raced on the dirt track circuits of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Scarpitta died in New York on April 10, 2007. The essays included in the catalogue describe the artist and his work with great precision, defining the origin and theoretical context from which these works took form, and how they were developed, exhibited and became recognised by a far-reaching public.



T o “ o G S p C . c o w

p S A I J 9 P 2 R


Andreas Karl Schulze: B OT BO TBO T Interview with the artist by Heinz Liesbrock

9783864421761 | £15.50 Paperback | 44pp | 240 x 165 mm 22 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

Andreas Karl Schulze is a painter, but his works are not paintings in the traditional sense. They do, however, quite imperceptibly draw part of their essence from painting. Clear colors appear in the form of small squares of identical size, which are fixed to the walls of the exhibition space. Their pattern is irregular, composed intuitively and based on specific observations within an extended creative process. A given arrangement results in movement, and the emptiness and vastness of space becomes the base for a new creation. In terms of perception and reduction, Andreas Karl Schulze appears to be an ideal conversational partner for Josef Albers and his homage to the square. The wall paintings are flanked by sculptural works – color modules mounted on freestanding plywood panels. The catalog documents the exhibition and features an interview by Heinz Liesbrock with Andreas Karl Schulze that guides us to the heart of the work.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

F S E O 9 H 1 R

A t e i i a t I i T f a h




Andreas Slominski: The O of the Doorkeeper Edited by Dirk Luckow

July 2016 9783864421815 | £31.50 Paperback | 160pp | 325 x 225 mm 120 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

So, now we have portable toilets. Works by Andreas Slominski, (born in 1959 in Meppen), considered “a true debaucher” by art magazine Monopol, have formed part of the collections of numerous contemporary art museums since the early 1990s. For quite some time now, his bicycles laden with the belongings of homeless people have been leaning against the walls of sweeping museum halls; various kinds of live animal traps, from small ones for mice to big ones for wild boar, instilled a sense of awe in museum visitors. Specifically for the Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, he has developed a large-scale installation with portable toilets – “human being in the voting booth” reflecting the ever-restructuring character of our cities. The artist will present about 100 of these mobile plastic toilets in the exhibition DAS Ü DES TÜRHÜTERS (The O of the Doorkeeper), and in a peculiar inversion, parts of these cubicles will be displayed as pictorial objects on the wall. The interior elements of these mobile toilets – urinal, toilet seat, toilet roll holder or vent pipe – will also be arranged like colorful paintings on the walls and in the space.


Charlotte Moth: Travelogue Edited by Christiane Meyer-Stoll

August 2016 9783864421884 | £31.50 Paperback | 192pp | 220 x 210 mm 60 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Charlotte Moth sets out to discover the mysterious in the familiar and focusses her attention on the spaces and objects with which we live and the conditions of perceiving materiality in space and time. The artistic devices used by Charlotte Moth are photography and film, slide projections and sculptural arrangements. The source and point of reference of many of her works is “Travelogue” in which she assembles constantly since 1999 photographs of her researches. Charlotte Moth often chooses architectural icons or topic from art history as the subject of her projects. So she travelled to Ibiza following the trail of the Dadisten Raoul Hausmann, or St Ives, England where she visited the studio of British sculptor Barbara Hepworth. Ahead of the exhibition at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein she has examined sensory materials used in Montessori education and has taken a particularly close look at two outstanding bridge structures in the region. The book is first comprehensive monographic publication on the work of the Paris-based artist, who was born in 1978 in the UK.



David Smith: Form in Color Text by Michelle White

July 2016 9783864421839 | £31.50 Hardback | 152pp | 300 x 205 mm 60 col ,30 b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

David Smith (1906-1965) is widely considered one of the foremost artists of the 20th century. For the artist, there was no conceptual boundary between sculpture, painting, and drawing. The resulting works derive much of their power from this radically open-ended approach. Whereas the physical qualities of Smith’s welded-steel sculptures transmit a strong industrial presence, their surfaces carry gestural and tactile imprints, often of hand-applied paint. The impact of his work results from his insistence that sculpture have the same visual impact as painting and drawing, and that drawing and painting have the same spatial weight as sculpture. Focusing on 21 works from the late 1950s until the artist’s untimely and sudden death in 1965, “David Smith: Form in Color” charts the development of these stunning works with extensive illustrations and historic images culled from the archives of The Estate of David Smith. Smith paved the way for such artists as John Chamberlain, Mark di Suvero, Donald Judd, and Richard Serra by moving the site of sculpture’s construction from the 19th-century confines of the artist’s atelier and the fine-art foundry, into the expansive, industrial context of the 20th century.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016




Georg Baselitz Catalogue Raisonné of the Graphic Work 1983–1989 Edited by Rainer Michael Mason and Detlev Gretenkort

November 2016 9783864421853 | £77.50 Hardback | 360pp | 340 x 245mm 280 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Already very early in his artistic career, Georg Baselitz showed a keen interest in printmaking. In 1965, as a scholar at the Villa Romana in Florence, he began to collect the Italian Mannerist Parmigianino. In an interview he explained: “I liked printmaking for two reasons: Firstly, it is the simplest fixed way to realize an artistic idea. Secondly, it is made for people with little money, for common people.” His first etchings date from 1963–64, woodcuts from 1966, followed by linocuts in 1977 – works that were published in a two-volume catalogue raisonné (Vol I: 1963–1974; Vol. II: 1974–1982). This book features 280 work numbers from 1983–1989. There is no question that Baselitz’ graphic work is in no way inferior to his painting and sculptural work. The artist has not only got to the heart of the media in the diversity of his different technical approaches and solutions for several decades, but his unparalleled virtuosity has placed it at the forefront of the art of postwar modernism.



Geta Bratescu Edited by Hubertus Gassner, Brigitte KĂślle

July 2016 9783864421723 | ÂŁ23.50 Hardcover | 192pp | 232 x 169 mm 110 col,15 b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

To mark the 90th birthday of the Romanian artist Geta Bratescu , born in 1926, the Hamburger Kunsthalle is hosting a major retrospective of her work. This presentation of key artworks and series from a career spanning more than six decades, brought together from international museums and private collections, offers viewers an introduction to her innovative and varied oeuvre. Bratescu has worked and exhibited throughout her life, although at times her career was affected by her personal circumstances and the political situation in Romania. Looking back, however, it can be seen that she has always been active in one creative field or another: as an artist, graphic designer, book illustrator and writer.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016




Giacometti – Nauman Edited by Esther Schlicht

October 2016 9783864421808 | £31.50 Hardback | 192pp | 300 x 240 mm 200 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Two artists, two generations, of rather differing provenance. The book is dedicated to the surprising and hitherto largely overlooked connections in the work by Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966) and Bruce Nauman (born 1941). Drawings, photographs, videos, sculptures and large-scale installations by the US multimedia artist will enter into an exciting dialogue with selected sculptures and paintings by the Swiss sculptor. Both artists’ oeuvre revolves primarily around the image of man and the human condition; with reduced means of representation, they’re both looking to explore fundamental existential questions: the emptiness, the relationship between figure and space, and the fragmented body. In this book Giacometti emerges as a pioneer of key developments in art after 1960, regaining his original radicalism, while Nauman’s outstanding importance as a sculptor becomes apparent, achieving an alternative historical significance. This expands our perception of the work of two outstanding representatives of 20th and 21st century art.

Harmut Böhm: Or–Or Edited by Renate Wiehager & Christian Ganzenberg

July 2016 9783864421877 | £31.50 Paperback | 280pp | 240 x 240 mm 180 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

For five decades, Hartmut Böhm (born in 1938 in Kassel) has been working at the interface between Concrete Art, Minimal Art and Conceptual Art. The terms seriality, relief, structure, progression apply to many of his sculptures and objects. His work is about sculptural-aesthetic concepts whose differentiated proportions of disorder in the world are set against the ethos of a spiritual and material-specific intent of disciplined form finding. Since 2013, Hartmut Böhm has been devising a new group of works – the “table pieces”. Objects found in his studio – drawing instruments, materials, tools, adhesive tape, file boxes, invitation cards, flyers – are placed on plain tables so that each individual object becomes part of a strict, formally elaborated vocabulary, a visually composed arrangement. Adhering to this principle, Hartmut Böhm created the installation “or-or” for the Daimler Art Collection; it can be read as a visual essay on his entire artistic oeuvre. The display, seven meters in length, is extensively documented in this book.



F t s o p m h h i b a “ h d

p S J T J 9 H 3 R


Jan van der Ploeg Selected Works 2009–2016 Text by Renate Wiehager

June 2016 9783864421747 | £37.50 Hardback | 272pp | 275 x 215 mm 350 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

During the 1990s, Amsterdam-based artist Jan van der Ploeg ( born in 1959) gained international acclaim with his wall paintings. His abstract wall images are essentially part of the tradition of classical modernism, such as the forerunners of De Stijl in the 1920s, seeking a combination of image, wall, space and architecture with color and form as his medium. When working temporarily with municipal, public or private spaces, Jan van der Ploeg initially examines in depth any given spatial structure, explores proportions and sightlines, checks out the functions of existing architectural and design elements, and he generally finds out about the use of spaces and squares. In an art-historical context, his abstract motifs and modular painting relate to Minimal and Conceptual Art: the famous mobiles by Alexander Calder, as well as the “blps”, scenic interventions by Richard Artschwager, and the serial wall paintings by LeWitt. This catalog presents a comprehensive overview of his spectacular images.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

p S H J 9 1 R

D g a f a w d o fi a f b p



Maria Brunner ART

Text by Martin Prinzhorn

September 2016 9783864421778 | £31.50 Hardback | 130pp | 270 x 210 mm 80 ills Rights: UK & Eire, Scandinavia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal & E.Europe only

Maria Brunner was born in 1962 in Linz, Austria and now lives in Berlin. In 2014, she dedicated an entire cycle of small-format oil paintings to the amaryllis plant. In addition, in this first comprehensive publication on her oil paintings of recent years painted with great virtuosity, there are a number of large-format canvases with floating drapery from 2015, as well as small folded glassine felt pen drawings from 2016. The oil paintings have nothing in common with the hyperrealism of Franz Gertsch or Chuck Close, nor with the disappearance, blurring and the volatile real moment of a snapshot as in Gerhard Richter’s work. There are several factors at play for the viewer: Maria Brunner works are aimed at being overpowering in the painted detail, they use the knowledge of chiaroscuro and built it up using the opposite effect, the sfumato. It may sound bold, but this is a celebration of a whole new magical realism!


Martin Creed Edited by Matthia Löbke, Beate Ermacora, Jürgen Tabor

September 2016 9783864421365 | £23.50 Paperback | 136pp | 280 x 240 mm 80 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

In 2015, Martin Creed realized a range of site-specific installations for the Kunstverein Heilbronn; for September 2016 he plans an equally site-specific presentation at Galerie im Taxispalais in Innsbruck. These exhibitions are both premieres, in Germany as well as in Austria, and the book is so too. Martin Creed does not settle for any medium in particular, he produces videos, paintings, sculptures and works in neon, he makes music and stages ballet productions. The physical environment always plays an important role. In 2001, the London-based Scottish artist was awarded the prestigious Turner Prize, for a work that “only” consisted of regularly switching the light in a room on and off. What at first glance appears rather reduced, is highly relevant for the entire room and the visitors who move in it. Martin Creed’s brilliant work on one hand appears playful and amazingly friendly, but in its result it is preemptory and rigorous.

Mohau Modisakeng Selected Works Edited by Karin Pernegger

October 2016 9783864421860 | £19.50 Paperback | 128pp | 205 x 170 mm 70 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

This publication featuring impressive photos by South African artist Mohau Modisakeng (born 1986 in Soweto) appears on the occasion of his first European solo exhibition at Kunstraum Innsbruck 2015. With his video “Inzlo” (Mourning) he was at the South African pavilion at Venice Biennale. For his videos and photos Modisakeng uses performances: “The main message behind my work has to do with the influence of the history of violence on how we understand our cultural, political, and social roles as human beings. My hope is to reveal how power is manipulated to change how we relate to our bodies.” The inherent poetics of these images and the slight trepidation they cause are, however, rooted in the very contemporary approach to the performative act, in the way Mohau Modisakeng knows how to focus the representation of man on his own person, and scenically charge the image so that the use of various items such as whips, machetes, harnesses might seem disturbing, but not preposterous.



p S M O 9 7 R

T M s h M w p i o t M a m

p S O A O 9 1 R


Olaf Metzel Hans von Marées An Approach Edited by Joachim Kaak

October 2016 9783864421792 | £23.50 Paperback | 192pp | 205 x 170 mm 100 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

I M o o v v b G M t e c

Initially, the rapprochement by means of an exhibition was proposed by Olaf Metzel (born in 1952 in Berlin), since the sculptor deliberately sought a debate on the grounds that the neoidealistic approach by the German Romans, a group of German artists and literary figures in 19th century at Rome to which Hans von Marées belonged (1837–1887), forms part of those much-vaunted European visions, that are today under attack from politically opposite directions. Paintings by Hans von Marées with which he laid the foundations for modernism in Germany are juxtaposed with some of the most advanced sculptures by Olaf Metzel. He confidently allows political worlds to collide – no comparison to the poetic and divine gardens of historical painting. The accompanying volume extensively documents the exhibition and features a series of lectures on the current status of the debate to Hans von Marées.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



Peter Zimmermann ART

Freiburg School Edited by Christine Litz

July 2016 9783864421754 | £23.50 Paperback | 88pp | 265 x 205 mm 60 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

Peter Zimmermann is one of the outstanding international protagonists of conceptual painting. This is his first major exhibition in his hometown of Freiburg (near the Black Forest). Zimmermann has radically transformed the rooms in the museum to create a massive, integrated, walk-in work: the floor has become a canvas, the exhibition venue a colossal spatial frieze extending in bright colors across several rooms. The focus of the catalog and exhibition is the confrontation of an epoxy floor piece created on-site especially for the exhibition with a spectacular new series of oil paintings shown here for the first time in its entirety. Since the mid-1980s, Peter Zimmermann has been examining the possibilities of painting. He manipulates documents such as photos, film stills, and diagrams with digital filters and transfers these onto the canvas in several layers of epoxy resin. This results in abstract flowing forms of great visual force. “Freiburg School” reflects the artist’s critical attitude to prevalent educational models and forms of communication.


The Forces behind the Forms Geology, Matter, Process in Contemporary Art Edited by Beate Ermacora, Martin Hentschel & Helen Hirsch

July 2016 9783864421716 | £31.50 Hardback | 240pp | 270 x 190 mm 83 col, 36 b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

The power of imaginaton inherent in the visualization of natural process has, particularly in recent times, become quite topical. The Forces behind the Forms is devoted to the examination of matter and formative processes in contemporary art and brings together works that reflect the creative process and formative forces in the nature translating them into artistic forms and exploring how they relate to us. The positions presented here share a combination of scientific curiosity and will to form. In a quite humorous way they play with the longing for a holistic approach, with the urge to understand the world, with reverence for creation and the belief in their own creative power. Artists featured include: Jonathan Bragdon, Nina Canell, Julian Charrière, Olafur Eliasson, Ilana Halperin, Roger Hiorns, Per Kirkeby, Katie Paterson, Guiseppe Penone, Jens Risch & Guests, Hans Schabus, George Steinmann.

Viehof Collection International Contemporary Art Edited by Dirk Luckow

October 2016 9783864421822 | £45.00 Hardback | 304pp | 280 x 240 mm 200 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

Deichtorhallen Hamburg presents one of the most significant German private collections of contemporary art. The Viehof Collection, which includes important works from the Speck Collection and the Rheingold Collection, brings together over 950 works in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installations, and video with an emphasis on German art from the post-war era to today. The catalog focus on outstanding groups of work by individual artists including Georg Baselitz, Joseph Beuys, Candida Höfer, Jörg Immendorff, Sigmar Polke, Daniel Richter and Rosemarie Trockel. As far as possible, the presentation of larger bodies of work will be devised with participation of artists to develop a dialogue between artistic and curated spaces. This comprehensive exhibition in Hamburg, reveals for the first time the extraordinary range of this collection in an overview of Minimalism, the 1980s in Cologne, the Düsseldorf School of Photography right up to the promising field of figurative art of the 21st century.



