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JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

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Cover Image: Family, from Rankin 2020 ©Rankin Layout by Harry Rose


LAZARIDES PHOTOGRAPHY Banksy Captured Vol. 1. (Third Edition) Steve Lazarides

Banksy Captured by Steve Lazarides, now available to the book trade for the first time, charts the birth of our modern-day Robin Hood. The negatives for these pictures lay in Lazarides’ loft for many years. Whilst Banksy’s rise to fame became undeniable these pictures took on a different meaning than just personal, private documentation. Along with never before heard tales of the artist at work and absurdist capers from their time working together Banksy Captured shares a moment in time before the artworld and most of the globe took note.

August 2020 9781647862633 | £30.00 Paperback | 256pp | 260 x 210 mm 150 colour photos Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

From the introduction: I first met this scruffy, moody guy known as Banksy around 1997. At the time I was the inhouse photographer and picture editor for the magazine Sleaze Nation, created and edited by the wonderfully eccentric Steve Beale. He’d heard a rumour about an innovative young graffiti artist known as Banksy. He asked me to try and track him down. This book isn’t about me as his manager, agent, or gallerist. It is a celebration of my time as a photographer documenting the birth of a legend. The portraits, reportage of Banksy putting works on the streets, shots in the studio and the documentation of his early art, have not had the airtime they deserve.

JOHN RULE Spring 2020



Rankin 2020 Rankin in partnership with Sky Arts Rankin 2020 is portrait photographer Rankin’s biggest-ever public project. Across Summer 2020 Rankin, in partnership with Sky Arts, has been on the search to find the best amateur and professional photographers, by inviting photography lovers to photograph, or submit something from their back catalogue, that represents their year in 2020.

November 2020 9780995574168 | £20.00 Hardback | 140pp | 270x190 mm 100 col & b/w photos Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy, Japan, USA & Canada


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Split over six chapters (Family, Empathy, Fun, Beauty, Nature and Self), Rankin 2020 shares Rankin’s tips for home photographers, alongside his own photographic interpretation on the themes. Made in conjunction with the Sky Arts TV series, Rankin’s 2020, each chapter will also contain images from the special celebrity guests who appear across the programme, and Rankin’s favourite images sent in by the public. Rankin says: “Photography is my life and passion and I truly believe it has the power to reveal and connect. Now we all have cameras in our pockets, I think it’s time to use them. Rankin’s 2020 is an open call to anybody who thinks they can take a great picture. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never taken a photograph before or you’re a professional, I want to see your view of our world. Together we can document this crazy year and make something positive out of it.”


Embrace Rankin


August 2020 9780995574151 | £20.00 Hardback | 176pp | 255 x 170mm 74 colour, 38 b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy, Japan, USA & Canada

Embrace showcases a brand-new series of artworks, created by the photographer, Rankin, during lockdown. Close-up and intimate, this series of images reflects the state of the nation and Rankin’s own self-reflexive take on isolation through the photography of flowers. Rankin says “Self-isolation gave me an opportunity to really focus on this work as I’d imagined it. What’s interesting about these images is how much they reflect my personal state of mind, whilst also in representing my approach to the world. In taking each picture I realised right from the beginning that I was treating them like a portrait. Whether that was of single flowers or groups. Search for their personalities and try to bring them to life.” Embrace has been created at a time when we were all disconnected. In isolation, away from his London photographic studio, Rankin’s response is an empathetic portrayal of what a lot of us were feeling in isolation. All funds raised from this publication release will go to supporting The Care Workers’ Charity Coronavirus Emergency Fund. Providing emergency grants to support care workers who are shielding, selfisolating, or unable to work due to contracting Coronavirus.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Bob Carlos Clarke: Studio Bob Carlos Clarke To celebrate what would have been the 70th birthday of legendary British photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, The Little Black Gallery in association with the Estate of Bob Carlos Clarke, is proud to announce the publication of Studio by Bob Carlos Clarke. The book features pages from Carlos Clarke’s original black & white and colour Polaroid studio books - which kept records of all his shoots. The book includes some of his most famous and iconic images, as well as the many celebrities and supermodels he photographed during his illustrious 30-year career - including Sir Elton John, Marco Pierre White, Anita Pallenberg, Elle McPherson, Paula Yates, Ronnie Wood, Yasmin Le Bon, Jodie Kidd, and Rachel Weisz. November 2020 9781527271135 | £90.00 Hardback | 128pp |200 x 145 mm 120 illustrations with a 3” x 4” print First edition 200 copies


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Foreword by Sir Ian McKellen

Rite showcases 52 photographs by Danish photo-artist Michael Søndergaard’s debut series, each eloquent image is grounded in truth, vulnerability, and the exploration of one own’s sexual identity. Michael Søndergaard’s work is concerned with ideas of expressing and defining masculinity and identity. He produces ominously dark and eloquently beautiful portraits of fragile yet powerful subjects. His work is informed by a personal and academic interest in religious studies which is the basis for his debut series Rite.


Michael Søndergaard: Rite

August 2020 9788797153000 | £40.00 Hardback | 120pp | 225 x 305 mm 52 col photos Limited Edition numbered & signed by the artist Rights: Worldwide Exc. USA & Canada

Tyler Udall: I Am Foreword by Molly Logan The latest book exploring the world of Canadian photo-artist Tyler Udall. A series of moving and expressive works. Normative roles of identity become obsolete in these stripped-down images as his subjects embrace life without ego or limitations. The forces that drive Udall’s work are a combination of his own sexual identity and the evolving societal shifts towards the acceptance and understanding of the LBGTQ+ community. His undeniably personal and emotionally compelling photographs are shaped by his familiarity with his subjects, most of whom are friends and past lovers.

August 2020 9781527264656 | £40.00 Hardback | 68pp | 200 x 145 mm 41 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide Exc. USA & Canada

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Women Seeing Women A Pictorial History of Women’s Photography in the 19th and 20th Centuries from Julia Margaret Cameron to Inez van Lamsweerde

September 2020 9783829609005 | £38.00 Hardback | 280 pages | 330 x 230 mm 159 col & b/w photos Rights: UK & Eire

This anthology is a collection of portraits of women by women. It begins with photos of the two great women photographers of the nineteenth century, Clementina Lady Hawarden and Julia Margaret Cameron, and covers a period of more than one hundred years up to the present day — from Lotte Jacobi, Germaine Krull, Dorothea Lange, Gisele Freund, Dora Maar to Annie Leibovitz, Ellen von Unwerth and Inez van Lamsweerde. Approximately ninety women photographers make visible the entire spectrum of female selfdefinition before and behind the camera. These photos focus on four main themes — social reality, family, the female body and virtual reality — and include a diverse range of pictures from art, literature, fashion, dance and show business. There are numerous self-portraits, as well as portraits of women photographers by other women photographers, portraits of daughters, mothers and, of course, prominent women, such as Virginia Woolf, Lotte Lenya, Greta Garbo, Martha Graham, Nora Joyce, Maria Callas, Romy Schneider, Hillary Clinton, and many more.

Helmut Newton: Private Property Text by Marshal Blonsky Through their inimitable mixture of eroticism, subdued elegance and decadent luxury, Newton’s pictures reflect in the highest aesthetic quality an obsession with human vanity — from female exhibitionism to male voyeurism. With technical perfection, an extremely detailed style and the insolence of a Roman paparazzo (which he had always wanted to be), Newton staged the never-ending psychodrama that contrasts glamour with the need for admiration, self-confidence with the desire for self-presentation, and Eros with Thanatos.

July 2020 9783829609111 | £6.95 Paperback | 120pp | 192 x 144mm 45 duotone photos Rights: UK & Eire


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Private Property was originally a three-part portfolio containing 45 photographs. lt includes Newton’s best work created between 1972 and 1985 an exquisite assortment of fashion shots, portraits and erotic motifs which are all based on real locations and luxurious life styles. This book, which first appeared in 1989, presents the entire sequence of pictures in the Private portfolio.


Peter Lindbergh: Images of Women II. Photographs 2005- 2014 Texts by Peter Handke, Werner Spies & Wim Wenders

July 2020 9783829609029 | £45.00 Hardback | 304pp | 290 x 195 mm 160 duotone photos Rights: UK & Eire

Internationally revered German fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh revolutionized his métier with iconic images of the 1980s supermodels. From his beginnings, he has sought to capture the personality, character, and identity of fashion models, not just the glitter and glamour. In 1997 he introduced his seminal book Images of Women comprising his work of the 1980s and 1990s. As a sequel, Lindbergh presents the highlights of his work created between 2005 and 2014: fashion photographs, nudes, and portraits of today’s actresses and models such as Nadja Auermann, Monica Bellucci, Juliette Binoche, Sofia Coppola, David Cronenberg, Pascal Gregory, Nina Hoss, Milla Jovovich, Chiara Mastroianni, Charlotte Rampling, Tilda Swinton, Amber Valletta, Donata Wenders, and Kate Winslet, to name just a few. Peter Lindbergh, (1944-2019) gained international acclaim with his campaigns for Armani, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, and Kathleen Madden. His work has been exhibited in Paris, Beijing, Moscow, London, New York

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Beatrice Minda: Dark Whispers Text by Ko Ko Thett

November 2020 9783960700517 | £35.00 Hardback | 144 pp| | 320 x 240 mm 50 photos, 42 ills Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, & Far East

Beatrice Minda examines private interiors in the context of historical events in her work. In Myanmar, which was isolated for decades by a rigid military dictatorship, she photographed houses and living spaces in both cities and remote regions. She captured the traces of the inhabitants’ lives and the signs of change. In DARK WHISPERS the ambivalent aspects of the British colonial period and its consequences are reflected and illuminated by short texts on the history of the houses as well as historical photographs. Minda’s photographs focus on the atmospheres of past lives and the forms of representation with which the inhabitants once sought to fulfill themselves. Often, they are objects that have remained untouched for decades and bear witness to the cosmos of a vanished world. But there are also large gaps between then and now. An uncanny emptiness animates these spaces. Dark whispers echo through them-a memento mori to the many unspoken words of Burmese history.

Berlin 1945–2000 A Photographic Subject Edited by Reinbeckhallen Berlin

September 2020 9783960700494 | £34.00 Hardback | 144 pp | 280 x 240 mm 100 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, & Far East


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Berlin 1945-2000 explores how German and international photographers alike photographed Berlin between the immediate post-war years and the end of the twentieth century. The book, which is published to accompany a major exhibition at the Reinbeckhallen in Berlin—opens with black-and-white photographs of Berlin in ruins and concludes with images of Berlin’s urban development projects after the fall of the Berlin Wall that are often in colour and taken with exposure times of up to several years. Images that belong to the genres of street, subjective, architectural, conceptual, portrait, and experimental photography can be found between these two sections. In dialogue with each other, the images underscore the immense social, cultural, and political changes the city underwent and, at the same time, the diverse photographic practices and tendencies that developed in Berlin over the course of fifty-five years. With photographs by Wilfried Bauer, Kurt Buchwald, Arno Fischer, Nan Goldin, Max Jacoby, Will McBride, Michael Schmidt, Michael Wesely and others.

Jörg Brüggemann

September 2020 9783960700524 | £34.00 Hardback | 96 pp | 320 x 268 mm 45 col & b/w photos Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, & Far East

The Autobahn is an asphalt carpet thirteen thousand kilometers in length that covers all of Germany, both interfering with the landscape and interconnecting the country. Jörg Brüggemann photographed it for five years, from 2014 to 2019. While mobility concepts are constantly changing and being discussed, the Autobahn has remained the same in its form—but for how much longer? Brüggemann’s pictures might soon be seen as historical documents. The highway is probably Germany’s most monumental built structure and an integral part of its cultural identity and history. Designed and in its first segments constructed in the 1920s already (before the Nazis), it was given a musical tribute by Kraftwerk in 1974. The Autobahn stands for the unconditional belief in the future of the postwar period, German engineering, driving without speed limits, but also for traffic jams, lineups of trucks, and multivehicle accidents. Jörg Brüggemann is a photographer, lecturer, and curator from Berlin. He has been a member of the Ostkreuz agency since 2009


Jörg Brüggemann: Autobahn

Ostkreuz Agency of Photographers: Continent In Search of Europe Texts by Johannes Odenthal, Falk Richter, Thomas Winkler

October 2020 9783960700548 | £35.50 Hardback | 448 pp | 254 x 199 mm 200 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, & Far East

On an irregular basis the Ostkreuz agency members designate a common topic for them to work on for several years. Continent is the seventh joint thematic publication of the agency members. Over the past three decades they have received recognition in Germany and abroad for their high-quality artistic, documentary photojournalism. In times of shrinking markets for agencies and photographers, Ostkreuz is truly one of the rare wonders of Berlin. As an artistic and political statement, the twenty-two photographers of the agency focus on the European present with their highly contemporary but diverse photographic series.The themes of the series range from questions of identity and security, renationalization, migration, and integration to a fundamental understanding of humanism, democracy, and freedom of expression. Continent attempts to offer fruitful impulses for the current debate on Europe by asking questions such as: What connects us? How do we live together? How will our continent develop? How will its people live together? And who exactly does “we” refer to when we are speaking about Europe?

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Mathias Braschler | Monika Fischer: Divided We Stand With an essay by Andreas Ross

September 2020 9783960700487 | ÂŁ35.00 Hardback | 160pp | 300 x 230 mm 66 colour photos Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, & Far East


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

When Donald Trump was elected to be the forty-fifth president of the United States in 2016, Swiss photographers Monika Fischer and Mathias Braschler were in New York. The results of the election showed a deep divide running through the US and its society. Monika Fischer and Mathias Braschler decided to go on a field-research trip through the US in order to meet the people, from all parts of the country and all parts of society. In April 2019 they started a road trip with a van converted to a practical motorhome including a pop-up photo-studio. After leaving New York City they drove 15.000 miles across the nation and visited 40 States. On this self-assigned project they met, interviewed, filmed, and portrayed, Americans with a wide variety of backgrounds and very different opinions about life, politics, and their nation, farmers, factory workers, service people, and investment bankers to politicians and students, all ages, races, professions, and genders. Divided We Stand is the result of this extensive and intensive journey. It combines eighty-two portraits of citizens of the United States and their honest opinions and views about their world.

Text by Michael Lange

November 2020 9783960700586 | £42.00 Hardback | 132 pp | 326 x 245 mm 52 colour photos Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, & Far East

For six years, Michael Lange made extensive journeys to various regions of the French Alps searching for solitude and silence. High up in the mountains he created a collection of impressive meditative images, between light and dark, quiet and storm. He followed the idea that there is also and particularly in landscape photography, the decisive moment, the moment of perfect harmony between nature, landscape and the photographer. Often he had to wait for days, sometimes for weeks, high up in the mountains. Constantly accompanied by changes in weather and light, rain and snow showers, sudden beams of sunlight and mountains covered in mist – he was always in search of that moment. The fifty-two images in the book combine the quiet majesty of the mountain landscapes with fleeting moments of the perception of nature. The title Cold Mountain refers to the legendary Zen monk, poet and recluse Hanshan. The photographs are accompanied by a selection of poems reflecting the solitude of the mountains and human soul states, taken from four famous Zen hermits – Hanshan, Ikkyu, Basho and Ryokan.


Michael Lange: Cold Mountain

Robert Knoth & Antoinette de Jong: Tree and Soil With an essay by Erik A. de Jong

August 2020 9783960700470 | £42.00 Hardback | 112pp | 280 x 190 mm 89 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, & Far East

Eight years after their now-legendary publication Poppy—Trails of Afghan Heroin, Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong have completed their next long-term project. Following the 2011 nuclear disaster they photographed and filmed the changing landscapes in the closed zones around Fukushima over a period of five years. “At times we felt like archaeologists of the future, trying to understand what happened in a distant past when a mysterious force resulted in the evacuation of towns, villages, and forests, leaving only a residue of human presence.” They documented evacuated farmhouses, gardens, agricultural fields, and the surrounding hills and forests and interviewed former inhabitants of the area. In this book they combine their own landscape photography with historical material from the collection of naturalist and explorer Philipp Franz von Siebold. Siebold’s collections illustrate how Japanese culture is deeply rooted in and inspired by nature. Robert and Antoinette de Jong are based in the Netherlands. They have received numerous awards, and their work has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions in leading festivals and museums.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Sonja Trabandt: Tomorrow Snow Texts by Sonja Trabandt and Anonymous

November 2020 9783960700531 | £27.00 Hardback | 136pp | 250 × 200 mm 60 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, & Far East

Every year around five hundred thousand people in Germany contract cancer. Almost half of the people who fall ill eventually die of it, and despite all medical progress the diagnosis is still extremely traumatic for anyone. In Tomorrow Snow photographer Sonja Trabandt accompanies her friend A.’s battle with cancer. She approaches the illness in a sensitive and documentary visual narrative style as she follows her friend from the initial diagnosis through all phases of the disease and the associated emotions. The story can be read on several levels, ranging from the fear of treatment, existential worries, and budding hope to the decisive moment of hair loss and femininity. A.’s coping with everyday life is juxtaposed with feelings such as fear, euphoria, sadness, and the depression following treatments. Trabandt’s pictures enable the viewer to become familiar with the topic of cancer beyond the moments of shock and fear and to deal with the disease in a meaningful way.

Vincent Kohlbecher: Its Flower Is Hard To Find Poems by Wislawa Szymborska and K. W. Woycicki

November 2020 9783960700562 | £34.00 Hardback | 104pp | 310 x 220 mm 56 col & b/w Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, & Far East 12

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Over a period of four years Vincent Kohlbecher visited Poland numerous times. He found motifs that took him back to his childhood, to the Catholic faith, to German history, in Gdańsk, Warsaw, Kraków, Płaszów, Majdanek, and Auschwitz. Kohlbecher’s pictures are texts that beg to be read carefully. The places he describes in his pictures are only accessible to the viewer through the interplay of what he has seen, what is associated with it, and historical memory. The photographer, who always remains at a distance and never becomes part of the narrative, succeeds in taking a rare analytical and sharply focused look at Germany’s neighboring country that remains unknown to most Germans. Vincent Kohlbecher was a photojournalist working for German and international magazines in the 1990s. He taught photography at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences This is his first book publication.




Boris Becker: Sharon Ya’ari: The Romantic Trail Bunker and the1984–1989 Concrete House Edited Conrath-Scholl Edited by andGabriele with a text by Magdalena Holzhey

September 2019 September 2020 9783864422898 | £55.00 | £28.50 Hardback 9783864423215 | 272 pp | 275 x 225 mm | 172pp 260 small x 205 mm 50Paperback col,150 duotone and| 600 ills 90France, col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada. Netherlands, USA & Canada


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

What breaks and fissures emerge when societal vision and everyday As both an artist’s book and an archive book, this publication also life clash? In what way do formal and ideal influences continue introduces an important and poignant theme of German history. On in another reality of life? The Israeli photographer explores such show are the most diverse types of bunkers, built in particular during questions in his first solo show in Germany at Haus Esters. Built by World War II between 1940 and 1944, looked at in the period between architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the late nineteen twenties, 1984 and 1989 by artist and photographer Boris Becker. When he Haus Esters and Haus Lange are two of the most iconic structures began his documentary project, the Cold War period was almost over, of modernist architecture in Germany and can be associated with and the concrete buildings were no longer needed for civil defense notions of an open, forward-looking society. The special atmosphere purposes. Even more so than in the past, they appeared like outlandish and architecture of these former private homes have regularly and seemingly uncanny monsters within the cityscapes. Their function inspired artists since being repurposed as exhibition venues for seemed controversial, and no rational-minded person wanted anything contemporary art. The starting point of Ya’ari’s photographic to do with the murderous ideology they evoked that had brought these exploration is the connection between the ideas of European buildings to light. Boris Becker has photographed around 700 bunkers modernism and the effort to implement them in the young State in more than 40 West German cities. He based the series of works of Israel. He traces the legacy of modernist formal language in of the overground bunkers, on a method similar to the conceptual his native country and is not concerned with the perspective of approach by his teachers, the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher. architectural photography but rather with marginalia, the relics of everyday life, the fragile relationships between human beings and the elements of their environment. The search for the traces of modernism’s great visions thus becomes a mirror of human living conditions. JOHN RULE Autumn 2020




Boris Becker: Oliver Lenzen: Sand Text by Oliver BunkerLenzen 1984–1989

August 2020 9783864423208 | £28.50 Paperback | 64pp | 210 x 310 mm 150 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada September 2019 9783864422898 | £55.00 Hardback | 272 pp | 275 x 225 mm 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.


