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Cover image Fatima, imprisoned and tortured in Sudan, 2015. Courtesy of Andres Serrano & a/political.

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Marco Antonio x Rankin Marco Antonio, Rankin A photographer renowned for his collaborative spirit, Rankin presents highlights from across his work with make-up artist Marco Antonio. Having worked together on everything from high-profile campaigns to editorials for some of the world’s most prominent magazines, Marco Antonio x Rankin explores the duo’s distinctive artistic vision. Mixing Marco’s pop colour pallets with Rankin’s signature sense of humour, this publication is a tour through some of the boldest make-up photography around today. This title also includes an in conversation between Rankin and Marco, discussing not only their careers together but also where make-up and beauty sits in today’s visual culture. A must read for anyone interested in fashion, beauty, art or photography. October 2019 9780995574120 | £40.00 Hardback | 104pp | 300 x 250mm 50 colour photos Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

“Having worked with Marco now for several years he is the perfect example of finding someone with that spark, where you know they are not only talented but have a true point of view. I’m always excited to work with him, it is collaborations like ours where the most exciting images are taken.” - Rankin



Adieu Audrey A tribute to Audrey Hepburn, an endearing star of ethereal beauty. First published in 1993 and now, 25 years after her death, available in a new reprint, the book assembles the best film stills, portraits, and private photographs of arguably the most charming movie actress of all times. 9783829608602 | £15.95 Hardback | 136pp | 230 x 170 mm 89 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire

Anton Corbijn: The Living and the Dead Anton Corbijn’s most recent publication goes back to his roots, featuring his autobiographic series a. somebody; an early series of tombs, Cemetery; and eighty iconic portraits of musicians and bands from his career of 40 years. 9783829608343 | £19.95 Paperback | 220pp | 280 x 225 mm 119 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire

Brigitte Lacombe: Cinema / Theater To the public Brigitte Lacombe is largely unknown; film and theatre celebrities, however, made her their favorite portraitist. No wonder, her pictures of Woody Allen, Robert de Niro, Jeanne Moreau, Dustin Hoffman, and others bespeak a trust and familiarity between model and artist that is unique in contemporary photography 9783829601801 | £19.95 Paperback | 272pp | 355 x 260 mm 254 col & b/wills Rights: UK & Eire


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Gustave Le Gray: Seascapes A pioneer of techniques, a gifted teacher, and early architectural photographer, Le Gray was also the founder of artistic photography. His seascapes and cloud studies, today among the market’s most valuable prints, earned him overnight fame and admiration by the Impressionists.



9783829607278 | £19.95 Hardback | 104pp | 245 x 305 mm 42 colour ills Rights: UK & Eire

The 1907 Paris Exhibition: Paul Cezanne and Rainer Maria Rilke A piece by piece reconstruction of the legendary 1907 Cézanne memorial exhibition in Paris, visited and described by Rainer Maria Rilke in his letters to his wife Clara. 9783829608473 | £25.00 Hardback | 200pp | 260 x 200 mm 69 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire

every past is my past

#twentiethcentury #photography #Fortepan

Fortepan: Every past is my past. Texts by Judit Geller, Eszter Kiss, András Torok, István Viragvolgyl. The exhibition Every Past Is My Past displays a selection of more than three hundred pictures from the popular Fortepan digital photoarchives, which is now ten years old. The photographs are closely intertwined with Hungary’s 20th-century history. The images capture the period in many ways and layers but with a focus on the perspective of ordinary people and their experiences conveyed by private photographs, which form the backbone of the collection.

July 2019 9786155987038 | £30.00 Hardback | 260pp | 255 x 205 mm 140 col & b/w ills. Rights: Worldwide exc. Hungary

Two secondary school classmates, Miklós Tamási and Ákos Szepessy, began to collect the more than 110 thousand photographs of the digital Fortepan archives back in the 1980s. After a period of regular but haphazard collecting of discarded amateur photos and negatives in flea markets and other places, they launched an online site with 5,000 digitised images in 2010. Soon after this many private individuals and public institutions joined the circle of donors, now comprising 600 hundred, thanks to whose pictures the archives are augmented every month.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



André Kirchner: Berlin, The City’s Edge Text by Ulrich Domröse

André Kirchner Stadtrand Berlin The City’s Edge 1993 /1994

July 2019 9783960700340 | £32.00 Paperback | 152 pp | 280 x 217 mm 68 duotone photos Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East & Far East

To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, this book premieres the series Stadtrand Berlin by André Kirchner, the acclaimed documentary photographer who took the pictures of the reunited city along its historical border between 1993 and 1994. Kirchner chose a perspective looking inwards on the city from outside. The geographical starting point was the former border crossing at Drewitz. Moving counterclockwise, within a year he reached Glienicker Brücke, a bridge near Potsdam. The sixty single exposures construct a view of the periphery of Greater Berlin within the 234-kilometer boundary defined in 1920, when surrounding towns were absorbed into the city, which corresponds roughly to its current footprint. The documentary series features not only relics of the Berlin Wall but also farmsteads indicating a rural lifestyle, long country roads, factory ruins left behind by advancing twentieth-century industrialization and modern-day satellite communities. Kirchner’s quiet panoramas subtly expose traces of one hundred years of urban history in a last moment of silence before the rapid post-reunification developments would change these places forever.

Barbara Probst: The Moment in Space Co-published with Le Bal, Paris Text by Frédéric Paul



July 2019 9783960700357 | £32.00 Paperback | 120pp | 300 x 235mm 158 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East & Far East


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Barbara Probst startied out as a sculptor, but since 2000 she has been working on photographic series entitled “Exposures.“. Each of these series consists of various representations of the same moment, generated by a multitude of cameras pointed at the same event or subject, from different angles and at different distances. Once the images are linked to each other, an enigmatic drama emerges from these sets, calling to mind different photographic genres (from portrait to still life, land- scape or studio photography). Bringing to light the artefacts of the photographic process and focusing on representation strategies, Barbara Probst challenges our ability to decipher reality. The book features both her first emblematic works such as Exposure #1 (2000) and her most recent series created in 2018, Exposures #138, 139 and 140. In his essay the author Frédéric Paul explores the conceptual and theoretical background of Probst’s work by explaining her process of conceptualising and creating the exposures as well as aspects of installation and exhibition and the impact on the viewer.

Text by Heinz-Norbert Jocks

July 2019 9783960700333 | £28.00 Hardback | 160pp | 280 x 200 mm 86 photos. Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East & Far East

Gerhard Vormwald, who died in Paris in 2016, became first known in the international art scene in the 1980s and 1990s. Even before the creation of Photoshop he visually exploited gravity and our imagination. In his surreally choreographed montages people float, water flows upward, and things dance in space. This book provides an overview of his found and invented visual worlds—from early documentary images (On the Road), to architectural montages (Concrete Illusions), image pairings (Blind Date Essentials), Surrealistic still lifes (Autonomy of Things), distorted negative compositions (Black Light), and a few of the images from his advertising work. Vormwald’s cheerful lust for the absurd and mysterious is reflected in his passionate quest to poetically “unrealize” the world around him. The fact that he is almost forgotten today can be attributed to the unwieldiness of his pictures, which cannot be reduced to an easily recognizable trademark. It would certainly be worthwhile to dive even deeper into his extensive archive for future publications and exhibitions!


Gerhard Vormwald: Image Finder

Henrik Spohler: Hypothesis Text by Urs Stahel

November 2019 9783960700401 | £32.00 Hardback | 136pp | 225 x 300 mm 50 photos. Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East & Far East

The photographic project Hypothesis by Henrik Spohler addresses the world of science and research in analytical, documentary images and poses questions about our relationship to nature and the environment. The photo essay is divided into four sections: The chapter “Time” deals with geological time, time measurement, and the existence of the universe. The chapter “Space” features satellites and observatories. “Matter” provides insights into research on the smallest parts of nature and “Life” deals with basic research on animal and plant organisms and humans. The four topics complement each other and create a photo series with its very own cosmos—a pictorial mega-laboratory that is partly detached from the outside world and obeys a single goal without any concrete specification: to provide the world of tomorrow with new insights. In a world where it has become politically possible to ignore or even negate scientific findings, the Hypothesis project uses documentary photography to show a complex and highly developed scientific system as the basis for an enlightened and future-minded society.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



Ingar Krauss: Huts Hedges Heaps Texts by Kenneth Anders, Christiane Stahl

July 2019 9783960700388 | £34.00 Hardback | 88pp | 260 x 240 mm 54 tritone photos Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East & Far East

The book Huts Hedges Heaps is about human order in nature. The laconic photographs of small, rural gardens that Krauss shot between 2010 and 2017 particularly in Brandenburg show concentrated traces of human efforts to create order, which take on graphic and sculptural dimensions in the pictures’ structure. In the Black Forest he produced pictures of wood piles, whose man-made forms seem even more abstract because they organically fit into the structures of their natural surroundings, recalling the work of Land artists. The huts, hedges, and heaps are connected to the American New Topographic movement of the 1970s insofar as they “fulfill everything that people wanted in a picture in those days, overturning an observation into a ‘higher’ order of some kind; the monumentalization of the everyday, not by resorting to monumentalizing genres, but by the captivating composition of the image,” as Ulf Erdmann Ziegler writes.

Lia Darjes: Tempora Morte Text by Andrei Zavadski

September 2019 9783960700364 | £24.00 Hardback | 92pp | 240 x 200 mm 30 photos. Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East & Far East


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

During a residency in Kaliningrad Lia Darjes discovered the small improvised market stands on the roadsides of this neglected area largely cut off from the development of modern Europe. Kaliningrad Oblast was a military area with heavily restricted access until 1991, and since the end of the USSR it has been a Russian exclave isolated between the EU members Poland and Lithuania. On the simplest improvised stands, old women offer what they harvest with their hands from their gardens, nearby fields, and forests to supplement their feeble pensions. The pictures are enlivened by the aura of simplicity and plainness of the presentation of goods on the ground, on wooden boxes, newspapers, or modest camping tables. Lia Darjes’s pictures show these goods in a classic, almost timeless manner. Her still lives are complimented by a few portraits of market women and traders. With the pictures of Tempora Morte in her first photobook, Lia Darjes aims to develop a relationship of the classical still life genre with contemporary documentary photography.

The NSU Serial Murders Preface by Arvid Jurjaks

July 2019 9783960700371 | £24.00 Paperback | 112pp | 280 x 225 mm 32 photos. Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East & Far East


Paula Markert: A Journey through Germany.

The verdict of the five-year NSU (National Socialist Underground) murder trial was announced in Munich in July 2018. The so-called NSU Trial is a milestone in postwar German jurisdiction that deeply challenged the understanding of democracy of all those who were directly and indirectly involved. Beate Zschäpe, the sole survivor of the NSU terror cell, and four supporters were eventually sentenced to prison terms. For eleven years the NSU committed right-wingextremist-motivated murders in Germany, claiming the lives of ten people. The series of murders ended with the discovery of the corpses of Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos in 2011. Only then did the judiciary discover the connections between the victims, who had long been under suspicion themselves, and the right-wing extremist movement. From fall 2014 to spring 2017 the Hamburgbased documentary photographer Paula Markert traveled through Germany, following in the footsteps of the NSU and documenting people and places associated with the NSU. Her photos of crime scenes and holiday retreats of the murderers are juxtaposed with portraits of victims, lawyers, and institutions. Markert’s photographs are combined with twelve selected text fragments and excerpts from interviews, providing a multifaceted impression of the events.

Udo Hesse: Ost-Berlin | East-Berlin Texts by Adolf Endler, Udo Hesse, Andreas Krase

Udo Hesse Ost-Berlin Bilder aus Berlin-Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg und Köpenick in den 1980er Jahren Pictures of Berlin-Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, and Köpenick in the 1980s

October 2019 9783960700425 | £32.00 Hardback | 96pp | 290 x 230 mm 84 duotone photos. Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East & Far East

"In the early eighties, the photographer Udo Hesse, at the time living in West Berlin, walked with his camera through East Berlin, a place that to him was strangely familiar and disconcerting at the same time. The postwar period lasted long in both parts of the city and even longer in the east. The result is a photographic document that laconically, silently, and yet impressively tells of the past in a vanished country” (from Andreas Krase's foreword). In the appendix Udo Hesse also tells of his encounter with the East Berlin Police and the Stasi. He rediscovered a few prints of his then-confiscated negatives in his Stasi files in 2007. More than thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Hesse’s photographs can now be seen in a new and different light. The viewer’s inner eye involuntarily compares the images of the past with the present of Berlin’s new center.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019




Boris Becker: Bunker 1984–1989 Edited by Gabriele Conrath-Scholl

September 2019 9783864422898 | £55.00 Hardback | 272 pp | 275 x 225 mm 50 col,150 duotone and 600 small ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

As both an artist’s book and an archive book, this publication also introduces an important and poignant theme of German history. On show are the most diverse types of bunkers, built in particular during World War II between 1940 and 1944, looked at in the period between 1984 and 1989 by artist and photographer Boris Becker. When he began his documentary project, the Cold War period was almost over, and the concrete buildings were no longer needed for civil defense purposes. Even more so than in the past, they appeared like outlandish and seemingly uncanny monsters within the cityscapes. Their function seemed controversial, and no rational-minded person wanted anything to do with the murderous ideology they evoked that had brought these buildings to light. Boris Becker has photographed around 700 bunkers in more than 40 West German cities. He based the series of works of the overground bunkers, on a method similar to the conceptual approach by his teachers, the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher.



Next Generations: Contemporary Photography made in the Rhineland Edited by Stefanie Kreuzer

July 2019 9783864422829 | £27.95 Paperback | 144pp | 260 x 210 mm 90 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.

The “schools of photography” of the Rhineland are internationally renowned. Closely connected to photography as a conceptual medium are the names of Bernd and Hilla Becher. Since 1990, the diploma program “Audiovisual Media” has been available at the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in Cologne, an entirely new place for future-oriented teaching and practice of art photography. The artists of “Next Generations” basically follow conceptual approaches, yet extend photography to space, the moving image, painting, poetry, graphics and to photographics. Those born in the 1970s and 1980s are aware of the fleeting nature of images on the Internet. They reflect their presence in our everyday perception as well as the conditions of their construction and reproduction, frequently as hybrids of analogue and digital processing techniques. Against the background of the history of photography, the artists move on from old notions of photography as an image of reality, and embed the once tantalizing promise of reality into the echo chambers of their new artistic work.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019




Umbo. Photographer Edited by Inka Schube

September 2019 9783864422881 | £55.00 Hardback | 336pp | 280 x 230 mm 320 duotone ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Umbo – this name stands for a kind of “big bang” in modern photography in the mid-1920s: born in 1902 in Düsseldorf as Otto Maximilian Umbehr, is considered the inventor of the image of the New Woman, the new image of the street, and photographic reportage per se. He also represents the media metropolis Berlin in the 1920s, spurred above all by immigrants from Eastern Europe, for a rapidly developing film, music, theater and cabaret scene, for glimpses into the backyards and kitchens of overflowing tenement houses. The publication, which presents a selection of 200 works and numerous documents, is essentially based on Umbo’s estate. Protected and moved for decades by Phyllis Umbehr, the artist’s daughter, and gallery owner Rudolf Kicken, it assembles more than 600 photographs and extensive source material. The publication offers the opportunity to re-examine the many projections associated with the name Umbo and not least, it revolves around the failure of the avant-garde and the difficulty of following up on their successes after the Second World War.