Bernard Buffet Intimement Bernard Buffet, intimement

September 2016 9782757211281 | £17.00 Paperback | 160pp | 265 x 190 mm 100 col & b/w ills Rights: UK, Eire, Middle East and Far East only.

By Saskia Ooms et al The catalogue of an exhibiton at the Musée de Montmartre, Paris, personally selected by the son of the artist, Nicolas Buffet, which explores the ties between Bernard Buffet and Montmartre. He was born in the Batignolles in 1928, where he spent his childhood and adolescence. He spent 10 years on “la Butte”, living in the house at No.20, rue Cortot, close by the Musée de Montmartre and later occupied the Atelier Lacourière et Frélaut, where he produced engravings up to his death in 1999. Living in his childhood neighbourhood, on the heights above Paris next to the Sacré-Coeur, gave him the strength to continue, to battle against the inevitability of old age, of which he despaired, and to rediscover the iconic images of his oeuvre. This exhibition builds a psychological portrait of Bernard Buffet, his soul, through documentation of his life and a consideration of the aesthetic discourse of the artist, and his deep insight into the world.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



Plumes: Visons of Pre-Columbian America The collection of the Musée des Jacobins d’Auch By Fabien Ferrer-Joly

November 2016 9782757211649 | £23.00 Paperback | 120pp | 280 x 245 mm 120 col & b/w ills Rights: UK, Eire, Middle East and Far East only.

The catalogue of an exhibition at the Musée du quai Branly. In the course of the 19th Century, America attracted more and more emigrants come to seek their fortune. If a few among them succeeded, many of them came back, bringing with them archaeological and ethnographic finds. Amongst them, a young Auscitain, Guillaume Pujos who lived and travelled in South America between 1865 and 1907. Conservator at the museum from 1911 till his death in 1921, he left to the town his collection of Precolomban art and other important sacred works from the region. In 2006, an exceptional donation by Madame Lions of 6, 000 objects laid the foundation for the musée des Jacobins. This book presents the rich collection of feather work, ceramics and works in gold of the musée des Jacobins d’Auch, the second most important public collection of Precolombian art in France, curated by Fabien Ferrer-Joly.

Ibeji Divine Twins By HéléneJoubert & Xavier Richer

September 2016 9782757210727 | £40.00 Hardback | 208pp | 280 x 220 mm 170 col & b/w ills Rights: UK, Eire, Middle East and Far East only.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

According to Yoruba legend, the ibeji—united and inseparable twins— were sent into the world by monkeys, whose knowledge of nature’s secrets surpasses that of men. Regarded as sacred, they are venerated in a cult based on statuettes, commissioned from master sculptors by the families of the deceased twins. The eighty works from Benin and Nigeria presented in this book reflect the incredible stylistic diversity and beauty of these silent symbols of an age old tradition—an eloquent expression of the creative potential of African art. Héléne Joubert has been chief curator and Head of the African Heritage Department at the Musée du Quai Branly since 2005; she has curated several exhibitions in France and abroad. Xavier Richer has been a photographer since the 1980s and has produced many reports about Africa, the Middle East, and Paris for famous magazines. He has had more than thirty-seven photography books published, the most recent of which is entitled The sensual colours of Morocco.

Traditional Dress from Mainland Southeast Asia Edited by Györgyi Fajcsák-Vera Brittig

September 2016 9789638749673 | £35.00 Hardback | 240pp | 255 x 235 mm 200 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Hungary


Nagas, Birds and Elephants

This exhibition offers a glimpse into the artistic language of South-East Asia, specifically the area covered by present-day Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, and its peoples, presenting some of the characteristic ways in which they express their art. The intention is to provide an overview of change and constancy, and to unravel the relationship between these two extremes, by taking a closer look at examples of textile art. One commonly occurring motif is the naga (meaning serpent in Sanskrit; the Lao equivalents are nak or naak), a snakelike creature familiar from Indian mythology, which is depicted in a variety of ways across Southeast Asia, assuming a diverse range of forms. In the book, Southeast Asian textiles are examined from several different angles –geographical, chronological and anthropological; starting with a presentation of textile types, their ritualistic roles and their systems of patterning, the distinguishing features of the different peoples –their beliefs, their customs and their celebrations –are approached through depictions of their traditional dress and materials.

European Silverware from the Laura Collection Edited by Nera Laura, Manuele Scagliola, Thierry de Lachaise

July 2016 9788836633753 | £46.00 Hardback | 452pp | 305 x 210 mm 265 col ills Rights: UK, Eire, Scandinavia & E.Europe only

With over six thousand objects coming largely from Europe and Asia, Villa San Luca, in Ospedaletti (province of Imperia) – the splendid villamuseum set up by antique dealers and collectors Luigi Anton and Nera Laura donated to the FAI –Fondo Ambiente Italiano in 2001 – it is one of Italy’s most important private collections dedicated to the decorative arts. This catalogue presents a selection of the most representative pieces of the vast and diverse collection of silver produced in various European nations from the 17th to the first third of the 19th century. From the old Germanic States to those of the Italian peninsula, from France to England, the objects described in these pages testify to the great skill of master silversmiths in forging the precious metal while following the artistic trends of the moment, as well as proposing a ‘nearly complete’ compendium of the main types of tableware and household utensils in use on the tables of the upper classes over three centuries of European history.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



Nothing is Real When the Beatles Met the East

July 2016 9788836633883 | £25.00 Paperback | 176pp | 280 x 230 mm 200 col ills Rights: UK, Eire, Scandinavia & E.Europe only

A journey that The Beatles made to India in August 1968 is considered one of the key events for western pop culture: it caused an enormous stir in the international media and was fundamental in spreading a certain interest for the East that influenced music, literature, cinema, fashion and customs from the close of that decade. The book (whose title is reminiscent of a famous lyric in the song Strawberry Fields Forever, one that invites people into searching beyond appearances with a sort of spiritual and metaphysical tension) illustrates that extraordinary moment through historical photographs, reports from the period, works of art, in addition to album, book and magazine covers.

Frida Parmeggiani Costume Abstractions Texts by Silke Geppert, Elfriede Jelinek, Ursula Schnitzer, C. Bernd Sucher, and Robert Wilson

July 2016 9783902833945 | £29.99 Paperback | 136pp | 300x 240 mm 80 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

In the three decades from 1978 to 2008, Frida Parmeggiani was Europe’s most sought-after costume designer. She has worked for and with Hans Hollmann, Götz Friedrich, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Samuel Beckett, and Robert Wilson, among many others. On the occasion of her 70th birthday Frida Parmeggiani. Costume Abstractions shows a series of multipart costume abstractions which explore the complex relationship between nature, space, volume and textiles. For the first time in her career, Parmeggiani is working without storyline or actors and is thus able to use her minimalistic forms in a static, sculptural way. Fine fabrics in combination with metal elements or objects culled from nature produce stylistically rigorous, aesthetic costume installations. In this volume, Silke Geppert explores Parmeggiani’s current works from a textile history standpoint; her longtime work partner Robert Wilson outlines the special aspect of their symbiotic collaboration; C.Bernd Sucher provides a recent journalistic portrait, and Elfriede Jelinek publishes a prose piece, written specifically for this book, about their mutual devotion to textile material.


Sensual Purity Gorden Wagener on Design Edited by Gorden Wagener

September 2016 9781906532109 | £40.00 Hardback | 160pp | 330 x 250 mm 80 col 30 b/w photo Rights: Worldwide

This exploration of the creative process by Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz, reveals how he and his team of avantgarde designers feed the momentum of constant innovation. “Sensual purity: hot and cool” is their creative philosophy, presented through breathtaking photography of Mercedes designs for land, air and sea; rare behind-the-scenes access to the company’s Advanced Design studios; and an exclusive, high-concept vision for the future. The book also reveals the synergies between automotive, architecture, and film design through interviews with Patrik Schumacher, Director of Zaha Hadid Architects, on modernising design legacies and creating design movements; Neville Page, Hollywood’s leading creature and concept designer, on producing future worlds and beings for Prometheus, Star Trek, Tron and Avatar and Scott Dadich, US Editor-in-Chief of Wired, on the impact of technology on design. With essays on the ideology of futurology; the philosophy of creativity; the neuroscience of creativity; and the psychology of creativity, Sensual Purity is essential reading for those fascinated by design, lateral thinking, and things that Go!

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



Christian Lacroix and the Hôtels Continent, Bellechasse, Jules César, Notre-Dame, L’Antoine, Petit Moulin By Christian Lacroix

November 2016 9782757211496 | £105.00 A six-volume boxed set. Hardback | 144p each vol. | 240 x 160 mm 120 col & b/w ills Rights: UK, Eire, Middle East and Far East only.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Couturier of colour, drawing inspiration from ancient traditions, of embroidery, of ornament and jewellry, costumier, designer, illustrator, Christian Lacroix has worked also in the world of decoration and interior design. He was commissioned to design six hôtels in which he employed all the wealth of his creativity to create six different moods, six stories, six original spaces in which to live and sleep in luxury, calm and pleasure. After the Hôtel Continent and the Hôtel du Petit Moulin au Printemps in 2005, Christian Lacroix signed up in 2007 to design the interiors of the Hôtel Bellechasse, in the very heart of Saint-Germaindes-Prés, and a member of the Small Luxury Hôtels of the World group. He was contracted in 2010 to work on the Hôtel Le Notre Dame a few steps from the famous cathedral and the Hôtel Jules César in Arles. Finally in 2012 he worked on the Hôtel Antoine in the Bastille. Let yourself be seduced by the particular atmosphere which reigns in each of these hotels and get a foretaste of a stay in one of these palaces of luxury and elegance!


p P P A B S 9 H 5 R

Picasso/Picault, Picault/Picasso A Magic Moment in Vallauris 1948-1953 By Sylvie Vautier

September 2016 9781938461330 | ÂŁ55.00 Hardback | 220pp | 311 x 230 mm 50 col ,140 b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. USA & Canada, Australia & New Zealand

Picasso / Picault, Picault / Picasso: A Magic Moment in Vallauris 19481953 is an intimate look at the friendship between ceramicist Robert Picault and Pablo Picasso. Following the war, in an effort to leave a wrecked Paris, a group of artists, including Picasso, went to the coastal town of Vallauris. There he met Picault and the two formed a lasting friendship while collaborating artistically for several years. Examining Picault’s pottery and production as well as the short films Picasso made and Picault photographed through unpublished documents and photographs - the book shows this idyllic moment. French art historian, Sylvie Vautier graduated from the Ecole du Louvre, in Paris with majors in the history of art and museology. Her recent publication is the text for the catalog exhibition of Picasso, A Genius Without a Pedestal at MUCEM, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations in Marseilles, France. Vautier lives in Geneva, Switzerland. Picasso/ Picault Picault/Picasso is her first book.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

P a P a P f fi a S h e E G



Chateau des Fleurs By William Hefner

September 2016 9781938461323 | £85.00 Hardback | 208 pp | 381 x 279 mm 150 colour photographs Rights: Worldwide exc. USA & Canada, Australia & New Zealand


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Chateau des Fleurs is a extraordinary book on one of the most interesting private houses built in Los Angeles in recent years. Inspired by the classic chateaux in France, this chateaux, which measures more than 6,000 square meters, have the rooms with beautiful proportions and exquisite details. The book is a historical document for those who are interested in architecture, history, and those who dream of beautiful unusual house. William Hefner’s passion lies in residential architecture; his expertise encompasses a vast array of styles from the highly contemporary to the deeply historic. William’s expertise in architecture and deep appreciation for interior design and landscape often culminates in the three merging seamlessly. By combining these three disciplines within his firm, he is able to ensure that each distinct design concept integrates with one another and that the vision of the homeowner is expressed in every aspect of the work.


Mario Bellini Architect With a preface by Kenneth Frampton

July 2016 9788836633876 | £42.00 Paperback | 320pp | 280 x 280 mm 500 col ills Rights: UK, Eire, Scandinavia & E.Europe only

A trip around the world through buildings, museums, fairground complexes, international competitions and designs for major exhibitions, in order to explore Mario Bellini’s architectural work. And, at the same time, a voyage back in time from 2016 to 1960, to follow the common thread that runs through the work of this Milanese architect, who has always been equally successful with projects of every scale, be it small, medium or large. This common thread reflects an approach to architecture as a “total fact”, never repetitive, and far from a view based purely on the “image” of the craft. As is shown by the texts, quotations, photographs, plans, sketches and “other” references which duly accompany the reader in this exciting double journey.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



Las Heras: An Imagined Future Stories of an Emerging World Will Alsop & J.J.Caballero

July 2016 9780957057517 | £35.00 Hardback | 160pp | 220 x 180 mm 60 col, 100 b/w ills Rights: Worldwide


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

An ancient Spanish house set amidst 350 hectares in the beguiling terrain of Girona, Spain, and a riddle for the architect Will Alsop. “...I was taken there by my client. We arrived at a house. I felt instant affinity to this place. I asked, “Why did you buy this?” He answered “That is your project – to tell me.” A retreat, a place of education; what will become of it? Las Heras will be an educational resource for anyone; particularly architectural and art institutions. Groups of up to 15 people may visit, explore the landscape and find places where something can be constructed to sleep/relax in. They must use materials ‘found’ on the site, but not exclusively. The book describes the house’s history to date and explores an alternative master-plan for the land; with appendices on the Flora & Fauna, a Cookbook and a Guide for Visitors.

Where Ariadne Dances Texts by Kate Howlett-Jones, Otto Kapfinger, Diane Shooman & Renate Kordon

July 2016 9783902833938 | £22.50 Hardback | 112pp | 280 x 245 mm 100 col, 50 b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Renate Kordon

Where Ariadne Dances is the title of a series of watercolors, in which Renate Kordon develops her versions of the myth of the Cretan labyrinth. She combines elements of ancient architecture with the theme of the female artist, movement in dance, the interplay of memory and oblivion, of being with oneself and being beside oneself. Architecture is set in motion, is transformed by the artist's hand, corresponds with her, becomes light and malleable and develops sensuous talents. In her images, Kordon combines the techniques of architectural sketching and film animation, works like a trickster with misdirection and surprise, thanks to her virtuosity in her free Renate Kordon created these watercolors in the early 1980s. This publication is the first to document the series in its entirety; contributions by Kate Howlett-Jones and Otto Kapfinger and a conversation with Diane Shooman provide interpretations from various perspectives. Renate Kordon, born in 1952 in Graz, lives in Vienna.


Good Space Political, Aesthetic and Urban Spaces Edited by Andreas Baur

October 2016 9783864421846 | £37.50 Paperback | 304pp | 280 x 210 mm 150 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands

During the summer, surprising uses of space and subversive artistic strategies examining the shape and significance of public spaces will be shown at Villa Merkel. The focus is on visions and dreams that involve very different possibilities for the design of public cohabitation. It is about sustainability and the perspectives about how the individual can and should act in the public realm, and Good Space presents models, videos and designs that are regarded as concretizations of procedural disputes. With “Everything is Architecture: Bau Magazine from the 60s and 70s”, an exhibition at the ICA in London in 2015 has been integrated into this exhibition, focusing on historical preconditions of utopian architectural and spatial concepts of the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to original copies of the architecture magazine “Bau”, approaches are presented by Coop Himmelb(l)au and the group Haus-Rucker-Co., founded in Vienna, that have been working since 1967/68 on radically different concepts of architecture.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016




British Artists’ Book Makers Edited by Caroline Mornement

July 2016 9780954851231 | £12.00 Paperback | 112pp | 195 x 210 mm 280 col ills Rights: Worldwide

Although a niche subject, interest in Artists’ Books is growing fast with many fairs and exhibitions around the UK. As can be seen in this colourful and fascinating selection, British artists are proving to be some of the most talented, imaginative and creative of all. The wide range of styles, methods and materials used in the examples shown here, give the reader an insight into the endless possibilities this genre provides. This book may also help to explain the art of hand-made books and perhaps tempt others to create their own original piece of hand held art. BCF Books is very keen to promote the work of British artists, as the title of this book clearly explains. Each has a page or two to promote themselves with a short description of how they work and a selection of images.