JOHN RULE 2019 JOHN RULEAutumn Autumn 2020

Edited by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl Sand reflects almost all facets of nature. Sand was probably also the first material encountered by marine organisms during their decisive step toward land. only this in the singular,also sand As both first an artist’s book and an Common archive book, publication isintroduces already a an term for a multitude. About seventy of thesehistory. are found important and poignant theme of German On inshow the preceding illustrations, completely detached their during are the most diverse types of bunkers, built in from particular context, i.e. IIremoved None ofperiod these between individual World War betweenfrom 1940the andsand 1944,as looked in the particles likeby the other. is almost too Boris absurd to imagine 1984 andis1989 artist andIt photographer Becker. Whenthat he there are no two completely identical grainswas of sand onover, began hisprobably documentary project, the Cold War period almost earth. The discrepancy between uniformity of the mass and the and the concrete buildings were the no longer needed for civil defense actual individuality of its is particularly noteworthy purposes. Even more so components than in the past, they appeared like outlandish when considering that, according estimates, every single and seemingly uncanny monsters to within the cityscapes. Theirsecond function on earth some 1 billion and grains of sand are newly created by erosive seemed controversial, no rational-minded person wanted anything processes. What does it take for the grain of sand become round? to do with the murderous ideology they evoked thatto had brought these Sand follows the laws ofBecker gravity.has It isphotographed transported by water, icebunkers or buildings to light. Boris around 700 wind and than deposited layer by layer from ocean the in more 40 West German cities. Hethe based thecoasts series across of works edges the continental shelves into thesimilar large basins of the deep of the of overground bunkers, on a method to the conceptual sea. approach by his teachers, the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher.


Boris Becker: Benjamin Katz: Fleurs Text by Eric Darragand Bunker 1984–1989

September 2019 9783864422898 | £55.00 Hardback | 272 pp | 275 xJuly 225 2020 mm 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small ills 9783864423154 | £18.50 Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Paperback | 40pp | 240 x 180 mm Germany, Austria, Switzerland, 17 col ills Netherlands, Signed USA & Canada. by artist

Edited by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl Don’t forget your flowers, Mr Katz! In the life of a bouquet of flowers there is occasionally a photographer. And in the life of a photographer there are and sometimes flowers. That’s what happened As both an artist’s book an archive book, this publication also to Benjamin and perhaps it was meant toofhappen to history. him. AllOn his introducesKatz, an important and poignant theme German life heare hasthe been making portraits artists.built Thousands of portraits, show most diverse types of of bunkers, in particular during not of thousands of artists, but1944, of a few dozen No need World War II between 1940 and looked at innonetheless. the period between to recall their names. discovered these 1984 and all 1989 by artist andHe photographer Boris works Becker.before Whenanyone he else. all these years of being after all theseworks beganAfter his documentary project, the there, Cold War period was almosthe over, has the shown, that he sometimes even the first for to see, have, to and concrete buildings were was no longer needed civil to defense show, he comes out ofsohis house, say in appeared the morning, the day purposes. Even more than in thelet’s past, they like on outlandish he usually buysuncanny a bunchmonsters of flowers at the market. This bouquet of and seemingly within the cityscapes. Their function the day, controversial, easily obtained, henotakes it upstairs toperson his home, puts it in seemed and rational-minded wanted anything atovase, puts in his worldideology in always the samethat place, the cooker, do with theitmurderous they evoked hadon brought these and takes a picture of it. The ever-same photo with the same lens buildings to light. Boris Becker has photographed around 700 bunkers and, as he repeats this operation, heHe ends up,the fairseries weather or foul, in more than 40 West German cities. based of works with sequence ofbunkers, days with thosetocalendars from the of theaoverground onflowers, a methodlike similar the conceptual post office. approach by his teachers, the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher.



Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada 8

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019


Boris From Becker: Becher to Blume Bunker 1984–1989 Photographs from the Sammlung Edited by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl Garnatz and the Photographishe Sammlung/SK in As both an artist’s book and an Stiftung archive book, this Kultur publication also introduces an important and poignant theme of German history. On Dialogue show are the most diverse types of bunkers, built in particular during

September 2019 December 2020 9783864422898 | £55.00 | £33.75 Hardback 9783864423239 | 272 pp | 275 x 225 mm | 184pp 275 small x 220 mm 50Paperback col,150 duotone and| 600 ills 32 col &exc. 110 France, b/w ills Rights: Worldwide Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada. Netherlands, USA & Canada


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Texts by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl, Klaus Honnef, Claudia Schubert World War II between 1940 and 1944, looked at in the period between 1984 by artistCologne-based and photographer Boris Becker. When he With and their1989 collection, couple Ute and Eberhard began hisimpressively documentary project, the just Coldhow Warinspiring period was almost over, Garnatz demonstrate and and the concrete buildings no longer defense contemporary a private artwere collection can needed actuallyfor be.civil Over decades purposes. Even more so than of in work the past, appeared like outlandish they have assembled a body thatthey celebrates painting just and seemingly uncanny monsters within the cityscapes. Their as much as photography. Sculptural works also form part of function the seemed controversial, and no rational-minded person wanted collection. This publication focuses for the very first time on anything the to do with the murderous ideology they evoked that brought these photographic aspect of the Garnatz Collection andhad juxtaposes buildings positions to light. Boris has photographed around 700 bunkers selected with Becker those from the Photographische Sammlung/ in more thanKultur. 40 West German cities. He based the series of is works SK Stiftung Particularly interesting in this respect the of the overground bunkers,direction, on a method similar to thebyconceptual documentary-conceptual as represented Bernd and approach by his teachers, artist couple Bernd and Hilla Hilla Becher. The Colognethe institution is entrusted with theBecher. Becher Archive, and the Garnatz Collection also contains distinctive photographs by the artist couple. Works related stylistically by Candida Höfer, Thomas Ruff and Thomas Struth have been included in this context and broaden the artistic discourse. In addition, Ute and Eberhard have collected works by experimental and cross-media artists such as Sigmar Polke. This publication and the exhibition of the same name give an impressive insight into how two collections of different genesis enter into a vibrant dialogue – generating a highly expressive and resonant image. JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Elisabetta Catalano : Between image and performance Text by Laura Cherubini

September 2020 9788899519940 | £14.50 Paperback | 196pp | 240 x 168 mm 130 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy

Photography for art. The art of photography. The photography of art. Art for photography. Many creative threads are released and intertwined in the conception and installation design of Elisabetta Catalano. Between Image and Performance, a new and prestigious stop on the path that MAXXI has ventured down, seriously committed to documenting and valorizing the production of some of Italy’s leading interpreters of the photo still. Gabriele Basilico, Letizia Battaglia, Luigi Ghirri, Paolo Pellegrin, Olivo Barbieri and other photographers, just to name those who were the focus of some of the museum’s most recent events, have found MAXXI to feature unique spaces where the artists’ work can arouse the emotion of an especially attentive and keen public. - Giovanna Melandri

Criminal Architectures Photographs by Adelaide di Nunzio Preface by Petra Reski

September 2020 9788885608245 | £31.00 Hardback | 128pp | 240 x 165 mm 50 duotone photos Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Criminal Architectures tells how the mafia has influenced architecture, defaced landscapes and altered people’s lives. Di Nunzio has travelled to Campania, finding villas and swimming pools on terraces of houses that once belonged to the Camorra – and to Calabria’s unfinished public and private buildings. She visited Puglia where enterprises start up but end their activities shortly afterwards, and Sicily, seeking out its confiscated properties. These photos narrate the south of Italy – structures and faces that tell stories of abandonment and anger, trepidation and courage. Alongside the ongoing tension between forgetting and remembering, the reportage focuses on what is never completed: buildings, hotels, luxury restaurants, all left half-constructed. They are abandoned as iron and concrete skeletons. Bare marbles, desolate stairs, abandoned terraces with empty pools inhabited only by rotten water lilies are the new archaeological and architectural ruins in the Italian landscape. Adelaide Di Nunzio was born in Naples in 1978. She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Naples and she moved to Milan to attend the photography and contemporary photographic design at Photography School.



The Mosque in Madinah, which houses the tomb of the Prophet Mohammed himself, is second only to Mecca as the holiest point in the Islamic world. The Prophet was born in Mecca and died in Madinah in the seventh century. The great Mosque has grown around his tomb and continues to spread at the heart of the city. For centuries the tomb has been watched over by a group of Guardians, brought originally from Abyssinia. The Guardians form their own closed society and exercise authority throughout the Mosque. They carry the keys to the tomb. The current generation of Guardians will be the last. They will have no successors and a tradition lasting some eight centuries will be replaced by modern forms of administration. Adel Alquraishi began by making portraits of the Guardians. These photographs, printed on a large scale, received recognition within the kingdom and abroad. He was then able to persuade the Guardians to allow him to photograph the keys. Finally, he was able to photograph through the enclosing iron grill into the chamber itself. This was unprecedented. The Guardians, a book of historical significance, begins and ends with the portraits, and at its centre are the pictures of the tomb. But the book is a study of the old Mosque itself sequenced as if the viewer had entered through the main gate and together with the multitude of pilgrims proceeded to the Prophet’s Chamber and, finally, left by a further gate. Along the way, the viewer is shown all aspects of the interior of the building in its full glory and the flow of devoted pilgrims and visitors from every quarter of the Islamic world in a manner that no previous book has attempted and no earlier photographs have accomplished.

The Guardians Adel Alquraishi

September 2020 English edition: 9786039144618 Arabic edition: 9786039144601 £150.00 Hardback | 380pp | 360 x 270mm 250 col photos Rights: UK & Eire and Europe

The Mosque in Madinah, which houses the tomb of the Prophet Mohammed himself, is second only to Mecca as the holiest point of pilgrimage in the Islamic world. For centuries the tomb has been watched over by a group of Guardians, all eunuchs, brought originally from Abyssinia. The Guardians form their own closed society and exercise authority throughout the Mosque. They carry the keys to the tomb. The current generation of Guardians will be the last and a tradition almost as old as Islam itself will be replaced by modern forms of administration. This book begins and end with the portraits, but the book is a study of the Mosque itself sequenced as if the viewer had entered through the main gate and proceeded together with the multitude of pilgrims to the Prophet’s Chamber. Along the way, the viewer is shown all aspects of the interior of the building in its full glory and encounters the flow of devoted pilgrims in a manner that no previous book has attempted and no earlier photographs have accomplished.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Isle of Eigg Charles Delcourt

November 2020 9791095118152 | ÂŁ32.00 Hardback | 120pp | 215 x 270mm 80 col photos Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

In 1997, the inhabitants of the Isle of Eigg, in the Scottish Inner Hebrides, collectively bought their land from a German artist who had himself bought it from the resident laird. June 12th, 1997 was declared Independence Day in this territory of 11,8 square miles, where about forty families now live, all committed to the governance and destiny of the island. An ecological paradise, Eigg is now opening up to sustainable tourism, while developing a unique model of energy self-sufficiency. French photographer Charles Delcourt has been exploring the Isle of Eigg since 2015, returning eight times and developing a passion for the fate of the island. The islanders have progressively allowed themselves to be tamed by this ever-present photographer, who shares his pictures as gifts, likes to come back for chats, and treats them with respect. A far cry from those who acted as if Eigg was conquered territory, therefore rising suspicions, Charles Delcourt shows genuine curiosity about others, and creates pictures full of tenderness or humour, drawing portraits in total sympathy with his subjects and with the people he meets.

Gary Schwartz

July 2020 9789059973077 | £17.50 Paperback | 80pp | 240 x 170 mm 60 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Netherlands, Belgium, USA & Canada


A Rembrandt Invention - A New Baptism of the Eunuch A distinguished black man kneels on a riverbank before a bearded white man in robes, with the air of a prophet. What could a depiction of this scene be other than the well-known story from chapter 8 of The Acts of the Apostles? Yet, as Gary Schwartz shows in this fascinating, concise study, a closer look is very revealing. The text of Acts, which specifies that both men went into the water, and does not say that the eunuch kneeled or even that he was black. Rembrandt was one of those who took far-reaching liberties with Scripture in his depictions of the story. The occasion to take this closer look was the emergence of an as yet unpublished painting of the Baptism of the eunuch with all the hallmarks of a Rembrandt creation. Is it by him? An engraving of 1650 by a leading Amsterdam printmaker and publisher that reproduces the composition says that it was “invented by Rembrandt”. The inclusion of the painting in the exhibition Young Rembrandt in Leiden gives occasion to Gary Schwartz to review the iconography of the baptism of the eunuch and present the new painting.

Van de Velde & Son, Marine Painters. The Firm of Willem van de Velde the Elder and Willem van de Velde the Younger, 1640-1707 By Remmelt Daalder

New in Paperback September 2020 9789059973145 | £27.00 Paperback | 224pp | 295 x 235 mm 135 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Netherlands, Belgium, USA & Canada

Painting naval battles, view of harbours and coasts, as well as detailed ‘portraits’ of battleships, yachts and merchant vessels was the core business of the van de Velde family firm. Father and son van de Velde had flourishing workshops, first in Amsterdam, and later in England. The present publication focuses on the development of the van de Velde firm: how it managed to distinguish itself from its competitors, how it built its clientele, and how father and son adapted to the changes in the 17th-century art market. The book is not merely about the art of painting, but also tells the story of the people behind the artefacts, the way in which the firm coped with the stormy circumstances of its time, and the importance of family ties.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Raphael. The Power of Renaissance Images The Dresden Tapestries and their Impact State Art Collections Dresden; Stephan Koja

October 2020 9783954985524 I £48.00 Hardback | 336pp | 300 x 245 mm 261 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

From 1515, Raphael was commissioned by Pope Leo X to create ten large-format cartoons, which were used as design to weave the tapestries for the Sistine Chapel. They show scenes from the lives of the Princes of the Apostles, Peter and Paul. In the 17th century, Raphael’s cartoons were used in the Mortlake tapestry workshop in England for use in weaving further series. The series of six wall hangings which came into the collection of Augustus the Strong was also made there. This volume is published on the occasion of the special exhibition presented by the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of the important painter and architect of the Italian High Renaissance. Tracing the genesis of Raphael’s designs, it explores in detail the Dresden series and looks at the powerful influence of the wall hangings on subsequent artists up to the 19th century.


Treasures of the Collections Stephan Koja

October 2020 9783954985425 I £49,90 Hardback | 312pp | 300 x 270 mm 152 col ills Rights: UK & Eire

A masterpiece of museum architecture, the Gottfried Semper Gallery Building celebrated its reopening in 2020 and houses Dresden’s world-famous Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister and Skulpturensammlung until 1800 – a ‘trove of art treasures by the greatest masters that perhaps surpasses all the galleries of the world’. The museum’s impressively choreographed new joint display features wonderous objects from Dresden’s Collection of Classical Antiquities such as the Large Herculaneum Woman, small bronzes and works in marble from the Renaissance and Baroque such as Giambologna’s Mars, and seminal paintings on panel and canvas – from Raphael’s Sistine Madonna to Rembrandt’s portrait of himself and his wife. This lavishly illustrated volume now unites highlights from both collections and is a vivid visual record of the reciprocal streams of influence between the two art forms of painting and sculpture.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020


Paints on Gold and Silver Theresa Witting; Ulrike Weinhold ART

Many works of goldsmiths’ art once presented themselves in a surprising range of colors, their appearance dominated by the use of paints. Since these treatments were subject to deterioration over time, the polychromatic surfaces are today often only partially extant and were thus given little attention by scholars. In this volume, experts from several European cultural institutions look at this realm of research in terms of art history, restoration and conservation, and with a scientific perspective, spanning a period from the Middle Ages to the early nineteenth century. Complementing Grünes Gewölbe’s 2018 publication “Natürlich bemalt: Farbfassungen auf Goldschmiedearbeiten des 16. bis 18. Jahrhunderts am Dresdner Hof”, the first to explore the subject in a comprehensive way, now additional findings are available on this fascinating creative device.

October 2020 9783954985326 I £24.00 Paperback I 192pp I 240 x 160 mm 154 col ills Rights: UK & Eire

Sean Scully: Passenger – a retrospective Edited by Dávid Fehér

October 2020 9786155987274 | £45.00 Hardback | 350pp | 295 x 235 mm 200 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Hungary


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

The Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery is proud to present the first retrospective in Central Eastern Europe of the life’s work of Sean Scully, one of the most important contemporary exponents of abstract art. Starting with the early figurative experiments of the 1960s and the minimalist pieces from the 1970s, the exhibition encompasses every major period of Scully’s career: works from the 1980s, based on expressive bands of colour and giving off a sculptural feel; groups of works associated with window and wall motifs; and his recent – and to many people surprising – turn towards figuration. His dialogue with the art historical past is crucial for understanding his oeuvre. The exhibition examines how Scully reinterprets the traditions and broadens the concept of abstract art: seen from the perspective of Sean Scully’s art, the history of painting and the classical artworks in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts appear in a different light.

Texts by Deborah Lyons and Brian O’Doherty

September 2020 9783829606028 I £28.00 Paperback | 152pp | 300 x 190 mm 56 col & 69 b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire

Edward Hopper’s ledger books, part of the New York Whitney Museum’s large Hopper holdings, provide the unique opportunity to peer into the creative process of one of the most private and taciturn artists of the modern era. Together with his wife, Hopper recorded paintings made and paintings sold, accountings made and payments received, materials used and subjects considered. What the sketches and notations convey, however, is not the day-to-day working process of just any painter, but of an artist whose subject engaged the very notion of the quotidian in a manner unrivalled to the present day. And they shed a new light on the Whitney Museum’s special and privileged relationship with the artist. Juxtaposing selected original ledger pages with full-color reproductions of the respective paintings, our volume, an original Schirmer/Mosel production, documents the making-of and subsequent fate of Edward Hopper’s most revered works.


Edward Hopper: Paintings and Ledger Book Drawings

Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Film Stills 1966-1982 Texts by John Waters, Hans Helmut Prinzler & Peter Handke

July 2020 9783829608954 | £22.00 Hardback | 240pp | 192 x 144 mm 190 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire

Rainer Werner Fassbinder was just 37 years old when he died in Munich on 10 June 1982. In 17 years of feverish activity beginning in 1966, he made 44 films at breakneck speed that rise up like an aesthetic mountain range in the world of cinema. Influenced by both the intellectual subtleness of Bert Brecht and a laconic appropriation of the profane ä la Andy Warhol, Fassbinder developed his own, very idiosyncratic poetic language. And because the forms of love of which he spoke were usually of the melancholy variety, it developed into a global language. Providing an exact and loving description of conditions in (West) Germany after the war and prior to reunification, his films have become a national monument. It was in an overabundance of powerfully articulated cinematic imagination compressed into 17 creative years that the poet and storyteller Fassbinder found his true fulfilment, which ultimately consumed him. It is a tribute to a genius—a holy and a hurried one.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Antonio Trimani | Matteo Montani: Invitation to a Disaster A project by Carlo Cinque - Le Stazioni Contemporary Art Texts: Marco Tonelli, Marco Bazzini

September 2020 9788899519971 | £21.50 Hardback | 128pp | 220 x 165 mm 100 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy

“If there are two artists who can intimately and secretly shed light on each other, these are Matteo Montani and Antonio Trimani. Trimani’s screen light seems to have the same immaterial density of Montani’s painting, for in both cases the flux of images appears to be still. Movement is a mirage; nonetheless, mirages are real. In Montani’s case, we can still read the vibrant story, or rather the micro-stories, of how color has been applied, of how it pours down and drops, of how blue glides on the invisible and shimmering roughness of the grains of abrasive paper, phantasms of painting longing to appear to better disappear. In Trimani, the stillness of the image is counteracted by barely perceptible changes and transformations. In short, the two artists unintentionally exchange the very essence of their expressive and technical means”.