Gió Sbriz: End of a Season With a text by Wisława Szymborska

July 2019 9781527233225 | £30.00 Hardback | 100pp | 230 x 245 mm 46 colour photos Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy

End of a Season is not a project based on a specific topic nor does it describe a particular human condition. Gio Sbriz acted through impulse and instinct, creating a series of images with which we can irrationally connect. They are like short poems, each one living and breathing by itself. The viewers cannot absorbe these images passively, as this is not a standard book based on a project with a clear objective.There is no information available regarding the subjects or places. From Sbriz's point of view, it is irrelevant and likely to distract.The photos, mostly in color, are very direct and honest. They are not restricted to an obvious theme or interpretation, easily digested and categorized.These subjects are like us. They are common people and objects all around us while we are distracted by the loud noise of life. Like the beautiful poem Some People Like Poetry by Wisława Szymborska, Gio Sbriz is not able to help us as he does not have an answer.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



Triumph of the Body: Michelangelo and Sixteenthcentury Italian Draughtsmanship Texts by Marco Simone Bolzoni, Sir Timothy Clifford, Paul Joannides, Zoltán Karpati, William E. Wallace

July 2019 9786155987021 | £32.00 Paperback | 440pp | 285 x 235 mm 200 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Hungary

Following the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, the Museum of Fine Arts hosts a show of Michelangelo’s drawings, the other genius of the Italian Renaissance. Drawing played a central role in the art of Michelangelo, who left behind an outstanding legacy mainly as a sculptor but also as a painter and architect. His drawings allow an insight into the creative process of the master’s celebrated works, since he prepared all his creations on paper. This exhibition catalogue is intended primarily for the general public. For this reason, the authors have refrained from debating the sophisticated questions of attribution regarding individual drawings, which are often difficult even for experts to unravel. Similarly, it was not their aim to discuss the uncertainties of dating specific works of art. Their objective was to set the drawings in the broader historical, social, political, or economic context of the period, and the main concern was to address the question of how the cult of Michelangelo, which still influences our judgement of his oeuvre, first manifested itself during his lifetime.

The Surrealist Movement from Dalí to Magritte Crisis and Rebirth in 1929 Edited by Didier Ottinger, Marie Sarré and Zsófia Kovács

July 2019 9786155987069 | £36.00 Hardback | 250pp | 280 x 238 mm 180 col & b/w illus Rights: Worldwide exc. Hungary


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

The exhibition will document the main trends of Surrealism, its central figures and outstanding artists through the extremely eventful period in the movement’s history, the year 1929 fraught with personal and artistic conflict. One of the most noteworthy moments of 1929 was the appearance of Salvador Dalí of Catalonia on the Parisian art scene and his taking the leading role in the group of surrealists. His film made together with Louis Buñuel, Un Chien Andalou, debuted that year, and was the first masterpiece of surrealist moving pictures, confirming that the unique perspective and new artistic approach advocated by the movement can be coupled with the most varied technical solutions. The show will provide a broad overview of the works made at the time by the surrealists, including Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Yves Tanguy, René Magritte, Pablo Picasso and Francis Picabia. Surrealist photography will be represented at the exhibition with works by Man Ray and Brassaï.



Giorgio de Chirico: Catalogue of Works Vol.IV, 2018 Artworks from 1913-1975 Texts by Paolo Picozza and Lorenzo Canova

July 2019 9788893970006 | ÂŁ275.00 Hardback | 512pp | 280 x 240 mm 400 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy

In the fortieth year of the disappearance of the Pictor Optimus, The Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of the fourth volume of the General Catalog of Giorgio de Chirico’s work, presenting a set of more than 455 works considered authentic by the Foundation and reproduced in chronological order from 1913 to 1975. As in previous editions, it includes only works not present in the historical cataloging of Claudio Bruni Sakraischik (1971-1987). The volume, edited by the Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation and includes a presentation by Paolo Picozza - President of the Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation, an introductory essay by Lorenzo Canova and an unpublished essay (in its original long version) by Giorgio de Chirico entitled Zeuxis the Explorer. With an updated chronological biography of the artist and a summary of the activities of the Foundation.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



Metaphysical Art The De Chirico Journals N.17/18 2018 Edited by Fondazione Giorgio e Isa De Chirico, Rome

July 2019 9788893970037 | £46.50 Paperback | 248pp | 240 x 165 mm 248 color ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Forty years have passed since Giorgio de Chirico left us, yet he remains present through the immensity of his art. It has also been 20 years since the Foundation opened the doors of the Maestro’s home, making it a true House-museum, an authentic location of thought and painting, visited by those sensitive people, national and international, who respond to his art. And there is a reason: the Giorgio de Chirico House museum is the only place where 60-70 of the artist’s masterpieces can be admired in the place where many of them were created; thus, bringing to life the atmosphere surrounding their conception and realisation, an atmosphere of work that echoes in the silence of the studio on the top floor of the apartment, among easels, brushes, bottles, canvases, objects and his reference library. It could be said that de Chirico still lingers in the house he so loved, sometimes giving rise to a metaphysical sensation in visitors.


Visionary Spaces: Kandinsky, Mondrian, Lissitzky and the Abstract-Constructivist AvantGarde in Dresden 1919–1932 Edited by Birgit Dalbajewa et al

July 2019 9783954984589 | £48.00 Paperback | 336pp | 280 x 235 mm 290 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire

Dresden was a hotspot for Europe’s artistic avant-garde in the 1920s. Above all, Soviet Russian Constructivism, the Dutch “De Stijl” movement and the Bauhaus caused a stir in the “Florence on the Elbe”, as Dresden, a city steeped in tradition, was commonly called. Works by El Lissitzky, Piet Mondrian, Lyonel Feininger, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, László Moholy-Nagy, Oskar Schlemmer and others were exhibited in the local galleries. The general public rubbed their eyes, local art critics were outraged, yet the open-minded bourgeois establishment visited the exhibitions. Some even bought the new art, especially the well-known Dresden collector and patron Ida Bienert. In 29 essays, this volume explores the networks of artists, galleries and private collectors. It throws light on how the “Art of the Future”, which was buoyed by social utopian ideals, was exhibited, collected, and discussed in the Dresden of the 1920s – between vehement rejection and enthusiastic approval.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



Baselitz, Richter, Polke, Kiefer The Early Years of the Old Masters Edited by Götz Adriani

July 2019 9783954984732 | £48.00 Hardback | 342pp | 305 x 235 mm 360 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Four artists from Germany, known globally, who have each attained a level of fame that is unique in the history of German art. Their renown was cemented by their early work of the 1960s – that decade of reaction and rebellion, of confrontation and upheaval, of utopias and a new social compass. In conversations with Götz Adriani, the artists talk frankly about their work during this time when German society, East and West, may have got over the Nazi regime and the worst of the devastation of the war, but not the cultural and intellectual roots of Germany’s fascist past. The book offers a fresh and comprehensive look at the early works of Baselitz, Richter, Polke, and Kiefer, at how each one variously tackled the aesthetic dominance of abstract art and the unique social and political environment of their newly founded country, the Federal Republic of Germany.


Andres Serrano: Torture Texts by Haghpanah Shirwan, Germano Celant, Éric Mézil

July 2019 9782859175702 | £28.00 Hardback | 109pp | 287 x 227 mm 153 col & b/w ills Rights: United Kingdom

Andres Serrano, once at the centre of the USA’s culture war in the 1980s for his audacious artworks depicting the sacred and profane side by side, turns his lens to the subject of torture. Following a commission for the New York Times’ watershed piece on US torture during the war on terror Serrano uses his outstanding images to explore the visible and tangible histories of torture at sites across the globe and, true to his transgressive practice, pushes the role of the artist to the extreme in staging his own ‘black site’ at a remote European location producing striking images compositionally and aesthetically reminiscent of Renaissance painting. The publication features reproductions of all artworks in Andres Serrano’s acclaimed ‘Torture’ series, a foreword by a/political Director Becky Haghpanah Shirwan, an essay by renowned curator Germano Celant, an interview between Serrano and Collection Lambert Director Éric Mézil, an essay by Mézil on the history of torture and a the testimony of a torture survivor featured in the series “Fatima”.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



Santiago Sierra: The Black Flag Edited by Philip Howe

July 2019 9781527207042 | £25.00 Paperback | 104pp | 280 x 215 mm 93 col & b/w ills Rights: Worldwide


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Santiago Sierra’s practice has always sought to make visible things that are otherwise kept invisible, using the aesthetics of formalism Sierra has exposed exploitation inherent in capitalist labour relations and the hypocrisy rife in the cheap chicaneries of government and state institutions. In Black Flag, Sierra explores the latter in one of his most arresting and profound works to date, an endeavour to plant the anarchist black flag at the North and South Poles. This thoughtprovoking action questions established notions of borders, states and territory and proposes a radically different way of looking at the complexities of often petty international politics. The Black Flag publication features reproductions of all artworks produced in the project, an interview with Santiago Sierra and several critical essays on Sierra’s work, the Black Flag, Anarchism and Polar Exploration. With a foreword by Philip Howe, and texts by Uri Gordon, Becky Haghpanah-Shirwan, Claire Warrior, Mike Watson, and Santiago Sierra.


We Protect You From Yourselves Edited by Democracia & Felix Trautmann We Protect You From Yourselves is an attempt to understand the police, to explore the notion of the social order they claim to protect and to discover what is at stake in the political situation of today. The focus of this inquiry is to challenge our conception of the police, led foremost by a process of not taking their existence wholly for granted. While the relationship between policing and order remains an integral part of a functioning liberal democracy, the slew of controversies that surround police tactics and practices show us that their role in society is far from benign. What prevents us from even imagining a society emancipated from the inherent violence and repression of the police?

July 2019 9788494924736 | £18.00 Paperback | 177pp | 220 x 170 mm 36 col ills Rights: Worldwide

Edited by Felix Trautmann and the artistic collective Democracia, the publication features illustrations from Democracia’s series We Protect You From Yourselves. Contributors include; Luis Navarro, Alf Lüdtke, Kendra Briken, Didier Fassin, Vanessa E. Thompson, Francesca Raimondi, Fabien Jobard, Daniel Loick, Anja Lemke, Daniel Villegas.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



Mauri | Muntadas Edited by Laura Cherubini Despite their different approaches to art, these two eclectic artists uniquely investigate and analyze the pressing issues that affect the contemporary social landscape. In the exhibition, they address various themes, but the two key-words are Power and Manipulation, which for Fabio Mauri define the Fascist and Nazi totalitarian regimes, whereas for Antoni Muntadas are to be found in the mechanisms of propaganda and censorship of contemporary society. As a matter of fact, Mauri’s art, as well as Muntadas’, can be considered intrinsically political.

July 2019 9788899519964 | £27.95 Hardback | 120pp | 240 x 168 mm 128 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy

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JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

The show, and the catalogue as well feature, some of Fabio Mauri’s iconic and unpublished works as well as and some historical works by Antoni Muntadas exhibited in Italy for the first time. The work of the two artists is still unsurpassed, constituting an inexhaustible source for the willing-to-engage observers and an inspiration for the artists attracted to the ability to encapsulate project and semantic consistency into formally simple solutions.


Michelangelo Pistoletto and Pascale Marthine Tayou: One thing doesn’t exclude the other Edited by Galleria Continua

July 2019 9788893970150 | £27.95 Hardback | 192pp | 270 x 230 mm 128 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. Italy

Galleria Continua is delighted to present “Una cosa non esclude l’altra – One thing doesn’t exclude the other”, an exhibition which represents a creative dialogue, treading a path which weaves together differences and oppositions, and explores the coexistence of humanity and otherness. Michelangelo Pistoletto and Pascale Marthine Tayou both create art which is open to dialogue and exchange. Their works are testament to a process of continual evolution and expansion, aimed at refreshing the point of contact between the artistic experience and the external world. A dialogue – in the case of Pistoletto’s multidisciplinary practice – in which multiple voices take part, as his aesthetic is based on a form of relationship and participation which goes beyond the confines of the work. Tayou’s work on the other hand seeks to redefine postcolonial issues via the European experience, and to reflect on questions such as immigration, the role of the individual, and national and cultural identity.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019




Big Orchestra Music with Sculptures of Contemporary Art Edited by Matthias Ulrich

July 2019 9783864422850 | £27.95 Paperback stapled in an EP cover 64pp | 254 x 254 mm 50 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Contemporary art has its own sound. Musical instruments in form of sculptures represent a still relatively unknown, recent development in contemporary art. The publication accompanying this international group exhibition presents artworks that, at the same time, function as musical instruments. The performance on the sculptural instruments forms the center of this constantly changing exhibition. During the course of the show, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt will temporarily turn into a concert hall, where the works are activated and brought to tonal life. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to experience the sound of the artworks in a live setting. Ever newly formed ensembles examine the sound of the instruments, which are subsequently presented in concerts, or the artists activate their own works in performances. Starting point for the concept is an extended notion of art and music as seen during the Fluxus movement of the 1960s: happenings and actions were understood as “concerts”, since they appeared structured like compositions, and combined different media and materials.



Dag Erik Elgin: Mirror Falling from the Wall Edited by Tone Hansen

Sept 2019 9783864422942 | £37.50 Hardback | 192pp | 280 x 205 mm 180 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.

Since 1986, in his “Originals” series, Dag Erik Elgin has devoted himself as a re-creating painter to his own admittedly subjective, but not unusual, canon of modern painting. In the series he repeats the selected works, all of them Modernist or Classical Modernist, but without pursuing maximum authenticity in the copying manner of an art forger. The resulting canvases are at the boundary between complete appropriation and studying replica in them, Elgin relives as a painter the processes where by the actual originals arose, as in a reenactment, at the same time using them to generate an intellectual reflection on the sensitive topics of original and forgery, of genuine and genuinely copied painting. His “Originals” are aesthetically very attractive, yet – as forgeries – they would not withstand a critical autopsy in the art market, for their materials and manner of production in no way disguise the fact that they have been created in the present. Yet it is the painting itself, the insistence on a personal product in oil on canvas, that makes the “Original” an original, and this in an age of perfected digital opportunities for appropriation which would by far outdo any artisanal transfer. Uwe Fleckner


Eberhard Havekost: U Say Love Edited by Bruno Brunnet and Nicole Hackert

July 2019 9783864422867 | £23.25 Paperback | 48pp | 280 x 200 mm 35 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.

At first glance, Eberhard Havekost’s work is determined by discontinuity. Some of his latest paintings from 2017 to 2019 are almost perfect in their appreciation of realism. Some paintings are abstract, combining dynamic and gestural brushstrokes with the scraping-off of paint. In other pictures, colors such as a bright orange, lemon yellow and scarlet are smudged, suggesting a smoky mist. Then again, a sulfurous green again appears almost uniform and thus a little yellowish, as if it were seeping acridly, stifling and biting through the canvas. The process of painting becomes a chemical process when Eberhard Havekost removes layer upon layer of paint with turpentine, in fact liquefying it again, in order to seemingly dissolve it. The images by Eberhard Havekost thus go beyond reality. They revolve around the dissolution of the object, since his work is about reconstruction, seeing something and rebuilding it. Yet the image remains flat, is not just imagination, but remains an object, soft and hence open to various meanings.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



Elementary Parts ART

Edited by Reinhard Spieler and Stella Jaeger

September 2019 9783864422973 | £27.95 Paperback | 356pp | 210 x 148mm 228 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.