In Praise of Beautiful Books Artists’ Books by British Artists and Fine Presses Edited by Caroline Mornement

July 2016 9780954851200 | £12.00 Paperback | 104pp | 195 x 210 mm 280 col ills Rights: Worldwide


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

In Praise of Beautiful Books presents a selection of hand-made books by British artists’ book makers and small fine presses. Their work is promoted with colour images, with text alongside as Martyn Ould of The Old School Press says in his newsletter “… lots of fun and originality, as well as some serious statements.” A welcome survey of British artist’s work, as all other books on this subject seem to be printed by and about American artists. Published by BCF Books who produced the popular Craft Galleries Guides for 20 years. Also available as a set with British Artists' Book Makers in a wrap-around laminated card cover as: An Abundance of Books 9780954851248 | £20.00

Cinema in Cuban Graphic Art Edited by Luigino Bardellotto

July 2016 9788836633203 | £25.00 Paperback | 256pp | 270 x 200 mm 200 col ills Rights: UK, Eire, Scandinavia & E.Europe only

Post-revolutionary Cuban graphics seem to be the perfect demonstration of the postulate according to which poorer social and economic conditions lead to more original and innovative results in the field of art. The special feature of this catalogue – which retraces the entire sequence of events in art from the day immediately following the revolution’s triumph (8 January 1959, date in which Fidel Castro made his entrance into Havana) to the present day, travelling through the “generational passing of the torch” that emerged following the fall of the Berlin Wall – is its displaying a vast and representative selection from this historical experience, accompanying many of the serigraph posters with very rare and precious original sketches, allowing one to grasp the passages of a creative process that was affected by technical limitations but marked by an incredible capacity to develop graphically unusual and daring proposals that still amaze and fascinate their viewers. With texts by Alberto Barbera, Jorge R. Bermúdez, Alessandra Riccio, Luciano Del Sette


Made in Cuba!

Maria Callas The exhibition Edited by Massimiliano Capella

July 2016 9788836633623 | £26.50 Hardback | 256pp | 270 x 210 mm 150 col ills Rights: UK, Eire, Scandinavia & E.Europe only

Maria Callas is brought back to life in this unprecedented sequence of photographs (1942- 1974) and period newspapers (1947-1960) from her personal collection, organized in albums that fully express her taste and choices. The images and the articles preserved by Callas are often enhanced by autograph annotations revealing the names of the people portrayed alongside her on special occasions or simply in moments of her everyday life. This volume is thus an ideal album of the Divina’s memories, fully respecting the order and the themes she favoured, highlighting the sacrality of personal objects, her career, and her unbridled passion for fashion and elegance.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



John Rule Art Book Distribution Stocklist All titles available from Marston Book Services, except for Schirmer Mosel via KNO.

SBN aLL 9780957057517 BCF Books 9780954851200 9780954851231 9780954851200 Be Smart About Art 9780992991203 Café Pessoa 9789899919105 9789897240829 Caroline Denyer 9780956626462 Clapham Press 9780956575302 Cob Gallery 9780993392805 Conde Nast 9781906532109 Documenta 9788496130418 9788496130371 9788496130197 9788449600852 9788449600869 9788496130517 9788496130166 9788496130494 ECAV 9786094471070 Forma Edizioni 9788896780886 9788896780770 9788896780985 9788896780671 9788896780572 9788899534141 9788899534059 9788899534172 9788896780909 9788896780060 9788896780800 9788896780961 9788899534165 9788896780954 9788896780947 9788899534042 9788899534073 Galerie Vevais 9783936165517 9783936165258 9783945155349 9783945155226 9783945155424 9783945155080 9783945155370 9783945155059







Las Heras: An Imagined Future

Alsop, Will & Caballero, J.J.




In Praise of Beautiful Books British Artists’ Book Makers An Abundance of Books

Mornement, Caroline Mornement, Caroline Mornement, Caroline

Pb Pb Pb

12.00 12.00 20.00

Art is Your Life. Make It Your Living

Mumford, Susan; King, Chris



Show Me Lisbon Show Me Rio

Rita Sousa Tavares Tavares, Rita Sousa

Hb Hb

35.00 35.00

Affinity and Kindred

Denyer, Richard



Nor Will You Escape

Sebastian Vaughan



Nina Mae Fowler: Measuring Elvis

Beadle, Cassie et al



Sensual Purity

Wagener, Gorden



Davidelfin Amaya Arzuaga Devota & Lomba Twentieth-Century Architecture: Spain Twentieth-Century Architecture: Spain Arturo Casanova: Mystic Passages Pepe Espaliu Francesco LoSavio

Fernando Castro Florez Eugenia de la Torriente Raul Rispa Anton Capitel et al Anton Capitel et al Barbara Rose et al Adrian Searle et al Daniel Soutif et al

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Adolfo Natalini: Conversations Alberto Biasi Anthony Gormley: Human Giuseppe Penone: Prospettiva Vegetale Hamburg Jan Fabre: Spiritual Guards Jeff Koons in Florence John Currin London Lucio Fontana Milan Moscow Scarpitta: Racing Cars/Art Basel 2016 Scheggi (Fr/Eng Edition) Scheggi (It/Eng Edition) Scheggi Box Set (Fr/Eng Edition) Scheggi Box Set (It/Eng Edition)

Adolfo Natalini Serge Lemoine Sergio Risaliti and Arabella Natalini Sergio Risaliti and Arabella Natalini Sara Benzi, Matteo Moscatelli, Jörn Walter De Vos, Joanna & Rossi, Melanie Acidini, Christina et al Risaliti, Sergio Andrea Nastri Crispolti, Enrico et al Matteo Moscatelli Alessandro De Magistris and Umberto Zanetti Sansone, Luigi Luca Massimo Barbero Luca Massimo Barbero Luca Massimo Barbero Luca Massimo Barbero

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20 Years of Photography Agafia Polynchuk: Polaroids Alain Laboile: Colour works Alain Laboile: Reflexion Anastasia Chernyavsky Anna Hurtig Beth Moon Bogdan Frymorgen

William Ropp Wood, John Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al

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JOHN RULE Autumn 2016




Walt Whitman, Paul Cava Walt Whitman, Paul Cava William Ropp Wood, John & Brown, Steven Wood, John & Brown, Steven William Ropp William Ropp Sturges, Jock et al Jock Sturges Alvin Booth Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Alvin Booth Alexander Scholz Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Chin-Chin Wu Sturges, Jock et al

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50.00 145.00 22.50 90.00 62.00 20.50 39.00 11.50 £1,325.00 42.50 14.50 14.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 75.00 60.00 11.50 14.50 42.50 11.50

Thom Andrewes & Dimitri Djuric





Anthony Downey & Lina Lazaar



John Spradbery



Taylor, John John Taylor John Taylor

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29.95 27.95 19.99

Nawashi Murakawa et al



Righetti, Nicolas



Duplan, Jean-Pierre; Le Brun, Eric Andrey Kurkov Arno Paul & Phillipe Claudel Hatakeyama, Naoya Hatakeyama, Naoya Eric Le Brun

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13.50 29.50 31.00 29.50 29.50 32.00

Lorand Zentai Teréz Gerszi Teréz Gerszi Gergely, Mariann and Borus, Judit Gonda Zsuzsa Laászló Török János György Szilárd Katalin Anna Kóthay Katalin Bodó Dobos, Zsuzsanna Judith Gesko Éva Liptay Borus, Judit Bakos, Katalin & Zicki, Andras Kata Bodor Katalin Anna Kothay, Eva Liptay István Nagy Francesco Tiradritti Kolozsvary, Marianna Peter Baki Andrea Czére Denes, Mirjam & Fajcsák, Györgyi Edina Deme, Anna Zsófia

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£9.99 £310.00 £310.00 40.00 25.00 £25.00 £15.99 £70.00 £9.99 50.00 45.00 £25.00 £45.00 £45.00 30.00 £25.00 £6.99 £17.99 £50.00 45.00 £40.00 40.00 18.99

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016


9783936165449 Children of Adam from Leaves of Grass 9783936165364 Children of Adam from Leaves of Grass 9783936165586 Deborah Parkin 9783936165289 Dino Valls: Ex Picturis II 9783945155530 Dino Valls: Ex Picturis II 9783936165531 Dreamt Memories from Africa 9783936165548 Dreamt Memories from Africa 9783945155011 Elena Kalis 9783936165302 Familiar 9783936165456 Film Booth 9783945155387 Hengki Koentjoro 9783945155172 Jack Montgomery 9783945155028 Jacqueline Roberts: Collodium prints 9783945155004 Jacqueline Roberts: Colour works 9783945155141 Jock Sturges 9783936165463 Osmosis 9783936165739 Renee Jacob’s Paris 9783945155066 Tom Chambers 9783945155301 Victor Cobo 9783936165746 Vis a Vis: Portraits of a New Woman 9783945155103 Youichi Shidomoto Hackney Classical Press 9780993067006 We Break Strings Hand Picked Books 9780955573804 Talismen Ibraaz Publishing 9780956914606 Future of a Promise John Spradbery 9780956593504 My Dear Jim: A Biography Jumbo Editions 9780956626400 Aldeburgh 9780956626431 Angels in the Undergrowth 9780956626455 Tenerife: Lotion & Grit Kahboom 9780957627505 Kinbaku: The Art of Rope Bondage Large Network 9782970078210 Transnistria Light Motiv 9782952471770 Arras: Memory Bewitched 9782953790870 Face Nord 9782953790894 Inventaire 9782953790856 Kesengawa 9782953790818 Terrils 9782953790887 Un Lion Derriere La Vitre Museum of Fine Arts 9789637441905 16th Northern Italian Drawings 9789637063084 17th Century Dutch and Flemish Drawings 9789637441967 17th Century Italian Drawings 9786155304521 A Revolution in Art 9789637063954 A Satirist, a Scoffer: Honore Daumier 9789639552562 After the Pharaohs: Treasures of Coptic Art 9789637441943 Ancient Art: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637063916 Art and Society: Ancient and Modern Contexts 9789637063855 Art on Lake 9786155304187 Caravaggio to Canaletto 9789637063992 Cezanne and the Past: Tradition & Creativity 9789637063800 Coffins and Coffin Fragments 9789639964051 Dada and Surrealism 9786155304279 Derkovitz: The Artist & his Times 9786155304071 Egon Schiele & his Age: Masterpieces 9786155304217 Egyptian Artifacts of the Museum of Fine Arts 9789637441660 Egyptian Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637063541 Egyptian Rennaissance. Archaism 9786155304255 Endre Balint: The Eighth Temple 9786155304057 Hungarian Art Photography in the New Millenium 9789637063442 In Arte Venustas - In Honour of Teréz Gerszi 9786155304491 In Search of Prince Genji 9786155304453 Let Me See





Marc Chagall and Imre Ámos

Garimorth-Foray, Julia & Kolozsváry


Brittig, Gyorgyi Fajcsak-Vera Gerszi Terez Borus, Judit Zsuzsa Gonda Kárpáti,Zoltán & Seres, Eszter Ember, Ildiko; Vecsey, Axel Borus, Judit Ferenc Toth Litza Juhasz Éva Nyerges Bódi Kata, Bódi Kinga Peter Baki Andrea Czére Various Andrea Czére

2 Vol Box set, Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb

Uwe Neu, Oliver Thoben Tatjana Kalugina

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32.00 45.00

9786155304026 Masterpieces 9786155304613 Modigliani 9786155304095 Monet, Gauguin, Szinyei, Merse, Rippi-Ronai 9789637063374 Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: Masterpieces 9789638749673 Nagas, Birds and Elephants 9789637063930 New Ideal of Beauty in the Centruy of Pieter Breughel 9786155304545 Picasso: Transfigurations 1895-1972 9789637063138 Pictures Within Pictures: The Artist and the Public 9786155304200 Raphael :Triumph of Perfection 9786155304347 Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age 9786155304330 Rippl-ronai and Maillol 9789637063978 Rodin and the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789630699501 S for Sky 9789637063473 Spanish Paintings: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637063886 St Galler Arbenteur. Hartung, Tápies, Uecker 9789637063909 The Birth of Art Photography 9789637441974 The Heritage of the Eszterházy 9786155304231 The World of Toulouse-Lautrec 9789637441936 Turn of the Century 1800: European Prints & Drawings Neue Sachlicheit 9783942139540 Berlin What? - 102 Contemporary Artists 9783942139113 Generation of the Seventies Pictoplasma Publishing 9783981045802 Characters in Motion 1 (PAL) 9783981045840 Characters in Motion 2 (PAL) 9783981045895 Characters in Motion 3 9783981045826 Characters in Motion 1 (NTSC) 9783981045857 Characters in Motion 2 (NTSC) 9783981045819 Colour Me, Pictoplasma - Colouring and Activity Book 9783981045888 Gangpol & Mit - Faits Divers 9783942245005 Little Aaron- Me and My Friends 9783942245074 The Missing Link Puzzle

Vécsey, Axel Borus, Judit Gergely Mariann, Plesznivy Edit

Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Guillaume Castagné Aaron Stewart

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Box

9783942245029 9783981045864 9783942245012 9783942245067 9783942245050 9783981045871 Poklewski Koziell 9780956873576 Pointed Leaf 9780982358542 9780977787562 9780982358504 9780977787531 9780982358573 9780972766159 9780972766166 9781938461323 9780972766142 9781938461170 9781938461286 9781938461026 9780977787548 9780972766173 9781938461019 9780983388913 9780983388999 9780982358535 9781938461163 9781938461217 9781938461040 9780983388906 9780982358528 9781938461118 9781938461095

Not a Toy - Radical Character Design in Fashion Pen to Paper Pictarot - Reveal Your Inner Character Pictoplasma: Character Portraits Pictoplasma: The Character Compendium Prepare for Pictopia

Vassilis Zidiankis Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Thaler, Peter & Denicke, Lars Peter Thaler & Lars Denicke Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler

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25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 12.50 15.00 9.50 20.00 + VAT 39.50 R/P 32.50 10.00 39.50 39.50 37.00

The Ape Has Stabbed Me

Vincent Poklewski Koziell



A La Carte: The Elements of an Elegant Home A.B.C. Of S.E.X. All-American: William Diamond and Anthony Baratta Be Dazzled!: Norman Hartnell. Sixty Years Bomboozled: How the US Government Misled Itself Brush Brush (Fr.Ed) Chateau des Fleurs Class Act: William Haines. Legendary Hollywood Comfort Zone Curtain Up! Dialog: What Makes a Great Design Partnership Drawing Fashion: The Art of Kenneth Paul Block Earthling Eero Saarinen: Furniture for Everyman Eleanor Lambert: Still Here Forever Green: A Landscape Architect’s Gardens Frida Kahlo: Photographs by Myself & Others Hand-in-Hand Herring Hotel Chelsea House Home Heart: Artistry & Craftsmanship Italy of my Dreams: The Story of an American Jack Journey: The Life & Times of an American Architect

Sherrill Canet Mie Yim William Diamond Michael Pick Susan Roy Daniel Rozensztroch Daniel Rozensztroch Hefner, William Peter Schifando Dujardin, Trudy Ostrom, Barbara Ken Carbone and Leslie Smolan Susan Mulcahay Warren Neidich Lutz, Brian John A. Tiffany Mario Nievera Vicente Wolf Chavkin, Dan; Thackaberry, Lisa Rozensztroch, Daniel Victoria Cohen Shope Reno Wharton Matthew White Ceclic, Jack Alan Wanzenberg