Soundlines of Contemporary Art Curated by Mazdak Faiznia and Marina Hakobyan

June 2020 9788899519728 | £37.50 Paperback | 267pp | 280 x 240 mm 200 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

The exhibition has brought together Armenian and foreign artists of utterly different cultural developments and perceptions. Their actually different principles and thinking encircled in the same versatile outline, form an artistic atmosphere of free coexistence and dialogue. Avoiding traditional separation of types and styles, the cultural concept of the exhibition makes the art of the recent 30 years, which, objectively, reveals the new artistic means and possibilities of world outlook that has appeared in art conditioned by both historical and artistic changes. Characterized by diversity of traditional and alternative developments of means and methods, it embraces transformations and main trends of the recent decades. The variety of genres and ideological, aesthetic and perceptive diversity and contrast, dialogue and interaction of different mentalities make the conceptual basis of the exhibition. The project, which represents works of both established artists and beginners of various generations, includes almost all fine art types: painting, unique graphics, sculpture, as well as exclusive items of decorativeapplied art, art photography, and installation among others

Edited by Luca Beatrice

September 2020 9788893970228 | £23.00 Paperback | 126pp | 270 x 210 mm 60 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy



I go to the Maximum: Chronicles from Post-Modern Italy “The image of the clock stopped at 10:25 on 2 August 1980 was a tremendous blow to Italy’s signs of recovery after the so-called ‘decade of lead and blood’. Yet those who were in Bologna in September 1979, just a little less than a year earlier, had sensed in the still-warm air that there was the desire to change, to turn the page. Patti Smith was in concert at the stadium; she was also due to perform in Florence the following evening. I listened to Patti Smith’s albums and pinned up the lyrics of her songs, yet I knew nothing of her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe. We are, however, talking about a niche artist, a punk poet who entered the mainstream along with a substantial part of the ‘transgressive’ movement. For almost ten years no one had come from America or London to perform in Italy; indeed, those concerts assumed the significance of a symbolic liberation. To complete that unforgettable weekend, Ferrari won the F1 world championship in Monza with Jody Scheckter.”


Boris Becker: David Renggli: BunkerLife, 1984–1989 Work, Balance

Editedand by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl Edited with a text by Andreas Baur

September 2019 9783864422898 | £55.00 Hardback | 272 pp | 275 x 225 mm 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small2020 ills September Rights:9783864423222 Worldwide exc. |France, £37.50 Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Paperback | 168pp | 280 x 210 mm Netherlands, USA 120 & Canada. col ills

The present monograph Work Life Balance focuses on artistic As both an artist’s book and an archive book, this publication also works by David Renggli from 2006 until today – with no claim to the introduces an important and poignant theme of German history. On completeness of a list of works, but most certainly with respect for show are the most diverse types of bunkers, built in particular during the striking heterogeneity inherent to the oeuvre of the Swiss artist World War II between 1940 and 1944, looked at in the period between and musician. It offers a broad overview of the oeuvre and provides 1984 and 1989 by artist and photographer Boris Becker. When he informative impressions of the slyly dandy-like self-stagings of the began his documentary project, the Cold War period was almost over, artist. Should his works be understood merely as odes to hedonism? and the concrete buildings were no longer needed for civil defense Not at all! With his works, David Renggli revives highly diverse purposes. Even more so than in the past, they appeared like outlandish clichés of adamant desire and idyllic imaginings, only to confront and seemingly uncanny monsters within the cityscapes. Their function them in a subtle, sensitive manner with their own deconstructions. seemed controversial, and no rational-minded person wanted anything With a vigorous wink of the eyes, he adopts an ironical perspective to do with the murderous ideology they evoked that had brought these with regard to ideals of beauty and the cult of physical allure, buildings to light. Boris Becker has photographed around 700 bunkers not hesitating to critique the urge to self-optimisation and the in more than 40 West German cities. He based the series of works egocentricity of self-infatuation. As a Neo-Dadaist, David Renggli of the overground bunkers, on a method similar to the conceptual remains unswervingly devoted to the free play of art – and also of approach by his teachers, the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher. music: “My favourite instrument? Snare drum.”

Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada 8

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020




Boris Becker: One Two Three Ayșe Erkmen: Edited by Marc1984–1989 Gundel, Rita E. Täuber Bunker

September 2019 July 2020 9783864422898 | £55.00 9783864423307 | £37.50 Hardback | 272 pp | 275 x 225 mm Hardback | 200pp | 270 x 200 mm 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small ills 180 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada. Netherlands, USA & Canada

8 26

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019 JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Edited by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl Ayşe Erkmen’s arrival on the world stage of art has come as no surprise, though still with actions of great conceptual strength. Theboth artist worldwide sensation with herpublication helicopteralso flight As an caused artist’s abook and an archive book, this around Münster Cathedral part of SkulpturProjekte 1997 and introduces an important andaspoignant theme of German history. On again are twenty yearsdiverse later with herofwork “On Water”, also created show the most types bunkers, built in particular during for SkulpturProjekte, that and allowed waterbetween in World War II between 1940 1944,visitors looked to at walk in theon period the harbour in Münster. In July 2020, Ayşe Erkmen received 1984 and 1989basin by artist and photographer Boris Becker. When he the fifth Franz Vogelmann Prize forWar Sculpture, andalmost she is over, began hisErnst documentary project, the Cold period was the first woman in the series of no previous Roman Signer, and the concrete buildings were longer winners: needed for civil defense Franz Erhard Walther, Schütte Deacon. Ayşe purposes. Even more soThomas than in the past,and theyRichard appeared like outlandish Erkmen’s practice doesmonsters not aim atwithin a permanent work ofTheir art, function but and seemingly uncanny the cityscapes. rather employs minimal interventions on site person to create a temporary seemed controversial, and no rational-minded wanted anything state that the challenges ourideology perception endures memory.these Over to do with murderous theyand evoked that as hada brought five decades, an oeuvre rooted has in sculpture and characterized by buildings to light. Boris Becker photographed around 700 bunkers sharpness of 40 thought, sensuality andHeformal been in more than West German cities. basedconsistency the series ofhas works created, whereby bunkers, a variety on of concepts, forms, media and materials of the overground a method similar to the conceptual intersect on a number of different approach by his teachers, the artistlevels. couple Bernd and Hilla Becher.


Boris Becker: Georg Baselitz: Bunker 1984–1989 Akademie Rousseau

September 2019 9783864422898 | £55.00 Hardback | 272 pp | 275 x 225 mm July 2020 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small ills £23.25 Rights:9783864423161 Worldwide exc. |France, Paperback 64pp | 280 x 200 mm Germany,| Austria, Switzerland, col ills Netherlands, USA &44Canada. Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada 8


Edited by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl Text by Georg Baselitz, Siegfried Gohr

“There is a remarkable painting in the Picasso room at As both an artist’s book and an archive book, this publication also Kunstmuseum in Basel: a full-length portrait of Guillaume introduces an important and poignant theme of German history. On Apollinaire with his muse, Marie Laurencin. It was Henri Rousseau show are the most diverse types of bunkers, built in particular during who painted this wonderful picture. Only I had remembered it as a World War II between 1940 and 1944, looked at in the period between self-portrait of Rousseau with Madame Rousseau. Marie Laurencin 1984 and 1989 by artist and photographer Boris Becker. When he was Apollinaire’s muse, Clémence Rousseau was Rousseau’s muse. began his documentary project, the Cold War period was almost over, Picasso also had a self-portrait by Henri. There’s a quite intimate and the concrete buildings were no longer needed for civil defense photograph, taken by André Gomés, of Picasso holding Rousseau’s purposes. Even more so than in the past, they appeared like outlandish self-portrait in his right hand and the portrait of Rousseau’s wife in and seemingly uncanny monsters within the cityscapes. Their function his left hand. I have painted a lot of portraits of my wife and myself seemed controversial, and no rational-minded person wanted anything in recent years, many showing us dressed as others – sometimes to do with the murderous ideology they evoked that had brought these as my parents, sometimes as Lenin and Stalin, but mostly as Otto buildings to light. Boris Becker has photographed around 700 bunkers Dix’s parents. That double portrait of Dix’s parents is also in the in more than 40 West German cities. He based the series of works Basel Kunstmuseum, with another version in Hanover. So it was to be of the overground bunkers, on a method similar to the conceptual that kind of double portrait of Elke and myself, in the guise of Marie approach by his teachers, the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher. Laurencin and Apollinaire, bearing in mind that the beautiful frame of that painting in Basel was also important – in my memory, not face to face.”

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019


Boris Becker: Henning Strassburger: Die Bunker 1984–1989 Unschuldigen Editedby byBruno Gabriele Conrath-Scholl Edited Brunnet, Nicole Hackert

September 2019 9783864422898 | £55.00 Hardback | 272 pp | 275 x 225 mm 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small ills July 2020 Rights:9783864423277 Worldwide exc. |France, £18.50 Germany,| Austria, Switzerland, Paperback 32pp | 280 x 200 mm Netherlands, USA &24Canada. col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada 8

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

In the age of social media, Henning Strassburger, who studied As both an artist’s book and an archive book, this publication also at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, explores new perspectives, new introduces an important and poignant theme of German history. On approaches regarding habitus and new formal language rules. In show are the most diverse types of bunkers, built in particular during addition to the strong charisma that pop culture quite obviously World War II between 1940 and 1944, looked at in the period between exudes on his work, one is immediately reminded of the dictum of 1984 and 1989 by artist and photographer Boris Becker. When he Jasper Johns (1965) in that illusionist painting no longer needs any began his documentary project, the Cold War period was almost over, pictorial illusionism because it has now become an object itself; and the concrete buildings were no longer needed for civil defense after all, the illusionary representation of an object, an actual object, purposes. Even more so than in the past, they appeared like outlandish had become obsolete with Pop Art. This is still valid today, albeit and seemingly uncanny monsters within the cityscapes. Their function under different circumstances, which is why the exhibition organizer seemed controversial, and no rational-minded person wanted anything Max Dax is presenting the works of Henning Strassburger in the to do with the murderous ideology they evoked that had brought these Hamburg exhibition Hyper also under the aspect that the flood of buildings to light. Boris Becker has photographed around 700 bunkers images on the Internet simulating realism provides an inexhaustible in more than 40 West German cities. He based the series of works fund of object-like works in the sense of Johns. Accordingly, Henning of the overground bunkers, on a method similar to the conceptual Strassburger uses the teenage fantasies embodied by net idols as approach by his teachers, the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher. projection surfaces for abstract image motifs: the kiss of two female pop stars on the big stage just as much as the self-invention of a teen star as a tough macho-rapper.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020




Boris Fiona Becker: Tan: With the other hand Catalogue edited by Thorsten Sadowsky and Florian Steininger Bunker 1984–1989 Reader edited by Gilda Williams Edited by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl

September 2019 9783864422898 | £55.00 Hardback | 272 pp November | 275 x 225 2020 mm 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small ills Catalogue Rights: Worldwide exc. France, 9783864423246 | £28.50 Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Paperback | 160pp USA | 320&x Canada. 240 mm Netherlands, 100 col ills Reader 9783864423260 | £18.50 JOHN RULE Autumn| 2019 Paperback 320 p | 210 x 140 mm 30 b/w ills


Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada 28

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Fiona Tan has occupied a pivotal position within contemporary art since the 1990s; her moving-image and this photographic As both anlate artist’s book and an archive book, publicationartworks also familiar from key international biennials and exhibitions. Tan introduces an many important and poignant theme of German history. On explores and time and our within workingduring within show are history the most diverse types of place bunkers, builtthem, in particular the contested territory of representation. embedded in all of World War II between 1940 and 1944, lookedDeeply at in the period between Fiona Tan’s work is her fascination with the mutability of identity, 1984 and 1989 by artist and photographer Boris Becker. When he the deceptive nature of representation and the of memory across began his documentary project, the Cold Warplay period was almost over, timethe andconcrete space inbuildings a world were increasingly shaped byfor global and no longer needed civil culture. defense These books mark thesooccasion of Fiona Tan’sappeared first extensive midpurposes. Even more than in the past, they like outlandish career retrospective, presented concurrently at the Museum der and seemingly uncanny monsters within the cityscapes. Their function Modernecontroversial, Salzburg andand Kunsthalle Krems. Theperson exhibition catalogue, seemed no rational-minded wanted anything discusses themurderous works drawn from two shown both to do with the ideology theydecades evoked that hadacross brought these venues. Reader gathers the key critical writings across buildingsThe to light. Boris Becker has photographed around 700 the bunkers artist’s works as explored through of art history, in moreessential than 40 West German cities. He basedthe thelens series of works postcolonial theory, film analysis, and more. Catalogue essays and of the overground bunkers, on a method similar to the conceptual exhibitionby reviews on individual works are Bernd set alongside own approach his teachers, the artist couple and HillaTan’s Becher. substantial body of writing: essays, letters, scripts, project notes, as well as discussions of other artists’ work, from Chantal Akerman to Jeff Wall.


September 2019 July 2020 9783864422898 | £55.00 9783864423192 | £37.50 Hardback | 272 pp | 275 x 225 mm Paperback | 280pp | 255 x 210 mm 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small ills 400 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada. Netherlands, USA & Canada


Edited by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl For Priska von Martin, the catalyst in life was the desire to capture humanity as form. She tried to delineate artistically what constitutes human isolation, pain,also but also As both existence, an artist’s including book and an archive dysfunctionality, book, this publication harmony, andand beauty. She theme captured the essence of human introduceswholeness an important poignant of German history. On existence in animal figurestypes as well as women’s and torsos. show are the most diverse of bunkers, builtbodies in particular during Her artWar wasII aimed at 1940 the corporeal, the visibly – injury, World between and 1944, looked at inphysical the period between dislocation, displacement as well as the spiritual, theWhen invisible, 1984 and 1989 by artist and–photographer Boris Becker. he the intangible – emotions, instincts, conditions. Whowas was Priskaover, von began his documentary project, the Cold War period almost Martin? What hopes did she place bequeathing hercivil estate to her and the concrete buildings were no in longer needed for defense native Freiburg, so farsoaway place work in Munich, on purposes. Even more thanfrom in theher past, theyofappeared like outlandish the vague chance of being viewedwithin and understood independently? and seemingly uncanny monsters the cityscapes. Their function If she was focusing on and thisno (deferred) outside person view, why did she seemed controversial, rational-minded wanted anything scarcely her oeuvre? Which parts ofthat herhad lifebrought story didthese she to do withdocument the murderous ideology they evoked want to leave in the dark? How do we treat the information we have buildings to light. Boris Becker has photographed around 700 bunkers about this artist, whoGerman is described most of her companions as a in more than 40 West cities.byHe based the series of works tactful person? Tobunkers, what extent we infer, from theconceptual (almost utter) of the overground on acan method similar to the absence ofbyviews on political events, socialBernd contexts sphere approach his teachers, the artist couple and and Hillaher Becher. of operation, that she didn’t engage with any of them?



Boris PriskaBecker: von Martin Edited by Christine Litz, Arie Hartog Bunker 1984–1989

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019


Boris Becker: We Never Sleep Edited by Cristina Ricupero, Alexandra Midal, Katharina Dohm Bunker 1984–1989

September 2019 9783864422898 | £55.00 Hardback | 272 pp | 275 x 225 2020 mm October 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small ills 9783864423185 | £32.00 Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Paperback | 184pp | 270 x 200 mm Germany, Austria, Switzerland, 240 col ills Netherlands, USAexc. & Canada. Rights: Worldwide France,

Edited by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl Espionage is linked to obtaining rare secrets or confidential information without the permission of the beholder. If in the past, national governments onarchive individuals states, in times of As both an artist’s bookspied and an book,orthis publication also digital communication individuals areofin the capacity of On introduces an importantprivate and poignant theme German history. revealing hidden or whistle-blowers fight show are the mostgovernmental diverse types secrets of bunkers, built in particular during their government’s spying their own citizens. This created perfect World War II between 1940 and 1944, looked at in the period between grounds a renewed interest in the mechanisms of secrecy. 1984 and for 1989 by artist and photographer Boris Becker. When he This book is dedicated to the fascination of espionage sourceover, of began his documentary project, the Cold War period wasasalmost current artistic inspiration. International the topic and the concrete buildings were no longer artists neededaddress for civil defense from a contemporary perspective touching aspects purposes. Even more so than in thewith past,their theyworks appeared like outlandish of espionage as surveillance, paranoia, threat, camouflage, and seeminglysuch uncanny monsters within the cityscapes. Their function cryptography, manipulation, and betrayal. The book seemed controversial, and nocold-blood rational-minded person wanted anything presents multitude of artistic strategies as well as unexpected to do withathe murderous ideology they evoked that had brought these objects and touches theBecker “golden age” of espionage during the Cold buildings to light. Boris has photographed around 700 bunkers War as well context of media super-exposure. Artists featured: in more thanas 40the West German cities. He based the series of works Simon Denny, Rodney Graham, Gabriel similar Lester, to Simon Menner, of the overground bunkers, on a method the conceptual Metahaven, Paglen,the Noam Treister, Nomeda & approach by Trevor his teachers, artistToran, coupleSuzanne Bernd and Hilla Becher. Gediminas Urbonas et al.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Boris Becker: Werner Büttner: Bunker 1984–1989 Undichte Schlüssellöcher ART

Edited by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl Text by Kristian Vistrup Madsen, Zdenek Felix Has Werner Büttner’s world of images indeed grown funnier, As both an artist’s book and an archive book, this publication also more colourful, or should one, following Kristian Vistrup Madsen’s introduces an important and poignant theme of German history. On observations, consider it to be invariably gloomy and oppressive? show are the most diverse types of bunkers, built in particular during The latter certainly applies to a work such as “Brüder (Kain + Abel)” World War II between 1940 and 1944, looked at in the period between from 1983, but no longer in such exclusivity to his most recent 1984 and 1989 by artist and photographer Boris Becker. When he works. Here, the bitter singing of “No-Future” by the protagonists began his documentary project, the Cold War period was almost over, of the 1980s is accompanied by a good portion of ironic melancholy and the concrete buildings were no longer needed for civil defense and caustic mockery. His use of colour has also changed, the purposes. Even more so than in the past, they appeared like outlandish earthy tones giving way to a certain signal-like quality, yet without and seemingly uncanny monsters within the cityscapes. Their function severing the connection to his earlier works. But what led to such a September 2019 seemed controversial, and no rational-minded person wanted anything melancholy softening of his worldview? Is it a general consequence 9783864422898 | £55.00 to do with the murderous ideology they evoked that had brought these of getting older? Or is it based on the more specific consciousness of Hardback | 272 pp | 275 x 225 mm buildings to light. Boris Becker has photographed around 700 bunkers now actually being too old for the “not-wanting-to-become-like-theAugust 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small2020 ills in more than 40 West German cities. He based the series of works old-folk” (in the 1980s)? £23.25 Rights:9783864423284 Worldwide exc.|France, of the overground bunkers, on a method similar to the conceptual Paperback 64pp | 280 x 200 mm Germany,| Austria, Switzerland, approach by his teachers, the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher. 44Canada. col ills Netherlands, USA & Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada


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Lois Weinberger: Renaissance Garden Edited by Esterhazy Privatstiftung The Austrian artist Lois Weinberger, participant at documenta 1997 and 2017 and the Venice Biennale of 2009, realized two large-scale installations for the art foundation NOW Esterhazy Contemporary: The project FELDWEG (Garden Path), which invites you on a poetic journey of sorts through the Renaissance gardens of Lackenbach Palace, and the sculptural exhibition BASICS, small golem-like figurines of malleable mixtures of mud and pieces of wood, at the grand staircase of Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt. In the wake of Lois Weinberger’s sudden passing in April 2020, the two installations are his last major works. The publication documents the two projects and presents a cycle of poetic texts by Weinberger. Texts by Severin Dünser, Michael Hausenblas, and curator Vitus Weh explore the artist’s work, which remains highly politically relevant to this day.

September 2020 9783903172708 | £17.00 Paperback | 120pp | 210 x 130 mm 75 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA & Canada 30

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020


Stano Filko, Milos Laky & Jan Zavarsky: White Space in White Space 1973-1982 Texts by Noit Banai et al

September 2020 9783903172692 | £31.00 Paperback | 250pp | 300 x 230 mm 150 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA & Canada

The publication is the first documentation of the project White Space in White Space, which was initiated by Stano Filko, Miloš Laky, and Ján Zavarský in 1973 and evolved over the course of almost ten year. This book examines all the international exhibitions (Brno, Budapest, Paris, Warsaw, Beograd, Kassel), the collected manifestos, and the artists’ writings as well as the project’s further transformation in the practice of Stano Filko as a solo artist. The “White Space in White Space” is interpreted from various perspectives in essays, interviews, and commentaries not only to cement its place within Eastern European Conceptual Art but also to stress its legacy for contemporary art and institutional practice today. White Space in a White Space, a major portion of which is now part of the Kontakt collection, marks the beginning of a series of publications that document research findings in connection with key works of Eastern European Neo-Avantgarde.