With Elementary Parts, the Sprengel Museum Hannover is celebrating both the 50th anniversary of the donation of Bernhard and Margrit Sprengel and the 40th year of the museum’s existence. The catalog Elementary Parts poses simple and obvious questions about art that nevertheless prove to be absolutely fundamental: What is art? What are works of art actually made of, which materials are used? Which formal languages do they employ? Which reality (or realities) do they refer to between the figurative, the abstract and the virtual? In ten thematic topics there is unfolded an impressive spectrum of the fundamental ways of expression. The topics are, amongst others, color, material, form/shape, realities, history/narratives, natural and human shaped spaces, strong emotions and finally faces. This brings together a total of more than 150 works from Max Beckmann, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger and Paul Klee via Louise Bourgeois, Sean Scully, Bruce Nauman, Niki de Saint Phalle and Gerhard Richter to Marlene Dumas, Andrea Fraser, Julian Charrière, Julius von Bismarck, Christoph Girardet and Julia Schmid.


Fuzzy Dark Spot Video Art from Hamburg Edited by Dirk Luckow and Wolfgang Oelze

July 2019 9783864422874 | £32.00 Paperback | 224pp | 180 x 240 mm 210 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

The book Fuzzy Dark Spot, accompanying the exhibition at Falckenberg Collection Hamburg, examines in 56 positions how video, as an artistic medium, comments on social and media irritations and manipulations.This refers to television, to progressive movements by the counterpublic during the 1970s, the use of video as a surveillance medium and means of artistic narration, as a psychosocial mirror or instrument of self-optimization in the digital present. The great influence of electronic images on our collective memory and consciousness in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries turns doubts about an image, discomfort with the established, and distrust of claims to truth into important motives for artistic reflection. The title of the exhibition brings together these strands and describes a nebulous, fuzzy, obscure point, place or state. The term “Fuzzy Dark Spot” comes from an Internet forum where mold contaminating camera lenses is discussed.



Martin Kippenberger: Bitteschön Dankeschön. A Retrospective Texts by Jakob Schillinger, Susanne Kleine et al

November 2019 9783864422904 | £65.00 Hardback | 288pp | 305 x 240 mm 250 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.

It appears to always be the task of the subsequent generations to examine the relevance of an artist’s work according to art historical criteria. But what if the artist has negotiated precisely this question in his work from the very beginning? Martin Kippenberger (1953–1997) is one of the most complex and most important German artists of the last two decades of the 20th century. Together with his friends, he decisively shaped the image of art in the postmodern era and, in a rather anarchic way, helped many ideas gain ground. His wit, his unrestrained creative urge and the resulting work assured him a prominent position within the contemporary art scene already during his lifetime. In his oeuvre, a profound knowledge of art history merges directly with an almost inexhaustible trove of stories of art and anecdotes on art, a sharp observational talent, honed in daily life, and with the direct connection of artistic expression to his own live; Martin Kippenberger's attitude and understanding of his role as an artist has become a model for future generations.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



Hans Erni ART

Edited by Heinz Stahlhut

August 2019 9783864422935 | £37.50 Hardback | 144 pp | 280 x 210 mm 60 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.

The work of Lucerne artist Hans Erni, who died in 2015 at the age of 106, is on the one hand rather impressive not least due to its enormous variety of materials: painting in small and monumental format, drawing and printmaking, ceramics and relief, poster and book art. On the other hand, this wealth corresponds to his stylistic range: from realistic and cubist inspired beginnings during the 1930s to purely abstract compositions and the virtuoso synthesis of the two forms of expression in the 1940s. After he had previously been politically reviled, he realized numerous public works and has become internationally known as one of the most important representatives of Swiss art in the 20th century. His everkeen interest in social, political and environmental matters, his commitment to peace, social justice and nature conservation are reflected in his visual and graphic work. The publication on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Hans Erni Museum provides an overview of the diversified collection of the Hans Erni Stiftung.


Max Beckmann in Dialogue with Cecily Brown, Ella Kruglyanskaya and Dana Schutz Edited by Bruno Brunnet and Nicole Hackert

July 2019 9783864422980 | £23.25 Paperback | 64pp | 280 x 200 mm 40 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Cecily Brown, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Dana Schutz are artists born or living in the USA who have admired Max Beckmann’s oeuvre since the beginning of their work. Outside Germany, Beckmann had always been regarded as the “most German of all artists”. Cecily Brown delivered the impetus for the exhibition and publication, in which numerous works by Max Beckmann enter into dialogue with current works by the three painters, now part of the generation of grandchildren. In Cecily Brown’s paintings, created specifically for this occasion, the influence is primarily of an atmospheric nature – references to Beckmann’s contours and hues are rather apparent. Ella Kruglyanskaya shows portraits of women, the canvas almost bursting with their vitality, and they quite obviously caricature the bar and coffeehouse staff of the master. Dana Schutz combines Max Beckmann’s recurring motifs in large-format works. In this way she accumulates the impressions and thereby quite closely approximates his world. Thus all three artists present autonomous works that attest to the timelessness of the “most German of all artists”.



Olivier Mosset: Tutu Edited by Sabine Schaschl

July 2019 9783864422959 | £37.50 Hardback | 160pp | 270 x 230 mm 80 col ills Rights: Worldwide exc. France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA & Canada.

In 1962, Olivier Mosset began his artistic career in Paris as an assistant to Jean Tinguely and Daniel Spoerri. He then met Daniel Buren, Michel Parmentier and Niele Toroni and together, in four provocative collaborative actions from January to September 1967, they attacked Abstract Expressionism and thus the Nouvelle École de Paris head-on. They called themselves BMPT, after the initial letters of their names, but soon dissolved the group. They strived to fundamentally question the prevailing notion painting, starting from scratch to formulate a conception of painting that referred only to itself. In the 1970s Olivier Mosset repeatedly visited New York where he met Andy Warhol and studied the work of Robert Ryman. In 1977 he made art history in participating the exhibition “Radical Painting” in Williamstown, New York. Mosset’s oeuvre has come full-circle in a way with more recent works, such as the eponymous “Tutu” from 2013, a play on words that refers to a drawing by another artist – a ballerina by Marcel Duchamp.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



Guy Shoham

Painting Machine: Guy Shoham Texts by Eran Bar-Gil, Paul Clinton, Angela Kingston, Harry Seymour.

July l 2019 9781527237414 | £50.00 Hardback | 170pp | 280 x 210 mm 74 col ills Rights: Worldwide


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Painting Machine is an artist’s book designed by acclaimed London studio A Practice for Everyday Life. Its unique design and structure reflect aspects of the artist’s practice. There is a cyclical element to Shoham’s work – often one series evolves into and overlaps with another – and it plays with such tropes as real vs illusory, high culture vs low and tromple l'oeil. In response, Painting Machine is made in two sections, playing on the idea of beginning and end: one containing artworks, the other texts. The two sections are bound onto a cloth hardback cover, with the sections sitting on opposite sides of the inside cover. Artworks appear on contrasting backgrounds of different types, from street photos to veneer samples and digitally manipulated watercolours made especially for the book, all of which encourage the questioning of what constitutes the work. While pages are unnumbered and works are seemingly organized arbitrarily, the background groupings hint both at the paintings' chronology and inspiration.

Texts by Beate Reifenscheid, Olivier Delavallade

September 2019 9783960700418 | £42.00 Paperback | 420pp | 320 x 240 mm 240 illus. Rights: UK & Eire, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East & Far East

Art + Australia

2019. Issue Five (55.2):


Nam Tchun-Mo: Beam, Lines, Spring, Stroke Nam Tchun-Mo, who was born in 1961 in Daegu, represents a new era of Dansaekhwa, the South Korean art movement that already in the 1960s was radically abstract, largely monochrome. There is a unique consistency in his reduction of the drawn line, which he simultaneously interprets in three dimensions. Resin-hardened fabrics give his ideas a sculptural dimension. Lines and surfaces become heights and depths, which he often colors monochromatically. Recently he developed objects in space, which now finally translate the sculptural paintings into three-dimensionality. The comprehensive book is published on the occasion of his first large museum exhibition in Europe and presents his drawings, paintings, and sculptures, as well as their installations in exhibitions and museum spaces in a congenially designed book.


8–23_ Without Warning Edward Colless / 24–33_ Exile Behrouz Boochani / 34–39_ Law unto Itself Cait Storr / 40–51_ murmur Toru Yoshikawa / 52–59_ Prospects for a New New Brutalism Beth George / 60–69_ Repurposed Monuments Paulius Andriuškevičius / 70–77_ Fascism, Trump and Architectural Coprophagy Justin Mallia / 80–87_ On the Matters of Alterstories Hayley Singer / 88–109_ The Image is Not Nothing Lisa Radford + Yhonnie Scarce / 110–119_ Omnipotent Flesh Sophie Knezic / 120–129_ Crystal Phallus Tessa Laird / 130–136_ The Post-contemporary Distraction Terry Smith / 138–145_ How brutal, really Gwynneth Porter / 146–149_ Piss off WestConnex Mark Titmarsh / 150–159_ The Sound of Two Hands Thinking Isabelle Sully / 160–169_ Unpopulated Edward Colless / 170–179_ In a Sorry Habit Vivienne Shark LeWitt /

Art + Australia Issue Five (55.2): Brutalism Edited by Edward Colless

July 2019 9780648547402 | £12.50 Paperback | 195pp | 215 x 138 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Australia & New Zealand

Brutalism, the sixth edition under the auspices of the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne, considers the unaccountable, marvellous and strange events occuring within contemporary artistic practice and discourse.The stark, raw truculence of the post–World War II architectural style of severity dubbed brutalism has been enjoying a renascent taste. Countless images of bunker-like and helmet-like megaliths of social housing, immobile monoliths of governmental inscrutability, and mammoth corporate hubs tiered like Aztec pyramids that might have sacrificial blood running dark in their guttering now spill across Tumblr, Instagram and coffee tables with the ubiquity of food pornography. But there’s clearly something about the pugnacious strong-man allure of this mode of monumentality and its ruin-value nostalgie that goes beyond the architectural example. With contributions from Behrouz Boochani; Cait Storr; Toru Yoshikawa; Beth George; Paulius Andruskevcius; Justin Mallia; Hayley Singer; Lisa Radford; Yhonnie Scarce; Sophie Knezic; Tessa Laird; Gwynneth Porter; Mark Titmarsh; Isabelle Sully; Vivienne Shark Lewitt.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



Teachings of the Garden. Conversations in Japan Edited by Carola Platzek

October 2019 9783903172272 | £19.99 Paperback | 92pp | 210 x 155 mm 26 col photos Rights: Worldwide exc. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA & Canada.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

These twelve conversations aim to place Japanese gardens into broader contexts: the arts, sciences, political history, cultural and social change, religions. The teachings of a garden are expressed in the recurring attempt to establish harmony—harmony between nature and art, the real and the spiritual world, past and present. This book does not idealize the garden as an object of aesthetic or spiritual contemplation but is a social compendium that presents a society’s underlying order. The art historian and cultural scientist Carola Platzek spoke with gardeners and garden historians, a sound researcher as well as a Buddhist priest and a Shintō priest about their work with traditional and modern concepts that shape Japanese design.

The Art of Emptiness

July 2019 9784866580630 | £40.00 Hardback | 208pp | 210 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.

For several hundred years, Japanese porcelain has been highly acclaimed and sought after around the world. Sophisticated porcelain ware has long been produced in the Arita area of Kyushu, and artisans from the Kakiemon family have gained particular renown for their skill in enamels and their artistic designs. Now, for the first time, the techniques and tradition behind the creation of their ceramic works are disclosed through the words of the late Kakiemon XIV. Starting with his childhood memories, he talks about his father and grandfather and what he inherited from them; how the craftsmen work at the kiln; and how materials such as stone, clay, and firewood play a crucial part in creating the works. Most striking of all are the explanations of aka-e overglaze enamels and nigoshide porcelain, the characteristics that make Kakiemon ware so phenomenal. With more than twenty color plates depicting Kakiemon pieces from museums and private collections, this volume provides rare insight into one of the world’s most famous kilns.


By Sakaida Kakiemon XIV

The Book Of Urushi Japanese Lacquerware from a Master By Matsuda Gonroku

July 2019 9784866580609 | £39.00 Hardback | 256pp | 210 x148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.

Urushi, Japanese lacquerware, is perhaps the oldest and most sublime of all the Japanese arts and crafts. Its history goes back more than 7,000 years, and it is still vibrantly alive today. It is practiced by craftsmen working in time-honored techniques and by modern artists forging the future. Valued for its utilitarian durability, urushi developed into an incomparable art, adorning a multitude of objects from luxurious palaces to lavish murals and exquisitely crafted fountain pens. The present book, written more than fifty years ago by the Living National Treasure Matsuda Gonroku, has long been a must-read for collectors, researchers, and laypeople. It is the “bible” of urushi, covering every conceivable aspect of the subject. It includes some fifty full-color illustrations of masterpieces honored by history and masterworks by Matsuda himself. The present edition has been supervised by Murose Kazumi, a disciple of Matsuda’s and a Living National Treasure in his own right.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



The Music of Color By Shimura Fukumi A startlingly original creator in the medium of textiles, Living National Treasure Shimura Fukumi is also well known in Japan for her essays on color, nature, and the work of weaving and dyeing. The Music of Color collects some of Shimura’s most insightful writing together with Takao Inoue’s stunning photographs of her art and the natural world that inspires it.

July 2019 9784866580616 | £30.50 Paperback | 176pp | 220 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.

From winter snows to spring blossoms, from the foothills of Japan’s “Southern Alps” to the back streets of Gion, Kyoto, Shimura initiates the reader into a facet of Japanese culture where the boundary between craft and art is blurred. Her insight into the sources and uses of natural color, along with her decades of experience in the world of Japanese textiles, from silkworm and loom to finished kimono, are both on full display in this rich collection. Her essays offer new perspectives on contemporary textiles, Japanese folk craft traditions, and thoughts on how Japanese artists engage with the four seasons.

The Lure of Pokemon Video Games and the Savage Mind By Nakazawa Shinichi

July 2019 9784866580654 | £36.50 Hardback | 132pp | 210 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Video games are often thought to draw children out of nature and into isolated, closed spaces. In The Lure of Pokémon: Video Games and the Savage Mind, however, Nakazawa Shinichi shows how the Pokémon series of video games, far from standing in opposition to nature, actually seeks to represent the true, hidden essence of the natural world. Nakazawa argues that the Pokémon worldview is the best contemporary example of Lévi-Strauss’s “savage mind” (la pensée sauvage). As the natural environment is transformed around them, the author suggests, children that would once have directly observed and explored nature encounter it through technology instead. The author supports his argument through close analysis of the history and even prehistory of video games in Japanese culture. Drawing on mythology, Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis, and other resources, he explores cultural touchstones like Space Invaders, Ultraman, and the RPG as a genre, showing how their rich, direct expression appeals directly to the urges and impulses within children themselves, helping them come to terms with their place in the world.

The US Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force By Agawa Naoyuki

July 2019 9784866580555 | £36.50 Hardback | 308pp | 210 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.