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40.00 25.00 42.50 35.00 35.00 14.95 14.95 85.00 50.00 50.00 50.00 47.50 50.00 28.00 55.00 60.00 47.50 38.00 37.50 30.00 65.00 45.00 40.00 45.00 45.00

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

14.99 35.00 30.00 £40.00 35.00 25.00 37.00 £8.99 25.00 £50.00 £35.00 £8.99 £7.99 £16.99 £80.00 45.00 £6.99 30.00 £6.99



K9-5 Keepsakes Kitchen Living Colour: A Designer Works Making Marks: Sue Timney and Timney-Fowler Monsier Dior: Once upon a Pillow Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping Outside The Box: An Interior Designer Over the Top: Helena Rubenstein. Extraordinary Style. Picasso/ Picault, Picault/ Picasso Picture Perfect: Designing the New American Home Stuff Talking Heads Talking Pictures Teaching Type to Talk The Bald Mermaid: A Memoir The Billboard Papers The Billboard Papers The Complete Kagan: Vladimir Kagan The French Ribbon The Insider Guide to the New Lord Baltimore Hotel The New Bespoke: Couture-Inspired Rooms Tino Zervudachi Ultramodern: Samuel Marx. Architect, Designer Vladimir Kagan

Michelle Rose, Bashkim Dibra Boym, Constantin De Giulio, Mick Gary McBournie Sue Timney Fraser, Cavassoni, Natasha Vizard, Rebecca Maria Gabriela Brito David Scott Suzanne Slesin Vautier, Sylvie Scott Sanders Maloney, Carey Rolston, Matthew Ellen Graham Alan Peckolick Sheila Bridges Joel Grey Joel Grey Vladimir Kagan Various

Aces High Stars Behind the Wheel Chernobyl Surfing: Report from the Exclusion Zone Nipponto: The Soul of the Samurai Warsaw Pact Uniforms & Ranks Witnesses of Stone (Complete Ed) Witnesses of Stone: Red Bulgaria 1944-1989 Account Book of Theo Van gogh-Stolwijk Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts Dictionary of Dutch & Flemish Still-life Dutch & Flemish Artists in Britain-Roding Dutch and Flemish Portraits 1600-1800 Dutch and Flemish Still Life 1600-1800 Dutch Bank Note Design-Bolten Dutch Goldsmiths’ & Silversmiths’ Marks Emblem Books in Leiden- Visser Embroidery from the Arab World Face Book: Dutch and Flemish Portraiture Fascination of Ancient Glass-Newby Finger of God-Huisman How to Create Beauty: De Lairesse on the theory Images for the Eye & Soul-Veldman Journey to the West Dominico Laffi Leonardo da Vinci as a physiognomist Limits to Artistic Freedom-Boschloo Looking Through Paintings-Hermens Practical Dutch Grammar-Spaans Questions of Meaning Jongh Questions of Meaning Jongh Rembrandt’s Influence-Heenk Sassetta’s Madonna della Neve-Israels The Dutch Tile: Designs and Names 1570-1930 Van de Velde & Son, Marine Painters When Weaving Flourished: The Silk Industry Young Gentry at Play- Kolfin A Silent Mutation Absent Time All the Colours of Yellowstone-Vidor Assisi: The Density of Silence

Frank Roop Fraser-Cavassoni, Natasha Liz O’Brien Ford, Tom; Hadid, Zaha

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30.00 37.50 55.00 50.00 40.00 47.50 50.00 35.00 40.00 50.00 55.00 40.00 50.00 50.00 40.00 37.50 25.00 65.00 65.00 40.00 30.00 13.95 40.00 50.00 35.00 60.00

Tom Porta Irene Pollini Giolai Elena Filatova Sergio Magotti Giorgio Cantelli Nikolai Vukov & Luca Ponchiroli Nikolai Vukov & Luca Ponchiroli

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50.00 26.50 32.00 57.50 37.95 70.00 42.00

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32.50 65.00 32.50 30.00 59.50 59.50 80.00 42.50 16.50 25.00 65.00 25.00 27.50 30.00 27.50 10.00 45.00 29.95 35.00 9.95 25.00 35.00 18.95 25.00 50.00 32.50 37.00 27.50

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19.95 10.95 14.95 23.50

Anne S.Korteweg

Rudi E.O.Ekkart Ildikó Ember

Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood Edwin Buijsen, Charles Dumas

Lyckle de Vries

Kwakkelstein, Michael

Jan Pluis Daalder, Remmelt Dr Sjoukje Colenbrander

Roberto Kusterle Mario Vidor Elio Ciol


9781938461309 9781938461255 9781938461194 9781938461088 9780982358559 9781938461149 9781938461279 9781938461033 9780983388951 9780972766104 9781938461330 9780982358511 9780983388982 9781938461002 9780982358580 9781938461064 9781938461057 9781938461125 9781938461125 9780972766128 9781938461200 9781938461156 9780982358597 9780983388968 9780983388944 9781938461187 Ponchiroli 9788890234743 9788897395058 9788897395034 9788890234729 9788890234705 9788897395072 9788897395089 Primavera Pers 9789074310826 9789080363878 9789074310857 9789074310833 9789059971004 9789059971011 9789080478428 9789074310079 9789074310536 9789059970892 9789059971325 9789074213165 9789059970618 9789059971028 9789059970373 9789074310284 9789059971714 9789059970588 9789068015751 9789059970403 9789074310642 9789074310673 9789074310499 9789074310925 9789059971417 9789059971790 9789490782054 9789059970137 Punto Marte 9788895157122 9788895157528 9788890203633 9788895157153


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



9788895157160 9788895157313 9788895157139 9788895157047 9788895157856 9788895157399 9788895157016 9788884091024 9788895157290 9788895157078 9788895157412 9788895157214 9788895157351 9788895157146 9788895157269 9788895157283 9788895157498 9788895157559 9788895157757 9788895157696 9788890203619 9788895157221 9788895157344 9788895157023 9788895157689 9788895157092 9788895157276 9788895157191 9788895157177 9788895157207 9788895157900 9788895157061 9788895157054 9788895157238 9788895157610 9788895157733 9788895157887 9788895157382 9788895157085 9788895157252 9788895157306 9788890203688 9788895157030 9788895157474 9788890203695 9788895157405 9788895157108 9788895157184 9788895157658 9788890203602 9788895157818 9788895157009 Rankin 9780957213562 9780956779427 9780954491109 9780954491130 9781904688129 9780956779434 9780957213555 9780956779465 9780956315588 9780956315526 9780953747955 9781903399521 9780956779489 9780954491147

Australia: The Red Land Between the White cliffs Black Line Series Bridal Veil- Vidor Cappadocia: The Fairy Chimneys Damson: Life Death Love Loss Dolomiti:Pillars of Sky-Vidor Double-Vidor Eritrea Etched Light- Ciol Euro Rotelli: The Body, The Soul Fertile Geometry In Sicily In Silence Isabel Lima: Photography Italian Snapshots Jean Turco: Nude Lee Jeffries: Homeless Milan: Glass Castles Milan: The Slow Eyes of Trams My Glance over Venice-Vidor Namibia: The Beautiful Landscape North America’s Amazing Nature On the Prosecco Wine Route-Vidor One Day in Venice Palladio’s Jewels-Vidor Paris Perfect Cloud Pop City Possible Equation Preludio: Del tempo prima Returning to Venice- Ciol Richard Wagner’s Venetian Travels- Vidor RimiNy Roberto Kusterle: Abysses and Low Tides Roberto Kusterle: Body Rites Roberto Kusterle: Morus Nigra Roberto Kusterle: Stone Marks Rome:Columns of Empire- Vidor Shadows of Light She Loves Me She Loves Me Not Sicily- Vidor Silent Light- Scabar Silvio de Blasio: Sea Nudes Stones of Matera-Vidor The Dogon: the People of Falesia Tibet: Travel Notes- Da Broi To Whisper Transformation of the Landscape Under a Scottish Sky-Vidor Vera Mercier: Natura Morta, Natura Viva Wives-De Blasio

Mario Vidor Mario Vidor Francesca Della Toffola

Andrew Gallimore Ayami Nishimura Bailey + Rankin Beautyfull Breeding Caroline Saulnier F**k You Rankin Myths Monsters & Legends Ranked Rankinjozi Snog Sofasosexy Spirit of Ecstasy Visually Hungry

Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Vidor, Mario Giovanni Cozzarizza

Maurizio Frullani Euro Rotelli David Pollock Mario Vidor Mario Vidor Isabel Lima Various Jean Turco Jeffries, Lee Mario Vidor,Alfiuccia Musumeci Mario Vidor, Luigi Erba Mario Vidor various Vidor, Mario & Erba, Luigi Mario Vidor Mario Vidor Alberto Furlani Giovanni Cecchinato Vidor, Mario

Christina Brolli, Silvio Canini Roberto Kusterle Kusterle, Roberto & Longo, Giuseppe Kusterle, Roberto Roberto Kusterle Stefano Ciol Carlo De Agnoi

Silvio De Blasio Alice Caprotti Frank Dituri Vidor, Mario Mercer, Vera

Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

19.95 22.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 22.95 16.95 22.50 22.95 22.95 31.95 16.50 22.95 22.95 22.50 22.50 22.95 22.95 14.95 14.95 16.95 19.95 22.95 19.95 22.95 22.95 28.95 19.95 29.50 14.95 22.95 22.95 19.95 23.50 22.95 22.95 24.95 19.95 22.95 23.50 22.50 19.95 19.95 17.95 16.95 22.95 28.95 23.50 22.95 16.95 19.95 19.95

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Alvaro siza: Viagem Sem Programa Christian Montenegro: New Order Mono- Baseman Mono-Taxali Picone The Meaning Underground Selected Titles A Dark Premonition Anton Corbijn: Hollands Deep August Sander: Face of Our Time August Sander: People of the 20th Century Bernard Durin: Beetles and other Insects Cindy Sherman : Clowns Cindy Sherman : History Portraits Cy Twombly Drawings: Cat Raisonne Vol. 2 Cy Twombly Photographs IV Edward Hopper: Paintings & Ledger Book Drawings Eve Arnold: Hommage Georgia O’Keefe/ John Loengard Grace Kelly: Film Stills Gustave Le Gray: Seascapes Helmut Jahn: Buildings 1975-2015 Helmut Newton: Portraits Helmut Newton: Private Property Ingrid Bergman: A Life in Pictures James Dean Photographs Jean-Baptiste Mondino: Smoke 3 Jean-Baptiste Mondino: Two Much Karl Blossfeldt: Masterpieces Laurenz Berges: Early Then. Photographs Leonard Cohen: Almost Young Looking At A Most Wanted Man Louise Lawler: The Gerhard Richter Photographs Man Ray:Portraits Paris-Hollywood-Paris Milton’s Marilyn Nature Man-Made Nicknight Nocturnes a Giverny Oktoberfest Old Time Berlin Peter Lindbergh: Images of Women Peter Lindbergh: Women 2005-2014 Pina: The Film & the Dancers Robert Mapplethorpe: Flowers Robert Mapplethorpe: The Black Book Sante D’Orazio: Polaroids Schinkel in Berlin and Potsdam Sean Ellis: Kubrick The Dog Silver Marilyn The Best of Helmut Newton The Essential Cecil Beaton The Painter’s House. Thomas Ruff: Photographs 1979-2010 Wim Wenders: 4 Real and True 2! Wim Wenders: Once Wim Wenders: Written in the West Revisted Yves Saint Laurent: Icons of Fashion Design Zurbarán: Selected Painting 1625-1664 Zurbarán: Selected Painting 1625-1664

Greta Ruffino, Raul Betti Ferruccio Giromini Various Giuseppe Picone Various

Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb

27.00 25.00 34.00 34.00 50.00 50.00

Nooteboom, Cees Franz Kaiser; Felix Hoffman Alfred Doblin Gerd Sander Gerhard Scherer Cindy Sherman Christa Schneider Nicola Del Roscio Giorgio Agamben Adam Weinberg Various Various Various Hubertus v. Amelunxen Aaron Betsky Helmut Newton, Klaus Honnef Marshall Blonsky Ingrid Bergman et al Axel Arens Mondino, Jean Baptiste Various Blossfeldt, Karl Thomas Weski Various Corbijn, Anton Tim Griffin Clement Cheroux Milton H. Greene Simone Nieweg Knight, Nick Elger Esser Viertlboeck, Rainer Zille, Heinrich Martin Harrison Lindbergh, Peter Donata & Wim Wenders Smith, Patti Various D’Orazio, Sante Gerrit Engel Sean Ellis Georges Belmont Felix, Zdenek Various Kishin Shinoyama Thomas Weski & Okwui Enwezor Wim Wenders; Laura Schmidt Wim Wenders Robert Bergala; Wim Wenders Yves Saint Laurent Cees Nooteboom Cees Nooteboom

Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb

28.00 45.00 6.95 90.00 39.95 29.95 19.95 120.00 58.00 39.95 39.95 28.00 24.95 49.95 45.00 45.00 6.95 90.00 6.95 69.95 130.00 34.00 49.95 24.95 45.00 39.95 55.00 19.95 49.95 39.95 39.95 35.00 29.95 39.95 59.95 48.00 29.95 39.95 28.00 49.95 29.95 19.95 24.95 48.00 9.95 58.00 28.00 18.00 34.00 29.95 28.00 29.95

[as if] A Light Through Architecture 1992-2012 After the Storm: A Gentle Manifesto Alexander Rodchenko: Inventory of Space Andreas Fograrasi: Mondial l’Automobile Andreas Reiter Raabe: Pure Paint Annja Krautgasser: Verzeichnis

Andrea van der Straeten Lacucci, Paola Mark Gilbert Alexander Rodchenko Peter Noever (Ed) Andreas Reiter Raabe Annja Krautgasser

Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

25.00 51.00 21.00 19.20 24.00 17.50 28.00


Red Publishing 9788888492223 9788895165066 9788895165134 9788895165110 9788887071450 9788888492148 Schirmer Mosel 9783829607674 9783829606837 9783888142925 9783829606448 9783829606325 9783829601689 9783829606004 9783829604864 9783829605892 9783829606028 9783829606011 9783829607865 9783829606684 9783829607285 9783829607247 9783829601313 9783888143915 9783829606608 9783829607414 9783829606691 9783829605298 9783829607261 9783829605380 9783829606646 9783829606493 9783829605816 9783829605403 9783829606141 9783829605830 9783888146619 9783829605786 9783829607650 9783829606905 9783829606370 9783829606851 9783829606233 9783829606783 9783829604604 9783829607209 9783829604277 9783829605052 9783829603126 9783888146350 9783829606103 9783829603201 9783829605854 9783829606974 9783829607162 9783829603959 9783829604710 9783829607384 9783829605458 Schlebrugge Editor 9783902833280 9783902833464 9783851601565 9783851600742 9783851601305 9783851600933 9783851601886






JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



9783902833297 9783851601176 9783851601756 9783851601763 9783851601640 9783851601657 9783851601749 9783902833853

Archivaria Artists as Public Intellectual Betonblumen 10 Brad Downey Betonblumen 11 Evan Roth Betonblumen 7 Ripo Betonblumen 8 Busk Betonblumen 9 Permanent Unit Bjarne Melgaard: Daddies Don’t Grow on Palm Trees

9783851600834 9783902833020 9783902833617 9783902833242 9783851601862 9783851601961 9783851600292 9783851601169 9783902833358 9783902833006 9783902833945 9783902833808 9783902833648 9783851601848 9783851601701 9783902833587 9783851601312 9783851600384 9783851600858 9783902833846 9783902833150 9783902833211 9783851601541 9783902833495 9783902833327 9783851601794 9783902833204 9783902833204 9783902833556 9783851601947 9783902833488