AMA: L’ubomír Durcek, Kveta Fulierová, Július Koller and Amateur Artists. Edited by Daniel Grúň.

September 2020 9783903172623 | £26.00 Paperback | 352pp | 300 x 230 mm 200 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA & Canada

AMA is the first critical survey devoted to the long-term educational activity of L’ubomír Ďurček (* 1948), Květoslava Fulierová (* 1932), and Július Koller (1939–2007). Extensive photographic documentation and a selection of key texts present their distinctive method of working with amateur artists between 1968 and 1998. As tutors they were acting under the auspices of the district cultural centres in Bratislava. This publication compiles previously unpublished materials focusing on a method of alternative education that retains its relevance today. The Cultural Situations, initiated by Július Koller, reveal the determination of these artists to freely develop their own program, in which amateurs attending summer gatherings were involved on the basis of equality. “May this publication motivate today’s young specialists to be unprofessional and inspire future professionals to artistic amateurism” (Daniel Grúň, editor).

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



The Anarchivist: History, Memory, and Archives Geof Huth

Sept 2020 9781939901149 | £26.00 Paperback | 148pp | 205 x 175mm 40 colour ills Rights: Worldwide exc. USA & Canada

This volume assembles essays on the practice of archives by the archivist and experimental poet Geof Huth, along with his color photographs of ancient records on parchment and distressed paper. Huth reflects on the interplay between history, archives, and memory—on how we imagine facts and truth into being. In the end, the book is concerned with how we produce knowledge via the stories told through those records we have determined to keep. Geof Huth is the Chief Record Officer and Chief Law Librarian at the New York State Unified Court System. With more than a quarter of a century experience in the field, Geof Huth is an authority on best practices in records management in government. He frequently speaks about digital archives and other records management issues across New York State and the country.

7 Days: Expanded Edition Edited by Holly Crawford This expanded edition of the best-selling book features entries from over 40 different artists and creatives as they pull back the curtain to reveal hardships, vulnerabilities and the banality of life in the arts. Each chapter presents a personal account of the contributor’s intimacy with art—and the disillusionment, poignancy and success that comes with it during a week. Contributors include Peter Frank, Doug Harvey, Alymahah Rashed, B. Rogers, Jonathon Keats, Nancy Lippe, Cristin McKnight Sethi, ORLAN, Natacha Voliakovsky, Elizabeth Gower, Mary Valverde, and Linnea West, among others.

October 2020 9781939901101 | £15.00 Paperback | 332pp | 235 x 190mm 147 b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. USA & Canada


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Holly Crawford is cross media artist, behavioural scientist, economist and art historian. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Essex in Art History and Theory, B.A and M.A. in Economics and M.S. in Behavioural Science from UCLA.

Paul Maizer Essays on art; artist profiles; digressions on art and culture. One Foot in the Other World represents the first years of poet Paul Maziar’s work as an art writer. The essays in this volume include “Ann Craven: In Search of Lost Time”; “Soutine & Sander’s Pastry Chefs”; “Robert Frank’s The Americans”; “Katherine Bradford’s Luminous Nocturnes”; “A Beautiful Space That Slips Away: Philippe Soupault and the French Avant-Garde” and many more.


One Foot in the Other World

Paul Maziar is a Portland based writer, curator, and small-press editor. He writes about art for various publications such as BOMB, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Oregon ArtsWatch, L.A. Weekly, and RREALISM.

November 2020 9781939901163 | £15.00 Paperback | 250pp | 190 x 130mm 50 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. USA & Canada

No Philosopher King: An Everyday Guide To Art and Life Under Trump Minus Plato Drawing wisdom from ancient philosophers and poets, and the spirited rebellion of the contemporary arts scene, Minus Plato makes daily musings and ruminations concerning the state of global politics and the duty of citizens to dissent. This book records a year of critical thinking and the ensuing conversations, examining our everyday lives under the Trump administration, so that we may responsibly affect the future. Written by Richard Fletcher using the nom de plume of Minus Plato, this book follows a Classics professor as he copes with the reckoning that was the American 2016 presidential election. November 2020 9781939901132 | £18.00 Paperback | 354pp | 450 x 215 mm 80 b/w ills July 2019 Rights: Worldwide exc. USA & Canada

Fletcher is an Associate Professor in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy at Ohio State University. In 2015 Richard published an essay in Paul Chan’s book called “Hippiacs Minor or The Art of the Cunning”.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



Memorialising Ganesh Pyne: Photographs & Photo Collages by Veena Bhargava Veena Bhargava and Ella Datta

November 2020 9789385360831 | £23.00 Paperback | 96pp | 203 x 229 mm 88 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. India, USA & Canada

“Ganesh Pyne (1937–2013), one of the foremost artists of postIndependence India, is no stranger to connoisseurs of art in India. His haunting images of intimations of mortality, the crepuscular light in his canvases, and his brilliant use of his own version of tempera are widely admired. But he was a shy, reclusive man, who has left little trace of himself in public memory. Memorialising Ganesh Pyne fills this gap by bringing to life the sensitive artist through a remarkable series of photographs shot by artist Veena Bhargava across two decades. The portfolio of portrait and group photographs that capture glimpses of the artist at work and leisure also provide poignant insights into a very private person. This visual record is anchored by two essays: the first, by Veena Bhargava, recounts her experience of taking these perceptive images; the second, by Ella Datta, analyses the aesthetic value of these rarely seen portraits. A detailed timeline of politics and culture during Pyne’s life adds archival value to the book.” Published in association with Akar Prakar, Kolkata, India.

One Continuous Line: Art, Architecture and Urbanism of Aditya Prakash Vikramaditya Prakash

November 2020 9788189995683 | £50.00 Hardback | 292pp | 280 x 254 mm 396 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. India, USA & Canada


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Aditya Prakash (1924–2008) belonged to the first generation of Indian modernists that came into its own in the Nehruvian era. Built around a multidisciplinary oeuvre that was unique amongst his peers, Prakash’s life was dedicated to finding the “one continuous line” which linked art— as the search for the beautiful, architecture—as the enabler of life, and planning—as the ethic of protecting the interests of poor. Interspersed with a series of visual essays and embedded videos, audio and slideshows, this book is conceived as an introduction to Prakash’s vast body of work. Besides practising architecture, he was an academic, a prolific painter, sculptor, furniture designer, stage set-designer, poet and public speaker. This volume documents Prakash’s education as an architect in Delhi and London, his early modernist works, his deep artistic impulses, his love of theatre, and his efforts to rally a culture of academic inquiry. Supported by Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.


Magazine for Character Design and Art

€14 £13 $17

Pictoplasma Magazine: Issue 1 – Body Image Edited by Lars Denicke

#1 Body Image

October May 2020 2019 9783942245081 9783942245081 || £13.00 Hardback ||160pp Paperback 160pp || 285 285 x 200 mm 100 100 col ills Rights: Germany, Rights:Worldwide Worldwideexc. exc.Germany, Austria Austria & Switzerland

Following in the footsteps of the publisher’s compilation series on character design – all collector’s items by now – the new Pictoplasma Magazine will continue to investigate current trends and concepts in illustration, animation, game design and graphic arts. Planned as an annual publication, it will reflect on the latest developments in figurative aesthetics and feature new works by and interviews with established artists and upcoming talents. The first edition will coincide with the 15th Pictoplasma Berlin Festival and focus on images of bodies currently circulating in character culture. Artists featured include Sundance winner for Best Animated Short Jeron Braxton, who explores the black American experience via surreal Playstation 2 aesthetics; illustrator Martina Paukova, whose jam-packed images of the mundane are fuelled by deadpan humour; illustrator-animator duo Cabeza Patata, who construct a gorgeously body-positive, nononsense world; and Laurie Rowan, who is currently wowing the Internet with his fleshy 3D grotesquerie.

JOHN RULE Book Autumn 2020 John Rule Art Book Distribution e: t: 02074980115 w: Trade orders: Marston Services



Dutch Tiles of the 20th century with images of the Far East Jan Pluis, Min Chen

September 2020 9789059973114 | £19.50 Paperback | 96pp | 230 x 225 mm 60 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Netherlands, Belgium, USA & Canada

This book describes how Chinese and Japanese culture and imagery found their way to Dutch tiles. An important role in this respect was played by Martin van Straaten, a tile merchant based in London, who initially bought porcelain tiles in China. When Chinese supplies stalled in 1927, the Tichelaar tile works in Makkum were requested to take the Chinese designs into production. The Tichelaar tiles form a core element of this publication. Each of the 55 tiles is introduced with a brief description of the depicted figure; the traditional Chinese characters of the inscriptions have been transcribed and translated. In addition, the book contains convenient tables of all series with Chinese images produced by the well-known tile works in Utrecht, Harlingen, and Makkum from 1900, as well as discussions of Chinese and Japanese imagery used by producers of earthenware in Utrecht, Maastricht, and Gouda. Finally, much attention is given to the many depictions of Daoist and Buddhist symbols, and objects of everyday life of ancient China and Japan.

Ϝίννι-ὁ-Φῦ. Winnie-the-Pooh in ancient Greek By Alan Alexander Milne, Peter Stork (trans.)

A classic of British children’s literature, A.A. Milne’s Winniethe-Pooh has been translated into some 45 languages, including Latin. Classicist Peter Stork has now also produced the first ever translation into ancient Greek. This charming booklet, with E.H. Sheppard’s original illustrations, is certain to delight Pooh lovers, as well as students of ancient Greek of every level, and may become a serious rival of Plato and Xenophon! Peter Stork taught ancient Greek at Leiden University from 1970 until 2005.

September 2020 9789059973220 | £17.00 Hardback | 160pp | 250 x 185 mm. 100 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Netherlands, Belgium, USA & Canada 36

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Matsuoka Seigow


Flowers, Birds, Wind, and Moon: The Phenomenology of Nature in Japanese Culture This book explores the association of Japanese culture and nature using ten motifs as lenses on aspects of Japanese culture. It examines how Japanese concepts of time, interval, and otherness overlap with how quantum physics and relativity theory grapple with issues of uncertainty, indeterminacy, and ambiguity; proposing that nature and seasonal change function as a system of recombinant codes for expressing Japanese sensibilities and serve as motifs in the creative arts which shape Japanese life and thought.

December 2020 9784866581392 | £38.00 Hardback | 320pp | 220 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA, & Canada

Traditional Cuisine of the Ryukyu Islands: A History of Health and Healing Takagi Rin This modern version of the Gozen honzo, a nineteenth-century guidebook on diet therapy written in 1832 by Tokashiki Pechin Tsukan, chief physician to the king of the Ryukyu Kingdom, will lead you to understand that the Okinawan saying “food is kusuimun (medicine)” is truly so. It covers 60 traditional Ryukyu foodstuffs from grains and vegetables to meat and fish, explains their medicinal effects, required preparation, and effective combinations. Seventy recipes from the original text reproduce the various delicacies that are the foundation of Okinawan cuisine.

December 2020 9784866581316 | £34.00 Hardback | 144pp | 210 x 148 mm 100 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA, & Canada

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020



John Rule Art Book Distribution Stocklist All titles available from Marston Book Services. SBN Title ACBooks 9781939901149 Anarchivist, The 9781939901132 7 More Days: Expanded Edition 9781939901163 One Foot in the Other World 9781939901132 No Philosopher King Astar Publishing 9786039144601 The Guardians (Arabic Ed.) 9786039144618 The Guardians (Eng Ed.) Bijutsu 9784568104998 Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing 9784568104837 Lee Mingwei and His Relations 9784568104929 N.S. Harsha: Charming Journey Clapham Press 9780956575302 Nor Will You Escape Conde Nast 9781906532147 Brilliant 9781906532109 Sensual Purity Crowd 9788885608016 Alex Liverani : Dango 9788885608139 Angelo Ferrillo: 258 Minutes 9788885608153 Appia: Work in Progress 9788885608245 Criminal Architectures 9788885608078 I Believe 9788885608290 Isole d’Inverno (Winter Islands) 9788885608016 Just another Gender Theory 9788894182736 Malacarne 9788885608252 Ozmo, 1998 – 2018 9788885608122 Santa Maria Novella Vol. 1 9788894182712 Suspended Cities 9788885608115 Terra Mala, Living with Poison 9788894182798 Utopia, Dreaming the Impossible 9788885608115 Valerio Nicolosi: (R)existences 9788894182705 You Could Even Die for Not Being a Real Couple 9788894182781 Zedi: Tales from the Wall CruzDiez 9788470755651 Cruz-Diez: Reflection on colour Galerie Vevais 9783936165517 20 Years of Photography 9783936165258 Agafia Polynchuk: Polaroids 9783936165449 Children of Adam from Leaves of Grass 9783936165364 Children of Adam from Leaves of Grass 9783936165586 Deborah Parkin 9783945155530 Dino Valls: Ex Picturis II 9783936165289 Dino Valls: Ex Picturis II 9783936165531 Dreamt Memories from Africa 9783936165548 Dreamt Memories from Africa 9783936165456 Film Booth 9783936165463 Osmosis 9783936165500 Raw Beauties 9783936165739 Renee Jacob's Paris 9783936165746 Vis a Vis: Portraits of a New Woman Galerie Vevais Werkdruck 9783945155349 Alain Laboile: Colour works 9783945155226 Alain Laboile: Reflexion 9783945155424 Anastasia Chernyavsky 9783945155080 Anna Hurtig 9783945155370 Beth Moon 9783945155059 Bogdan Frymorgen 9783945155011 Elena Kalis 9783945155387 Hengki Koentjoro 9783945155172 Jack Montgomery 9783945155028 Jacqueline Roberts: Collodium prints 9783945155004 Jacqueline Roberts: Colour works 9783945155141 Jock Sturges 9783945155066 Tom Chambers


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Huth, Geof Crawford, Holly Maizer, Paul Plato, Minus

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26.00 15.00 15.00 15.00

Al Quraishi, Adel Al Quraishi, Adel

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150.00 150.00

Mori Art Museum Mori Art Museum Mori Art Museum

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30.00 33.75 30.00

Sebastian Vaughan



Cosgrave, Bronwyn Wagener, Gorden

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65.00 40.00

Toscani, Oliviero Benedetta Donato Various Reski, Petra Bononi, Paolo De Luca, Erri Romanelli, Filippo Faraci, Francesco Holsenn, Francesca Turini, Marco Chiti, Martino Schirato, Stefano Bevilacqua, Carlo Elia, Christian Laura Lafon, Phillipe Azoury Burresi, Marco

Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb

25.00 30.00 29.00 31.00 35.00 35.00 25.00 35.00 32.00 15.00 19.00 35.00 39.00 29.00 49.00 29.00

Carlos Cruz-Diez



William Ropp Wood, John Walt Whitman, Paul Cava Walt Whitman, Paul Cava William Ropp Wood, John & Brown, Steven Wood, John & Brown, Steven William Ropp William Ropp Alvin Booth Alvin Booth Boersma, Hans Alexander Scholz Chin-Chin Wu

Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb DVD Pb Hb Pb Pb

50.00 10.50 50.00 145.00 22.50 62.00 90.00 20.50 39.00 42.50 75.00 17.95 60.00 42.50

Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

14.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 14.50 14.50 11.50 14.50 14.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 11.50

Victor Cobo Youichi Shidomoto

Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al

Pb Pb

14.50 11.50

Gio Sbriz: End of a Season

Szymborska, Wieslawa



Painting Machine: Guy Shoham

BarGil, Eran et al





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32.00 18.00 35.00 55.00 12.00 34.00 32.00 35.00 34.00 35.00 42.00 12.00 35.00 28.00 42.00 32.00 34.00 34.00 35.50 24.00 32.00 35.00 42.00 42.00 29.95 24.00 34.00 42.00 12.00 15.00 42.00 27.00 34.00 22.00 32.00 55.00 12.00 34.00 38.00

Art of Emptiness, The Book of Urushi, The Building of Horyu-ji,The Bushido and the Art of Living Bushido and the Art of Living Contemporary Japanese Architects Designing Japan Edo Japan Encounters the World Entrepreneur Who Built Modern Japan: Shibusawa Eiichi Essays on the History of Scientific Thought in Modern Japan Every Day a Good Day Fifteen Lectures on Showa Japan Flower Petals Fall, but the Flower Endures Flowers, Birds, Wind & Moon Friendship of the Sea Global Class Japanese SMEs Happy Youth of a Desperate Country Heritage Culture and Business, Kyoto Style Human Resource Development in Twentieth-Century Japan If There Were No Japan International Politics and the Problem of Peace Introduction to Yōkai Culture Japan in Asia Japan’s Wooden Heritage

Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb

40.00 39.00 35.75 28.50 34.75 28.50 30.50 26.50 33.50 40.00 30.50 35.50 25.00 38.00 36.75 33.75 36.75 40.00 40.00 29.50 36.75 27.50 45.50 52.00

9784866580685 9784866580203

Japanese Linguistic Landscape,The Japanese Sense of Beauty

Hb Hb

39.00 27.50

Talismen André Kirchner: Berlin, The City’s Edge Anne Collier: Photographic Arwed Messmer: Berlin 66–70 Atelier Zimmermann Axel Herrmann: Contintental Breakfast Balder Olrik: Blind Spots Barbara Probst The Moment in Space Beatrice Minda: Dark Whispers Berlin 1945-2000: A Photographic Subject Breaking Point Christiane Feser: Partitions Eugen Gerbert: Gerti Francesco Neri: Farmers Gerhard Wormwald: Image Finder Hans-Christian Schink: Hinterland Henrik Spohler. Hypothesis Ingar Krauss: Huts Hedges Heaps Jorg Bruggemann: Autobahn Kontinent: In Search of Europe Lia Darjes: Tempora Morte Loredana Nemes: LoveFearGreed Mathias Braschler/ Monika Fischer Michael Lange: Cold Mountain Nam TchunMo: Beam, Lines, Spring, Stroke Paul Duke: No Ruined Stone Paula Markert: A Journey through Germany Peter Bialobrzeski: No Buddha in Suburbia Peter Bialobrzeski:The Second Heimat Peter Dammann: Just Life Robert Adams: Hope is a risk that must be run Robert Knoth & Antoinette de Jong: Tree and Soli Sonja Trabandt: Tomorrow's Snow Sue Barr: The Architecture of Transit Tom Hunter: Where Have all the Flowers Gone Udo Hesse: EastBerlin Ute Mahler & Werner Mahler: Small Town Vasilii Lefter: Once upon a time in Moldavia Vincent Kohlbecher: Its Flower is Hard to Find Willy Fleckhaus: Design, Revolt, Rainbow

Domröse, Ulrich Gronert, Stefan Gröschner, Annet Stürzl, Winifred Olrik, Balder Paul, Frédéric Theft, Koko Reinbeckhallen Berlin Candrowicz, Krzysztof Durant, Mark & Siegel, Steffen

Jocks, HeinzNorbert Stahel, Urs Anders,Kenneth & Christiane Stahl Bruggemann, Jorg Odenthal, Johannes Zavadski, Andrei Petrowskaja, Katja Ross, Andreas Lange, Michael Reifenscheid, Beate Barnes, Martin Jurjaks, Arvid Mehrotra, Rahul Sussebach, Henning Chuang, Joshua De Jong, Erika Trabandt, Sonja Heathcote, David Hunter, Sheelagh and Ian Endler, Adolf et al Mahler, Ute & Werner Szymborska, Wislawa

Kakiemon the VX Matsuda Gonroku Nishioka Tsunekazu and Kohara Jiro Alexander Bennett Alexander Bennett Igarashi Taro Hara Kenya Donald Keene & Shiba Ryotaro Shimada Masakazu Kanamori Osamu Watanabe Noriko Tsutsui Kiyotada Takeuchi Seiichi Seigow, Matsuo Agawa Naoyuki Furuichi Noritoshi Furuichi Noritoshi Murayama Yuzo Inoki Takenori Roger Pulvers Takasaka Masayoshi Komatsu Kazuhiko Tanaka Akihiko Fujimori Terunobu and Fujitsuka Mitsumasa Nakanishi Susumu Takashina Shinji