Friendship across the Seas

This book describes the history of the relationship between the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), the heir to the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), and the United States Navy (US Navy). The two navies fought each other fiercely on the seas and in the air during the Pacific War. Each found the other a formidable enemy. They came to respect each other in action. Soon after the war, when the Cold War turned hot, they began to work together as allies. With the generous assistance of the US Navy, the JMSDF was established as its counterpart. Doing so was in their respective national interests, but many individual officers and sailors on both sides had mixed feelings about working with their former enemies. The maritime alliance between Japan and the United States today is anchored in this history. Numerous admirals, officers, and sailors of the two navies working together have greatly contributed to the stability and prosperity of the Asia/Pacific region for the past seventy years.

The Remarkable History of Japan-US Relations By Kosaka Masataka

July 2019 9784916055774 | £36.50 Hardback | 192pp | 210 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.

After the Pacific War, the bitter enemies Japan and the United States became fast friends and allies. Most observers in the West believe Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was unprovoked, but what had led Japan to take such action? The arrival of American “black ships” in Japan in 1853 was one cause of the fall of the shogunate and the restoration of imperial power little more than a decade later. That set Japan on the road to international expansion in imitation of Western imperial powers. This volume recounts this saga from the Russo-Japanese War and Japanese expansion in Manchuria to the brink of war with the United States. Kosaka Masataka (1934-1996) was a professor of international politics at Kyoto University from 1971 to 1996.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019


Security Politics in Japan HISTORY

Legislation for a New Security Environment By Hosoya Yuichi

July 2019 9784866580531 | £36.50 Hardback | 208pp | 210 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.

How can peace be realized in the modern world? And how can Japan ensure its own security? Despite the intense debates over Japan’s recent security-related legislation, such vital issues as these were never explored. To give proper consideration to these thorny questions, it is indispensable to have both a knowledge of history indicating the circumstances in which wars occur and a real recognition of the security environment of the twenty-first century. This work explores hotly debated security-related matters from a standard viewpoint on international politics and diplomatic history. It also advocates in a bold yet level-headed manner the form Japan’s security should take and the path Japan should follow to make that a reality. Hosoya Yuichi is professor of international politics at Keio University, Tokyo.

Toward the Meiji Revolution The Search for “Civilization” in Nineteenth-Century Japan By Karube Tadashi

July 2019 9784866580593 | £36.50 Hardback | 256 pp | 210 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

In 2018, Japan marked the 150th anniversary of the collapse of the Tokugawa shogunate and the establishment of a new government under Emperor Meiji. The impact on Japan of diplomatic, economic, and cultural pressure from the United States and other Western powers from 1853 onward was previously thought to be the immediate catalyst of this “Meiji Revolution.” But Japan’s modern transformation was rooted in a much deeper process of social and intellectual development that gradually unfolded throughout the latter half of the Tokugawa period. Surveying a diverse group of thinkers spanning the Tokugawa and early Meiji years—Ogyū Sorai, Yamagata Bantō, Motoori Norinaga, Rai San’yō, Fukuzawa Yukichi, Takekoshi Yosaburō, and others—this ambitious book liberates modern Japanese history from the stereotypical narrative of “Japanese spirit and Western technique,” offering a detailed examination of the elements in Tokugawa thought and culture that spurred Japan to articulate its own unique conception of civilization during the course of the nineteenth century. Karube Tadashi (b. 1965) is a professor in the School of Legal and Political Studies at the University of Tokyo.

Craftsmanship in the Creative Economy By Murayama Yuzo

July 2019 9784866580586 | £40.00 Hardback | 160pp | 210 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.


Heritage Culture and Business, Kyoto Style

Kyoto, where world-class high-tech industries exist alongside heritage industries. Achieving highly competitive strength by keeping a step ahead of the global standard while maintaining the spirit of harmony that distinguishes Japanese style management. What is the essence of this style of management? How has Kyoto’s living traditional culture as a part of daily life been preserved? A thorough study of various unique approaches, based on interviews with managers and craftspeople, Murayama’s work covers everything from distinct management styles aimed at increasing workforce motivation to the development of capabilities that yield products with high cultural value, and innovation for the sake of business continuity. This book is packed with valuable hints for the future management of not only Japanese firms but also businesses worldwide. A Doshisha Business School professor, Murayama Yuzo also served as vice president of Doshisha University from 2014–2016. He was born in the Nishijin district of Kyoto and, after graduating from Doshisha, earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Washington.

The Story of Japan's Ohmi Merchants The Precept of Sanpo-yoshi By Suenaga Kunitoshi

July 2019 9784866580579 | £36.75 Hardback | 178pp | 221 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.

From its very origins, Ohmi was a highly developed region bordering Kyoto, the center of political power. For that reason, Ohmi is closely tied to the history of political, cultural, social and economic development in Kyoto, and therefore Japan as a whole. Ohmi merchants can be considered the very source of Japanese-style management. The key concepts that they developed underpinned the success of Japanese corporations for generations. These include core concepts such as sanpo-yoshi or “three-way satisfaction” and corporate social responsibility (CSR), considering a third-person perspective, being a member of society, customer satisfaction, contribution to society and the social consciousness of “good for the world.Inspirational and practical, this book is full of useful ideas and methods that have helped Japanese corporations and individuals achieve success for generations. It is recommended for any student of business or anyone who wants to dig deep into the historical background that helped Japanese companies overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

JOHN RULE Autumn 2019



The Japanese Linguistic Landscape Reflections on Quintessential Words By Nakanishi Susumu, Photographs by Nakanishi Kimiko Languages change over time. No matter how hard we try to control and regulate them, they exist in a state of endless metamorphosis. This does not mean, though, that we should simply stand by and watch as language devolves into nonsense.

July 2019 9784866580685 | £39.00 Hardback | 304pp | 210 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.

What should we do, then? Recognizing the inevitability of change is a given, of course. But we must also navigate the delicate line between the pull of popular trends and the urge to cling blindly to the ways of the past. The ideal balance, Professor Nakanishi argues in this book, lies in being “one step behind the times,” which is the best approach for wielding all the charms of a language. Beautiful words have an ageless quality, regardless of when they first appeared in a language. The Japanese language testifies to that truth. This book introduces a balanced mix of new and old words that reflect the singular beauty of the Japanese language.

Bushido and the Art of Living An Inquiry into Samurai Values By Alexander Bennett

March 2017 9784866580517 | £34.50 Paperback | 184pp | 220 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

What is Bushido? What is Budo? How are the culture and traditions of samurai connected with the modern martial arts? Is the ancient wisdom of Japan's feudal warriors truly relevant in the twenty-first century? If so, how can it be accessed? This book addresses these questions, and is a must read not only for martial artists, but also for those who want to know more about the enigmatic Japanese mind and notions of self-identity. Alexander Bennett is currently employed as a Professor at Kansai University's Division of International Affairs. Bennett is Vice President of the International Naginata Federation, on the International Committee of the All Japan Kendo Federation, a Director of the Japanese Academy of Budo, and represents NZ Kendo as Head Coach. Recent publications in English include Hagakure: The Secret Wisdom of the Samurai (Tuttle, 2014); Kendo: Culture of the Sword (University of California Press, 2015), Naginata: History and Practice (Bunkasha International, 2016).

Fifteen lessons I learned about happiness from Japanese tea culture By Morishita Noriko

July 2019 9784866580623 | £30.50 Hardback | 244pp | 210 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.


Every Day a Good Day

Reporter and essayist Morishita Noriko reflects on twenty-five years of studying the Japanese Way of Tea, from her first uncertain steps as a college student to her gradual discovery of freedom within the very rules that once seemed to hold her back. As Morishita experiences the trials and triumphs of adult life, from job-hunting setbacks to lost love, from the struggle to build a career to the pain of losing a loved one, Tea is always there to remind her that simply being present in the moment is enough. The joy of savoring the seasons with all five senses—of smelling the rain, of hearing each individual raindrop. The importance of cherishing each meeting as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Humor and heartbreak, despair and determination—in this memoir, Morishita vividly connects the Way of Tea to the full span of human experience, culminating in the exhilaration of realizing “I’m alive, right now!” Morishita Noriko was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1956. She graduated from the Department of Japanese Literature at the Faculty of Humanities, Japan Women’s University.

Pilgrimages in the Secular Age: From El Camino to Anime By Okamoto Ryosuke

July 2019 9784866580647 | £30.50 Hardback | 176pp | 210 x 148 mm Rights: Worldwide exc. Japan, USA & Canada.

Religion and tourism seem to be an unlikely pair, but in fact, taking a look at these two human behaviors provides invaluable insight into modern society. In the past, holy sites were of immense importance to those who followed a particular religion, and these places used to attract many faithful pilgrims. These days, however, people without faith visit holy places simply to experience something out of the ordinary. Furthermore, many places without any connection to religion are being called “sacred” and attracting people’s interest. What really drives people there, and what do people want to gain from the experience? In this informative book, the author discusses various pilgrimages in order to shed light on new types of religious views and faiths that have come into being in the twenty-first century. The book explores the Santiago pilgrimage in Spain; the eighty-eight temple pilgrimage in Shikoku, Japan; B-grade tourist spots; so-called “power spots”; sacred anime sites; and much more. Born in Tokyo in 1979, Okamoto Ryosuke is an associate professor of Media and Communication Studies at Hokkaido University.

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Light in Darkness PHILOSOPHY

The Mystical Philosophy of Jacob Böhme Edited by Claudia Brink, Lucinda Martin & Cecilia Muratori

July 2019 9783954984879 | £18.00 Paperback | 168pp | 260 x 220 mm 117 col & b/w ills Rights: UK & Eire


JOHN RULE Autumn 2019

Jacob Böhme (1575–1624) is one of the most important German thinkers. His writings have influenced literature, philosophy, religion and art beyond national borders from his time up to the present. One hundred years after the beginning of the Protestant Reformation – on the eve of the Thirty Years’ War – Böhme wanted to give voice to the need for a deep spiritual and philosophical renewal. In a series of exhibitions – in Dresden, Coventry, Amsterdam, and Wroclaw – the Dresden State Art Collections recall this unconventional thinker, whose ideas about the relationship between science and belief, humanity and nature, woman and man are today more current than ever.

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A+a 9780995392557 Apostrophe Duchamp 9780995392595 Art + Australia. Issue Zero 9780995392519 Art + Australia. Issue One 9780995392533 Art + Australia. Issue Two 9780995392540 Art + Australia. Issue Three 9780995392588 Art + Australia Issue Four 9780648547402 Art + Australia Issue Five 9780995392526 Macau Days 9780995392502 Minefield 9780995392564 Writing & Concepts Vol. 1 9780995392571 Writing & Concepts Vol.2. a-political 9782859175702 Andres Serrano 9781527207042 Santiago Sierra: The Black Flag 9788494924736 We Protect You From Yourselves Alessio Bolzoni 9781527232198 Abuse II, the Uncanny + Abuse II, Event 9781527210790 Abuse Be Smart About Art 9780992991203 Art is Your Life. Make It Your Living Bijutsu 9784568104998 Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing 9784568104837 Lee Mingwei and His Relations 9784568104929 N.S. Harsha: Charming Journey Cadogan Contemporary 9780956237798 Euan Uglow/ Sargy Mann Clapham Press 9780956575302 Nor Will You Escape Conde Nast 9781906532147 Brilliant 9781906532109 Sensual Purity Crowd 9788885608016 Alex Liverani : Dango 9788885608139 Angelo Ferrillo: 258 Minutes 9788885608153 Appia: Work in Progress 9788885608078 I Believe 9788885608290 Isole d’Inverno (Winter Islands) 9788885608016 Just another Gender Theory 9788894182736 Malacarne 9788885608252 Ozmo, 1998 – 2018 9788885608122 Santa Maria Novella Vol. 1 9788894182712 Suspended Cities 9788885608115 Terra Mala, Living with Poison 9788894182798 Utopia, Dreaming the Impossible 9788885608115 Valerio Nicolosi: (R)existences 9788894182705 You Could Even Die for Not Being a Real Couple 9788894182781 Zedi: Tales from the Wall CruzDiez 9788470755651 Cruz-Diez: Reflection on colour David Gwinnutt 9781527213128 The White Camera Diaries Diorama 9791220021982 Art in the Age of the Cloud 9791220021999 Panorama Galerie Vevais 9783936165517 20 Years of Photography 9783936165258 Agafia Polynchuk: Polaroids 9783936165449 Children of Adam from Leaves of Grass




Colless, Edward Colless, Edward Colless, Edward Colless, Edward Colless, Edward Colless, Edward Colless, Edward Young, John & Castro, Brian Colless, Edward Colless, Edward Colless, Edward

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb

25.00 12.50 12.50 12.50 12.50 12.50 12.50 27.50 12.50 25.00 25.00

Shirwan, Haghpanah Gordon, Uri et al Trautmann, Felix

Hb Pb Pb

28.00 25.00 18.00

Bolzoni, Alessio Bolzoni, Alessio

Hb Hb

48.00 45.00

Mumford, Susan; King, Chris



Mori Art Museum Mori Art Museum Mori Art Museum

Hb Hb Pb

30.00 33.75 30.00

Gleadell, Jenny



Sebastian Vaughan



Cosgrave, Bronwyn Wagener, Gorden

Hb Hb

65.00 40.00

Toscani, Oliviero Benedetta Donato Various Bononi, Paolo De Luca, Erri Romanelli, Filippo Faraci, Francesco Holsenn, Francesca Turini, Marco Chiti, Martino Schirato, Stefano Bevilacqua, Carlo Elia, Christian Laura Lafon, Phillipe Azoury Burresi, Marco

Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb

25.00 30.00 29.00 35.00 35.00 25.00 35.00 32.00 15.00 19.00 35.00 39.00 29.00 49.00 29.00