Carl Einstein. A defense of the Real Carola Dertnig; Perform Perform Perform Carolee Schneemann: Precarious Constanze Rhum: Coming Attractions Critical Complicity Dearie: The Louis Betts Portrait of Harriet King Huey Decomposition: Reconstruction Berlin 1918 Detours:1960’s Architecture: Italy.Ten Modern Buildings Edgar Honetschlager: Sugar and Ice Extroversion: A Talk Frida Parmeggiani: Costume Abstractions Gazprom-City Gilbert Bretterbauer: bretterbauer objects Gottfried Hattinger, Peter Bogner: Space Inventions Hanako Geierhos: ontological rehearsals Hans Scheirl: h_dandy boy_parts Heritage Learning Matters Himalayan Vernacular Ideal Museum: Gottfried Semper’s Practical Art Ikuru Kuwajima: Tundra Kids Intimate Space Iris Andraschek: Passion for the Real John Gerrard: Animated Scene Josef Danner: Figure It Out Josef Trattner: Divan Josef Trattner: Sofa Julie Desire: Lust for Life Julie Desire: Lust for Life Julius Koller: Galeria Ganku Kappa-Kun goes Tokyo Kozek Hörlonski: Crisscross Oder

Michael Huey Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Melgaard, Bjarne, Toft-Eriksen, Lars & Klocker, Hubert David Quigley Carola Dertnig Ragona, Melissa & Klocker, Hubert Rike Frank Lisa Mazza & Julia Mortiz (Eds) Michael Huey Martin Clegg & Michael Guttman Martin Feriersinger Edgar Honetschlager Franz West, Benedikt Ledebur Geppert, Silke et al Panzer,Sophie; Simmel, Christina Grzonka, Patricia et al Gottfried Hattinger, Peter Bogner Hanako Geierhos, Iosem Umschlag Eiblmayr, Silvia & Speigl, Andreas Hadwig Krautler (Ed) Carl Pruscha Peter Noever (Ed) Kuwajima, Ikuru Georgia Creimer Barbara Steiner John Gerrard Danner, Josef et al Josef Trattner Josef Trattner Julia Seyr Julia Seyr Grun, Daniel et al Edgar Honetschlager Hörlonski, Thomas; Kozek, Peter

9783851601183 9783851601718 9783851601916 9783851601459 9783851600315 9783902833013 9783851601787 9783902833266 9783902833372 9783851601930 9783851601435 9783902833938 9783851601190 9783902833686 9783851601220 9783902833761 9783902833655 9783851601527 9783902833129 9783902833389 9783851601725 9783851601176 9783902833518 9783902833112 9783851601688 9783851601800 9783851601732 9783902833525

Liquid Homelands. The Sonic Productions Marko Lulic: Death of the Monument Michael Huey: Houseguests/China Cupboard Modelling Space: 10th Anniversary Kiesler Foundation Modern: Architecture Books from the Marzona Music here Music there . Exchanges in Performance New Vienna Now: Contemporary Vienna Paper Lapap Passages/Boxes/Art in Public Spaces Peter Kollerer: Inner City (London) Rebecca Baron, Dorit Margreiter: Poverty Housing Renate Kordon: Where Ariadne Dances Re-Politicizing Art, Theory, Presentation & New Media Rita Ackerman: Meditation on Violence Rudi Molacek: I’ll Be My Mirror Self-Timer Stories Sergei Sviatchenko: Collages Sigrid Kurz: On Display Son of the Velvet Rat: Songs Straight as the Pine, Sturdy as the Oak Tamara Horáková/Ewald Maurer: Areas Grids The Artist as Public Intellectual Thomas Feuerstein. Futur II Totem and Taboo: Complexity and Relationships Typo-Passage No. 1 : Alex Trochut Typo-Passage No. 2 : Ariane Spanier Utopia of Sound - Immediacy and Non-Simultaneity Village Textures

Ruby Sircar Marko Lulic ; Rainer Metzger Michael Huey Monika Pessler (Ed) Elisabetta Bresciani (Editor) Thomas Frank, Oleg Soulimenko Christoph Thun-Hohenstein Heiri Hafliger Vitus H. Weh Peter Kollerer Rebecca Baron, Dorit Margreiter Howlett-Jones, Kate et al Marina Grzinic Jetzer, Gianni; Hubert; Klocker Rudi Molacek Thun-Hohenstein, Felicitas Rick Poynor Sigrid Kurz Georg Altziebler Michael Huey Tamara Horáková, Ewald Maurer Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen Feuerstein, Thomas Elena Agudio et al Erwin K. Bauer, Alex Trochut Erwin K. Bauer, Ariane Spanier Nora M. Alter, Michel Chion Pálffy, András

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb 2 Vol Box set Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Fc Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

21.50 16.00 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 17.50 23.50 23.00 19.95 19.25 16.00 21.20 16.40 13.20 33.00 17.95 29.99 16.95 17.95 16.95 23.50 21.95 33.00 29.00 60.00 22.50 21.00 21.00 22.00 29.50 30.00 30.00 9.25 12.95 16.50 8.50 16.00 17.50 16.95 16.00 22.00 28.30 10.00 36.00 21.00 14.25 24.80 17.70 22.50 16.40 16.95 19.50 24.50 28.00 18.75 15.00 55.00 16.95 17.50 16.00 16.00 8.50 8.50 23.50 43.00



Selected Titles 59th Faenza Prize A Fauve with Bonnard Adel Abdessemed: L’âge d’or

9788836621439 9788836629572

African Animal Masks Agnolo Gaddi and the Cappella Maggiore in Santa Croce in Florence Aldo Rossi: Graphic Works American Dreamers: Reality and Imagination Analytical Painting Andres Serrano: Denizens of Brussels, Residents of New York Andres Serrano: Retrospective

9788836630844 9788836622450 9788836631780 9788836632596 9788836632619 9788836626762 9788836632244 9788836624546 9788836631292 9788836631322 9788836631957 9788836630769 9788836632053 9788836632060 9788836632077 9788836632107 9788836629329 9788836623570 9788836630943 9788836623693 9788836622580 9788836624751 9788836631025 9788836616626 9788836630059 9788836625062 9788836633579 9788836631094 9788836631841 9788836631315

9788836628292 9788836631964 9788836631216 9788836629312 9788836630929 9788836631889 9788836623273 9788836631445 9788836631278 9788836632305 9788836628728 9788836631131 9788836633753 9788836627936 9788836627752 9788836632909 9788836630691 9788836631698 9788836631704 9788836621743 9788836625871 9788836631759 9788836626274 9788836627950 9788836622511 9788836625949 9788836628872

Casali, Claudia Serrano, Veronique Abdessemed, Adel

Cecilia Frosinini

Various Bartholomew F.Bland Fiz, Alberto Serrano, Andres & Draguet, Michel Dietschy,Nathalie; Koenot,Jan; Celant, Germano & Bajac, Quentin. Andy Warhol: The American Dream Achille Bonito Oliva Angelo Mangiarotti: TheTectonics of Assembly Graf, Franz; Albani, Francesca Anselm Kiefer: Memorabilia Various Antoni Clave: The Alchemy of Matter Calarota, Alessia; Hendgen, Aude Antonio Canova Guderzo, Mario; Cunial, Giancarlo Antonio Canova:Art Ravaged by the Great War Guderzo, Mario; Prandi, Alberto Art & the Balinese Dance in the Wistari Collection Galbiati, Christina & Maiullari, Paolo Art Centre 2015 1: We don’t sing here in the manner of frogs Barba, Rosa et al Art Centre 2015 2: We don’t sing here in the manner of frogs Berti, simone et al Art Centre 2015 3: We don’t sing here in the manner of frogs Ancarani, Yuri et al Benozzo Gozzoli: Madonna of the Girdle Breda, Adele Bertel Thorvaldsen Grandesso, Stefano Bill Viola Anna Bernadini et al Body decorated, body transformed Various Bonnard Among Friends: Matisse, Monet, Vuillard Veronique Serrano Breughel Dynasty Bruno Munari: My Futurist Past Miroslava Hajek Burri Inside Out Alberto Burri, Stefano Zorzi Caravaggio: The Complete Works Rosella Vordret Cecily Brown Danilo Eccher Changing Difference: Queer Politics Lorenzo Fusi Christo and Jeanne Claude:Water Projects Celant, Germano Clara Luiselli: If I tremble on the brink Various Claudio Parmiggiani: Le chambre des amours de la de Chassey, Eric Villa Medicis Daniel Spoerri: Eat Art in Transformation Raderscheidt, Barbara; d’Avossa, Antonio; Goldoni, Serena; Osanna Cavadini, Nicoletta; Bieri, Susanne David Seymour Cimorelli, Dario et al Degrees of Liberty Various Design: 101 Zanotta Stories Finess, Beppe (Ed) Dhukkar: Contemporary Aboriginal Art Ruscone, Elisabetta Gnecchi Dubai Villas Various ELAN: European Landart Network Various Elliott Erwitt: Icons Various Enrico “La Caduta” David Miles, Jonathan Esko Mannikko: Time Flies. A Highlight Koskinen, Maija Estye: Monsters & Men various European Photography 2014 Panattoni, Riccardo; European Photography: Ground Effect Various European Silverware in the Laura Collection Laura, Nera et al Eve Arnold: Retrospective Cimorelli, Dario Evian and the Tragedy of the Great War Breuillaud-Sottas, Francoise Flowers of my Life Barbieri, Gian Paolo; Jankic, Branislav Francesco Veneziat: Forty-eight Pages Various Frederico Bonaldi: The Magic of the Story Ericani, Giuliana; Stringa, Nico; Bonaldi, Antonio Gian Paolo Barbieri: Skin Bertelli, Pino Gino Sarfatti: Complete Works 1938-1973 Marco Romanelli, Sandra Severi Giorgio Casali Photographer: Domus 1951-1983 Italo Zannier, Angelo Maggi Giorgio Conta Deho, Valerio et al Giorgio De Chirico: Myth & Archaeology Franco Calarota et al Giorgio de Chirico: Myth and Mystery Various Giorgio Morandi Maria Christina Bandera Giorgio Morandi (Bruxelles) Various Giorgio Morandi, Roberti Longhi Bandera, Maria Cristina

Pb Pb 3 Vol Box set Pb Hb

21.95 25.50 270.00

Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb

27.50 27.50 21.95 23.50 30.50

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb

31.50 29.50 25.50 15.50 23.50 11.75 21.50 14.75 14.75 14.75 11.75 35.00 15.75 22.50 23.50 31.50 22.50 15.50 31.50 32.50 25.50 26.50 13.50 17.25



Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb

25.50 17.25 23.50 25.50 22.50 23.50 22.50 15.50 23.50 9.50 25.50 22.50 46.00 25.50 17.95 38.00 8.95 21.95 35.00 55.00 26.25 14.00 17.95 14.00 32.00 31.50 27.00


Silvana 9788836631872 9788836630646 9788836627202

13.50 36.00


JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



9788836627776 9788836632251 9788836625222 9788836611706 9788836632299 9788836629107 9788836630707 9788836628742 9788836631711 9788836623686 9788836632138 9788836627158 9788836622467 9788836622269 9788836627820 9788836631391 9788836630196 9788836623167 9788836628698 9788836630257 9788836631735 9788836631896 9788836625963 9788836625970 9788836629190 9788836621446 9788836620517 9788836629237 9788836625406 9788836630981 9788836633203 9788836623266 9788836631193 9788836631421

Giovanni Termini: Unarmed Girogio De Chirico, Antonio Nunziate Giuseppe & Giovanna Panza: Collectors Gordon Matta-Clark Graphics for Aperitif Heinz Waibl: 1931. Graphic designer. Helene Binet: Forty-eight Pages Herbert List How the City Comes Alive In Asttratto: Abstraction in Italy 1930-1980 Isa Stoppi Italian Porcelain in the Lokar Collection Italian Style: Art & Design Italy & Italians: Through the Lens of Magnum Jacques Joardens Jamini Roy: From tradition to modernity. Jan Dibbets: Another Photography Jan Fabre: The Years of the Hour Blue Jeanette Montogomery Barron Jessica Lange: Unseen Jing Shen: The act of painting in Contemporary China Joan Josef Albers: Spirituality & Rigour Josef Albers:The Teaching Methods of the Bauhaus Juliao Sarmento: The Selective Glance Leonardo Painter Low Cost Design 2 Luca Campigotto: Theatres of War Lucia Moholy 1894-1989 Between Photography Lucio Fontana: Works from 1936 to 1965 Made in Cuba! Cinema in the Cuban Graphic Art Manifesta 9: The Deep of the Modern Marco Bonetto Marco Borgianni: Gods and Heroes

9788836633623 9788836631766 9788836630820 9788836633876 9788836627998 9788836626748 9788836624935 9788836632091 9788836631773 9788836632459 9788836632312 9788836632022 9788836633708 9788836626991 9788836621798 9788836632220 9788836630882 9788836631308 9788836626717 9788836633883 9788836631162

Maria Callas: The Exhibition Maria Cristiana Fioretti: Colormaps or Spices Marialba Russo: Confines Mario Bellini: Architect Mario Botta: Architecture & Memory Martin Scorsese Massimo Campigli: Complete Catalogue Massimo de Gennaro: The Dance of the Olive Trees Masterpeices of the Baroque Matisse and engraving Matteo Montani: Things Behind Mattia Moreni: Catalogue Raisonee of Painted Works Maurizio Galimberti: Portraits Mira Cuba! MJ Manifesta Journal 12: Ethics Moira Ricci: Capital Ground Myth Allegory Faith Neorealist Cinema Nicola De Maria: The Leaves the Wind Scatters Nothing is Real Open Sea

9788836628360 9788836629343 9788836632190 9788836629268 9788836624638 9788836628780 9788836630974 9788836629206 9788836630721 9788836630684 9788836623433 9788836622528

Pablo Echaurren: Iconoclast Paintings from Siena Patricia Cronin: shrine for Girls, Venice Peter Greenaway: The Towers Piero della Francesca Piero Dorazio: Patterns Pierre Lesieur (1922-2011) : Windows & Openings Pieter Bruegel the Elder Fall of the Rebel Angels Plastic Days: Materials and Design Porcelain in Piedmont Posters: Advertising and Italian Fashion 1890-1950 Posters: Irony, Imagination and Eroticism

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Giovanni Termini Tesio, Cinzia Philippe Ungar Lorenzo Fusi, Marco Pierini Belli, Gabriella Colizzi, Alessandro; Various Emilia, Reggio di Pietrantonio, Giacinto Matteo Fochessati Glaviano, Adriana d’Agliano, Andreina Gianfranco Brunelli, Dario Cimorelli Various Various Marcella Beccaria; Rudi Fuchs Stefan Hertmans et al Jeanette Montgomery Barron Anne Morin Various Moncada, Valentina Nicolas Fox Weber Samuele Boncompagni Eccher, Danilo; Passoni, Riccardo Giovanni Villa Franco Marini; Marco Meneguzzo Angela Madesani Campiglio, Paolo Cuauhtemoc Medina et al Carugati, Decio G.R. Paolucci, Antonio; Siponta Da Salvia, Maria; Barzanti, Roberto; Borgianni, Marco Capella, Massimiliano Ceresoli, Jacqueline Valtorta, Roberta et al Ranzani, Ermano Pellandini, Paola Various Maurice Raynal et al Guadagnini, Walter Gonzales, Francesco Deparpe, Patrice Viola, Eugenio Crisploti, Enrico Donato, Benedetta Bardellotto, Luigino De Cecco, Emanuela Barryte, Bernard (Ed) Barbera, Alberto Danilo Eccher Various Raspail, Thierry; Hori, Khairuddin; National Heritage Board Various Various Bui, Phong et al Various Anna Maria Maetzke Caprile, Luciano Various Tine L. Meganck Cecchini, cecilia & Petroni, Marco d’Agliano, Andreina Dario Cimorelli, Anna Villari Dario Cimorelli

Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb

17.95 18.95 16.25 27.00 25.00 25.50 8.95 25.50 21.95 22.50 39.00 36.00 31.50 31.00 15.50 26.50 21.50 36.00 22.50 31.50 21.95 19.50 30.50 18.95 30.50 31.50 31.50 32.50 22.50 22.50 25.00 29.00 17.95 17.25

Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb

26.50 27.50 25.50 42.00 36.00 26.25 315.00 19.50 18.95 27.50 7.50 157.50 40.00 25.50 13.50 14.00 58.50 26.50 31.50 25.00 21.95

Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb

13.50 35.00 14.00 22.50 26.25 17.95 22.50 22.50 30.50 39.00 35.00 40.00






Posters: The Sea Voyage Posters: Travelling Around Italy through Advertising Renato D’Agostin: The Beautiful Cliché: Venice Renato Guttuso: Painter of Modern Life Riccardo Gusmaroli: Parallel Frequency Rise Again: Paralympic Games Risekult 01: Performa Robert Capa Robert Wilson: Video Portraits Roberto Sebastian Matta: Scuplture Rodin and America: Influence and Adaptation Rome: From the Origins to Italy’s Capital Russian Avantgarde:Experiences for a New world Salvatore Scarpitta & Joseph Beuys Salvatore Scarpitta: Trajectory Sharon Lockhart: Milena Milena Shirin Neshat: Afterwards Sleeping Beauties Stone Island: Archives 982-012 Super Superstudio

9788836620494 9788836631360 9788836630967 9788836631087 9788836626649 9788836623945 9788836631155 9788836631803 9788836628759 9788836625482 9788836625857 9788836622498 9788836625925 9788836631247 9788836621729 9788836627059 9788836627295 9788836624140 9788836631667

Taste & Tradition Vol.2. A Culinary Journey The Great Game The Marcel Duchamp Prize 2015 The Miracle of Water The Nude from Gauguin to Bonnard The Shared Life: The gestures of the family The Ship of Fools: Patrizia Comand Tidi’uma Tina Modotti Tintoretto Titian Tony Cragg Treasure of Saint-Sepulchre Valentino Vago: Camera Picta Van Dyck in Sicily: Painting & the Plague Vasarely: A Tribute (Eng/Fr) Vasarely: A Tribute (Eng/Ger) Vermeer Complete Works Volume! 1997…Today


Volume! 1997…Today

9788836632893 9788836629404 9788836629275 9788836631728 9788836631476 9788836628551 9788836627509 Snoeck 9783864420535 9783864420108 9783864421167 9783864421464 9783864420344 9783864421679 9783936859751 9783936859591 9783936859812 9783936859102 9783940953780 9783936859799 9783940953995 9783936859621 9783864421761 9783940953261 9783864420214 9783864421815

Piccione, Paolo

35.00 40.00 34.50 14.00 22.50 31.50 72.00 25.50 16.25 18.95 40.00 38.50 27.00 19.50 27.50 27.50 27.50 26.25 110.00 26.50

Wael Shawky: Crusade & Other Stories Werner Bischof Workwear Yesterday Today Milan 2015 Ylva Ogland: She, an introduction Zao Wou-ki Zero: Avantgarde 1965-2013

Hb Hb Italo Zannier, Chiara Casarin Hb Various Pb Ranzi, Gianluca Hb Anna Lisa Ghiradi Pb Various Pb Richard Whelan Pb Various Pb Calarota, Alessia; Gualdoni, Flaminio Pb Hb Hb Giuseppe Barbieri, Silvia Burini Pb Francesca; Montrasio, Ruggero Hb Luigi Sansone, Lawrence Rinder Hb George Baker, Adam Budak, Lars Bang Larsen Pb Karroum, Abdellah; Beschi, Leonore-Namkha Pb Various Pb Francesco Morace, Nick Griffiths Hb Angelidakis, Andreas; Pizzigoni, Vittorio; Pb Scelsi, Valter (Eds) Hb Meneguzzo, Marco Pb Balula, Davide et al Pb Various Pb Various Pb Cecilia de Carli Pb Daverio, Philippe Pb Various Pb Various Pb Renzo Villa, Giovanni C.F.Villa Hb Giovanni Villa Pb Marco Franciolli, Guido Comis Pb Various Hb Fiz, Alberto Pb Xavier F.Salomon Pb Lemoine, Serge Hb Lemoine, Serge Hb Various Hb Bonito Oliva, Achille; Eccher, Danilo; Hegyi, Pb Lorand; Benedetti, Lorenzo Bonito Oliva, Achille; Eccher, Danilo; Hegyi, Pb Lorand; Benedetti, Lorenzo Various Hb Various Pb Guerriero, Alessandro Pb Valtorta, Roberta Pb Ylva Ogland, Sara Arrhenius, Nicolas Bourriaud Hb Yann,Hendgen Pb Meneguzzo, Marco et al Pb

1914: The Avant-Garde Goes to War A Robert Smithson Film: Broken Circle Spiral Hill A Secret History of Modern Art About Trees Adam Helms Adolf Fleischmann: An American Abstract Painter? Albrecht Fuchs: MK 95 Albrecht Fuchs: Portraits All Inclusive: A Tourist World Andre Butzer: Das Ende Andrea Faciu: Dreams & Accomplices Andrea Madesta: Abstract Andrea Winkler: Famous Quotes by Famous People Andreas Gursky: Munich Catalogue Andreas Karl Schulze: B OT BO TBO T Andreas Karl Schulze: Flatlikekeepingism Andreas Plum: Paperworks Andreas Slominski: Das U des Turhuter

Uew M. Schneede Roel Arkesteijn, Eva Schmidt Pamela Kort; Max Hollein Fischer, Peter; McFarlane, Robert Marianne Boesky Wiehager, Renate (Ed) Albrecht Fuchs Albrecht Fuchs Max Hollein, Matthias Ulrich Andre Butzer Susanne Kohler, Katrin Meder Andrea Madesta Jens Asthoff Andreas Gursky, Don Delillo Liesbrock, Heinz Andreas Karl Schulze Alex Jasch Luckow, Dirk

75.00 28.50 55.00 27.50 38.00 37.50 46.00 32.50 32.50 18.95 18.95 28.50 18.95 65.00 15.50 9.50 17.50 31.50

Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb


9788836627981 9788836619221 9788836621736 9788836630448 9788836632329 9788836626373 9788836627554 9788836622887 9788836625086 9788836631285 9788836620005 9788836618545 9788836622108 9788836631384 9788836621712 9788836630608 9788836630868 9788836628315 9788836623815 9788836632442

27.00 26.50 16.25 13.50 22.50 21.50 22.50 23.50 25.50 22.50 30.50 32.00 35.00 7.25 25.00 31.50 31.50 27.00 35.00 35.00 35.00 22.50 25.50 18.95 39.00 25.50 36.00



JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



9783936859515 9783864421556 9783864420122 9783864421457 9783940953209 9783936859201 9783940953377 9783864420702 9783936859478 9783940953322 9783864421372 9783940953988 9783940953711 9783940953834 9783936859645 9783864420610 9783936859553 9783936859232 9783864421266 9783864420504 9783864421488 9783864421136 9783936859539 9783940953117 9783864421563 9783936859690 9783940953704 9783864421884 9783940953049 9783936859959 9783936859133 9783864421235 9783864420856 9783940953056 9783936859973 9783864420719 9783940953308 9783940953292 9783864421570 9783936859492 9783864420276 9783940953971 9783864421051 9783864420443 9783940953919 9783864420139 9783940953018 9783864421839 9783936859843 9783864420849 9783936859737 9783864420092 9783864420634 9783940953063 9783936859126 9783936859904 9783864421396 9783864421600 9783864420337 9783940953568 9783940953599 9783864420665 9783864421259 9783936859676 9783940953366 9783940953346 9783864421099


Anonym: In the Future No One Will Be Famous Anselm Reyle: Stripe Paintings 2003-2013 Anthony Gormley: Horizon Field Hamburg Anton Henning: Midnight in Paris Armin Boehm: Evil Eye Arnulf Reiner: Retrospective Astrid Nippold/ Hansjoerg Dobliar: It’s Always Night At Work Ballerina in a Whirlpool Bernard Frize:Invisibility Cloak Better than de Kooning Bettina Kreig: Abysse Bettina Meyer Biomorph! Hans Arp in a dialogue Bodycheck: Contemporary Sculpture Bojan Šar evi : A Curious Contortion Bojan Sarcevic: To What Extent Should an Artist Bojan Sarcevic: Une Heureuse Regression Borden Capalino: Works 2013-2015 Bruce High Quality Foundation Cao Fei: I watch that worlds pass by Carl Ostendarp: Book Carlos Matter: Learning from Liz Catholic Factor:Art of Germany & Poland Cecily Brown: The Sleep Around and the Lost and Found Cesar Domela: Hannover Catalogue Charif Benhelima:Harlem on my Mind Charlotte Moth: Travelogue Cher Ami - Votre Marcel Proust Chinese Portraits Christian Holstad: Dignity-Pressed Flowers Christian Rosa: I am in Love with the Coco Christian Rosa: Love’s Gonna Save the Day Christof Mascher: 1979 Christoph Buchel: Artist’s Book Crossing Media Cuny Janssen :My Grandma was a Turtle Cuny Janssen: Amami Cuny Janssen: BLU Cuny Janssen: There Is Something in the Air Cuyny Janssen: Yoshino Daniel Richter: 10001nacht Daniel Richter: Chromos Goo Bugly Darren Almond: Civil Dawn @ Giverny Darren Almond: Nocturne David Reed: Heart of Glass David Reed: Rock, Paper, Scissors David Smith: Form in Colour David Thorpe: Kleve Catalogue Dieter Roth & Arnulf Rainer Collaborations Egbert Haneke: Vis Motrix Elmar Trenkwalder Emil Holmer: Parasites and Diagramme Enoc Perez: Tender Erik Schmidt: Up Eva Leitolf: German Pictures Facing the World Fausto Melotti Florian Slotawa: Körnerstraße/ Wilhelmshofallee/ Hans-Arp-Allee Florin Kompatscher Works 2005-2010 For the Use of Those Who See Foreign & Familiar FORT: Works Fragments of Arte Povera Franz Ackerman Friedemann von Stockhausen: Braunschweig Gary Kuehn

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Various Gebbers, Anna-Catharina Dirk Luckow Emmert, Claudia Armin Boehm Arnulf Reiner Astrid Nippold, Hansjoerg Dobliar Kurzmeyer, Roman Fritz Emslander et al Bernard Frize Andreas Baur, Karin; Weber, Marcus Christian Ganzenberg Marietta Franke Oliver Kornhoff, Astrid von Asten Matthias Winzen Gauthier,Michel; Herbert, Martin Bojan Sarcevic Bojan Sarcevic Borden Capalino, Frances Perkins

Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Wiehager, Renate & Ganzenberg, Christian (Eds) Pb Jochen Kienbaum Hb Carlos Matter Hb Gaby Dziuba Pb Myers, Terry R. Hb Cesar Domela Hb Daniella Geo, James Harithas Hb Meyer-Stoll, Christiane Pb Jurgen Ritte Hb Diane Droin-Michaud et al Hb Christian Holstad Pb Lobke, Matthia Hb Ohrt, Roberto; Jablonsky, Linda Hb Christof Mascher Pb Christoph Buchel Hb Baur, Andreas; Horny, Anne Pb Cuny Janssen Hb Cuny Janssen Hb Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele; Pulles, Patricia Pb Cuny Janssen Hb Jos vos Hb Susanne Figner et al Hb Beate Ermacora Hb Darren Almond Pb Andreas Baur Box Stephan Berg Pb David Reed Hb White, Michelle Hb David Thorpe Hb Fleck, Robert; Roth, Bjorn Pb Egbert Haneke Hb Arie Hartog et al Pb Steinweg, Marcus Pb Enoc Perez Pb Erik Schmidt Pb Eva Leitolf Hb Hall, James; Ullrich, wolfgang & Vaisse, Pierre Pb Fogle, Douglas Hb Oliver Kornhoff Hb

23.95 23.50 17.50 23.50 28.50 38.00 18.95 28.50 23.95 8.50 23.50 18.95 18.95 28.50 38.00 28.50 12.50 18.95 23.50 9.25 31.50 23.50 28.50 23.95 19.50 28.50 28.50 31.50 65.00 28.50 23.95 23.50 26.00 18.95 38.00 23.95 60.00 28.50 45.00 36.50 55.00 38.00 28.50 28.50 50.00 60.00 38.00 31.50 28.50 42.00 32.50 46.00 23.95 24.00 23.95 34.50 31.50 23.50 38.00

Klaus Thomann Susanne Pfeffer Brennacher,Julia Dinse, Lotte Jannis Kounellis, Mario Merz Stephan Berg & Stefan Gronert Friedemann von Stockhausen Christiane Mayer-Stoll

38.00 23.95 23.95 31.50 38.00 28.50 38.00 55.00

Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb




9783864421549 9783864420160 9783864420191 9783940953766 9783940953667 9783936859768 9783940953803 9783936859669 9783940953094 9783940953254 9783864421723 9783864421808 9783864421846 9783864421617 9783864420177 9783864420573 9783940953193 9783936859775 9783936859997 9783936859911 9783864421310 9783936859652 9783936859010 9783936859638 9783864420498 9783864421303 9783864420924 9783864421891 9783864420894 9783940953148 9783864421341 9783864421877 9783940953681 9783864421655 9783864420825 9783940953155 9783940953728 9783864421105 9783940953124 9783864420467 9783864420788 9783936859829 9783940953506 9783940953940 9783940953513 9783936859744 9783864421594 9783864421020 9783936859348 9783940953421 9783864421747 9783940953483 9783936859034 9783936859027 9783936859720 9783940953520 9783940953612 9783864421532 9783864420146 9783940953674 9783864420948 9783864421471 9783940953162 9783940953339 9783864420238 9783864420245 9783940953315

Georg Baselitz: Catalogue Raisonne of the Graphic work 1983-1989 Georg Baselitz: Simunds Cave Georg Herold: Multiple Choice Georg Winter: Psychotektonik Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger:High Water Gerold Miller: Retrospective Gert & Uwe Tobias: Bonn Catalogue Gert & Uwe tobias: GEM The Hague Gert & Uwe Tobias:Drawings Gert & UweTobias: Burgdorf/ Vienna Catalogue Gert & UweTobias: Hannover Catalogue Geta Bratescu Giacometti- Nauman Good Space Guillermo Kuitca Guillermo Kuitca: No Tomorrow! Gunter Damisch: Macro Micro Gunter Umberg/ Elisabeth Vary Gunther Forg, Gunter Herburger: Trilogy of the Paths Gunther Forg: Aller/ Retour Gunther Forg: Back and Forth Gunther Forg: Deichtorhallen Hamburg Gunther Forg: Fields - Verges Gunther Forg: Moscow Gunther Forg: Passage Gunther Forg: Twelve Lead Paintings Gunther Forg: Wall Paintings 1978-2013 Hamish Fulton: Walking Transformation Hans Eilkelboom: Photographic Concepts Hans Emmenegger Hansjorg Dobliar: Delicate Deformation Haroon Mirza: hrm199 Ltd. Hartmut Bohm: or-or Hartmut Bohm: Wandarbeiten Heidi Specker: In Front Of Heike Beyer: Scarcely Able to Stand Heinrich Weid: Model Book Heinz Mack: Light Space Colour Henry Moore Herbert Brandl: Hamburg Catalogue Herbert Brandl: Katana Home Stories Horst Munch: Our War Hubert Kiecol: Golden I Hate Paul Klee I Want To See How You See Ika Huber: Coelin Ingrid Calame: Being Born Intractable & Untamed Isa Melsheimer:Artist’s Book Jan Dibbets: Horizon Jan van der Ploeg: Selected Works 2009-2016 Javier Tellez: 4 1/2 Jeanne Faust: Dusseldorf Catalogue Jeppe Hein: Take a Walk in the Forrest at Sunlight Jin Meyerson: 2001-2007 Jochen Schmith: Certain Arrangements Jorinde Voigt: Botanic Code Juergen Teller: The Clinic Julian Schnabel: Deus Ex Machina Julien Maire: A Magnifying Glass for the Time Jurgen Naber: Stops Jßrgen Partenheimer: Calliope Katalin Deer: Present Things Katja Strunz :Points of Entry KIDS Kiki Kogelnik: I Have Seen the Future Kirill Golovchenko: 7 km