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9783945155301 9783945155103 Gio Sbriz 9781527233225 Guy Shoham 9781527237414 Hand Picked Books 9780955573804 Hartmann Books 9783960700340 9783960700302 9783960700210 9783960700395 9783960700258 9783960700289 9783960700357 9783960700517 9783960700494 9783960700203 9783960700159 9783960700227 9783960700432 9783960700333 9783960700449 9783960700401 9783960700388 9783960700524 9783960700548 9783960700364 9783960700180 9783960700487 9783960700586 9783960700418 9783960700173 9783960700371 9783960700319 9783960700142 9783960700241 9783960700166 9783960700470 9783960700531 9783960700272 9783960700326 9783960700425 9783960700296 9783960700234 9783960700562 9783960700128 Japan Library 9784866580630 9784866580609 9784916055590 9784866580517 9784916055866 9784866580210 9784866580159 9784866580180 9784916055798 9784916055613 9784866580623 9784916055606 9784866580692 9784866581392 9784866580555 9784916055811 9784916055835 9784866580586 9784916055781 9784916055446 9784866580661 9784866580494 9784916055637 9784916055828



9784916055583 9784866581323 9784866580197 9784866581361

Kabuki, a Mirror of Japan Kidai Shoran Scroll, The Landscape Gardener Ogawa Jihei and His Times Legacy of Kano Jigoro, The

9784916055453 9784866580654 9784866581347 9784866580227 9784866580616 9784866580258 9784866580524 9784916055842 9784866580487 9784916055873

Listen to the Voice of the Earth Lure of Pokemon, The Making Xavier's Dream Real Mixing Work with Pleasure: My Life at Studio Ghibli Music of Color, The Mutsu Munemitsu and His Time Myth and Deity in Japan Myth and Deity in Japan People & Culture of Japan Perspectives on Sino-Japanese Diplomatic Relations

9784866580647 9784866580562 9784866580562 9784916055774 9784866581408 9784866580531 9784916055743 9784916055620 9784916055750 9784866581453 9784866580579 9784866580166 9784866580234 9784916055859

Pilgrimages in the Secular Age Population and Japanese Economy Population and the Japanese Economy Remarkable History of Japan-US Relations, The Remnants of Days Past Security Politics in Japan Self-Defense Forces and Postwar Politics in Japan Self-Respect and Independence of Mind Soetsu Yanagi: Selected Essays on Japanese Folk Crafts

9784866580593 9784866581316 9784916055460 9784866580548 9784916055767 9784866580173 9784866580241 9784866581354 Khalili Collections 9781874780519 9781874780533 9781874780717 9781874780748 9781874780113 9781874780106 9781874780861 9781874780557 9781874780618 9781874780922 9781874780915 9781874780908 9781874780564 9781874780885 9781874780588 9781874780656 9781874780540 9781874780762 9781874780823 9781874780830 9781874780175 9781874780724 9781874780502 9781874780700 9781874780625 9781874780632 9781874780526 9781874780854 9781874780649 9781874780601 9781874780571


Soetsu Yanagi: Selected Essays on Japanese Folk Crafts Story of Ohmi Merchants, The Territory of Japan: Its History and Legal Basis Toward Creation of a New World History Toward the Abe Statement on the 70th Anniversary of the End of World War II Toward the Meiji Restration Traditional Cuisine of Ryukyu Tree-Ring Management Understanding History in Asia Unsung Heroes of Old Japan Wasan, the Fascination of Traditional Japanese Mathematics Words to Live by World of Ito Jakuchu, The Abbasid Tradition, The After Timur Arabic Documents from Early Islamic Khurasan Aramaic Documents from Ancient Bactria Art and Tradition of the Zuloagas Art and Tradition of the Zuloagas Art of Adornment, The Art of the Pen, The Arts of War, The Bactrian Documents from Northern Afghanistan Part I Bactrian Documents from Northern Afghanistan Part2 Bactrian Documents from Northern Afghanistan Part 3 Bills, Letters and Deeds Brasses, Bronze and Silver of the Islamic Lands Cobalt and Lustre Compendium of Chronicles Decorated Word, The Decorated Word , The Dinars and Dirhams: Coins of the Islamic Lands: Part 1. The Early Period Dinars and Dirhams: Coins of the Islamic Lands: Part 2. The Later Period Enamels of the World, 1700-2000 Gems and Jewels of Mughal India Glass: From Sasanian Antecedents to European Imitations Khalili Portolan Atlas Lacquer of the Islamic Lands: Part 1 Lacquer of the Islamic Lands: Part 2 Master Scribes, The Monuments & Memorials Occidentalism Ornament and Amulet Paintings from India

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Matsui Kesako Hiromu, Ozawa and Tadashi, Kobayashi Suzuki Hiroyuki The Committee for the Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Jigoro Kano Oki Satoko Nakazawa Shinichi Guo, Nanyang Toshio Suzuki Shimura Fukumi Okazaki Hisahiko Kamata Toji Kamata Toji Dnald Keene and Shiba Ryotaro The Yomiuri Shimbun Political News Department Okamoto Ryosuke Yoshikawa Hiroshi Hiroshi, Yoshikawa Ksaka Masataka Kyoji, Watanabe Hosoya Yuichi Sado Akihiro Kitaoka Shinichi Yanagi Soetsu Yanagi Soetsu Suenaga Kuninori Seruta Kentaro Haneda Tadashi The Advisory Panel on the History of the 20th Century and on Japan's Role and the World Order in the 21st Century Karube Tadashi Rin, Takagi Tsukakoshi Hiroshi Hattori Ryuji Isoda Michifumi Sakurai Susumu Nakano Koji Yasuhiro, Sato

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30.50 36.75 28.00 25.50 30.50 30.50 28.50 40.00 24.50 36.75

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30.50 36.75 29.00 36.75 39.00 36.75 45.50 36.75 42.75 35.00 36.75 27.50 27.50 40.00

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36.75 34.00 27.00 36.75 32.50 26.50 27.50 35.00

Dreoche, Francois James, David Khan, Geoffrey Naveh, Joseph Lavin, James D. Lavin, James D. Spink, Michael Safwat, Nabil, F. Alexander, David Sims-Williams, Nicolas Sims-Williams, Nicolas Sims-Williams, Nicolas Khan, Geoffrey Spink, Michael et al Grube, Ernst Blair, Sheila S. Bayani, Manijeh Bayani, Manijeh Darley-Doran, Robert

Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

65.00 65.00 23.00 35.00 25.00 49.95 125.00 65.00 65.00 35.00 35.00 23.00 65.00 200.00 65.00 65.00 65.00 65.00 65.00

Darley-Doran, Robert



Williams, Haydn Cockrell, Henrietta Sharp Goldstein, Sidney M. Soucek, Svat Khalili, Nasser Khalili, Nasser James, David Pinder-Wilson, Ralph Vernoit, Stephen Wenzel, Marian Leach, Lindon York

Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

49.00 65.00 65.00 350.00 65.00 65.00 65.00 65.00 65.00 65.00 65.00

Piri Reis and Turkish Mapmaking after Columbus Science, Tools and Magic: Pt. 1&2 Seals and Talismans Splendors of Imperial Japan Swedish Textile Art The Tale and the Image, Part One

9781874780816 9781874780786 9781874780007 9781874780014 9781874780021 9781874780038 9781874780045 9781874780052 9781874780069 9781874780083 9781874780120 Lazarides 9781647862633 Let's Reset 9780995574137 Light Motif 9782952471770 9782953790870 9782953790894 9791095118152 9782953790856 9791095118022 9782953790818 9782953790887 Little Black Gallery 9781527271135 9788797153000 97815272646656 Manuscript 9780648059820 9780648059806 9780648059813 Manfredi/ Maretti 9788898855483 9788893970198 9788898855940 9788899519568 9788898855971 9788899519490 9788898855377 9788899519940 9788898855896 9788899519704 9788893970051 9788893970006 9788893970228 9788899519971 9788899519964 9788893970037 9788893970150 9788899519728 Mapin 9789385360015 9780944142745 9788189995331 9788189995829 9788188204656 9788188204175 9788189995904 9789385360077 9788189995676 9789385360404 9781890206826 9781935677772 9788189995409 9788188204939 9789385360251 9788188204533

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23.00 125.00 65.00 50.00 125.00 65.00

The Tale and the Image, Part Two Textiles, Carpets & Costumes Pts 1 & 2 Meiji No Takara: Treasures of Imperial Japan (9 volume set) Meiji No Takara: Treasures of Imperial Japan Vol. 1. Meiji No Takara: Treasures of Imperial Japan Vol. 2. Meiji No Takara: Treasures of Imperial Japan Vol. 3. Meiji No Takara: Treasures of Imperial Japan Vol. 4. Meiji No Takara: Treasures of Imperial Japan Vol.5. Pt.1. Meiji No Takara: Treasures of Imperial Japan Vol.5.Pt.2. Meiji No Takara: Treasures of Imperial Japan Vol. 6. Treasures of Imperial Japan:

Soucek, Svat Madison, Francis Kalus, Ludvik Earle, Joe Hansen, Viveka Sims, Eleanor, Bayani, Manijeh & Stanley, Tim et al Rogers, J.M & Bayani, Manijeh Franses, Michael Impey, Oliver Avitabile, Gunhild Fairley, Malcolm Fairley, Malcolm Earle, Joe Fairley, Malcolm Fairley, Malcolm Earle, Joe Impey, Oliver

Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb

65.00 65.00 1050.00 75.00 300.00 150.00 300.00 150.00 150.00 150.00 10.00

Banksy Captured Vol.1. 3rd Ed.

Lazarides, Steve



Let's Reset

Thompson, Suki & Rankin



Arras: Memory Bewitched Face Nord Inventaire Isle of Eigg Kesengawa Rikuzentakata Terrils Un Lion Derriere La Vitre

Duplan, Jean-Pierre Andrey Kurkov Arno Paul & Phillipe Claudel Delcourt, Charles Hatakeyama, Naoya Hatakeyama, Naoya Hatakeyama, Naoya Eric Le Brun

Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

13.50 29.50 31.00 32.00 29.50 29.50 29.50 32.00

Bob Carlos Clarke: Studio Michael Sondergaard: Rite Tyler Udall: I Am

Clarke, Bob Carlos McKellen, Ian Logan, Molly

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90.00 40.00 40.00

Kate Ballis: Infra Realism Michael Zavros Punk Girls

Leonard, Robert et al Ham, Liz

Hb Hb Hb

45.00 39.95 35.00

Various Bazzini, Marco León, Glenda & Fernández, Abel González Davide Boriani: Cinematic, Programmatic and Interactive Art Meloni, Lucilla De Chirico and the United Kingdom (c. 1916-1978) Noel-Johnson, Victorie Elisabetta Catalano Cherubini, Laura Felix Lo Basso Restaurant Milan Poponi, Maria Paola Forewords: Hyperimages and Hyperimaging Cramerotti, Alfredo Gio Ponti . The Collection of Museo Richard-Ginori The Manifacture de Doccia Giorgio De Chirico General Catalogue Vol.IV. Canova, Lorenzo et al I Go to the Maximum Beatrice, Luca Invitation to a Disaster Tonelli, Marco & Bazzini, Marco Mauri / Mutandas Cherubini, Laura Metaphysical Art: The De Chiroc Jourals Adams, Alexander et al Michelangelo Pistoletto and Pascale Marthine Tayou: One thing doesn’t exclude the other Soundlines of Contemporary Art Faiznia, Mazdak & Hakobyan, Marina

Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb

37.50 37.50 27.95 23.50 23.50

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65.00 55.75 14.50 46.50 13.95 93.00 275.00 23.50 21.50 27.95 46.50 27.95 37.50

8 Bengal Masters A Vision of Spendour Adventures of Rama Allegory & Illusion : Alternate Lyricism An ABC of Indian Culture An Agenda for the Nation Architecture of Hasmukh C. Patel Architecture of Shivdatt Sharma Art and Independence Art of Adimoolam Art of India Artful Pose Banaras Eternity Watches Time Beyond Kanchenjunga Bhuj

Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb

26.00 40.00 11.95 26.00 32.00 9.95 11.00 55.00 29.00 32.00 36.00 9.50 25.00 35.00 50.00 40.00

Bye Bye Blues, Mondello Chef Cristina Bowerman meets the Artist Eugenio Tibaldi Daniel Buren & Anish Kapoor Daniel Spoerri: Rearranging the World David Beltrán

Poponi, Maria Paola

Soumik Nandy Majumdar Theuns-de Boer, Gerda Beach, Milo C. Allana, Rahaab, Senguptya, Ratnottama Holroyde, Peggy Bhargava P.M. Catherine Desai Prakash, Vikramaditya Guy,John Sinha, Gayatri Shirodkar, Suhita Rahaab Allana, Rahaab Tanuj Beri et al Bhalla, Dipti Tyabji, Azhar

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020


9781874780670 9781874780595 9781874780779 9781874780199 9781874780076 9781874780809



9788189995072 9789385360817 9788188204410 9789385360336 9788189995041 9789385360787 9789385360237 9788188204830 9781935677666 9789385360169 9789385360275 9789385360510 9781935677611 9789385360091 9788185822945 9788188204922 9780944142702 9788189995195 9789385360169 9788188204649 9789385360794 9781935677512 9781935677475 9789385360107 9788188204687 9789385360800 9788188204892 9788185822693 9788185822884 9788185822891 9789385360381 9788188204632 9789385360534 9789385360329 9789385360268 9789385360695 9789385360213 9789385360725 9781890206567 9780944142561 9788185822099 9788185822341 9781935677376 9788189995713 9781890206604 9788189995348 9788189995966 9788188204779 9781935677161 9789385360558 9788188204991 9788189995478 9788189995935 9789385360749 9788189995126 9789385360633 9788189995874 9789385360732 9781890206444 9788189995867 9789385360480 9788189995256 9788188204847 9781890206901 9788188204953 9781890206543 9789385360121 9788189995812 9789385360686 9788188204946 9789385360183 9788189995416 9789385360459 9789385360497 9789385360435 9789385360145

Bhutan Bindu Black Wind and Other Poems Blueprint Body Adorned Bombay Talkies Brinda Somaya Captured in Miniature Celebrating Public Spaces of India Celebrating Public Spaces of India Celebrating Rahim Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Continuing Traditions Courtyard Houses of India Crossing Boundaries Dancer on the Horse Daughters of India Delight in Design : Designing for Modern India Devi: Mother of My Mind Devotion & Spendour Drawn to Life Early Bombay Photography Ebrahim Alkazi: Directing Art Elephant Kingdom Ellora Eternal Spring Feet and Footwear in Indian Culture Feminine Fables Flute and the Lotus Forever Irreverent Francis Newton Souza Gandhi Bhawan Gandhi in Raza Ganesh Haloi: The Feeling Eye Ganesh Haloi: Form & Play Ganesh Payne Gauri Dancer Geet Govinda Gifts of Conquerors Gifts of Earth Gifts of Solitude Gopal Ghose Handloom and Handicrafts of Gujarat Himalaya Vignettes How the Firefly Got its Light Humayun's Tomb Conservation I See No Stranger Imperial Image In the Service of Krishna India 20 Indian Troops in Europe 1914-1918 Innovations in Design Jali Jamali-Kamali: Jangarh Singh Shyam Jashn-e-Khusrau Jaya He Jewels On The Crescent Kailas at Ellora Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary Khunti Korai Kidnapping of Amir Hamza Krishen Khanna Krishen Khanna Krishna’s Cosmos Learning from Delhi Learning from Mumbai Lightning by M.F. Husain Lines from an Artistic Life Living Heritage of Mewar Living Traditions in Indian Art Magnifying the Miniature Mahabalipuram Maharana Mapping with Figures

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Singh, Lekha Sen, Geeti Naval, Deepti Bhatia, Gautam Dehejia, Vidya Mukherjee, Debashree Parikh, Ruturaj Shirodkar, Suhag Gupta, Archana Gupta, Archana Hossain,Shakeee Jiwani, Subuhi Ray, Pranabranjan Pandya, Yatin Hollander, John Hoskote, Ranjit Huyler, Stephen P. Dehejia, Vidya Bhatt, Vikram Ironbiter, Suzanne Chawla, Rupika Ina Puri, Ina Hapgood, Susan Dave-Mukherji, Dr. Parul Ram, Vikramajit Klein, Deepanjana Bhatty, Idrak Jain-Neubauer, Jutta Sen, Geeti Dehejia, Harsha V. Karkaria, Dhun Kurtha, Aziz Jain, Shikha Bose,Nandalal Lath, Mukund Majumdar, Soumik Nandy Ray, Pranabranjan Waswo X Waswo Upadhyaya, Narmada Prasad Soteriou, Alexandra Huyler, Stephen P. Mehta, Ashvin Mallik, Sanjoy Kumar Mirza, Villoo Naoroji, Kekoo Kumar, Pradyumna Var. Goswamy, B.N. Beach, Milo Cleveland Bachrach, Emilia Mehta, Anna L. Das, Santanu Gautam, I.P. et al Haider, Navina Najat Chase, Karen Jian, Jyotindra Hossain, Shakeel Sethi, Rajeev Desai, Kalpana Vogler, Roger Bharucha, Dr. Erach Osman, Shawkat Mangaldas, Mamta Dalal Sinha, Gayatri Lynton, N et al Sengupta, Ratnottama Poiesz,Pelle Poiesz,Pelle Charugundla, Marguerite Krishen Khanna, Jain, Shikha Gurvich, Martin Vottery, Madhu Krishna, Nanditha Masters, Brian Kumar, R. Siva

Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb

38.00 31.00 11.00 35.00 29.00 55.00 55.00 11.95 30.00 30.00 40.00 5.99 25.00 55.00 30.00 39.00 20.00 42.00 58.00 11.50 50.00 40.00 26.00 55.00 25.00 45.00 11.50 39.50 34.00 33.00 37.00 40.00 20.00 23.00 26.00 23.00 25.00 35.00 25.00 85.00 48.00 13.00 40.00 35.00 40.00 5.95 27.00 40.00 45.00 50.00 30.00 24.00 22.00 49.00 16.00 50.00 40.00 50.00 42.00 29.00 5.99 16.00 11.95 29.00 38.00 30.00 23.00 23.00 50.00 36.00 50.00 45.00 5.95 5.99 25.00 26.00

Marshall Albums Mastering the Lens Meera Mukherjee Memorialising Ganesh Pyne Memorials of the Jeypore Exhibition 1883 Mission to Kabul Modern Indian Painting Monkey Tales Monsoon Mosques Mosques of Cochin Moulding the Void Moving Pictures Mucukunda Murals in the Tyagarajaswami Temple, Tiruvarur Museums of Rajasthan Museums of Rajasthan Mutable My Sweet Home My World Cup New Narratives One Continuous Line One Continuous Line Paintings of the Razmnama Paper Jewels Parallel Wings Parvati Passion of Nikhil Biswas, The Paths Uncharted Photo Peshawar Piero and Gloria Cicionesi Poppo Pingel Portraits of Devotion Purple Lotus and Other Stories Qutb Minar: Head in the Clouds Rain Raja Ravi Varma Rajah Reverie with Raza Rooted Landscapes Rooted Landscapes Royal Tombs of India Royal Tombs of India Sanchi Sayed Haider Raza Slivers of A Mirror Slivers of A Mirror Snehal Shah: Architect Sonabai Sonabai Songs of the Soil Spoonful of Grey Sufism and Beyond Suragi Tree Temple Potters of Puri Timeless Visions Traces of India Treasures of Tantra in Indian Art Treasures of the Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur Two Faces of Beauty Two Faces of Beauty: UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India UNESCO World Heritage Sites Set Unreasoned Act of Being Unveiling India Uprising of 1857 Victorious Ones Vijayanagara Vishnu Vision from the Inner Eye Walking Tour: Ahmedabad Waswo X Waswo Water Treasures of the Himalayas Waterhouse Albums When Seeing is Believing Whose Ramayana Is It Anyway? Wooden Architecture of Kerala Yankee India