Carlos Cruz-Diez



David Gwinnutt



Zanni, Carlo De Luca, Zoe

Pb Pb

15.00 22.00

William Ropp Wood, John Walt Whitman, Paul Cava

Hb Pb Pb

50.00 10.50 50.00

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9783936165364 Children of Adam from Leaves of Grass 9783936165586 Deborah Parkin 9783945155530 Dino Valls: Ex Picturis II 9783936165289 Dino Valls: Ex Picturis II 9783936165531 Dreamt Memories from Africa 9783936165548 Dreamt Memories from Africa 9783936165456 Film Booth 9783936165463 Osmosis 9783936165500 Raw Beauties 9783936165739 Renee Jacob’s Paris 9783936165746 Vis a Vis: Portraits of a New Woman Galerie Vevais Werkdruck 9783945155349 Alain Laboile: Colour works 9783945155226 Alain Laboile: Reflexion 9783945155424 Anastasia Chernyavsky 9783945155080 Anna Hurtig 9783945155370 Beth Moon 9783945155059 Bogdan Frymorgen 9783945155011 Elena Kalis 9783945155387 Hengki Koentjoro 9783945155172 Jack Montgomery 9783945155028 Jacqueline Roberts: Collodium prints 9783945155004 Jacqueline Roberts: Colour works 9783945155141 Jock Sturges 9783945155066 Tom Chambers 9783945155301 Victor Cobo 9783945155103 Youichi Shidomoto Gio Sbriz 9781527233225 Gio Sbriz: End of a Season Guy Shoham 9781527237414 Painting Machine: Guy Shoham Hand Picked Books 9780955573804 Talismen Hartmann Books 9783960700340 André Kirchner: Berlin, The City’s Edge 9783960700302 Anne Collier: Photographic 9783960700210 Arwed Messmer: Berlin 66–70 9783960700395 Atelier Zimmermann 9783960700258 Axel Herrmann: Contintental Breakfast 9783960700289 Balder Olrik: Blind Spots 9783960700357 Barbara Probst The Moment in Space 9783960700203 Breaking Point 9783960700159 Christiane Feser: Partitions 9783960700227 Eugen Gerbert: Gerti 9783960700333 Gerhard Wormwald: Image Finder 9783960700401 Henrik Spohler. Hypothesis 9783960700388 Ingar Krauss: Huts Hedges Heaps 9783960700364 Lia Darjes: Tempora Morte 9783960700180 Loredana Nemes: LoveFearGreed 9783960700418 Nam TchunMo: Beam, Lines, Spring, Stroke 9783960700173 Paul Duke: No Ruined Stone 9783960700371 Paula Markert: A Journey through Germany 9783960700319 Peter Bialobrzeski: No Buddha in Suburbia 9783960700142 Peter Bialobrzeski:The Second Heimat 9783960700241 Peter Dammann: Just Life 9783960700166 Robert Adams: Hope is a risk that must be run 9783960700272 Sue Barr: The Architecture of Transit 9783960700326 Tom Hunter: Where Have all the Flowers Gone 9783960700425 Udo Hesse: EastBerlin 9783960700296 Ute Mahler & Werner Mahler: Small Town 9783960700234 Vasilii Lefter: Once upon a time in Moldavia 9783960700128 Willy Fleckhaus: Design, Revolt, Rainbow Isart 9781527203624 Isabel Alexander: artist and illustrator Japan Library 9784866580630 Art of Emptiness, The 9784866580609 Book of Urushi, The 9784866580517 Bushido and the Art of Living

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Walt Whitman, Paul Cava William Ropp Wood, John & Brown, Steven Wood, John & Brown, Steven William Ropp William Ropp Alvin Booth Alvin Booth Boersma, Hans Alexander Scholz Chin-Chin Wu

Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb DVD Pb Hb Pb Pb

145.00 22.50 62.00 90.00 20.50 39.00 42.50 75.00 17.95 60.00 42.50

Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al Sturges, Jock et al

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

14.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 14.50 14.50 11.50 14.50 14.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 11.50 14.50 11.50

Szymborska, Wieslawa



BarGil, Eran et al





Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb HB Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb

32.00 18.00 35.00 55.00 12.00 34.00 32.00 35.00 42.00 12.00 28.00 32.00 34.00 24.00 32.00 42.00 29.95 24.00 34.00 42.00 12.00 15.00 34.00 22.00 32.00 55.00 12.00 38.00

McKenzie, Janet



Kakiemon the VX Matsuda Gonroku Alexander Bennett

Hb Hb Pb

30.50 30.50 34.50

Domröse, Ulrich Gronert, Stefan & Wietlisbach, Nadine Gröschner, Annet Stürzl, Winifred Olrik, Balder Paul, Frédéric Candrowicz, Krzysztof Durant, Mark & Siegel, Steffen Jocks, HeinzNorbert Stahel, Urs Anders,Kenneth & Christiane Stahl Zavadski, Andrei Petrowskaja, Katja Reifenscheid, Beate Barnes, Martin Jurjaks, Arvid Mehrotra, Rahul Sussebach, Henning Chuang, Joshua Heathcote, David Hunter, Sheelagh and Ian Endler, Adolf et al Mahler, Ute & Werner

9784866580586 9784866580678 9784866580654 9784866580616 9784866580647 9784916055774 9784866580531 9784866580579 9784866580593 John Spradbery 9780956593504 Light Motiv 9782952471770 9782953790870 9782953790894 9782953790856 9791095118022 9782953790818 9782953790887 Lindhardt & Ringhof 9788711901687 Manuscript 9780648059820 9780648059806 9780648059813 Manfredi 9788899519490 9788899519704 9788899519964 Maretti 9788898855483 9788898855940 9788899519568 9788898855971 9788898855377 9788898855896 9788898855339 9788893970006 9788893970037 9788893970150

Every Day a Good Day Friendship of the Sea: The US Navy and the Japan Maritime SelfDefense Force Heritage Culture and Business, Kyoto Style Japanese Linguistic Landscape Lure of Pokemon Music of Color, The Pilgrimages in the Secular Age; From El Camino to Anime Remarkable History of Japan US Relations, The Security Politics in Japan Story of Ohmi Merchants, The Toward the Meiji Restration

Watanabe Noriko Agawa Naoyuki

Hb Hb

30.50 36.50

Murayama Yuzo Nakanishi Susumu Nakazawa Shinichi Shimura Fukumi Okamoto Ryosuke Kosaka Masataka Hosoya Yuichi Suenaga Kuninori Karube Tadashi

Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

30.50 39.00 36.50 30.50 30.50 36.50 36.50 36.50 36.50

My Dear Jim: A Biography

John Spradbery



Arras: Memory Bewitched Face Nord Inventaire Kesengawa Rikuzentakata Terrils Un Lion Derriere La Vitre

Duplan, Jean-Pierre Andrey Kurkov Arno Paul & Phillipe Claudel Hatakeyama, Naoya Hatakeyama, Naoya Hatakeyama, Naoya Eric Le Brun

Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

13.50 29.50 31.00 29.50 29.50 29.50 32.00

Sergei Sviatchenko: I am Collage

Jacobsen, Jørn



Kate Ballis: Infra Realism Michael Zavros Punk Girls

Leonard, Robert et al Ham, Liz

Hb Hb Hb

45.00 39.95 35.00

Davide Boriani: Cinematic, Programmatic and Interactive Art Forewords: Hyperimages and Hyperimaging Mauri / Mutandas

Meloni, Lucilla Cramerotti, Alfredo Cherubini, Laura

Hb Pb Hb

65.00 13.95 27.95

Bye Bye Blues, Mondello Daniel Buren & Anish Kapoor Daniel Spoerri: Rearranging the World David Beltrán De Chirico and the United Kingdom (c. 1916-1978) Felix Lo Basso Restaurant Milan Gio Ponti: The Manifacture de Doccia Giorgio De Chirico General Catalogue Vol.IV. Metaphysical Art: The De Chiroc Jourals Michelangelo Pistoletto and Pascale Marthine Tayou: One thing doesn’t exclude the other

Poponi, Maria Paola Various Bazzini, Marco León, Glenda & Fernández, Abel González Noel-Johnson, Victorie Poponi, Maria Paola Malenchini, Livia Frescobaldi Canova, Lorenzo et al Adams, Alexander et al

Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb

37.50 27.95 23.50 23.50 55.75 46.50 93.00 275.00 46.50 27.95

Writtle, Matt



Lorand Zentai Teréz Gerszi

Pb Hb

£9.99 £310.00

Teréz Gerszi



Gonda Zsuzsa Laászló Török

Pb Hb

25.00 £25.00

János György Szilárd Katalin Anna Kóthay Katalin Bodó Borus, Judit Kóthay, Katalin Anna

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

£15.99 £70.00 £9.99 42.00 115.00

Dobos, Zsuzsanna Gesko, Judit Judith Gesko Éva Liptay Borus, Judit Bakos, Katalin & Zicki, Andras Katalin Anna Kothay, Eva Liptay István Nagy Kolozsvary, Marianna

Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb

50.00 45.00 45.00 £25.00 £45.00 £45.00 £25.00 £6.99 £50.00

Matt Writtle 9781999789503 Matt Writtle: Sunday:A Portrait of 21st Century England Museum of Fine Arts 9789637441905 16th Northern Italian Drawings 9789637063084 17th Century Dutch and Flemish Drawings in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637441967 17th Century Italian Drawings in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637063954 A Satirist, a Scoffer: Honore Daumier 9789639552562 After the Pharaohs: Treasures of Coptic Art from Egyptian Collections 9789637441943 Ancient Art: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637063916 Art and Society: Ancient and Modern Contexts of Egyptian Art 9789637063855 Art on Lake 9786155304729 Baselitz: Preview with Review 9786155304774 Burial and Mortuary Practices in Late Period and GraecoRoman Egypt 9786155304187 Caravaggio to Canaletto 9786155304781 Cézanne and the Past.Tradition and Creativity 9789637063992 Cezanne and the Past: Tradition & Creativity 9789637063800 Coffins and Coffin Fragments of the third intermediate period 9789639964051 Dada and Surrealism 9786155304279 Derkovitz: The Artist & his Times 9786155304217 Egyptian Artifacts of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9789637441660 Egyptian Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 9786155304255 Endre Balint: The Eighth Temple

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9784866580623 9784866580555



9786155987038 9786155304842 9786155304057 9789637063442 9786155304491 9786155304880 9786155304828 9786155304453 9786155304156 9786155304026 9786155304613 9789638749673 9789637063930 9786155304750 9786155304545 9789637063138 9786155304200 9786155304347 9786155304385 9789637063978 9789630699501 9789638958563 9786155304644 9789637063473 9789637063886

Fortepan. Every past is my past. Goddess/ Woman Hungarian Art Photography in the New Millenium In Arte Venustas - Studies on Drawings in Honour of Teréz Gerszi In Search of Prince Genji Leonardo Da Vinci and the Budapest Horse Exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci & The Budapest Horse Conference Let Me See Marc Chagall and Imre Ámos

Geller, Judit et al Válóczi, Róbert Peter Baki Andrea Czére

Hb Pb Hb Hb

30.00 50.00 45.00 £40.00

Denes, Mirjam Kárpáti, Zoltán Kárpáti, Zoltán Edina Deme, Anna Zsófia Garimorth-Foray, Julia

40.00 24.99 50.00 18.99 50.00

Masterpieces Modigliani Nagas, Birds and Elephants New Ideal of Beauty in the Centruy of Pieter Breughel Peter Korniss: Continuous Memories Picasso: Transfigurations 1895-1972 Pictures Within Pictures: The Artist and the Public Over Five Centuries of Graphic Art Raphael :Triumph of Perfection Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age Rippl-ronai and Maillol Rodin and the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest S for Sky Sanghay Shanghai Shadow on Stone Spanish Paintings: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest St Galler Arbenteur. Hartung, Tápies, Uecker und das ErkerPhanomen (numbered) Surrealist Movement from Dalí to Magritte, The The Birth of Art Photography The Heritage of the Eszterházy The Turn of the Century 1800: European Prints & Drawings The World of Toulouse-Lautrec Triumph of the Body Within Frames

Vécsey, Axel Borus, Judit Brittig, Gyorgyi Fajcsak-Vera Gerszi Terez Baki, Peter et al Borus, Judit Zsuzsa Gonda

Hb Hb Pb Pb Two vol boxed set, paperback Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb

Kárpáti,Zoltán & Seres, Eszter Ember, Ildiko Foldi, Eszter Ferenc Toth Litza Juhasz Fajcsák, Györgyi Borus, Judit Éva Nyerges Bódi Kata, Bódi Kinga

Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb

25.00 £50.00 £40.00 £8.99 £7.99 45.00 37.00 £16.99 £80.00

Chénieux-Gendron, Jacqueline Peter Baki Andrea Czére Andrea Czére Various Bolzoni, Marco Simone et al Borus, Judit

Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb

33.00 45.00 £6.99 £6.99 30.00 32.00 45.00

Snow, Dan

Hb Hb

19.99 14.99

Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 12.50

Guillaume Castagné Aaron Stewart Vassilis Zidiankis Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler Thaler, Peter & Denicke, Lars Peter Thaler & Lars Denicke Lars Denicke, Peter Thaler

Pb Hb Hb Pb Box Hb Hb Pb Box

15.00 9.50 39.50 32.50 10.00 39.50 39.50 37.00 20.00 + VAT

Vincent Poklewski Koziell



Irene Pollini Giolai Elena Filatova

Pb Pb

26.50 32.00

Sergio Magotti De Agostini, Cesare Giorgio Cantelli Nikolai Vukov & Luca Ponchiroli

Hb Hb Hb Pb

57.50 49.50 37.95 42.00



9786155987069 9789637063909 9789637441974 9789637441936 9786155304231 9786155987021 9789639964112 Never Such Innocence 9781999587215 Never Such Innocence 9781999587208 Stories of the First World War Pictoplasma Publishing 9783981045802 Characters in Motion 1 (PAL) 9783981045840 Characters in Motion 2 (PAL) 9783981045895 Characters in Motion 3 9783981045826 Characters in Motion 1 (NTSC) 9783981045857 Characters in Motion 2 (NTSC) 9783981045819 Colour Me, Pictoplasma - The Character Colouring and Activity Book 9783981045888 Gangpol & Mit - Faits Divers 9783942245005 Little Aaron- Me and My Friends 9783942245029 Not a Toy - Radical Character Design in Fashion and Costume 9783981045864 Pen to Paper 9783942245012 Pictarot - Reveal Your Inner Character 9783942245067 Pictoplasma: Character Portraits 9783942245050 Pictoplasma: The Character Compendium 9783981045871 Prepare for Pictopia 9783942245074 The Missing Link Puzzle Poklewski Koziell 9780956873576 The Ape Has Stabbed Me Ponchiroli 9788897395058 Stars Behind the Wheel 9788897395034 Chernobyl Surfing: Report from the Exclusion Zone 25 Years After 9788890234729 Nipponto: The Soul of the Samurai 9788897395119 Nuvolari, Lui 9788890234705 Warsaw Pact Uniforms & Ranks 9788897395089 Witnesses of Stone: Monuments & Architecture of Red Bulgaria 1944-1989 Primavera Pers 9789074310826 Account Book of Theo Van gogh-Stolwijk


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14.99 35.00 35.00 25.00 40.00 37.00 £8.99

9789074310857 9789074310833 9789059971004 9789059971011 9789080478428 9789074310079 9789059972629 9789074310536 9789059970892 9789074213165 9789059970618 9789059971028 9789059970373 9789074310284 9789059971714 9789059970588 9789068015751 9789059972384 9789059970403 9789074310642 9789074310673 9789074310499 9789074310925 9789059971417 9789059972285 9789059972308 9789059971790 9789490782054 9789059970137 Rankin 9780957213562 9780956779427 9780954491109 9780954491130 9781904688129 9780956779434 9780957213555 9780995574106 9780995574120 9780956779465 9780956315588 9781903399439 9780956315526 9780953747955 9781903399521 9780956779489 9780954491147 Red Publishing 9788888492223 9788895165066 9788888492254 9788895165134 9788895165110 9788887071450 9788888492155 Sandstein 9783954982967 9783954984459 9783940319395 9783954983612 9783954984732 9783954984107 9783954982370 9783954980000

Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts and Incunabula at Huis Bergh Castle in ‘s-Heerenberg Dictionary of Dutch & Flemish Still-life Dutch & Flemish Artists in Britain-Roding Dutch and Flemish Portraits 1600-1800 Dutch and Flemish Still Life 1600-1800 Dutch Bank Note Design-Bolten Dutch Goldsmiths’ & Silversmiths’ Marks Dutch Ship Tiles Emblem Books in Leiden- Visser Embroidery from the Arab World Fascination of Ancient Glass-Newby Finger of God-Huisman How to Create Beauty: De Lairesse on the theory and practice of making art Images for the Eye & Soul-Veldman Journey to the West Dominico Laffi Leonardo da Vinci as a physiognomist Limits to Artistic Freedom-Boschloo Looking Through Paintings-Hermens Piet Mondrian: The Complete Writings Practical Dutch Grammar-Spaans Questions of Meaning Jongh Questions of Meaning Jongh Rembrandt’s Influence-Heenk Sassetta’s Madonna della Neve-Israels The Dutch Tile: Designs and Names 1570-1930 The Netherlandish Drawings of the 16th Century in the Teylers Museum The North Koreans Van de Velde & Son, Marine Painters When Weaving Flourished: The Silk Industry in Amsterdam & Haarlem 1585-1750 Young Gentry at Play- Kolfin

Anne S.Korteweg

Andrew Gallimore Ayami Nishimura Bailey + Rankin Beautyfull Breeding Caroline Saulnier F**k You Rankin Heidi Klum Marco Antonio x Rankin Myths Monsters & Legends Ranked Rankin Nudes Rankinjozi Snog Sofasosexy Spirit of Ecstasy Visually Hungry Alvaro siza: Viagem Sem Programa Christian Montenegro: New Order Food Chocolate Design Mono- Baseman Mono-Taxali Picone We Are the Future: Illustration Book 1917 Revolution. A Class of their Own Art of Precision Auguste Rodin in the Albertinum Baselitz, Richter, Polke, Kiefer Beyond the Horizon Bob Dylan Bundeswehr Museum of Military History



Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb

32.50 30.00 59.50 59.50 80.00 42.50 19.50 16.50 25.00 25.00 27.50 30.00

Jan Pluis Bleyerveld, Yvonne

Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb

27.50 10.00 45.00 29.95 35.00 49.50 9.95 25.00 35.00 18.95 25.00 50.00 55.00

Tutsch, Martin Daalder, Remmelt Dr Sjoukje Colenbrander

Hb Hb Pb

44.50 32.50 37.00



Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Marco Antoinio & Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin Rankin

Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb

40.00 40.00 80.00 10.00 45.00 40.00 25.00 100.00 40.00 40.00 4.00 39.99 20.00 7.99 12.99 40.00 40.00

Greta Ruffino, Raul Betti Ferruccio Giromini Simone Sabiaini, Happycentro

Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

27.00 25.00 27.00 34.00 34.00 50.00 32.00

Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb

34.00 24.00 29.80 9.80 48.00 38.00 24.00 10.00

Rudi E.O.Ekkart Ildikó Ember

Pluis, Jan Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood

Lyckle de Vries

Kwakkelstein, Michael

Veen, Louis

Various Giuseppe Picone Various

Deutsche Werkstätten Nielsen, Astrid Adriani, Götz Mossinger, Ingrid

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9783954983735 9783954984268 9783954980321 9783942422307 9783954980178 9783937602486 9783954983650 9783954981205 9783954981748 9783954981731 9783954982974 9783942422956 9783954981632 9783954981724 9783940319401 9783954983421 9783954984879 9783954982240 9783954982325 9783954981441 9783954982714 9783954981663 9783954983001 9783954981083 9783942422987 9783954982431 9783954984169 9783954983803 9783954984497 9783954982462 9783954983278 9783954984220 9783954984589 Schirmer/Mosel 9783829608473 9783829608602 9783829608343 9783829601801 9783829607285 Schlebrugge Editor 9783902833280 9783851601565 9783851600742 9783851601305 9783851600933 9783851601886 9783902833891 9783902833297 9783851601176 9783851601756 9783851601763 9783851601640 9783851601657 9783851601749 9783902833853 9783851600834 9783902833020 9783902833617 9783903172081 9783902833242 9783851601862 9783851601961 9783851600292 9783851601169


Co-Creation Labs Details! Dreamworld Exhibition of Historical Certificates Franka Hörnschemeyer in the Dresden Albertinum Frauenkirche in Dresden Fred Stein: Dresden – Paris – New York Glashütte Cottage Industry Glashütte in the GDR era Glashütte in the GDR era Heinrich Graf von Bruhl Hermann Goertz 1862–1944 Homosexuality_ies (Ger Ed) Homosexuality_ies (Ger w. Eng Booklet) Inventor & Visionary Jacques Lipchitz: A 20th Century Sculptor Light in Darkness Martin Luther and the Reformation Martin Luther and the Reformation / Treasures of the Reformation Michael Wirkner 1954–2012 Minature Stories Princess Hedvig Sofia and the Great Northern War Revolutionary! Shining Stone Temptation & Freedom Textile Spaces The Agency of Display The Baselitz Way: Nonconformity as imagination’s wellspring The Lure of Dresden The National Socialist Ordensburg Vogelsang The World View of the Mystical PhilosopherJacob Böhme Titian:Lady in White Visionary Spaces

Noack, Georg & de Castro, Inés Thümmler, Sabine & Lambacher, Lothar

Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb

40.00 38.00 10.00 12.95 8.00 9.00 38.00 7.00 6.50 6.50 68.00 7.00 25.00 25.00 29.80 38.00 18.00 38.00 68.00

Various Koja, Stephan & Henning, Andreas Dalbajewa, Birgit et al

Pb Pb Pb HB Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb

24.00 19.80 78.00 48.00 78.00 14.80 29.00 38.00 38.00 28.00 6.95 30.00 25.00 48.00

The 1907 Paris Exhibition Adieu Audrey Anton Corbijn: The Living and the Dead Brigitte Lacombe: Cinema / Theater Gustave Le Gray: Seascapes

Kaufmann, Bettina Sembach, Klaus-Jürgen Kaiser, Franz Wilhelm and Rio, Marie-Noël Brigitte Lacombe, Adam Gopnik Hubertus v. Amelunxen

Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb

25.00 15.95 19.95 19.95 19.95

[as if] After the Storm: A Gentle Manifesto for a Neighborhood in New Orleans Alexander Rodchenko: Inventory of Space Andreas Fograrasi: Mondial l’Automobile / Pacific Design Center / Interview with Peter Ghyczy Andreas Reiter Raabe: Pure Paint Annja Krautgasser: Verzeichnis Architecture of the Generali Fundation in Vienna, The Archivaria Artists as Public Intellectual Betonblumen 10 Brad Downey Betonblumen 11 Evan Roth Betonblumen 7 Ripo Betonblumen 8 Busk Betonblumen 9 Permanent Unit Bjarne Melgaard: Daddies Don’t Grow on Palm Trees Carl Einstein. A defense of the Real Carola Dertnig; Perform Perform Perform Carolee Schneemann: Precarious Concept and Design 2 Constanze Rhum: Coming Attractions Critical Complicity Dearie: The Louis Betts Portrait of Harriet King Huey Decomposition: Reconstruction Berlin 1918: Anti-Capitalism, Avante-Garde Art, Atonal Music Detours:1960’s Architecture: Italy. Ten Modern Buildings Revisited

Andrea van der Straeten Mark Gilbert

Pb Pb

25.00 21.00

Alexander Rodchenko Peter Noever (Ed)

Pb Pb

19.20 24.00

Andreas Reiter Raabe Annja Krautgasser Jabornegg, Christian Michael Huey Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Vitus Weh, Jogi Neufeld Melgaard, Bjarne David Quigley Carola Dertnig Ragona, Melissa Palffy, Andras et al Rike Frank Lisa Mazza & Julia Mortiz (Eds) Michael Huey Martin Clegg & Michael Guttman

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

17.50 28.00 36.99 21.50 16.00 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 17.50 23.50 23.00 19.95 55.00 19.25 16.00 21.20 16.40

Martin Feriersinger



JOHN RULE Spring 2017

Eschebach, Erika & Weber, Helena

Bosold, Birgit Bosold, Birgit Mössinger, Ingrid Brink, Claudia et al Various

Mossinger, Ingrid Steckelings, K.H.W. Evers, susanne Grave, Johannes et al Rudert, Konstanze Staatliche Kunstsammlungen

9783902833587 9783903172005 9783903172166 9783851601312 9783851600384 9783851600858 9783902833846 9783902833150 9783902833211 9783851601541 9783902833495 9783902833327 9783851601794 9783902833204 9783902833556 9783851601947 9783902833488 9783851601183 9783851601718 9783851601916 9783851601459 9783851600315 9783902833013 9783851601787 9783902833266 9783902833372 9783851601930 9783851601435 9783902833938 9783851601190 9783902833686 9783851601220 9783902833761 9783902833655 9783851601527 9783902833129 9783902833389 9783851601725 9783903172272 9783851601176 9783902833518 9783902833112

Edgar Honetschlager: Sugar and Ice Elective Affinities Extroversion: A Talk Franz West Works Frida Parmeggiani: Costume Abstractions Gazprom-City Gilbert Bretterbauer: bretterbauer objects Gottfried Hattinger, Peter Bogner: Space Inventions Hanako Geierhos: ontological rehearsals - Masks, Props, Sculptures Hans Scheirl: h_dandy boy_parts Helga Michie: Works Helmut Lang: Various Conditions Heritage Learning Matters: Museum and Universal Heritage Himalayan Vernacular Ideal Museum: Gottfried Semper’s Practical Art in Metals Ikuru Kuwajima: Tundra Kids Intimate Space Iris Andraschek: Passion for the Real John Gerrard: Animated Scene Josef Danner: Figure It Out Josef Trattner: Divan Josef Trattner: Sofa Julie Desire: Lust for Life Julius Koller: Galeria Ganku Kappa-Kun goes Tokyo Kozek Hörlonski: Crisscross Oder Liquid Homelands. The Sonic Productions of Second Generation. [South] Asian Women Marko Lulic: Death of the Monument Michael Huey: Houseguests/China Cupboard Modelling Space: 10th Anniversary Kiesler Foundation Vienna Modern: Architecture Books from the Marzona Collection Music here Music there . Exchanges in Performance Art New Vienna Now: Contemporary Vienna - Architecture, Art, Design, Film, Literature, Music Paper Lapap Passages/Boxes/Art in Public Spaces Peter Kollerer: Inner City (London) Rebecca Baron, Dorit Margreiter: Poverty Housing Americus, Georgia Renate Kordon: Where Ariadne Dances Re-Politicizing Art, Theory, Presentation and New Media Technology Rita Ackerman: Meditation on Violence Rudi Molacek: I’ll Be My Mirror Self-Timer Stories Sergei Sviatchenko: Collages Sigrid Kurz: On Display Son of the Velvet Rat: Songs Straight as the Pine, Sturdy as the Oak Tamara Horáková/Ewald Maurer: Areas Grids Photo Papers Teachings of the Garden The Artist as Public Intellectual Thomas Feuerstein. Futur II Totem and Taboo: Complexity and Relationships Between Art & Design Typo-Passage No. 1 : Alex Trochut Typo-Passage No. 2 : Ariane Spanier Utopia of Sound - Immediacy and Non-Simultaneity Village Textures Yasumasa Morimura: No Pain No Gain

9783851601688 9783851601800 9783851601732 9783902833525 9783903172289 Simone Kennedy 9780648311409 A Paper Woman Dream Series 1-4 Society of British Theatre Designers 9780952930945 Collaborators 9780952930983 Make/Believe 9780952930952 Transformation & Revelation 9780952930921 2D< 3D

Edgar Honetschlager Klocker, Hubert & Wendel-Poray, Denise Franz West, Benedikt Ledebur Hummel, Julius Geppert, Silke et al Panzer,Sophie Grzonka, Patricia et al Gottfried Hattinger Hanako Geierhos, Iosem Umschlag

Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb

33.00 22.00 17.95 35.00 29.99 16.95 17.95 16.95 23.50

Eiblmayr, Silvia & Speigl, Andreas Ivanovic, Christine Klocker, Hubert Hadwig Krautler (Ed) Carl Pruscha Peter Noever (Ed) Kuwajima, Ikuru Georgia Creimer Barbara Steiner John Gerrard Danner, Josef et al Josef Trattner Josef Trattner Julia Seyr Grun, Daniel et al Edgar Honetschlager Hörlonski, Thomas Ruby Sircar

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb 2 Vol Box set Pb

21.95 35.00 20.00 33.00 29.00 60.00 22.50 21.00 21.00 22.00 29.50 30.00 30.00 12.95 16.50 8.50 16.00 17.50

Marko Lulic Michael Huey Monika Pessler (Ed) Elisabetta Bresciani (Editor) Thomas Frank Christoph Thun-Hohenstein

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Fc

16.95 16.00 22.00 28.30 10.00 36.00

Heiri Hafliger Vitus H. Weh Peter Kollerer Rebecca Baron, Dorit Margreiter

Pb Pb Pb Hb

21.00 14.25 24.80 17.70

Howlett-Jones, Kate et al Marina Grzinic

Hb Pb

22.50 16.40

Jetzer, Gianni; Hubert; Klocker Rudi Molacek Thun-Hohenstein, Felicitas Poyner, Rick Sigrid Kurz Georg Altziebler Michael Huey Tamara Horáková Platzek, Carola Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen Feuerstein, Thomas Elena Agudio et al

Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

16.95 19.50 24.50 28.00 18.75 15.00 55.00 16.95 19.99 17.50 16.00 16.00

Erwin K. Bauer, Alex Trochut Erwin K. Bauer, Ariane Spanier Nora M. Alter, Michel Chion Pálffy, András Klocker, Hubert

Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb

8.50 8.50 23.50 43.00 22.00

Kennedy, Simone

Box set


Burnett Kate Burnett Greer Crawley Hall & Burnett

Pb Pb Pb Pb

8.00 20.00 25.00 20.00

JOHN RULE Spring 2017


9783902833358 9783903172340 9783902833006 9783903172241 9783902833945 9783902833808 9783902833648 9783851601848 9783851601701



Snoeck 9783864420535 9783864420108 9783864421167 9783864421464 9783864420344 9783864421679 9783936859751 9783936859591 9783936859812 9783864422027 9783864422553 9783936859102 9783940953780 9783936859799 9783940953995 9783936859621 9783864421761 9783940953261 9783864421112 9783864420214 9783864421815 9783936859515 9783864421556 9783864420122 9783864421457 9783940953209 9783864422461 9783940953377 9783864420702 9783936859478 9783864421976 9783940953322 9783864421372 9783940953988 9783940953711 9783864422119 9783864422850 9783864422096 9783940953834 9783864422744 9783864422348 9783936859645 9783864420610 9783936859553 9783936859232 9783864421266 9783864422898 9783864420504 9783864421488 9783864422171 9783864421136 9783864421143 9783936859539 9783940953117 9783864421563 9783936859690 9783940953704 9783864421884 9783940953049 9783936859959 9783936859133 9783864421235 9783864420856 9783940953056 9783936859973 9783864422058