Mason, Rainer Michael & Gretenkort, Detlev Hb


Wagner, Anselm Armin Zweite Ulrike Groos

23.50 35.00 28.50 23.95 23.95 46.00 28.50 46.00 28.50 28.50 23.50 31.50 37.50 31.50 35.00 38.00 23.95 28.50 75.00 75.00 37.50 38.00 36.50 22.95 23.95 77.50 26.00 31.50 35.00 28.50 31.50 31.50 23.95 23.50 21.75 23.95 55.00 27.50 38.00 23.95 26.00 32.50 28.50 38.00 23.95 32.50 23.50 35.00 28.50 28.50 37.50 28.50 18.95 18.95 46.00 28.50 28.50 19.50 21.75 23.95 21.75 23.50 28.50 28.50 23.95 32.50 28.50

Hb Pb Pb Pb Ulrike Schick Hb Gert & UweTobias Hb Rogier Omeling Hb Gert & UweTobias Hb Gert & UweTobias Hb Gert & UweTobias Hb Gassner, Hubertus & Kolle, Brigitte Hb Schlicht, Esther Hb Baur, Andreas Pb Fitzgerald, Michael. C. Hb Philip Larrat Smith Hb Antonia Horschelmann Hb Gunter Umberg, Elisabeth Vary Hb Gunther Forg, Gunter Herburger Hb Gunther Forg Hb Gunther Forg Hb Luckow, Dirk Pb Gunther Forg Hb Gunther Forg Hb Gunther Forg Hb Uli Knecht Pb Edition Traverses; Neff, Michael Hb Baur, Andreas; Langer, Freddy Hb Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele & Van sinderen, Wim Pb Bieder, Patricia; Brunner, Monika Hb Hansjorg Dobliar Hb Wetzel, Roland Pb Wiehager, Renate & Ganzenberg, Christian Pb Ulrike Schick Hb Domrose, Ulrich; Tokarski, Wawrzyniec Pb Litz, Christine; Lobke, Matthia Pb Heinrich Weid Hb Robert Fleck, Hans-Ulrich Obrist Hb Sebastiano Barassi Hb Herbert Brandl Hb Klaus & Elisabeth Thoman Hb Hirsch, Nikolaus et al Hb Horst Munch Hb Eva Schmidt Pb Robert Fleck et al Pb Dirk Luckow Hb Ika Huber Hb Kienbaum, Jochen (Ed) Hb Engelbach, Barbara Hb Isa Melsheimer Hb Rudi Fuchs & Eric Verhagen Pb Wiehager, Renate Hb Hilke Wagner Pb Jeanne Faust Pb Jeppe Hein Hb Jin Meyerson Hb Hilke Wagner Pb Jorinde Voigt Hb Bonami, Francesco Pb Robert Fleck Hb Ulrike Schick Hb Heidbrink, Henriette Pb Schumacher, Anne-Claire (Ed) Hb Katalin Deer Pb Barbara Kuon Hb Estelle Blaschke, Kito Nedo Hb Pb Kirill Golovchenko Hb








JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



9783864420733 9783940953537 9783864421280 9783864420986 9783940953407 9783864420870 9783864421075 9783864421068 9783864421150 9783940953759 9783864420962 9783864420993 9783936859706 9783864421778 9783864421273 9783940953810 9783940953247 9783864420511 9783864420696 9783940953223 9783940953643 9783936859324 9783940953100 9783864420054 9783864421365 9783936859355 9783864421228 9783864420559 9783864420030 9783864421204 9783940953957 9783864420672 9783864420290 9783864420863 9783936859874 9783936859171 9783940953933 9783864421648 9783864421129 9783936859409 9783864421860 9783864420368 9783864420795 9783864420221 9783940953872 9783936859584 9783864420399 9783940953384 9783864421792 9783864420412 9783864421198 9783940953575 9783936859942 9783940953742 9783864420016 9783864420900 9783936859058 9783864420269 9783940953278 9783936859898 9783864421754 9783940953032 9783864420023 9783864421174 9783864421631 9783864421037 9783864420252 9783940953551


Klaus Merkel: Hornbook Larger Than Life Stranger Than Fiction Lea Lublin: A Retrospective Leap in Time Liam Gillick Living in the Material World Logical Emotion Luca Trevisani Lucian Freud: Animals Dressed M+M: Come to Me first Maki Na Kamura Manfred Pernice: Haldensleben, Bibette Headland, Hotel Hangelar Marco Lulic: I was the Waitress at the Bauhaus Maria Brunner Marianne Vitale: Oh don’t ask why Marilyn Minter: Hamburg Catalogue Mark Sheinkman: Otterndorf Catalogue Markus Bacher: After Eight Markus Lüpertz: Architecture Dithyrambic Markus Lupertz: Byways and Highways Markus Lupertz: Myth & Metamorphosis Marlene Dumas: Female Marriage at Schloss Dyck Martin Boyce Martin Creed Martin Kippenberger: Museum of Modern Art Syros Martin Zellerhoff: Taking up the Motif Mary Heilman & Blinky Palermo: Mary Blinky Yay Mary Heilmann: Seeing Things, Visions Mathieu Mercier: Everything but the Kitchen Sink Mathilde Rosier: Ceremonially Infused Matthias Weischer: Thicket Melanie Smith: Short Circuit Memphis Schulze: Catalogue raisonne Meuser: The Woman Rides and the Horse Michael Beutler: Four Places for Sculptural Projects Michael Schmidt: Food Michael Venezia: Paintings Mira Schendel: Monotypes Miroslav Balka: Lightduress Mohau Modisakeng: Selected Works Natalia Stachon Nic Hess Drawing Installations 1995-2013 Nikola Röthemeyer: Frauenzimmer Nils Nova:Works So Far Nina Pohl: Oldenburg Catalogue Norbert Schwontkowski: Blind Faith Olaf Metzel Olaf Metzel - Hans von Marees Olaf Metzel: Coffee Newspapers Cigarettes Olaf Metzel: From the TV to the Fridge Out of Shanghai Paradise and Back: Rheingold Collection Patricia Bucher: Battle Panorama Paul Schwer Per Kirkeby Performative Installation Peter Dreher: Hommage to Painting Peter Hutchinson: Dreamed Paradise Peter Lindbergh: Images of Women Peter Zimmerman: Freiburg School Peter Zimmerman: Works since 1987 Philipp Geist Picasso in Contemporary Art Pipilotto Rist: Your Saliva is my Diving Suit in the Ocean of Pain Poetry of the Metropolis Porcelain Manufacture Nymphenburg Poul Gernes: Retrospective

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Klenbaum, Jochen Ulrike Groos et al Muhling, Matthias; Weber, Stephanie Ermacora, Beate Nicolas Bourriaud et al Almarcegui, Lara; Beutler Hiroyasu Ando; Kenjiro Hosaka Renate Wiehager Ines Ruttinger; Eva Schmidt Claudia Emmer Wagenfeld-Pleister, Gertude; Brock Kaiser, Philipp; Engelbach, Barbara

Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

28.50 28.50 31.50 26.00 65.00 26.00 23.50 45.00 27.50 28.50 30.00 26.00

Marco Lulic Prinzhor, Martin CFA Berlin Belinda Grace Gardner Mark Sheinkman Velt Loers Gohr, Siegfried Eric Darragon et al Andrea Madesta Marlene Dumas Kay Heymer et al Renate Wiehager Lobke, Matthia & Tabor, Jurgen Martin Kippenberger Haffner, Hans-Jurgen; Pahas-Buhler, Ursula Mary Heilman & Blinky Palermo Mary Heilmann Baur, Andreas; Bitterli, Konrad; Chenel, Marie Claudia Emmert Grasskamp, Walter Andreas Baur Schulze, Max; Menne, Katrin Meuser Michael Beutler Various L bke, Matthia & Bell, Tiffany Olivier Renaud-Clement Miroslav Balka Pernegger, Karen Natalis Stachon Ganzenberg, Christian Kuckei + Kuckei Max Wechsler Nina Pohl Florian Waldvogel Peter Iden et al Kaak, Joachim Matthia Lobke Karin Pernegger, Olaf Metzel Ulrike Schick et al Veit Loers Patricia Bucher Ulrike Schick, Johan Hartle Riese, Ute; Baurngartner, Marcel Angelika Nollert Peter Dreher, Christine Litz Oliver Kornhoff Peter Lindbergh Litz, Christine & Yazici, Didem Peter Zimmerman Holger Lund et al David Bowie, Michael Fitzgerald Aeschaber, Kurt et al Schlicht, Esther & Wetzel, Roland Frank Stolle Dirk Luckow

Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb

24.00 31.50 23.50 18.95 23.95 28.50 23.95 85.00 28.50 38.00 18.95 23.95 23.50 14.50 23.50 28.50 18.95 31.50 22.95 23.95 23.95 42.00 38.00 23.95 120.00 23.50 45.00 12.50 19.50 23.95 42.00 23.95 46.00 28.50 38.00 28.50 23.50 28.50 23.50 28.50 24.00 65.00 28.50 26.00 24.00 28.50 28.50 28.50 23.50 38.00 28.50 55.00 31.50 42.00 32.50 65.00






Psycho: Ena Swansea & Robert Lucander Rainer and the Women Ralf Ziervogel: Immobile Ralf Ziervogel: Young German Art Ralph Mueller: WUM Ready to Shoot: TV and Video Gallery Recent British Painting Remy Kaugg: And the Question of Perception Re-View Riotous Baroque: From Cattelan to Zurburan Rite of Passage Romana Scheffknecht Santiago Sierra: Sculpture, Photography, Film Sarah Ortmeyer: Internationalismus Saul Steinberg: The Americans Sculpture Garden, Villa Schoningen Sebastian Diaz Morales: Ficcionario Secret Signs Secret Societies Sergej Vutuc: Something in Between Shaan Syed: Catalogue Siegfried Anzinger: Linz Catalogue Siegfried Anzinger: Works 2011 Sigmar Polke: Daphne Sigmar Polke: Multiplication of Humour Sigmar Polke:Posters Collection Ciesielski Signe Guttormsen: With Backs Facing Forward Silvia Bachli & Eric Hattan: Snow Until May Simone Demandt: Instrumenta Sceleris Simone Strasser: Wanted Sofie Bird-Moller Sowing and Weeding: Folk Culture Stefan Panhans: Sorry Stephan Balkenhol in Sankt.Elisabeth, Kassel Stephan Balkenhol: Baden-Baden Catalogue Stephan Balkenhol: Hamburg Catalogue Stephan Balkenhol: In Meisenthal Stephan Balkenhol:Balancing Act Stephan Reusse: Artisitc Process of Opening Streamlines Sue Weber: Formula:marionette Susanne Paesler: Works 1991-2006 Taking a Line for a Walk Tal R Tal R: Egyptian Boy Tatiana Trouve: I Tempi Doppi The Forces Behind the Forms The Infinite White Abyss The Mirror of Narcissus : From Mythological Thierry Colin: Beyond the Edge Thilo Droste: Ego Thomas Feuerstein: Trickster Thomas Feuerstein:Psychoprosa Thomas Scheibitz: Venice Biennale Thomas Schutte: Big Buildings Thomas Schutte: Watercolours Those Early Years Tobias Rehberger: Home and Away Tom Wesselmann: Pictures at the Wall of your Heart Trinity Ute Behrend: Zimmerpflanzen Viehof Collection Volker Huller Walter Pichler: Drawings Wermke & Leinkauf Whatness Willie Doherty: Home With Different Eyes Yoshitaka Amano: M

Belinda Grace Gardner et al Weiermair, Peter Ralf Ziervogel Ralf Ziervogel Ralph Mueller Gerry Schum Tom Morton de Croix, Mathilde; Hontoria, Javier; Schmidt, Eva Schimmel, Paul Bice Curiger Klocker, Hubert Patrizia Grzonka et al Daniel Schreiber, Dirk Luckow Sarah Ortmeyer Andreas Prinzing Matthias Dopfner Amado, Rocardo Ma, Lesley; Mingyuan, Hu Ina Blom et al Jocko Weyland Kielmayer, Oliver Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller Rudi Fuchs Sigmar Polke Eva Schmidt Axel Ciesielski Signe Guttormsen Michael Semff, Harriet Zilch Demandt, Simone Simone Strasser Laura Henseler et al Nicole Fritz, Franz Schwarzbauer Eva Schmidt, Hans-Jurgen Hafner Ap. Gen.Vicariate Fulda Stephan Balkenhol Stephan Balkenhol Matthias Winzen Nicolaus Fest & Matthias Winzen Marietta Franke Luckow, Dirk & Kouoh, Koyo (Eds) Weber, Suse Schreier, Christian; Berg, Stefan (Eds) Bonnefoit RĂŠgine; Dobbe, Martina Florian Waldvogel Various Berg, Stephan; Ragaglia, Letizia Ermacora, Beata et al Ackermann, Marlon Beate Ermacora Thierry Colin Paul Brodowsky Hans-Peter Wipplinger Beate Ermacora, Jurgen Tabor, Graham Harman Thomas Scheibitz Rainald Schumacher Thomas Schutte Hartog, Arie; Plath, Carina Ulrich, Matthias Tom Wesselmann Irvine, Karen Ute Behrend Luckow, Dirk Margit Brehm et al Reeder, Christian Bettina Klein Franz, Erich; BeuB, Fiona; Larrat-Smith, Philip Baur, Andreas & Wenzel, Anka Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele; Berg, Stephan (Eds) Yoshitaka Amano

Pb Hb Pb Box Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

18.95 28.50 142.50 28.50 28.50 55.50 28.50 31.50 46.00 30.00 26.00 23.95 38.00 28.50 38.00 23.95 42.00 42.00 38.00 28.50 23.50 38.00 23.95 495.00 38.00 46.00 23.95 23.95 21.75 28.50 28.50 28.50 28.50 17.50 65.00 28.50 28.50 28.50 38.00 23.50 23.50 23.50 38.00 38.00 28.50 35.00 31.50 50.00 28.50 38.00 23.50 46.00 26.50 14.50 65.00 38.00 26.00 38.00 23.95 70.00 23.95 45.00 28.50 23.95 28.50 23.50 23.50 31.50 23.95


9783864420009 9783864420689 9783936859577 9783936859850 9783936859928 9783936859157 9783864420375 9783864421426 9783864420757 9783864420115 9783864420979 9783864420481 9783864420405 9783940953490 9783864420436 9783940953650 9783864420931 9783864420917 9783940953827 9783940953629 9783864421440 9783940953636 9783864420047 9783936859003 9783864420429 9783864420542 9783936859546 9783940953773 9783864420832 9783940953230 9783940953698 9783940953131 9783940953735 9783864420207 9783936859461 9783936859560 9783940953855 9783940953353 9783864420085 9783864421518 9783864421211 9783864421662 9783864420726 9783940953797 9783864420450 9783864420801 9783864421716 9783864420818 9783864420306 9783936859867 9783864421044 9783864420313 9783864421242 9783936859287 9783940953544 9783936859362 9783864421013 9783864420771 9783936859423 9783864421686 9783936859980 9783864421822 9783864420061 9783864420658 9783864420566 9783864421327 9783864421785 9783864421587 9783936859164




JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



SBTD 9780952930945 9780952930983 9780952930914 9780952930952 9780952930921 Somogy 9782757206263 9782757207086 9782757211267