Guha, Sudeshna Allana, Rahaab Sen, Geeti Hendley, T.H. Lynton, H. Ronken Dean, Rob & Tillotson, Giles Mody, Rohinton Fels, Patricia Tusa Fels, Patricia Tusa Franceschi, Peter Bjorn Lahiri-Dutt, Kuntala Rajamani, V.K. Singh, Chandramani Singh, Chandramani Sindhura D.M. Mishra, Samina Mascarenhas, Mark Seid, Betty Prakash, Vikramaditya Prakash, Vikramaditya Das, Asok Kumar Khan, Omar Bahl, Sushma & Dhumal, Rini Dehejia, Harsha V. Sarkar, Sandip Doshi, Balkrishna Foley, Sean and Birk, Lukas Doctor-Pingel, Mona Doctor-Pingel, Mona Nardi, Isabella Shekar, Ratna Rao Gupta,Narayani Sen,Sudeep Chawla, Ruplika Khanna, Balraj Nair, Uma Puri, Ani Puri, Ani Bhalla, A.S. Bhalla, A.S. Hashmi, Sohail Rajagopalan, Ashvin Futehally, Shama Futehally, Shama Beck, Haig Huyler, Stephen P. Huyler, Stephen P. Majumdar, Manasij Romany, Diana Ansari, Ali Acharya, Prabhaker Cort, Louise Allison Bean, Susan S. Pelizzari, Maria Antonella Khann, Madhu Singh, Chandramani Bhargava P.M. Mittra Bhargava, Pushpa Jian,Shikha Gupta, Narayani Sinha, Gayatri Allana, Rahaab Llewellyn-Jones, Rosie Granoff P. Michell, George Cummins, joan Sharma, O.P. Van Oostrum, Matthijs Waswo X Waswo Verliat, Serge Falconer, John Ellias, Bina Sarkar Sarkar, Natasha Desai, Miki Bean, Susan

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45.00 25.00 45.00 23.00 125.00 11.00 50.00 6.00 35.00 12.95 52.00 10.00 28.00 19.00 42.00 35.00 20.00 5.50 30.00 50.00 55.00 42.00 45.00 40.00 13.50 48.00 25.00 25.00 37.00 35.00 25.00 8.95 5.99 11.00 50.00 11.95 23.00 55.00 55.00 42.00 42.00 5.99 37.00 11.00 11.00 40.00 19.95 19.95 49.00 10.00 4.50 11.50 42.00 15.00 32.00 50.00 23.00 22.00 22.00 49.00 19.50 30.00 26.00 55.00 45.00 45.00 45.00 20.00 20.00 35.00 50.00 45.00 15.00 30.00 50.00 25.00

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020


9781890206451 9781935677284 9789385360039 9789385360831 9788189995546 9788188204724 9789385360589 9788189995201 9789385360701 9788189995249 9789385360428 9780944142639 9788189995638 9788189995232 9788189995225 9789385360565 9789385360190 9788185822495 9781890206086 9788189995683 9788189995683 9788188204502 9788189995850 9789385360299 9788185822594 9788189995386 9789385360626 9789385360466 9789385360411 9788189995515 9789385360671 9788189995591 9789385360503 9788188204601 9788189995089 9781935677031 9789385360152 9781935677062 9788189995454 9780944142899 9788189995102 9789385360527 9789385360756 9788188204526 9781890206437 9788189995911 9780944142851 9788189995287 9789385360763 9788188204434 9788185822723 9788188204403 9788189995096 9780883891131 9788188204144 9789385360770 9788189995263 9781935677246 9788189995690 9789385360718 9789385360473 9788188204915 9781935677406 9789385360114 9788189995294 9788189995034 9788189995485 9781890206284 9789385360176 9789385360725 9788189995898 9780944142844 9789385360572 9789385360541 9789385360220 9788185822839



9781890206819 Zen of Seeing Museum of Fine Arts 9789637441905 16th Northern Italian Drawings 9789637063084 17th Century Dutch and Flemish Drawings in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637441967 17th Century Italian Drawings in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637063954 A Satirist, a Scoffer: Honore Daumier 9789639552562 After the Pharaohs: Treasures of Coptic Art from Egyptian Collections 9789637441943 Ancient Art: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637063916 Art and Society: Ancient and Modern Contexts of Egyptian Art 9789637063855 Art on Lake 9786155304729 Baselitz: Preview with Review 9786155304774 Burial and Mortuary Practices in Late Period and GraecoRoman Egypt 9786155304187 Caravaggio to Canaletto 9786155304781 Cézanne and the Past.Tradition and Creativity 9789637063992 Cezanne and the Past: Tradition & Creativity 9789637063800 Coffins and Coffin Fragments of the third intermediate period 9789639964051 Dada and Surrealism 9786155304279 Derkovitz: The Artist & his Times 9786155304217 Egyptian Artifacts of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637441660 Egyptian Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9786155304255 Endre Balint: The Eighth Temple 9786155987038 Fortepan. Every past is my past. 9786155304842 Goddess/ Woman 9786155304057 Hungarian Art Photography in the New Millenium 9789637063442 In Arte Venustas - Studies on Drawings in Honour of Teréz Gerszi 9786155304491 In Search of Prince Genji 9786155304880 Leonardo Da Vinci and the Budapest Horse Exhibition 9786155304828 Leonardo Da Vinci & The Budapest Horse Conference 9786155304453 Let Me See 9786155304156 Marc Chagall and Imre Ámos 9786155304026 9786155304613 9789638749673 9789637063930 9786155304750 9786155304545 9789637063138

Masterpieces Modigliani Nagas, Birds and Elephants New Ideal of Beauty in the Centruy of Pieter Breughel Peter Korniss: Continuous Memories Picasso: Transfigurations 1895-1972 Pictures Within Pictures: The Artist and the Public Over Five Centuries of Graphic Art 9786155304200 Raphael :Triumph of Perfection 9786155304347 Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age 9786155304385 Rippl-ronai and Maillol 9789637063978 Rodin and the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789630699501 S for Sky 9789638958563 Sanghay Shanghai 9786155987274 Sean Scully: Passenger 9786155304644 Shadow on Stone 9789637063473 Spanish Paintings: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637063886 St Galler Arbenteur. Hartung, Tápies, Uecker und das ErkerPhanomen (numbered) 9786155987069 Surrealist Movement from Dalí to Magritte, The 9789637063909 The Birth of Art Photography 9789637441974 The Heritage of the Eszterházy 9789637441936 The Turn of the Century 1800: European Prints & Drawings 9786155304231 The World of Toulouse-Lautrec 9786155987021 Triumph of the Body 9789639964112 Within Frames Pictoplasma Publishing 9783981045826 Characters in Motion 1 (NTSC) 9783981045802 Characters in Motion 1 (PAL) 9783981045857 Characters in Motion 2 (NTSC) 9783981045840 Characters in Motion 2 (PAL) 9783981045895 Characters in Motion 3 9783981045819 Colour Me, Pictoplasma - The Character Colouring and Activity Book 9783981045888 Gangpol & Mit - Faits Divers 9783942245005 Little Aaron- Me and My Friends 9783942245029 Not a Toy - Radical Character Design in Fashion and Costume 9783981045864 Pen to Paper 9783942245012 Pictarot - Reveal Your Inner Character


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Sarabhai, Rajshree



Lorand Zentai Teréz Gerszi

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£9.99 £310.00

Teréz Gerszi



Gonda Zsuzsa Laászló Török

Pb Hb

25.00 £25.00

János György Szilárd Katalin Anna Kóthay

Pb Pb

£15.99 £70.00

Katalin Bodó Borus, Judit Kóthay, Katalin Anna

Pb Pb Pb

£9.99 42.00 115.00

Dobos, Zsuzsanna Gesko, Judit Judith Gesko Éva Liptay Borus, Judit Bakos, Katalin & Zicki, Andras Katalin Anna Kothay, Eva Liptay István Nagy Kolozsvary, Marianna Geller, Judit et al Válóczi, Róbert Peter Baki Andrea Czére

Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb

50.00 45.00 45.00 £25.00 £45.00 £45.00 £25.00 £6.99 £50.00 30.00 50.00 45.00 £40.00

Denes, Mirjam Kárpáti, Zoltán Kárpáti, Zoltán Edina Deme, Anna Zsófia Garimorth-Foray, Julia

40.00 24.99 50.00 18.99 50.00

Vécsey, Axel Borus, Judit Brittig, Gyorgyi Fajcsak-Vera Gerszi Terez Baki, Peter et al Borus, Judit Zsuzsa Gonda

Hb Hb Pb Pb Two vol boxed set, paperback Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb

14.99 35.00 35.00 25.00 40.00 37.00 £8.99

Kárpáti,Zoltán & Seres, Eszter Ember, Ildiko Foldi, Eszter Ferenc Toth Litza Juhasz Fajcsák, Györgyi Feher, David Borus, Judit Éva Nyerges Bódi Kata, Bódi Kinga

Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb

25.00 £50.00 £40.00 £8.99 £7.99 45.00 45.00 37.00 £16.99 £80.00

Chénieux-Gendron, Jacqueline Peter Baki Andrea Czére Andrea Czére Various Bolzoni, Marco Simone et al Borus, Judit

Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb

33.00 45.00 £6.99 £6.99 30.00 32.00 45.00

Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 12.50

Guillaume Castagné Aaron Stewart Vassilis Zidiankis Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler

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15.00 9.50 39.50 32.50 10.00

Poklewski Koziell 9780956873576 Ponchiroli 9788897395058 9788897395034 9788890234729 9788897395119 9788890234705 9788897395089 Primavera Pers 9789059973077 9789074310826 9789080363878 9789074310857 9789074310833 9789059971004 9789059971011 9789080478428 9789074310079 9789059972629 9789059973114 9789074310536 9789059970892 9789074213165 9789059970618 9789059971028 9789059970373 9789074310284 9789059971714 9789059970588 9789068015751 9789059972384 9789059970403 9789074310642 9789074310673 9789074310499 9789074310925 9789059971417 9789059972285 9789059972308 9789059971790 9789059973145 9789490782054 9789059970137 9789059973220 Rankin 9780957213562 9780956779427 9780954491109 9780954491130 9781904688129 9780956779434 9780995574151 9780957213555 9780995574106 9780995574120 9780956779465 9780956315588 9780995574168 9781903399439 9780956315526 9780953747955 9781903399521 9780956779489

Pictoplasma Mag 1 Pictoplasma: Character Portraits Pictoplasma: The Character Compendium Prepare for Pictopia The Missing Link Puzzle

Denicke, Lars Thaler, Peter & Denicke, Lars Peter Thaler & Lars Denicke Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler

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13.00 39.50 39.50 37.00 20.00 + VAT

The Ape Has Stabbed Me

Vincent Poklewski Koziell



Stars Behind the Wheel Chernobyl Surfing: Report from the Exclusion Zone 25 Years After Nipponto: The Soul of the Samurai Nuvolari, Lui Warsaw Pact Uniforms & Ranks Witnesses of Stone: Monuments & Architecture of Red Bulgaria 1944-1989

Irene Pollini Giolai Elena Filatova

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26.50 32.00

Sergio Magotti De Agostini, Cesare Giorgio Cantelli Nikolai Vukov & Luca Ponchiroli

Hb Hb Hb Pb

57.50 49.50 37.95 42.00

Schwartz, Gary

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17.50 32.50 65.00

Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb

32.50 30.00 59.50 59.50 80.00 42.50 19.50 19.50 16.50 25.00 25.00 27.50 30.00

Jan Pluis Bleyerveld, Yvonne

Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb

27.50 10.00 45.00 29.95 35.00 49.50 9.95 25.00 35.00 18.95 25.00 50.00 55.00

A Rembrandt Invention Account Book of Theo Van gogh-Stolwijk Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts and Incunabula at Huis Bergh Castle in 's-Heerenberg Dictionary of Dutch & Flemish Still-life Dutch & Flemish Artists in Britain-Roding Dutch and Flemish Portraits 1600-1800 Dutch and Flemish Still Life 1600-1800 Dutch Bank Note Design-Bolten Dutch Goldsmiths' & Silversmiths' Marks Dutch Ship Tiles Dutch Tiles of the 20th Centuries Emblem Books in Leiden- Visser Embroidery from the Arab World Fascination of Ancient Glass-Newby Finger of God-Huisman How to Create Beauty: De Lairesse on the theory and practice of making art Images for the Eye & Soul-Veldman Journey to the West Dominico Laffi Leonardo da Vinci as a physiognomist Limits to Artistic Freedom-Boschloo Looking Through Paintings-Hermens Piet Mondrian: The Complete Writings Practical Dutch Grammar-Spaans Questions of Meaning Jongh Questions of Meaning Jongh Rembrandt's Influence-Heenk Sassetta’s Madonna della Neve-Israels The Dutch Tile: Designs and Names 1570-1930 The Netherlandish Drawings of the 16th Century in the Teylers Museum The North Koreans Van de Velde & Son, Marine Painters Van de Velde & Son, Marine Painters When Weaving Flourished: The Silk Industry in Amsterdam & Haarlem 1585-1750 Young Gentry at Play- Kolfin Ϝίννι-ὁ-Φῦ. Winnie-the-Pooh in ancient Greek

Tutsch, Martin Daalder, Remmelt Daalder, Remmelt Dr Sjoukje Colenbrander

Hb Hb Pb Pb

44.50 32.50 27.00 37.00

Milne, A.A.

Pb Hb

27.50 17.00

Andrew Gallimore Ayami Nishimura Bailey + Rankin Beautyfull Breeding Caroline Saulnier Embrace F**k You Rankin Heidi Klum Marco Antonio x Rankin Myths Monsters & Legends Ranked Rankin 2020 Rankin Nudes Rankinjozi Snog Sofasosexy Spirit of Ecstasy

Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Marco Antoinio & Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin , Sky Arts Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin

Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb

40.00 40.00 80.00 10.00 45.00 40.00 20.00 25.00 100.00 40.00 40.00 4.00 20.00 39.99 20.00 7.99 12.99 40.00

Anne S.Korteweg

Rudi E.O.Ekkart Ildikó Ember

Pluis, Jan Pluis, Jan & Chen, Min Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood

Lyckle de Vries

Kwakkelstein, Michael

Veen, Louis

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020


9783942245081 9783942245067 9783942245050 9783981045871 9783942245074



9780954491147 Sandstein 9783954982967 9783954984596 9783954984459 9783954985319 9783954985241 9783940319395 9783954983612 9783954984732 9783954984107 9783954982370 9783954980000 9783954983735 9783954984268 9783954980321 9783942422307 9783954985197 9783954980178 9783937602486 9783954983650 9783954981205 9783954981748 9783954981731 9783954982974 9783942422956 9783954981632 9783954981724 9783940319401 9783954983421 9783954984879 9783954982240 9783954982325 9783954985142 9783954985166 9783954981441 9783954982714 9783954985180 9783954985326 9783954985029 9783954981663 9783954985524 9783954983001 9783954981083 9783942422987 9783954982431 9783954984169 9783954983803 9783954984497 9783954982462 9783954983278 9783954984220 9783954985425 9783954984589 Schlebrugge Editor 9783902833280 9783851601565 9783851600742 9783903172623 9783851601305 9783851600933 9783851601886 9783902833891 9783902833297 9783851601176 9783851601756 9783851601763 9783851601640 9783851601657 9783851601749 9783902833853 9783851600834


Visually Hungry




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34.00 38.00 24.00 26.00 24.00 29.80 9.80 48.00 38.00 24.00 10.00 40.00 38.00 10.00 12.95 28.00 8.00 9.00 38.00 7.00 6.50 6.50 68.00 7.00 25.00 25.00 29.80 38.00 18.00 38.00 68.00

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19.80 19.60 24.00 19.80 28.00 24.00 48.00 78.00 48.00 48.00 78.00 14.80 29.00 38.00 38.00 28.00 6.95 30.00 25.00 49.90 48.00

Andrea van der Straeten Mark Gilbert

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25.00 21.00

Alexander Rodchenko Grun, Daniel

Pb Pb

19.20 26.00

Peter Noever (Ed)



Andreas Reiter Raabe Annja Krautgasser Jabornegg, Christian Michael Huey Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Melgaard, Bjarne David Quigley

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

17.50 28.00 36.99 21.50 16.00 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 17.50 23.50

1917 Revolution. 4 Bauhausmadels A Class of their Own Deutsche Werkstätten A.R. Penck: “But I’m from Dresden (check it out man, check it out).” Apostles in Prussia Art of Precision Auguste Rodin in the Albertinum Nielsen, Astrid Baselitz, Richter, Polke, Kiefer Adriani, Götz Beyond the Horizon Bob Dylan Mossinger, Ingrid Bundeswehr Museum of Military History Co-Creation Labs Noack, Georg & de Castro, Inés Details! Thümmler, Sabine & Lambacher, Lothar Dreamworld Exhibition of Historical Certificates Expressionist Scherer Franka Hörnschemeyer in the Dresden Albertinum Frauenkirche in Dresden Fred Stein: Dresden – Paris – New York Eschebach, Erika & Weber, Helena Glashütte Cottage Industry Glashütte in the GDR era Glashütte in the GDR era Heinrich Graf von Bruhl Hermann Goertz 1862–1944 Homosexuality_ies (Ger Ed) Bosold, Birgit Homosexuality_ies (Ger w. Eng Booklet) Bosold, Birgit Inventor & Visionary Jacques Lipchitz: A 20th Century Sculptor Mössinger, Ingrid Light in Darkness Brink, Claudia et al Martin Luther and the Reformation Martin Luther and the Reformation / Various Treasures of the Reformation Masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture at the Semper Gallery Mengs’s Cast Collection at the Semper Gallery Michael Wirkner 1954–2012 Minature Stories Ophelia Paints on Gold and Silver Witting, Theresa Porcelain Cabinet in the Tower Room of Dresden’s Royal Palace Princess Hedvig Sofia and the Great Northern War Raphael: The Power of Renaissance Images Koja, Stephan Revolutionary! Mossinger, Ingrid Shining Stone Steckelings, K.H.W. Temptation & Freedom Textile Spaces Evers, susanne The Agency of Display Grave, Johannes et al The Baselitz Way: Nonconformity as imagination’s wellspring Rudert, Konstanze The Lure of Dresden Staatliche Kunstsammlungen The National Socialist Ordensburg Vogelsang The World View of the Mystical PhilosopherJacob Böhme Various Titian:Lady in White Koja, Stephan & Henning, Andreas Treasures of the Collection Koja, Stephan Visionary Spaces Dalbajewa, Birgit et al [as if] After the Storm: A Gentle Manifesto for a Neighborhood in New Orleans Alexander Rodchenko: Inventory of Space AMA: L’ubomír Ďurček, Květa Fulierová, Július Koller and Amateur Artists Andreas Fograrasi: Mondial l'Automobile / Pacific Design Center / Interview with Peter Ghyczy Andreas Reiter Raabe: Pure Paint Annja Krautgasser: Verzeichnis Architecture of the Generali Fundation in Vienna, The Archivaria Artists as Public Intellectual Betonblumen 10 Brad Downey Betonblumen 11 Evan Roth Betonblumen 7 Ripo Betonblumen 8 Busk Betonblumen 9 Permanent Unit Bjarne Melgaard: Daddies Don't Grow on Palm Trees Carl Einstein. A defense of the Real

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

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9783851601169 9783902833358 9783903172340 9783902833006 9783903172241 9783902833945 9783902833808 9783902833648 9783851601848 9783851601701 9783902833587 9783903172005 9783903172166 9783851601312 9783851600384 9783851600858 9783902833846 9783902833150 9783902833211 9783851601541 9783902833495 9783902833327 9783851601794 9783902833204 9783902833556 9783851601947 9783902833488 9783851601183 9783903172708 9783851601718 9783851601916 9783851601459 9783851600315 9783902833013 9783851601787 9783903172531 9783902833266 9783902833372 9783851601930 9783851601435 9783902833938 9783851601190 9783902833686 9783851601220 9783902833761 9783902833655 9783851601527 9783902833129 9783903172692 9783902833389 9783851601725 9783903172272 9783851601176 9783902833518 9783902833112 9783851601688 9783851601800 9783851601732 9783902833525 9783903172289

Carola Dertnig; Perform Perform Perform Carolee Schneemann: Precarious Concept and Design 2 Constanze Rhum: Coming Attractions Critical Complicity Dearie: The Louis Betts Portrait of Harriet King Huey Decomposition: Reconstruction Berlin 1918: Anti-Capitalism, Avante-Garde Art, Atonal Music Detours:1960's Architecture: Italy. Ten Modern Buildings Revisited Edgar Honetschlager: Sugar and Ice Elective Affinities Extroversion: A Talk Franz West Works Frida Parmeggiani: Costume Abstractions Gazprom-City Gilbert Bretterbauer: bretterbauer objects Gottfried Hattinger, Peter Bogner: Space Inventions Hanako Geierhos: ontological rehearsals - Masks, Props, Sculptures Hans Scheirl: h_dandy boy_parts Helga Michie: Works Helmut Lang: Various Conditions Heritage Learning Matters: Museum and Universal Heritage Himalayan Vernacular Ideal Museum: Gottfried Semper's Practical Art in Metals Ikuru Kuwajima: Tundra Kids Intimate Space Iris Andraschek: Passion for the Real John Gerrard: Animated Scene Josef Danner: Figure It Out Josef Trattner: Divan Josef Trattner: Sofa Julie Desire: Lust for Life Julius Koller: Galeria Ganku Kappa-Kun goes Tokyo Kozek Hörlonski: Crisscross Oder Liquid Homelands. The Sonic Productions of Second Generation. [South] Asian Women Lois Weinberger: Rennaissance Garden Marko Lulic: Death of the Monument Michael Huey: Houseguests/China Cupboard Modelling Space: 10th Anniversary Kiesler Foundation Vienna Modern: Architecture Books from the Marzona Collection Music here Music there . Exchanges in Performance Art New Vienna Now: Contemporary Vienna - Architecture, Art, Design, Film, Literature, Music Otto Muehl: Works 1956-2010 Paper Lapap Passages/Boxes/Art in Public Spaces Peter Kollerer: Inner City (London) Rebecca Baron, Dorit Margreiter: Poverty Housing Americus, Georgia Renate Kordon: Where Ariadne Dances Re-Politicizing Art, Theory, Presentation and New Media Technology Rita Ackerman: Meditation on Violence Rudi Molacek: I'll Be My Mirror Self-Timer Stories Sergei Sviatchenko: Collages Sigrid Kurz: On Display Son of the Velvet Rat: Songs Stano Filko, Milos Laky & Jan Zavarsky Straight as the Pine, Sturdy as the Oak Tamara Horáková/Ewald Maurer: Areas Grids Photo Papers Teachings of the Garden The Artist as Public Intellectual Thomas Feuerstein. Futur II Totem and Taboo: Complexity and Relationships Between Art & Design Typo-Passage No. 1 : Alex Trochut Typo-Passage No. 2 : Ariane Spanier Utopia of Sound - Immediacy and Non-Simultaneity Village Textures Yasumasa Morimura: No Pain No Gain

Carola Dertnig Ragona, Melissa Palffy, Andras et al Rike Frank Lisa Mazza & Julia Mortiz (Eds) Michael Huey Martin Clegg & Michael Guttman

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23.00 19.95 55.00 19.25 16.00 21.20 16.40

Martin Feriersinger



Edgar Honetschlager Klocker, Hubert & Wendel-Poray, Denise Franz West, Benedikt Ledebur Hummel, Julius Geppert, Silke et al Panzer,Sophie Grzonka, Patricia et al Gottfried Hattinger Hanako Geierhos, Iosem Umschlag

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Ruby Sircar

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NOW Esterhazy Contemporary Marko Lulic Michael Huey Monika Pessler (Ed) Elisabetta Bresciani (Editor) Thomas Frank Christoph Thun-Hohenstein

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Fc

17.00 16.95 16.00 22.00 28.30 10.00 36.00

Heiri Hafliger Vitus H. Weh Peter Kollerer Rebecca Baron, Dorit Margreiter

Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb

35.00 21.00 14.25 24.80 17.70

Howlett-Jones, Kate et al Marina Grzinic

Hb Pb

22.50 16.40

Jetzer, Gianni; Hubert; Klocker Rudi Molacek Thun-Hohenstein, Felicitas Poyner, Rick Sigrid Kurz Georg Altziebler Banai, Noit Michael Huey Tamara Horáková Platzek, Carola Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen Feuerstein, Thomas Elena Agudio et al

Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

16.95 19.50 24.50 28.00 18.75 15.00 31.00 55.00 16.95 19.99 17.50 16.00 16.00

Erwin K. Bauer, Alex Trochut Erwin K. Bauer, Ariane Spanier Nora M. Alter, Michel Chion Pálffy, András Klocker, Hubert

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

8.50 8.50 23.50 43.00 22.00

Eiblmayr, Silvia & Speigl, Andreas Ivanovic, Christine Klocker, Hubert Hadwig Krautler (Ed) Carl Pruscha Peter Noever (Ed) Kuwajima, Ikuru Georgia Creimer Barbara Steiner John Gerrard Danner, Josef et al Josef Trattner Josef Trattner Julia Seyr Grun, Daniel et al Edgar Honetschlager Hörlonski, Thomas

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020


9783902833020 9783902833617 9783903172081 9783902833242 9783851601862 9783851601961 9783851600292



Simone Kennedy 9780648311409 A Paper Woman Dream Series 1-4 Kennedy, Simone Society of British Theatre Designers 9780952930945 Collaborators Burnett 9780952930983 Make/Believe Kate Burnett 9780952930952 Transformation & Revelation Greer Crawley 9780952930921 2D< 3D Hall & Burnett Snoeck 9783864420535 1914: The Avant-Garde Goes to War Uew M. Schneede 9783864420108 A Robert Smithson Film: Broken Circle Spiral Hill Roel Arkesteijn, Eva Schmidt 9783864421167 A Secret History of Modern Art Pamela Kort; Max Hollein 9783864421464 About Trees Fischer, Peter; McFarlane, Robert 9783864420344 Adam Helms Marianne Boesky 9783864421679 Adolf Fleischmann: An American Abstract Painter? Wiehager, Renate (Ed) 9783936859751 Albrecht Fuchs: MK 95 Albrecht Fuchs 9783936859591 Albrecht Fuchs: Portraits Albrecht Fuchs 9783936859812 All Inclusive: A Tourist World Max Hollein, Matthias Ulrich 9783864422027 Allan Kaprow: Painting 1946–1957: A Survey Baur, Andreas & Ursprung, Phillip 9783864422553 Always Different, Always the Same. Kost, Lynn 9783936859102 Andre Butzer: Das Ende Andre Butzer 9783940953780 Andrea Faciu: Dreams & Accomplices Susanne Kohler, Katrin Meder 9783936859799 Andrea Madesta: Abstract Andrea Madesta 9783940953995 Andrea Winkler: Famous Quotes by Famous People Jens Asthoff 9783864423093 Andreas Greiner: Life Forms 9783936859621 Andreas Gursky: Munich Catalogue Andreas Gursky, Don Delillo 9783864421761 Andreas Karl Schulze: B OT BO TBO T Liesbrock, Heinz 9783940953261 Andreas Karl Schulze: Flatlikekeepingism Andreas Karl Schulze 9783864421112 Andreas Karl Schulze: P SYSYPP S YP P Kebeck, Gunther 9783864420214 Andreas Plum: Paperworks Alex Jasch 9783864421815 Andreas Slominski: Das U des Turhuter Luckow, Dirk 9783936859515 Anonym: In the Future No One Will Be Famous Various 9783864421556 Anselm Reyle: Stripe Paintings 2003-2013 Gebbers, Anna-Catharina 9783864420122 Anthony Gormley: Horizon Field Hamburg Dirk Luckow 9783864421457 Anton Henning: Midnight in Paris Emmert, Claudia 9783940953209 Armin Boehm: Evil Eye Armin Boehm 9783864422461 Asger Jorn: Without Boundares Luckow, Dirk 9783940953377 Astrid Nippold/ Hansjoerg Dobliar: It's Always Night Astrid Nippold 9783864420702 At Work Kurzmeyer, Roman 9783864423307 Ayse Erkmen: One Two Three Gundel, Marc 9783936859478 Ballerina in a Whirlpool Fritz Emslander et al 9783864421976 Beat Zoderer: Around 5 Corners Kienbaum, Jochen 9783864423154 Benjamin Katz: fleurs Darragand, Eric 9783940953322 Bernard Frize:Invisibility Cloak Bernard Frize 9783864421372 Better than de Kooning Baur, Andreas 9783940953988 Bettina Kreig: Abysse Christian Ganzenberg 9783940953711 Bettina Meyer Marietta Franke 9783864422119 Betty Tompkins Pernegger, Karin 9783864422850 Big Orchestra Ulrich, Matthias 9783864422096 Bill Viola: Installations Luckow, Dirk 9783940953834 Biomorph! Hans Arp in a dialogue Oliver Kornhoff, 9783864422744 Birgit Werres: samples for pieces – maybe Kienbaum, Jochen & Laura 9783864422348 Body Check Loers, Veit 9783936859645 Bodycheck: Contemporary Sculpture Matthias Winzen 9783864420610 Bojan Šarčević: A Curious Contortion in the Method of Progress Gauthier,Michel 9783936859553 Bojan Sarcevic: To What Extent Should an Artist Understand Bojan Sarcevic the Implications of His or Her Findings 9783936859232 Bojan Sarcevic: Une Heureuse Regression Bojan Sarcevic 9783864421266 Borden Capalino: Works 2013-2015 Perkins, Frances 9783864422898 Boris Becker: Bunker 1984-1989 Augustin, Roland 9783864420504 Bruce High Quality Foundation: The Transsubstantiation of Bruce 9783864423062 Candice Breitz: Labour 9783864421488 Cao Fei: I watch that worlds pass by Wiehager, Renate 9783864422171 Carl Ostendarp Lobke, Matthia & Saltz, Jerry 9783864421136 Carl Ostendarp: Book (Red Version) Jochen Kienbaum 9783864421143 Carl Ostendarp: Book (Blue Version) Jochen Kienbaum 9783936859539 Carlos Matter: Learning from Liz Carlos Matter 9783940953117 Catholic Factor:Art of Germany & Poland Gaby Dziuba 9783864421563 Cecily Brown: The Sleep Around and the Lost and Found Myers, Terry R. 9783936859690 Cesar Domela: Hannover Catalogue Cesar Domela 9783940953704 Charif Benhelima:Harlem on my Mind Daniella Geo 9783864421884 Charlotte Moth: Travelogue Meyer-Stoll, Christiane 9783940953049 Cher Ami - Votre Marcel Proust Jurgen Ritte 9783936859959 Chinese Portraits Diane Droin-Michaud et al 9783936859133 Christian Holstad: Dignity-Pressed Flowers Christian Holstad 9783864421235 Christian Rosa: I am in Love with the Coco Lobke, Matthia

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

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75.00 28.50 55.00 27.50 38.00 37.50 46.00 32.50 32.50 31.50 40.00 18.95 18.95 28.50 18.95 37.50 65.00 15.50 9.50 7.75 17.50 31.50 23.95 23.50 17.50 23.50 28.50 33.50 18.95 28.50 37.50 23.95 31.50 18.50 8.50 19.50 18.95 18.95 25.00 27.95 30.00 28.50 40.00 28.50 38.00 28.50 12.50

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18.95 23.50 55.00 9.25 32.00 31.50 28.50 23.50 23.50 28.50 23.95 19.50 28.50 28.50 31.50 65.00 28.50 23.95 23.50

Christian Rosa: Love's Gonna Save the Day Christof Mascher: 1979 Christoph Buchel: Artist's Book Conversations with Jurgen Partenheimer and other texts Crossing Media Cuny Janssen: Amami Cuny Janssen: BLU Cuny Janssen: There Is Something in the Air in Prince Albert Cuny Janssen: There Was a Child Went Forth Cuyny Janssen: Yoshino Dag Erik Elgin: Mirror falling from the Wall Dana Schutz: Waiting for the Barbarians Dani Gal: Historical Records Daniel Richter: 10001nacht Darren Almond: Nocturne Darren Almond: The Giverny Polaroids David Czupryn: He She It David Reed: Heart of Glass David Reed: Rock, Paper, Scissors David Renggli: Work, Life, Balance David Smith: Form in Colour David Thorpe: Kleve Catalogue Dieter Roth & Arnulf Rainer Collaborations Duchamp as Curator Eberhard Havekost: U Say Love Egbert Haneke: Vis Motrix Elbphilharmonie Elementary Parts Elmar Trenkwalder Emil Holmer: Parasites and Diagramme Emil Nolde: Cousin of the Deep Enoc Perez: Tender Erik Schmidt: Up Eva Leitolf: German Pictures Facing the World Fausto Melotti Fiona Tan: Catalogue Fiona Tan: Reader "Florian Slotawa: Körnerstraße/Wilhelmshofallee/Hans-Arp-Allee" Florian Slotawa: Viewing Stuttgart Florin Kompatscher Works 2005-2010 Fly Me to the Moon For the Use of Those Who See Foreign & Familiar FORT: Works Fotofinish Fragments of Arte Povera Francesco Neri: Trophy & Treasure Franz Ackerman Friedemann von Stockhausen: Braunschweig Catalogue From Becher to Blume Fuzzy Dark Spot Gary Kuehn Georg Baselitz: Peintre – Graveur

9783864421549 9783864422249 9783864420160 9783864420191 9783864423161 9783940953766 9783864422003 9783940953667 9783936859768 9783940953803 9783936859669 9783940953094 9783940953254 9783864421723 9783864421808 9783864421846 9783864422768 9783864423000 9783864421617 9783864420177 9783864420573

Georg Baselitz: Simunds Cave Georg Herold. where the.. Georg Herold: Multiple Choice Georg Winter: Psychotektonik George Baselitz: Akademie Rousseau Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger:High Water Gerhard Richter: Unique Pieces in Series Gerold Miller: Retrospective Gert & Uwe Tobias: Bonn Catalogue Gert & Uwe tobias: GEM The Hague Gert & Uwe Tobias:Drawings Gert & UweTobias: Burgdorf/ Vienna Catalogue Gert & UweTobias: Hannover Catalogue Geta Bratescu Giacometti- Nauman Good Space Good Space: Communities, or the promise of Happiness Gregor Hildebrandt: Pawn Guillermo Kuitca Guillermo Kuitca: No Tomorrow! Gunter Damisch: Macro Micro

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Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Sections Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Box Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb

26.00 18.95 38.00 25.00 23.95 28.50 45.00 36.50 82.50 55.00 37.50 11.75 33.50 38.00 50.00 42.00 25.00 60.00 38.00 37.50 31.50 28.50 42.00 33.50 23.25 32.50 23.50 27.95 46.00 23.95 40.00 24.00 23.95 34.50 31.50 23.50 28.50 18.50 38.00 33.40 38.00 40.00 23.95 23.95 31.50 48.75 38.00 40.00 28.50 38.00 33.75 32.00 55.00 82.50

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23.50 33.50 35.00 28.50 23.25 23.95 19.50 23.95 54.00 54.00 46.00 28.50 28.50 23.50 31.50 37.50 33.50 26.75 31.50 35.00 38.00

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020


9783864420856 9783940953056 9783936859973 9783864422058 9783864420719 9783940953292 9783864421570 9783936859492 9783864422126 9783864420276 9783864422942 9783864422010 9783864422140 9783940953971 9783940953919 9783864420443 9783864422621 9783864420139 9783940953018 9783864423222 9783864421839 9783936859843 9783864420849 9783864422300 9783864422867 9783936859737 9783864422041 9783864422973 9783864420092 9783864420634 9783864422508 9783940953063 9783936859126 9783936859904 9783864421396 9783864421600 9783864423246 9783864423260 9783864420337 9783864422751 9783940953568 9783864422782 9783940953599 9783864420665 9783864421259 9783864422331 9783936859676 9783864421969 9783940953366 9783940953346 9783864423239 9783864422874 9783864421099 9783864421853



9783940953193 9783936859775 9783864422652 9783936859997 9783936859911 9783864421310 9783936859652 9783936859010 9783936859638 9783864420498 9783864421303 9783864420924 9783864422539 9783864421891 9783864421891 9783864420894 9783864422935 9783940953148 9783864421297 9783864421341 9783864421877 9783940953681 9783864421655 9783864420825 9783940953155 9783940953728 9783864423277 9783864421105 9783940953124 9783864420467 9783864421914 9783864422133 9783864421907 9783864420788 9783864422430 9783936859829 9783940953506 9783864422843 9783864421389 9783940953940 9783940953513 9783936859744 9783864421594 9783864423086 9783864421020 9783936859348 9783864422225 9783940953421 9783864421747 9783940953483 9783936859034 9783864422676 9783864422713 9783936859027 9783936859720 9783940953520 9783864421334 9783940953612 9783864421532 9783864422317 9783864420146 9783940953674 9783864420948 9783864421471 9783940953162 9783864422324 9783864423079 9783940953339 9783864422454 9783864422034 9783864420238 9783864420245 9783940953315 9783864420733 9783864422645 9783940953537

Gunter Umberg/ Elisabeth Vary Gunther Forg, Gunter Herburger: Trilogy of the Paths Günther Förg: [Untitled] 1976–2008 Gunther Forg: Aller/ Retour Gunther Forg: Back and Forth Gunther Forg: Deichtorhallen Hamburg Gunther Forg: Fields - Verges Gunther Forg: Moscow Gunther Forg: Passage Gunther Forg: Twelve Lead Paintings Gunther Forg: Wall Paintings 1978-2013 Hamish Fulton: Walking Transformation Hannah Weinberger: When time lies Hans Eijkelboom: Photo Concepts Hans Eilkelboom: Photographic Concepts Hans Emmenegger Hans Erni Hansjorg Dobliar: Delicate Deformation Haroon Mirza: hrm199 Ltd. Haroon Mirza: hrm199 Ltd. Hartmut Bohm: or-or Hartmut Bohm: Wandarbeiten Heidi Specker: In Front Of Heike Beyer: Scarcely Able to Stand Heinrich Weid: Model Book Heinz Mack: Light Space Colour Henning Strassburger: Die Unschuldigen Henry Moore Herbert Brandl: Hamburg Catalogue Herbert Brandl: Katana Herbert Brandl: Summersnow Herbert Hinteregger: Untitled (Flow) Herbert Maier: Who We Are – A Visual Library Home Stories Hommage à Georg Baselitz Horst Munch: Our War Hubert Kiecol: Golden Hyper! A Journey into Art and Music I am here I Hate Paul Klee I Want To See How You See Ika Huber: Coelin Ingrid Calame: Being Born Installations from 25 Years of the Falkenberg Collection Intractable & Untamed Isa Melsheimer:Artist's Book JAK: Soul Blindness Jan Dibbets: Horizon Jan van der Ploeg: Selected Works 2009-2016 Javier Tellez: 4 1/2 Jeanne Faust: Dusseldorf Catalogue Jeanno Gaussi Jenny Michel: Antenna Diaries Jeppe Hein: Take a Walk in the Forrest at Sunlight Jin Meyerson: 2001-2007 Jochen Schmith: Certain Arrangements John Prues: Fateful Objects Jorinde Voigt: Botanic Code Juergen Teller: The Clinic Julian Lethbridge Julian Schnabel: Deus Ex Machina Julien Maire: A Magnifying Glass for the Time Jurgen Naber: Stops Jürgen Partenheimer: Calliope Katalin Deer: Present Things Katharina Hinsberg. Sequence. Drawings 1-117. Katja Davar Katja Strunz :Points of Entry Katrin Plavčak. On the Couch Katrin Plavčak: Humming Thumbling KIDS Kiki Kogelnik: I Have Seen the Future Kirill Golovchenko: 7 km Klaus Merkel: Hornbook land_scope Larger Than Life Stranger Than Fiction

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Gunter Umberg, Elisabeth Vary Gunther Forg, Gunter Herburger Malycha, Christian Gunther Forg Gunther Forg Luckow, Dirk Gunther Forg Gunther Forg Gunther Forg Uli Knecht Wechsler, Max Baur, Andreas Baur, Andreas Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele Bieder, Patricia Stahlhut, Heinz Hansjorg Dobliar Wader, Rachel; Martinez, Chus Wader, Rachel; Martinez, Chus Wiehager, Renate Ulrike Schick Domrose, Ulrich Litz, Christine; Lobke, Matthia Heinrich Weid Fleck, Robert Brunnet, Bruon Sebastiano Barassi Herbert Brandl Klaus & Elisabeth Thoman Krištof, Andreas Lobke, Matthia Herda, Isabell Hirsch, Nikolaus et al Gohr, Siegfried Horst Munch Eva Schmidt Dax, Max & Luckow, Dirk Clarke, Michael Robert Fleck et al Dirk Luckow Ika Huber Kienbaum, Jochen (Ed) Engelbach, Barbara Isa Melsheimer Baur, Andreas Rudi Fuchs & Eric Verhagen Wiehager, Renate Hilke Wagner Jeanne Faust Dogramaci, Burcu Hausmann, Brigitte Jeppe Hein Jin Meyerson Hilke Wagner Preus, John Jorinde Voigt Bonami, Francesco Storr, Robert Robert Fleck Ulrike Schick Heidbrink, Henriette Schumacher, Anne-Claire (Ed) Katalin Deer Kienbaum, Jochen and Laura Barbara Kuon Hausmann, Brigitte Eiblmayr, Silvia & Heiser, Jörg Estelle Blaschke, Kito Nedo Kirill Golovchenko Klenbaum, Jochen Pohlmann, Ulrich et al Ulrike Groos et al

Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb

23.95 28.50 21.00 75.00 75.00 37.50 77.50 77.50 22.95 23.95 77.50 26.00 25.00 31.50 31.50 35.00 37.50 28.50 31.50 31.50 31.50 23.95 23.50 21.75 23.95 55.00 18.50 27.50 38.00 23.95 19.50 33.50 45.00 26.00 21.00 32.50 28.50 45.00 31.50 38.00 23.95 32.50 23.50 37.50 35.00 28.50 33.50 28.50 37.50 28.50 18.95 21.00 21.00 18.95 46.00 28.50 15.50 54.00 19.50 25.00 31.50 23.95 21.75 23.50 28.50 25.00 37.50 28.50 21.00 31.50 23.95 32.50 28.50 28.50 33.50 28.50

9783864423048 9783864423031 9783936859706 9783864422515 9783864421778 9783864421273 9783940953810 9783940953247 9783864420511 9783864420696 9783940953223 9783940953643 9783864422584 9783936859324 9783940953100 9783864420054 9783864421365 9783864422904 9783936859355 9783864421228 9783864420559 9783864420030 9783864421204 9783940953957 9783864420672 9783864423109 9783864422980 9783864420290 9783864420863 9783936859874 9783936859171 9783940953933 9783864421648 9783864422706 9783864421129 9783936859409 9783864421860 9783864423116 9783864420368 9783864422829 9783864420795 9783864420221 9783940953872 9783936859584 9783864420399 9783864422362 9783940953384 9783864421792 9783864420412 9783864421198 9783864423024 9783864423208 9783864422959 9783940953575 9783864422485 9783864423055 9783940953742 9783864420016 9783864422621 9783936859058 9783864420269 9783940953278 9783864422294 9783864422072 9783864421754

Lea Lublin: A Retrospective Leap in Time Liam Gillick Living in the Material World Luca Trevisani Lucian Freud and the Animal M+M: Come to Me first Magdalena Kita: Californication Maki Na Kamura Manfred Pernice: Haldensleben, Bibette Headland, Hotel Hangelar Marcel Duchamp and the Women Marcel Duchamp: The Curatorial Work Marco Lulic: I was the Waitress at the Bauhaus Marcus Weber. Krazy Dog Moon Kat Maria Brunner Marianne Vitale: Oh don't ask why Marilyn Minter: Hamburg Catalogue Mark Sheinkman: Otterndorf Catalogue Markus Bacher: After Eight Markus Lüpertz: Architecture Dithyrambic Markus Lupertz: Byways and Highways- A Retrospective Markus Lupertz: Myth & Metamorphosis Markus Proschek. Marlene Dumas: Female Marriage at Schloss Dyck Martin Boyce Martin Creed Martin Kippenberger: Bitteschön Dankeschön Martin Kippenberger: Museum of Modern Art Syros Martin Zellerhoff: Taking up the Motif Mary Heilman & Blinky Palermo: Mary Blinky Yay Mary Heilmann: Seeing Things, Visions, Waves & Roads Mathieu Mercier: Everything but the Kitchen Sink Mathilde Rosier: Ceremonially Infused Matthias Weischer: Thicket Matti Braun Max Beckmann in Dialogue Melanie Smith: Short Circuit Memphis Schulze: Catalogue raisonne Meuser: The Woman Rides and the Horse Goes on Foot Michael Beutler: Four Places for Sculptural Projects Michael Schmidt: Food Michael Venezia: Paintings Michel Würthle: le cinema de la vie Mira Schendel: Monotypes Miroslav Balka: Lightduress Mohau Modisakeng: Selected Works Moment Monument: Natalia Stachon Next Generations Nic Hess Drawing Installations 1995-2013 Nikola Röthemeyer: Frauenzimmer Nils Nova:Works So Far Nina Pohl: Oldenburg Catalogue Norbert Schwontkowski: Blind Faith Olaf Metzel Olaf Metzel Olaf Metzel - Hans von Marees Olaf Metzel: Coffee Newspapers Cigarettes Olaf Metzel: From the TV to the Fridge Olafur Eliasson: Symbiotic Seeing Oliver Lenzen: Sand Olivier Mosset: Tutu Out of Shanghai Paradise Handbook Paragons & Afterimages Patricia Bucher: Battle Panorama Paul Schwer Paul Schwer: From both ends Performative Installation Peter Dreher: Hommage to Painting Peter Hutchinson: Dreamed Paradise Peter Roehr. Avant-Garde Artist of the 1960s Peter Saul Peter Zimmerman: Freiburg School

Bayer-Wermuth, Monika Ermacora, Beate Nicolas Bourriaud et al Almarcegui, Lara; Renate Wiehager Ines Ruttinger; Eva Schmidt Claudia Emmert Edzgveradze, Gai et al Wagenfeld-Pleister, Gertude Kaiser, Philipp

Marco Lulic Baur, Andreas Prinzhor, Martin Cattelan, Maurizio Belinda Grace Gardner Mark Sheinkman Velt Loers Gohr, Siegfried Eric Darragon et al Andrea Madesta Gisbourne, Mark & McKenzie, Lucy Marlene Dumas Kay Heymer et al Renate Wiehager Lobke, Matthia & Tabor, Jurgen Dessau, Ory et al Martin Kippenberger Haffner, Hans-Jurgen Mary Heilman & Blinky Palermo Mary Heilmann Baur, Andreas Claudia Emmert Grasskamp, Walter Brunnet, Bruno & Hackert, Nicole Andreas Baur Schulze, Max Meuser Michael Beutler Various Lӧbke, Matthia & Bell, Tiffany Hergott, Fabrice Olivier Renaud-Clement Miroslav Balka Pernegger, Karen Natalis Stachon Kreuzer, Stefanie Ganzenberg, Christian Kuckei + Kuckei Max Wechsler Nina Pohl Florian Waldvogel Osterwold, Tilman Peter Iden et al Kaak, Joachim Matthia Lobke Metzel, Olaf Lenzen, Oliver Schaschl, Sabine Ulrike Schick et al Baur, Andreas Patricia Bucher Ulrike Schick, Johan Hartle Mann, Stephan Angelika Nollert Peter Dreher, Christine Litz Oliver Kornhoff Wiehager, Renate Weinhart, Martina Litz, Christine & Yazici, Didem

Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

31.50 26.00 65.00 26.00 45.00 27.50 28.50 23.50 30.00 26.00

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37.50 21.00 24.00 25.00 31.50 23.50 18.95 23.95 28.50 23.95 77.50 28.50 28.50 38.00 18.95 23.95 23.50 65.00 14.50 23.50 28.50 18.95 31.50 22.95 23.95 37.50 23.25 23.95 42.00 38.00 23.95 235.00 23.50 16.95 45.00 12.50 19.50 23.25 23.95 27.95 42.00 23.95 46.00 28.50 38.00 25.00 28.50 23.50 28.50 23.50 37.50 28.50 37.50 28.50 25.00 55.00 65.00 28.50 25.00 24.00 28.50 28.50 40.00 33.50 23.50

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020


9783864421280 9783864420986 9783940953407 9783864420870 9783864421068 9783864421150 9783940953759 9783864421921 9783864420962 9783864420993



9783940953032 9783864420023 9783864421174 9783864421631 9783864421037 9783864420252 9783940953551 9783864423192 9783864422089 9783864420009 9783864422669 9783864420689 9783864422546 9783936859577 9783936859850 9783936859928 9783936859157 9783864420375 9783864422607 9783864421426 9783864420757 9783864420115 9783864420979 9783864422720

Peter Zimmerman: Works since 1987 Philipp Geist Picasso in Contemporary Art Pipilotto Rist: Your Saliva is my Diving Suit in the Ocean of Pain Poetry of the Metropolis Porcelain Manufacture Nymphenburg Poul Gernes: Retrospective Priska von Martin Production. Made in Germany Three Psycho: Ena Swansea & Robert Lucander Qin Yufen. Leben (Life) Rainer and the Women Ralf Ziervogel: As If Ralf Ziervogel: Immobile Ralf Ziervogel: Young German Art Ralph Mueller: WUM Ready to Shoot: TV and Video Gallery Recent British Painting Remembering Landscape Remy Zaugg: And the Question of Perception Re-View Riotous Baroque: From Cattelan to Zurburan Rite of Passage Roman Signer: New Works

9783864420481 9783864422270 9783864422560 9783864421990 9783864422201 9783940953490 9783864420436 9783940953650 9783864421945 9783864420931

Romana Scheffknecht Ronald Kodritsch. Neue Frisuren für die Ewigkeit Sabrina Haunsperg. Works 2008-2018 Sabrina Labis: You are the only one Sarah Lucas Sarah Ortmeyer: Internationalismus Saul Steinberg: The Americans Sculpture Garden, Villa Schoningen Sculptures Made of Paper Sebastian Diaz Morales: Ficcionario

9783864420917 9783940953827 9783940953629 9783864422157 9783864421440 9783864423215 9783940953636 9783864420047 9783936859003 9783864420429 9783864420542 9783936859546 9783864422775 9783940953773 9783864420832 9783940953230 9783864422232 9783940953698 9783940953131 9783940953735 9783864420207 9783936859461 9783936859560 9783940953855

Secret Signs Secret Societies Sergej Vutuc: Something in Between Serial Formations 1967/2017 Shaan Syed: Catalogue Sharon Ya'ari: The Romantic Trail and the Concrete House Siegfried Anzinger: Linz Catalogue Siegfried Anzinger: Works 2011 Sigmar Polke: Daphne Sigmar Polke: Multiplication of Humour Sigmar Polke:Posters Collection Ciesielski Signe Guttormsen: With Backs Facing Forward Silke Wagner: Migration and Plant Silvia Bachli & Eric Hattan: Snow Until May Simone Demandt: Instrumenta Sceleris Simone Strasser: Wanted Singular Plural Sofie Bird-Moller Sowing and Weeding: Folk Culture in Contemporary Art Stefan Panhans: Sorry Stephan Balkenhol in Sankt.Elisabeth, Kassel Stephan Balkenhol: Baden-Baden Catalogue Stephan Balkenhol: Hamburg Catalogue Stephan Balkenhol: In Meisenthal and the Chateau Malbrouck Stephan Balkenhol:Balancing Act Stephan Reusse: Artisitc Process of Opening Streamlines Sue Weber: Formula:marionette Susanne Paesler: Works 1991-2006 Takato Saito: You and Me Tal R Tal R: Babylonia Tal R: Egyptian Boy Tatiana Trouve: I Tempi Doppi The Forces Behind the Forms The Infinite White Abyss

9783940953353 9783864420085 9783864421518 9783864421211 9783864421662 9783864422218 9783940953797 9783864422287 9783864420450 9783864420801 9783864421716 9783864420818


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Peter Zimmerman Holger Lund et al David Bowie Aeschaber, Kurt et al

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38.00 28.50 55.00 31.50

Schlicht, Esther & Wetzel, Roland Frank Stolle Dirk Luckow Litz, Christine Various Belinda Grace Gardner et al Hausmann,Brigitte Weiermair, Peter Luckow, Dirk et al Ralf Ziervogel Ralf Ziervogel Ralph Mueller Gerry Schum Tom Morton Schmidt, Eva & Vöckler, Kai de Croix, Mathilde Schimmel, Paul Bice Curiger Klocker, Hubert Ströbele,Ursula; Végh, Christina & Bosch,Julika Patrizia Grzonka et al Kodritsch, Ronald Schaufler-Münch,Christine Hermann, Sigrid

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42.00 32.50 65.00 37.50 30.00 18.95 21.00 28.50 40.00 142.50 28.50 28.50 55.50 28.50 33.50 31.50 46.00 30.00 26.00 21.00

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23.95 33.50 22.00 11.75 33.50 28.50 38.00 23.95 31.50 42.00

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42.00 38.00 28.50 40.00 23.50 28.50 38.00 23.95 495.00 38.00 46.00 23.95 21.00 23.95 21.75 28.50 33.50 28.50 28.50 28.50 17.50 65.00 28.50 28.50

Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb

28.50 38.00 23.50 23.50 23.50 33.50 38.00 21.00 28.50 35.00 31.50 50.00

Sarah Ortmeyer Andreas Prinzing Matthias Dopfner Gundel, Marc Amado, Rocardo; Morales, Diaz, Sebastian; Hill, Gary et al. Ma, Lesley; Mingyuan, Hu Ina Blom et al Jocko Weyland Wiehager, Renate Kielmayer, Oliver Holzhey, Magdalena Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller Rudi Fuchs Sigmar Polke Eva Schmidt Axel Ciesielski Signe Guttormsen Löbke, Matthia Michael Semff, Harriet Zilch Demandt, Simone Simone Strasser Lange-Berndt, Petra et al Laura Henseler et al Nicole Fritz, Franz Schwarzbauer Eva Schmidt, Hans-Jurgen Hafner Ap. Gen.Vicariate Fulda Stephan Balkenhol Stephan Balkenhol Matthias Winzen Nicolaus Fest & Matthias Winzen Marietta Franke Luckow, Dirk & Kouoh, Koyo (Eds) Weber, Suse Schreier, Christian; Berg, Stefan (Eds) Schmidt, Eva & Stahl, Johannes Florian Waldvogel Gohr, Siegfried Various Berg, Stephan; Ragaglia, Letizia et al. Ermacora, Beata et al Ackermann, Marlon; Dalrymple Henderson, Linda; Lorzen, Ansger; Lunk, Jessica; Quabeck, Nina; Skallks, Anne; Tillberg, Margareta; Wijnberg, Louise; Chavannes, Meta


The Mirror of Narcissus : From Mythological Demigod to Mass Phenomenon Thierry Colin: Beyond the Edge Thilo Droste: Ego Thomas Feuerstein: Trickster Thomas Feuerstein:Psychoprosa

9783936859287 9783940953544 9783936859362 9783864421013

Thomas Scheibitz: Venice Biennale Thomas Schutte: Big Buildings Thomas Schutte: Watercolours Those Early Years

9783864420771 9783936859423 9783864421686 9783864422881 9783936859980 9783864421822 9783864420061 9783864422317 9783864420658 9783864423185 9783864420566 9783864423284 9783864421327

Tobias Rehberger: Home and Away Tom Wesselmann: Pictures at the Wall of your Heart Trinity Umbo, Photographer Ute Behrend: Zimmerpflanzen Viehof Collection Volker Huller Walter Pichler. Objects Walter Pichler: Drawings We Never Sleep Wermke & Leinkauf Werner Buttner: Undichte Schlüssellöcher Whatness

9783864421785 9783864421587

Willie Doherty: Home With Different Eyes

9783864422164 9783936859164 Somogy 9782757213629 9782757206621 9782757211120 9782757208564 9782757209929 9782757212943 9782757213896 9782757212967 9782757204979 9782757208533 9782757209783 9782757208823 9782757205679 9782757213049 9782757211847 9782757201220 9782757206065 9782757211809 9782757206591 9782757206171 9782757213636 9782757213001 9782757206560 9782757213957 9782757212448 9782757207840 9782850569326 9782757212929 9782757208601

Wolfgang Trager: A Fluxus Family Portrait Album Yoshitaka Amano: M

9782757209097 9782757209332 9782757213704 9782757205419 9782757208946 9782757213599 9782757213421 9782757210932 9782757212349 9782757207482 9782757213759 SP Books 9780955898044 9780955898037

A Life in Africa 1894-1939 Andre le Notre and the Gardens of Chantilly Artists in Montmartre 1870-1910 Arts & Cultures No. 15/2014 Ballets of Monte-Carlo 1985-2015 Bernard Pras Cedrix Crespel: Monograph Chiens Cachorros Dogs Denis Felix: The Thread of Life Emmanuel Regent: While It's Still Day En mode sport Erro: Retrospective Festins de la Renaissance: Cusines et Tresors Francois 1er et l'Art des Pays-Bas Francois Bard Houdon at the Louvre- Scherf J.D.Kirszenbaum: The Lost Generation Käfig at 20! Look Mr.Monet..See How the Seine has Changed Low Tide: Japan in Chaos Magnelli and “la Peinture inventée” Manuel Campo: Fear of a Kitsch Existence Matisse : The Colour Paper-cuts. A revealing donation. Maxime Zhang: The whole spirit of painting Montmartre: A Film Set Musee Eugene Delacroix Museum of Decorative Art of Bordeaux Napoleon Pol Quadens: From Drawing to Design and Drawing to the Idea Shahabuddin: Rhythms, colours, movements Speedy Graphito: Serial Painter The French Touch: Cinema The Knights Templar The Spirit of Montmartre 1875-1910 The World of Speedy Graphito Vera Röhm : In Search of Rational Beauty Wim Delvoye Wim Delvoye Zoo. The Metamorphosis Zoospective: The Animal Kingdom of Mauro Corda Sargy Mann, Late Paintings Perceptual systems an inexhaustible reservoir of information and the importance of art

Beate Ermacora



Thierry Colin Paul Brodowsky Hans-Peter Wipplinger Ermacora, Beate; Feurestein Thomas; Tabor, Jurgen Thomas Scheibitz Rainald Schumacher Thomas Schutte Hartog, Arie; Plath, Carina; Stonard, John-Paul Ulrich, Matthias Tom Wesselmann Irvine, Karen Schube, Inka Ute Behrend Luckow, Dirk Margit Brehm et al Thoman, Klaus and Elisabeth Reeder, Christian & Weber, Stephanie Ricupero, Cristina Bettina Klein Madsen, Kristian Vistrup Franz, Erich; BeuB, Fiona; Larrat-Smith, Philip Baur, Andreas & Wenzel, Anka Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele; Berg, Stephan (Eds) Skrobanek, Kerstin Yoshitaka Amano

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14.50 65.00 38.00 26.00

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38.00 23.95 70.00 55.00 23.95 45.00 28.50 25.00 23.95 32.00 28.50 23.25 23.50

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23.50 31.50

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25.00 23.95

Caude, Elisabeth Quadens, Pol

Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb

39.00 25.95 9.50 27.00 40.00 35.95 39.00 19.90 36.00 26.25 19.95 40.00 37.50 44.99 39.90 32.00 25.95 20.00 25.95 33.50 25.95 49.90 31.50 25.00 20.00 8.75 14.00 29.90 40.00

Stal, Dominique Florent Hugoniot; Bourgeois, Anbne Arnaud Baudin Cate, Dennis, Phillip Hugoniot, Florent D’Orgeval, Domitille Lunghi, Enrico Lunghi, Enrico Descharrieres, Veronique Lemarié, Gérard

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49.95 36.00 39.00 25.50 17.25 39.95 35.95 35.00 35.00 26.25 25.95

Laing,Olivia Mann,Sargy

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26.00 4.00

Dilley, Roy Nicole Garnier Viart, Aude; Mattet, Laurence Maillot, Jean-Christophe Lemoine, colin Rivera, Guillaume De Andrade, Alecio Bernard Giraudeau Regent, Emmanuel; Grasse, Marie-Christine; Various Valerie Boudier Scaillierez, Cecile Faroux, Renaud Nathan Diament Dumont, Agathe d'Aymeric Perroy Denis Rouvre Abadie, Daniel Balaguer, Menene Gras Patrice Deparpe Xuriguera, Gérard Philippe, Pierre Serullaz, Arlette;

JOHN RULE Autumn 2020


9783936859867 9783864421044 9783864420313 9783864421242



9780955898006 Sargy Mann; Probably the Best Blind Painter in Peckham (Special edition) Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum 9788417173166 Vasarely: The Birth of Op Art


JOHN RULE Autumn 2020

Mann,Sargy and Mann,Peter



Orosz, Mรกrton & Imre, Gyรถrgyi



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JOHN RULE Autumn 2020


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