Collaborators Make/Believe Time + Space Transformation & Revelation 2D< 3D

Burnett Kate Burnett Hall & Burnett Greer Crawley Hall & Burnett

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

8.00 20.00 18.95 25.00 20.00

100 Masks from Hopi, Zuni, and other Pueblo cultures 19th Century Painters of the Opal Coast A History of Montmartre

Éric Geneste, Éric Mickeler Cécile Rivière et al Viart, Aude; Ooms, Saskia & Menedez, Maria Gonzales Floriane Morin Dominique Stal Jean Neree Ronfort Jean-Neree Ronfort Nicole Garnier Tschumi, Bernard Viart, Aude; Ooms, Saskia & Menedez, Maria Gonzales Laurence Mattet

Hb Pb Pb

35.00 9.95 17.00

Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb

55.00 41.00 50.00 69.00 25.95 26.25 9.50

Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb

27.00 27.50 27.00 27.50 32.50 19.50 22.50 35.00 27.00 29.00 17.00 20.00 29.00 24.50 16.50 8.75 130.00 105.00 22.50 36.50 40.00 36.00 68.00 35.00 47.50 17.50 26.25 19.95

Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb

40.00 40.00 35.00 37.50 35.00 21.00 29.95 15.00 295.00

Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb

56.00 28.50 26.50 22.50 35.00 41.50 27.00 17.50 32.00 27.00 29.00

9782757202319 9782757209097 9782757203149 9782757203187 9782757206621 9782757207888 9782757211120

African Terracotta: Barbier-Mueller Museum Ahmed Shahabuddin Andre Charles Boulle (Fr Ed) Andre Charles Boulle: A New Style for Europe Andre le Notre and the Gardens of Chantilly Architecture Zoo Artists in Montmartre 1870-1910

9782757204726 9782850569579 9782757208564 9782757206966 9782757204559 9782757210130 9782757209134 9782757209929 9782850569708 9782757207062 9782757211281 9782757205419 9782757205648 9782850565489 9782757205426 9782757208854 9782757207000 9782757211496 9782757207437 9782757204566 9782757206034 9782757204979 9782757205617 9782757207789 9782757204412 9782850568978 9782757208533 9782757209783

Arts & Cultures 12: Barbier Muller Foundation Arts & Cultures 2006- Mattet Arts & Cultures No. 15/2014 Arts & Cultures No.14. The Barbier-Mueller Museums Artsakh: Garden of Armenian Arts & Traditions Bae Bien-U: D’une foret l’autre Balenciaga, Magician in Lace Ballets of Monte-Carlo 1985-2015 Bellegarde: The Quest for Color Benoit Lemercier: From One Infinity to Another Bernard Buffet: Intimement Beyond the Horizon:Societies of the Channel Biennale Internationale Vallauris 2012 Braun-Vega Carbon 12: Art & Climate Change China at Versailles Chinese Art of the Twentieth Century Christian Lacroix and the Hotels Claudie Laks Collecting in the Heart of the Alps Decorative Furnishings and Objets d’Art in the Louvre Denis Felix: The Thread of Life Dentelles: Quand la Mode Ne Tient Dix 10 [Roma Napoli & J.J. Dow Jones] Dogon Domicile:Prive/Public –Heygi Emmanuel Regent: While It’s Still Day En mode sport

9782757208823 9782757205419 9782757203071 9782757205679 9782757206645 9782850565526 9780912114378 9782757201329 9782757209486

Erro: Retrospective Eva Besnyo 1910-2003: The Sensuous Image Expanding Horizons Festins de la Renaissance: Cusines et Tresors Francois Boucher: Fragments of a World Picture Francoise Mechain Gabriel de Saint-Aubin-Bailey Gary Hill & Gerry Judah-Blyth Georges Desvallières. Catalogue raisonné (French Ed.)

9782850568565 9782757202098 9782757202623 9782757201473 9782757208595 9782757205129 9782757202265 9782850568480 9782757201220 9782850564079 9782757201701

Godwin Hoffman: Paintings- Kraft Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Gregory Masurovsky:Drawings Gregory Masurovsky-Drawings Guadeloupe Islands in the Heart Hand in Morocco: Hamsa Art, Symbol & Tradition Historial of the Great War-Var Hotel-Dieu at Beaune Houdon at the Louvre- Scherf Hugh Weiss-Durozoi Human Expressionism- Strosberg

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Mattet, Laurence Laurence Mattet Dickran Kouymjian, Claude Mutafian Mercoyrol, Yannick (Ed) Catherine Join-Dieterle Maillot, Jean-Christophe Lemercier, Benoit Ooms, Saskia et al Anne Lehoerff et al Corinne Carles Élisabeth Delorme, David Buckland Rochebrune, Marie-Laure de Professor Lü Peng Lacroix, Christian Grainville, Patrick Patrick Elsig, Marie Claude Morand Durand, Jannic Bernard Giraudeau, Alain Gerard Alice Gandin Lemaire, Gerard-Georges Helene Leloup Regent, Emmanuel Grasse, Marie-Christine; Rolland-Bertrand, Laurène Various Marion Beckers, Elisabeth Moortgat Hilliard T. Goldfarb Valerie Boudier Joulie,Francoise

Ambroselli de Bayser, Catherine; Cogeval, Guy; Leccia, Ange

Michel Butor et al Brusini, Veronique; Brusini, Aurelien Khalid El Gharib, Maurice Arama






Ibeji J.D.Kirszenbaum: The Lost Generation James Turrell- Williams Jean Cousin, pere et fils Jean Dewasne Jewish Art in Morocco Jewish Artists of the School of Paris Juana Muller Kachina :Messengers of the Hopi & Zuni Gods Kaidin on the Path of Basho: Nomadic Art Karine Arabian- Richoux La Villette 1971-1995-Orlandini Lapita: Oceanic Ancestors L’Automne de la Renaissance: D’Arcimboldo Look Mr.Monet..See How the Seine has Changed Louvre Lens: The Guide 2014 Louvre: A Tale of a Palace- Bresc Bautier Low Tide: Japan in Chaos Luca Penni, A Disciple of Raphael in Fontainebleau Matisse : The Colour Paper-cuts Memories of Opium Musee Eugene Delacroix Museum of Decorative Art of Bordeaux Myriam Bat-Yosef- Bat Yosef Myths & Mysteries: Symbolism and Swiss artists Nadia Saikali Najia Mehadji: The Revelation of Gesture Never Trust a Living God Ouevres de Nicolas Poussin au Louvre (French Ed.) Patriarche 7 Co 1960-2010 Paul Cesar Helleu Paul Poiret: Couturier & Parfumer Perfume: A Global History-Pouy Peter Saul Philippe Cognee Pierre Alechinsky: Prints & Drawings Plumes Pol Quadens: From Drawing to Design Portraits of Survival Queens of Egypt- Ziegler Roger Taillibert: Constructions 1 Roger Taillibert: Constructions 1 & 2 Roger Taillibert: Constructions 2 Roger Taillibert: The Olympic Park in Montreal Sensations: On Aura Tout Vu Shadi Ghadirian: Retrospective Shelomo Selinger: The Death Camps Shirley Goldfarb (1925-1980) Sketchbook by H Craig Hanna Speedy Graphito: Serial Painter Squaring the Circle Thali: Contemporary Aboriginal Art The Field of Cloth of Gold The Knights Templar The Louvre According to Clara Baum The Louvre, a Tale of a Palace The Spirit of Montmartre 1875-1910 The Winged Victory of Samothrace Tradesmen & Farmers of Yiddisland Urban Utopias Valadon, Utrillo, Utter: The Rue Cortot Studio, 1912-1926 Vladimir Yankilevsky: Anatomy of Feelings Yoko Ono: Lumiere Zoo. The Metamorphosis

Joubert, Helene Nathan Diament, Nadine Nieszawer

Lenfant, Carole Ooms, Saskia Vitaly Patsyukov Raspail, Thierry Descharrieres, Veronique

Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb

40.00 25.95 25.00 45.00 31.50 35.00 49.50 26.25 35.00 21.50 22.50 31.50 36.50 37.50 25.95 17.25 29.00 33.50 29.50 31.50 36.00 8.75 14.00 21.00 45.00 26.50 27.00 25.95 27.50 36.50 35.00 22.50 32.50 19.50 22.50 29.50 23.00 40.00 22.50 45.00 29.50 40.00 29.50 38.00 22.50 18.50 21.00 32.50 38.50 36.00 23.50 33.50 13.25 25.50 19.95 27.50 17.25 31.50 20.50 19.95 15.25 55.00 35.00 26.25

Aleksander Konstantinov Aleksander Larin Aleksander Ponomarev

Julia Tulovsky, Anna Lengle Andrew Gozak Various

Hb Hb Hb

40.50 25.00 40.50

Cecile Scaillerez Deparpe, Patrice Goldbenberg, Andre Nieszawer, Nadine; Princ, Deborah Sabrina Dubbeld Eric Geneste, eric Mickeler Kaidin M.le Houelleur, Uwe Ommer

Christophe Sand Clair Stollig d’Aymeric Perroy Dectot, Xavier Denis Rouvre Dominique Cordelier Patrice Deparpe Dominique & Eric Delalande Serullaz, Arlette

Valentina Anker Gerard Xuriguera et al Amel, Pascal Nick Tosches & Gravleur Rosenberg, Pierre Gilles Ragot Watrigant, Frederique de Catherine Parpoil

Bon, Francois; Zernik, Clelia Deparpe, Patrice Various Quadens, Pol Delacampagne Ateshian Ariane

Orlandini, Alain Kamitsis, Lydia Aznavourian, Sylvie; Ghabaian, Anahita Anne Dopffer Lhinaires, Laurence Florent Hugoniot; Gunnar B. Kvaran Kira sapguir Marc Yvonnou, Nicolas Andrin Charles Giry-Deloison Arnaud Baudin Baum, Clara Bresc-Bautier, Geneviève Cate, Dennis, Phillip Ludovic Laugier; Marianne Hamiaux



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JOHN RULE Autumn 2016



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Archi Wood Architecton 2001-2009 Challenge of the Time 08 Challenge of the Time 10 Felix Novikov Green House Jury Avvakumov KD: Building and Projects Konstantin Batynkov Life Work/ At Odd Moments of Life New Wood New Wood Open Form Ostozhenka Soviet Modernism Sovremennaja Architectura Reprint Magazine Tanya Badanina The Lost Vanguard Velichkin & Golovanov Vladimir Nasedkin

Various Architecton ICIF Various Vladimir Belogolovsky Vladimir Belogolovsky Various KD Aleksander Petrovichev Felix Novikov Nikolay Malinin Nikolay Malinin Igor Prokopenko, Andrey Bokov Ostozhenka Felix Novikov,Vladimir Belogolovsky Eduard Kubensky Anna Lengle Richard Pare, Jean-Louis Cohen Maria Stikhina Anna Lengle

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51 m² Project: 16 Emerging Chinese Artists Ai Weiwei: Beijing 10/2003 Ai Weiwei: Under Construction Art Intervenes in Society: A New Artistic Relationship Becoming: Images of Beijing’s Air Terminal 3 Before and After Superflat: A Short History Behind China’s Growth Beijing 798 Now: Changing Art Architecture Beijing Center for the Arts 2009 Green Art Project Beijing Commune 2006-2011 Bright City: Ma Yansong Interviewed by Jérôme Sans Caochangdi: Beijing Inside Out Chen Ke: Hard-boiled Wonderland & End of the World Chen Shaoxiong China [Sur]real: Mark Henley China Talks: Interviews with 32 Contemporary Artists Community of Tastes Contemporaneity: Contemporary Art in Indonesia Contemporary Art in Shanghai: Conversations Duan Jianyu: The Seduction of Village Emily Cheng: Chasing Clouds Fang Zhenning: Asian View of Life Feng Zhengjie 2009-2009 Gao Shiqiang: The Other There Gao Yu: Singing Stars Jean Bernard Koeman: Everything Beautiful Ji Dachun Language/Fable: Dashanzi International Art Festival Learning from Hang Zhou Liu Xiandong: Touching the Stones Making History: Wu Hung on Contemporary Art Memory, Glory, Dream:Paitings of Jing Kewen Miao Xiaochun: Macromania Ni Haifeng: Para-Production Nine Lives The Birth of Avant-garde Art in New China On the Edge: Contemporary Chinese Artists Qi Zhilong 1992 - 2009 Qiu Zhijie: Breaking the Ice- A History Re-Imagining the Real Shen Ling: Eroticism and Love Smoke Shadows: Jannis Kounellis Interviewed Soul Stealer: Zeng Han Stefan Banz: Sex, Mountains, Sunsets Touching the Stones: China Art Now Urban China: Work in Progress Urban Verses: Chen Wenbo Varvara Shavrova: Untouched Wang Gongxin: Works 1993-2008

Tang xin Various Laura Murray Cree et al Various Brendan McGetrick Adrian Favell Pierre Bessard Zhu Qi, Cheng Lei Various

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32.50 27.00 28.95 15.95 99.95 15.95 39.95 38.50 35.00

Robert Mangurian, Mary-Ann Ray Chen Ke, Carol Yinghua Lu Hou Hanru, Pauline J. Yao Ed Lanfranco Jerome Sans Various Jim Supangkat et al Paul Gladston Duan Juanyu Johnson Chang, Kevin Power Fang Zhenning Li Peng, Richard Vine Ursula Panhans-Buhler et al. Eleonora Battiston Various Bernhard Fibicher Huang Rui Mathieu Borysevicz et al. Waling Boers and Pi Li Wu Hung Various Beate Reifenscheid Pauline J. Yao Karen Smith Britta Erickson Jim Supangkat Jerome Sans, GuoXiaoyan Wu Hung Jia Fangzhou, Zhang Zhaohui

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15.95 19.25 27.50 15.95 19.25 35.00 19.25 22.50 25.95 48.00 52.50 28.95 58.00 17.95 37.00 25.95 12.95 28.95 19.95 25.95 30.00 15.95 12.95 32.50 12.95 52.50 23.50 25.95 48.00

Zeng Han, Yang Changhong Stefan Banz Various Brendan McGetrick and Jiang Jun Huang Du, Li Jianchun Various Barbara Pollack, Barbara London

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28.95 25.95 12.95 25.95 25.95 25.00 41.50

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016

Wang Mai Wang Shugang: The Bronzes Wang Yin Wang Yuping We are Polit-Sheer-Form Wei Jia 2004 - 2008 Wei Jia: Dim Light on the Opposite Shore Wei Qingji Wei Qingji Who is Architecture: Domus China Interviews Wild Wild East An American Art Critic’s Adventures in China Yin Zhaoyang: Facade Zeng Hao: Summer Zhan Wang: My Personal Universe Zhang Pei Li Zhang Peili: Chinese Contemporary Art Awards 2010 Zhang Xiao Tao Zhang Yuan : Unspolit Brats Zhong Biao Zhou Chunya Zhou Tiehai: Ego Zhu Wei’s Album of Ink Painting

Wang Mai Gregor Jansen Zuo Jing, Wang Min’an Zou Yuejin Len Ling, Hong Hao Fang Fang Wei Jia Guo Xiaoyan Pi Li, Fan Di’an Brendan McGetrick Barbara Pollack Various Various Zhan Wang Zhang Peili Zhang Peili Feng Boyi Zhang Yuan Li Peng Hong Lei et al Zhou Tiehai et al. Li Xiaoshan, Zhang Zhaohui

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Afrodisiaco Andean Deserts: The Magical Garden Dubrovnik Galapagos Surreal Galapagos:Islands of time Latin American Graphic design Latin American Houses

Fernando Espinosa Bernard Francou Fernando Espinosa Fernando Espinosa Mauro Burzio Romulo Moya Peralta Romulo Moya Peralta

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29.95 30.00 9.95 38.00 35.00 30.00 30.00

Colour Creates Light: Studies with Hans Hoffmann

Tina Dickey



Vatican Secret Archives Vatican Secret Archives (It Ed)

Luca Becchetti et al Luca Becchetti et al

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55.00 55.00

Please Be Seated

Gun Bjerkander Handberg





Welum 1

JOHN RULE Autumn 2016


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JOHN RULE Spring 2016

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John Rule Autumn Catalogue 2016  
John Rule Autumn Catalogue 2016