1914: The Avant-Garde Goes to War A Robert Smithson Film: Broken Circle Spiral Hill A Secret History of Modern Art About Trees Adam Helms Adolf Fleischmann: An American Abstract Painter? Albrecht Fuchs: MK 95 Albrecht Fuchs: Portraits All Inclusive: A Tourist World Allan Kaprow: Painting 1946–1957: A Survey Always Different, Always the Same. Andre Butzer: Das Ende Andrea Faciu: Dreams & Accomplices Andrea Madesta: Abstract Andrea Winkler: Famous Quotes by Famous People Andreas Gursky: Munich Catalogue Andreas Karl Schulze: B OT BO TBO T Andreas Karl Schulze: Flatlikekeepingism Andreas Karl Schulze: P SYSYPP S YP P Andreas Plum: Paperworks Andreas Slominski: Das U des Turhuter Anonym: In the Future No One Will Be Famous Anselm Reyle: Stripe Paintings 2003-2013 Anthony Gormley: Horizon Field Hamburg Anton Henning: Midnight in Paris Armin Boehm: Evil Eye Asger Jorn: Without Boundares Astrid Nippold/ Hansjoerg Dobliar: It’s Always Night At Work Ballerina in a Whirlpool Beat Zoderer: Around 5 Corners Bernard Frize:Invisibility Cloak Better than de Kooning Bettina Kreig: Abysse Bettina Meyer Betty Tompkins Big Orchestra Bill Viola: Installations Biomorph! Hans Arp in a dialogue Birgit Werres: samples for pieces – maybe Body Check Bodycheck: Contemporary Sculpture Bojan Šar evi : A Curious Contortion in the Method of Progress Bojan Sarcevic: To What Extent Should an Artist Understand the Implications of His or Her Findings Bojan Sarcevic: Une Heureuse Regression Borden Capalino: Works 2013-2015 Boris Becker: Bunker 1984-1989 Bruce High Quality Foundation: The Transsubstantiation of Bruce Cao Fei: I watch that worlds pass by Carl Ostendarp Carl Ostendarp: Book (Red Version) Carl Ostendarp: Book (Blue Version) Carlos Matter: Learning from Liz Catholic Factor:Art of Germany & Poland Cecily Brown: The Sleep Around and the Lost and Found Cesar Domela: Hannover Catalogue Charif Benhelima:Harlem on my Mind Charlotte Moth: Travelogue Cher Ami - Votre Marcel Proust Chinese Portraits Christian Holstad: Dignity-Pressed Flowers Christian Rosa: I am in Love with the Coco Christian Rosa: Love’s Gonna Save the Day Christof Mascher: 1979 Christoph Buchel: Artist’s Book Conversations with Jurgen Partenheimer and other texts

JOHN RULE Spring 2017

Uew M. Schneede Roel Arkesteijn, Eva Schmidt Pamela Kort; Max Hollein Fischer, Peter; McFarlane, Robert Marianne Boesky Wiehager, Renate (Ed) Albrecht Fuchs Albrecht Fuchs Max Hollein, Matthias Ulrich Baur, Andreas & Ursprung, Phillip Kost, Lynn Andre Butzer Susanne Kohler, Katrin Meder Andrea Madesta Jens Asthoff Andreas Gursky, Don Delillo Liesbrock, Heinz Andreas Karl Schulze Kebeck, Gunther Alex Jasch Luckow, Dirk Various Gebbers, Anna-Catharina Dirk Luckow Emmert, Claudia Armin Boehm Luckow, Dirk Astrid Nippold Kurzmeyer, Roman Fritz Emslander et al Kienbaum, Jochen Bernard Frize Baur, Andreas Christian Ganzenberg Marietta Franke Pernegger, Karin Ulrich, Matthias Luckow, Dirk Oliver Kornhoff, Kienbaum, Jochen & Laura Loers, Veit Matthias Winzen Gauthier,Michel

Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

75.00 28.50 55.00 27.50 38.00 37.50 46.00 32.50 32.50 31.50 40.00 18.95 18.95 28.50 18.95 65.00 15.50 9.50 7.75 17.50 31.50 23.95 23.50 17.50 23.50 28.50 33.50 18.95 28.50 23.95 31.50 8.50 19.50 18.95 18.95 25.00 27.95 30.00 28.50 40.00 28.50 38.00 28.50

Bojan Sarcevic



Bojan Sarcevic Perkins, Frances Augustin, Roland

Pb Hb Hb Pb

18.95 23.50 55.00 9.25

Wiehager, Renate Lobke, Matthia & Saltz, Jerry Jochen Kienbaum Jochen Kienbaum Carlos Matter Gaby Dziuba Myers, Terry R. Cesar Domela Daniella Geo Meyer-Stoll, Christiane Jurgen Ritte Diane Droin-Michaud et al Christian Holstad Lobke, Matthia Ohrt, Roberto; Jablonsky, Linda Christof Mascher Christoph Buchel Kluge, Alexander

Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb

31.50 28.50 23.50 23.50 28.50 23.95 19.50 28.50 28.50 31.50 65.00 28.50 23.95 23.50 26.00 18.95 38.00 25.00

Crossing Media Cuny Janssen: Amami Cuny Janssen: BLU Cuny Janssen: There Is Something in the Air in Prince Albert Cuny Janssen: There Was a Child Went Forth Cuyny Janssen: Yoshino Dag Erik Elgin: Mirror falling from the Wall Dana Schutz: Waiting for the Barbarians Dani Gal: Historical Records Daniel Richter: 10001nacht Darren Almond: Nocturne Darren Almond: The Giverny Polaroids David Czupryn: He She It David Reed: Heart of Glass David Reed: Rock, Paper, Scissors David Smith: Form in Colour David Thorpe: Kleve Catalogue Dieter Roth & Arnulf Rainer Collaborations Duchamp as Curator Eberhard Havekost: U Say Love Egbert Haneke: Vis Motrix Elbphilharmonie Elementary Parts Elmar Trenkwalder Emil Holmer: Parasites and Diagramme Emil Nolde: Cousin of the Deep Enoc Perez: Tender Erik Schmidt: Up Eva Leitolf: German Pictures Facing the World Fausto Melotti Florian Slotawa: Körnerstraße/ Wilhelmshofallee/ Hans-Arp-Allee

Baur, Andreas Cuny Janssen Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele Cuny Janssen Janssen, Cuny Jos vos Hansen, Tone Woeller, Marcus Gal, Dani Susanne Figner et al Andreas Baur Darren Almond Krempel, León Stephan Berg David Reed White, Michelle David Thorpe Fleck, Robert; Roth, Bjorn Wiehager, Renate Brunnet, Bruno & Hackert, Nicole Egbert Haneke Luckow, Dirk Spieler, Reinhard & Jaeger, Stella Arie Hartog et al Steinweg, Marcus Eggelhöfer, Fabienne Enoc Perez Erik Schmidt Eva Leitolf Hall, James Fogle, Douglas Oliver Kornhoff

Pb Hb Pb Hb Sections Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Box Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb

23.95 28.50 45.00 36.50 82.50 55.00 37.50 11.75 33.50 38.00 50.00 42.00 25.00 60.00 38.00 31.50 28.50 42.00 33.50 23.25 32.50 23.50 27.95 46.00 23.95 40.00 24.00 23.95 34.50 31.50 23.50 38.00

9783864422751 9783940953568 9783864422782 9783940953599 9783864420665 9783864421259 9783864422331 9783936859676 9783864421969 9783940953366 9783940953346 9783864422874 9783864421099 9783864421853 9783864421549 9783864422249 9783864420160 9783864420191 9783940953766 9783864422003 9783940953667 9783936859768 9783940953803 9783936859669 9783940953094 9783940953254 9783864421723 9783864421808 9783864421846 9783864422768 9783864421617 9783864420177 9783864420573 9783940953193

Florian Slotawa: Viewing Stuttgart Florin Kompatscher Works 2005-2010 Fly Me to the Moon For the Use of Those Who See Foreign & Familiar FORT: Works Fotofinish Fragments of Arte Povera Francesco Neri: Trophy & Treasure Franz Ackerman Friedemann von Stockhausen: Braunschweig Catalogue Fuzzy Dark Spot Gary Kuehn Georg Baselitz: Peintre – Graveur Georg Baselitz: Simunds Cave Georg Herold. where the.. Georg Herold: Multiple Choice Georg Winter: Psychotektonik Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger:High Water Gerhard Richter: Unique Pieces in Series Gerold Miller: Retrospective Gert & Uwe Tobias: Bonn Catalogue Gert & Uwe tobias: GEM The Hague Gert & Uwe Tobias:Drawings Gert & UweTobias: Burgdorf/ Vienna Catalogue Gert & UweTobias: Hannover Catalogue Geta Bratescu Giacometti- Nauman Good Space Good Space: Communities, or the promise of Happiness Guillermo Kuitca Guillermo Kuitca: No Tomorrow! Gunter Damisch: Macro Micro Gunter Umberg/ Elisabeth Vary

Luckow, Dirk Klaus Thomann Hug, Cathérine Susanne Pfeffer Brennacher,Julia Dinse, Lotte Leber, Christina Jannis Kounellis, Mario Merz Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele Stephan Berg & Stefan Gronert Friedemann von Stockhausen Luckow, Dirk & Oelze, Wolfgang Christiane Mayer-Stoll Mason, Rainer Michael & Gretenkort, Detlev Wagner, Anselm Adolphs, Volker & Berg, Stephan Armin Zweite Ulrike Groos

Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb

33.40 38.00 40.00 23.95 23.95 31.50 48.75 38.00 40.00 28.50 38.00 32.00 55.00 82.50 23.50 33.50 35.00 28.50 23.95 19.50 23.95 54.00 54.00 46.00 28.50 28.50 23.50 31.50 37.50 33.50 31.50 35.00 38.00 23.95

Hubert Butin Ulrike Schick Gert & UweTobias Rogier Omeling Gert & UweTobias Gert & UweTobias Gert & UweTobias Gassner, Hubertus & Kolle, Brigitte Schlicht, Esther Baur, Andreas Baur, Andreas Fitzgerald, Michael. C. Philip Larrat Smith Antonia Horschelmann Gunter Umberg, Elisabeth Vary

JOHN RULE Spring 2017


9783864420719 9783940953292 9783864421570 9783936859492 9783864422126 9783864420276 9783864422942 9783864422010 9783864422140 9783940953971 9783940953919 9783864420443 9783864422621 9783864420139 9783940953018 9783864421839 9783936859843 9783864420849 9783864422300 9783864422867 9783936859737 9783864422041 9783864422973 9783864420092 9783864420634 9783864422508 9783940953063 9783936859126 9783936859904 9783864421396 9783864421600 9783864420337



9783936859775 9783864422652 9783936859997 9783936859911 9783864421310 9783936859652 9783936859010 9783936859638 9783864420498 9783864421303 9783864420924 9783864422539 9783864421891 9783864421891 9783864420894 9783864422935 9783940953148 9783864421297 9783864421341 9783864421877 9783940953681 9783864421655 9783864420825 9783940953155 9783940953728 9783864421105 9783940953124 9783864420467 9783864421914 9783864422133 9783864421907 9783864420788 9783864422430 9783936859829 9783940953506 9783864422843 9783864421389 9783940953940 9783940953513 9783936859744 9783864421594 9783864421020 9783936859348 9783864422225 9783940953421 9783864421747 9783940953483 9783936859034 9783864422676 9783864422713 9783936859027 9783936859720 9783940953520 9783864421334 9783940953612 9783864421532 9783864422317 9783864420146 9783940953674 9783864420948 9783864421471 9783940953162 9783864422324 9783940953339 9783864422454 9783864422034 9783864420238 9783864420245 9783940953315

Gunther Forg, Gunter Herburger: Trilogy of the Paths Günther Förg: [Untitled] 1976–2008 Gunther Forg: Aller/ Retour Gunther Forg: Back and Forth Gunther Forg: Deichtorhallen Hamburg Gunther Forg: Fields - Verges Gunther Forg: Moscow Gunther Forg: Passage Gunther Forg: Twelve Lead Paintings Gunther Forg: Wall Paintings 1978-2013 Hamish Fulton: Walking Transformation Hannah Weinberger: When time lies Hans Eijkelboom: Photo Concepts Hans Eilkelboom: Photographic Concepts Hans Emmenegger Hans Erni Hansjorg Dobliar: Delicate Deformation Haroon Mirza: hrm199 Ltd. Haroon Mirza: hrm199 Ltd. Hartmut Bohm: or-or Hartmut Bohm: Wandarbeiten Heidi Specker: In Front Of Heike Beyer: Scarcely Able to Stand Heinrich Weid: Model Book Heinz Mack: Light Space Colour Henry Moore Herbert Brandl: Hamburg Catalogue Herbert Brandl: Katana Herbert Brandl: Summersnow Herbert Hinteregger: Untitled (Flow) Herbert Maier: Who We Are – A Visual Library Home Stories Hommage à Georg Baselitz Horst Munch: Our War Hubert Kiecol: Golden Hyper! A Journey into Art and Music I am here I Hate Paul Klee I Want To See How You See Ika Huber: Coelin Ingrid Calame: Being Born Intractable & Untamed Isa Melsheimer:Artist’s Book JAK: Soul Blindness Jan Dibbets: Horizon Jan van der Ploeg: Selected Works 2009-2016 Javier Tellez: 4 1/2 Jeanne Faust: Dusseldorf Catalogue Jeanno Gaussi Jenny Michel: Antenna Diaries Jeppe Hein: Take a Walk in the Forrest at Sunlight Jin Meyerson: 2001-2007 Jochen Schmith: Certain Arrangements John Prues: Fateful Objects Jorinde Voigt: Botanic Code Juergen Teller: The Clinic Julian Lethbridge Julian Schnabel: Deus Ex Machina Julien Maire: A Magnifying Glass for the Time Jurgen Naber: Stops Jürgen Partenheimer: Calliope Katalin Deer: Present Things Katharina Hinsberg. Sequence. Drawings 1-117. Katja Strunz :Points of Entry Katrin Plav ak. On the Couch Katrin Plav ak: Humming Thumbling KIDS Kiki Kogelnik: I Have Seen the Future Kirill Golovchenko: 7 km

JOHN RULE Spring 2017

Gunther Forg, Gunter Herburger Malycha, Christian Gunther Forg Gunther Forg Luckow, Dirk Gunther Forg Gunther Forg Gunther Forg Uli Knecht Wechsler, Max Baur, Andreas Baur, Andreas Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele Bieder, Patricia Stahlhut, Heinz Hansjorg Dobliar Wader, Rachel; Martinez, Chus Wader, Rachel; Martinez, Chus Wiehager, Renate Ulrike Schick Domrose, Ulrich Litz, Christine; Lobke, Matthia Heinrich Weid Fleck, Robert Sebastiano Barassi Herbert Brandl Klaus & Elisabeth Thoman Krištof, Andreas Lobke, Matthia Herda, Isabell Hirsch, Nikolaus et al Gohr, Siegfried Horst Munch Eva Schmidt Dax, Max & Luckow, Dirk Clarke, Michael Robert Fleck et al Dirk Luckow Ika Huber Kienbaum, Jochen (Ed) Engelbach, Barbara Isa Melsheimer Baur, Andreas Rudi Fuchs & Eric Verhagen Wiehager, Renate Hilke Wagner Jeanne Faust Dogramaci, Burcu Hausmann, Brigitte Jeppe Hein Jin Meyerson Hilke Wagner Preus, John Jorinde Voigt Bonami, Francesco Storr, Robert Robert Fleck Ulrike Schick Heidbrink, Henriette Schumacher, Anne-Claire (Ed) Katalin Deer Kienbaum, Jochen and Laura Barbara Kuon Hausmann, Brigitte Eiblmayr, Silvia & Heiser, Jörg Estelle Blaschke, Kito Nedo Kirill Golovchenko

Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb

28.50 21.00 75.00 75.00 37.50 77.50 77.50 22.95 23.95 77.50 26.00 25.00 31.50 31.50 35.00 37.50 28.50 31.50 31.50 31.50 23.95 23.50 21.75 23.95 55.00 27.50 38.00 23.95 19.50 33.50 45.00 26.00 21.00 32.50 28.50 45.00 31.50 38.00 23.95 32.50 23.50 35.00 28.50 33.50 28.50 37.50 28.50 18.95 21.00 21.00 18.95 46.00 28.50 15.50 54.00 19.50 25.00 31.50 23.95 21.75 23.50 28.50 25.00 28.50 21.00 31.50 23.95 32.50 28.50

9783936859706 9783864422515 9783864421778 9783864421273 9783940953810 9783940953247 9783864420511 9783864420696 9783940953223 9783940953643 9783864422584 9783936859324 9783940953100 9783864420054 9783864421365 9783864422904 9783936859355 9783864421228 9783864420559 9783864420030 9783864421204 9783940953957 9783864420672 9783864422980 9783864420290 9783864420863 9783936859874 9783936859171 9783940953933 9783864421648 9783864422706 9783864421129 9783936859409 9783864421860 9783864420368 9783864422829 9783864420795 9783864420221 9783940953872 9783936859584 9783864420399 9783864422362 9783940953384 9783864421792 9783864420412 9783864421198 9783864422959 9783940953575 9783864422485 9783940953742 9783864420016 9783864422621 9783936859058 9783864420269 9783940953278

Klaus Merkel: Hornbook land_scope Larger Than Life Stranger Than Fiction Lea Lublin: A Retrospective Leap in Time Liam Gillick Living in the Material World Luca Trevisani Lucian Freud and the Animal M+M: Come to Me first Magdalena Kita: Californication Maki Na Kamura Manfred Pernice: Haldensleben, Bibette Headland, Hotel Hangelar Marco Lulic: I was the Waitress at the Bauhaus Marcus Weber. Krazy Dog Moon Kat Maria Brunner Marianne Vitale: Oh don’t ask why Marilyn Minter: Hamburg Catalogue Mark Sheinkman: Otterndorf Catalogue Markus Bacher: After Eight Markus Lüpertz: Architecture Dithyrambic Markus Lupertz: Byways and Highways- A Retrospective Markus Lupertz: Myth & Metamorphosis Markus Proschek. Marlene Dumas: Female Marriage at Schloss Dyck Martin Boyce Martin Creed Martin Kippenberger: Bitteschön Dankeschön Martin Kippenberger: Museum of Modern Art Syros Martin Zellerhoff: Taking up the Motif Mary Heilman & Blinky Palermo: Mary Blinky Yay Mary Heilmann: Seeing Things, Visions, Waves & Roads Mathieu Mercier: Everything but the Kitchen Sink Mathilde Rosier: Ceremonially Infused Matthias Weischer: Thicket Max Beckmann in Dialogue Melanie Smith: Short Circuit Memphis Schulze: Catalogue raisonne Meuser: The Woman Rides and the Horse Goes on Foot Michael Beutler: Four Places for Sculptural Projects Michael Schmidt: Food Michael Venezia: Paintings Michel Würthle: le cinema de la vie Mira Schendel: Monotypes Miroslav Balka: Lightduress Mohau Modisakeng: Selected Works Natalia Stachon Next Generations Nic Hess Drawing Installations 1995-2013 Nikola Röthemeyer: Frauenzimmer Nils Nova:Works So Far Nina Pohl: Oldenburg Catalogue Norbert Schwontkowski: Blind Faith Olaf Metzel Olaf Metzel Olaf Metzel - Hans von Marees Olaf Metzel: Coffee Newspapers Cigarettes Olaf Metzel: From the TV to the Fridge Olivier Mosset: Tutu Out of Shanghai Paradise Handbook Patricia Bucher: Battle Panorama Paul Schwer Paul Schwer: From both ends Performative Installation Peter Dreher: Hommage to Painting Peter Hutchinson: Dreamed Paradise

Klenbaum, Jochen Pohlmann, Ulrich et al Ulrike Groos et al Bayer-Wermuth, Monika Ermacora, Beate Nicolas Bourriaud et al Almarcegui, Lara; Renate Wiehager Ines Ruttinger; Eva Schmidt Claudia Emmert Edzgveradze, Gai et al Wagenfeld-Pleister, Gertude Kaiser, Philipp

Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb

28.50 33.50 28.50 31.50 26.00 65.00 26.00 45.00 27.50 28.50 23.50 30.00 26.00

Marco Lulic Baur, Andreas Prinzhor, Martin Cattelan, Maurizio Belinda Grace Gardner Mark Sheinkman Velt Loers Gohr, Siegfried Eric Darragon et al Andrea Madesta Gisbourne, Mark & McKenzie, Lucy Marlene Dumas Kay Heymer et al Renate Wiehager Lobke, Matthia & Tabor, Jurgen Dessau, Ory et al Martin Kippenberger Haffner, Hans-Jurgen Mary Heilman & Blinky Palermo Mary Heilmann Baur, Andreas Claudia Emmert Grasskamp, Walter Brunnet, Bruno & Hackert, Nicole Andreas Baur Schulze, Max Meuser Michael Beutler Various L bke, Matthia & Bell, Tiffany Hergott, Fabrice Olivier Renaud-Clement Miroslav Balka Pernegger, Karen Natalis Stachon Kreuzer, Stefanie Ganzenberg, Christian Kuckei + Kuckei Max Wechsler Nina Pohl Florian Waldvogel Osterwold, Tilman Peter Iden et al Kaak, Joachim Matthia Lobke Metzel, Olaf Schaschl, Sabine Ulrike Schick et al Baur, Andreas Patricia Bucher Ulrike Schick, Johan Hartle Mann, Stephan Angelika Nollert Peter Dreher, Christine Litz Oliver Kornhoff

Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb

24.00 25.00 31.50 23.50 18.95 23.95 28.50 23.95 77.50 28.50 28.50 38.00 18.95 23.95 23.50 65.00 14.50 23.50 28.50 18.95 31.50 22.95 23.95 23.25 23.95 42.00 38.00 23.95 235.00 23.50 16.95 45.00 12.50 19.50 23.95 27.95 42.00 23.95 46.00 28.50 38.00 25.00 28.50 23.50 28.50 23.50 37.50 28.50 25.00 65.00 28.50 25.00 24.00 28.50 28.50

JOHN RULE Spring 2017


9783864420733 9783864422645 9783940953537 9783864421280 9783864420986 9783940953407 9783864420870 9783864421068 9783864421150 9783940953759 9783864421921 9783864420962 9783864420993



9783864422294 9783864422072 9783864421754 9783940953032 9783864420023 9783864421174 9783864421631 9783864421037 9783864420252 9783940953551 9783864422089 9783864420009 9783864422669 9783864420689 9783864422546 9783936859577 9783936859850 9783936859928 9783936859157 9783864420375 9783864422607 9783864421426 9783864420757 9783864420115 9783864420979 9783864422720

Peter Roehr. Avant-Garde Artist of the 1960s Peter Saul Peter Zimmerman: Freiburg School Peter Zimmerman: Works since 1987 Philipp Geist Picasso in Contemporary Art Pipilotto Rist: Your Saliva is my Diving Suit in the Ocean of Pain Poetry of the Metropolis Porcelain Manufacture Nymphenburg Poul Gernes: Retrospective Production. Made in Germany Three Psycho: Ena Swansea & Robert Lucander Qin Yufen. Leben (Life) Rainer and the Women Ralf Ziervogel: As If Ralf Ziervogel: Immobile Ralf Ziervogel: Young German Art Ralph Mueller: WUM Ready to Shoot: TV and Video Gallery Recent British Painting Remembering Landscape Remy Zaugg: And the Question of Perception Re-View Riotous Baroque: From Cattelan to Zurburan Rite of Passage Roman Signer: New Works

9783864420481 9783864422270 9783864422560 9783864421990 9783864422201 9783940953490 9783864420436 9783940953650 9783864421945 9783864420931

Romana Scheffknecht Ronald Kodritsch. Neue Frisuren für die Ewigkeit Sabrina Haunsperg. Works 2008-2018 Sabrina Labis: You are the only one Sarah Lucas Sarah Ortmeyer: Internationalismus Saul Steinberg: The Americans Sculpture Garden, Villa Schoningen Sculptures Made of Paper Sebastian Diaz Morales: Ficcionario

9783864420917 9783940953827 9783940953629 9783864422157 9783864421440 9783940953636 9783864420047 9783936859003 9783864420429 9783864420542 9783936859546 9783864422775 9783940953773 9783864420832 9783940953230 9783864422232 9783940953698 9783940953131 9783940953735 9783864420207 9783936859461 9783936859560 9783940953855 9783940953353 9783864420085 9783864421518 9783864421211 9783864421662 9783864422218 9783940953797


Wiehager, Renate Weinhart, Martina Litz, Christine & Yazici, Didem Peter Zimmerman Holger Lund et al David Bowie Aeschaber, Kurt et al

Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb

40.00 33.50 23.50 38.00 28.50 55.00 31.50

Schlicht, Esther & Wetzel, Roland Frank Stolle Dirk Luckow Various Belinda Grace Gardner et al Hausmann,Brigitte Weiermair, Peter Luckow, Dirk et al Ralf Ziervogel Ralf Ziervogel Ralph Mueller Gerry Schum Tom Morton Schmidt, Eva & Vöckler, Kai de Croix, Mathilde Schimmel, Paul Bice Curiger Klocker, Hubert Ströbele,Ursula; Végh, Christina & Bosch,Julika Patrizia Grzonka et al Kodritsch, Ronald Schaufler-Münch,Christine Hermann, Sigrid

Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Box Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb

42.00 32.50 65.00 30.00 18.95 21.00 28.50 40.00 142.50 28.50 28.50 55.50 28.50 33.50 31.50 46.00 30.00 26.00 21.00

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23.95 33.50 22.00 11.75 33.50 28.50 38.00 23.95 31.50 42.00

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42.00 38.00 28.50 40.00 23.50 38.00 23.95 495.00 38.00 46.00 23.95 21.00 23.95 21.75 28.50 33.50 28.50 28.50 28.50 17.50 65.00 28.50 28.50 28.50 38.00 23.50 23.50 23.50 33.50 38.00

Sarah Ortmeyer Andreas Prinzing Matthias Dopfner Gundel, Marc Amado, Rocardo; Morales, Diaz, Sebastian; Hill, Gary et al. Secret Signs Ma, Lesley; Mingyuan, Hu Secret Societies Ina Blom et al Sergej Vutuc: Something in Between Jocko Weyland Serial Formations 1967/2017 Wiehager, Renate Shaan Syed: Catalogue Kielmayer, Oliver Siegfried Anzinger: Linz Catalogue Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller Siegfried Anzinger: Works 2011 Rudi Fuchs Sigmar Polke: Daphne Sigmar Polke Sigmar Polke: Multiplication of Humour Eva Schmidt Sigmar Polke:Posters Collection Ciesielski Axel Ciesielski Signe Guttormsen: With Backs Facing Forward Signe Guttormsen Silke Wagner: Migration and Plant Löbke, Matthia Silvia Bachli & Eric Hattan: Snow Until May Michael Semff, Harriet Zilch Simone Demandt: Instrumenta Sceleris Demandt, Simone Simone Strasser: Wanted Simone Strasser Singular Plural Lange-Berndt, Petra et al Sofie Bird-Moller Laura Henseler et al Sowing and Weeding: Folk Culture in Contemporary Art Nicole Fritz, Franz Schwarzbauer Stefan Panhans: Sorry Eva Schmidt, Hans-Jurgen Hafner Stephan Balkenhol in Sankt.Elisabeth, Kassel Ap. Gen.Vicariate Fulda Stephan Balkenhol: Baden-Baden Catalogue Stephan Balkenhol Stephan Balkenhol: Hamburg Catalogue Stephan Balkenhol Stephan Balkenhol: In Meisenthal and the Chateau Malbrouck Matthias Winzen Stephan Balkenhol:Balancing Act Nicolaus Fest & Matthias Winzen Stephan Reusse: Artisitc Process of Opening Marietta Franke Streamlines Luckow, Dirk & Kouoh, Koyo (Eds) Sue Weber: Formula:marionette Weber, Suse Susanne Paesler: Works 1991-2006 Schreier, Christian; Berg, Stefan (Eds) Takato Saito: You and Me Schmidt, Eva & Stahl, Johannes Tal R Florian Waldvogel

JOHN RULE Spring 2017

9783864420306 9783936859867 9783864421044 9783864420313 9783864421242 9783936859287 9783940953544 9783936859362 9783864421013 9783864420771 9783936859423 9783864421686 9783864422881 9783936859980 9783864421822 9783864420061 9783864422317 9783864420658 9783864420566 9783864421327 9783864421785 9783864421587 9783864422164 9783936859164 Somogy 9782757206263 9782757207086 9782757211267 9782757213629 9782757202319 9782757209097 9782757203149 9782757203187 9782757206621 9782757207888 9782757211120 9782757204726 9782850569579 9782757208564 9782757206966 9782757204559 9782757209943 9782757209134 9782757209929 9782850569708 9782757207062 9782757211281 9782757212943 9782757205419 9782757205648 9782850565489 9782757205426 9782757213896 9782757209158 9782757212967 9782757208854 9782757207000

Tal R: Babylonia Tal R: Egyptian Boy Tatiana Trouve: I Tempi Doppi The Forces Behind the Forms The Infinite White Abyss

Gohr, Siegfried Various Berg, Stephan; Ragaglia, Letizia et al. Ermacora, Beata et al Ackermann, Marlon; Dalrymple Henderson, Linda; Lorzen, Ansger; Lunk, Jessica; Quabeck, Nina; Skallks, Anne; Tillberg, Margareta; Wijnberg, Louise; Chavannes, Meta The Mirror of Narcissus : From Mythological Demigod to Mass Beate Ermacora Phenomenon Thierry Colin: Beyond the Edge Thierry Colin Thilo Droste: Ego Paul Brodowsky Thomas Feuerstein: Trickster Hans-Peter Wipplinger Thomas Feuerstein:Psychoprosa Ermacora, Beate; Feurestein Thomas; Tabor, Jurgen Thomas Scheibitz: Venice Biennale Thomas Scheibitz Thomas Schutte: Big Buildings Rainald Schumacher Thomas Schutte: Watercolours Thomas Schutte Those Early Years Hartog, Arie; Plath, Carina; Stonard, John-Paul Tobias Rehberger: Home and Away Ulrich, Matthias Tom Wesselmann: Pictures at the Wall of your Heart Tom Wesselmann Trinity Irvine, Karen Umbo, Photographer Schube, Inka Ute Behrend: Zimmerpflanzen Ute Behrend Viehof Collection Luckow, Dirk Volker Huller Margit Brehm et al Walter Pichler. Objects Thoman, Klaus and Elisabeth Walter Pichler: Drawings Reeder, Christian & Weber, Stephanie Wermke & Leinkauf Bettina Klein Whatness Franz, Erich; BeuB, Fiona; Larrat-Smith, Philip Willie Doherty: Home Baur, Andreas & Wenzel, Anka With Different Eyes Conrath-Scholl, Gabriele; Berg, Stephan (Eds) Wolfgang Trager: A Fluxus Family Portrait Album Skrobanek, Kerstin Yoshitaka Amano: M Yoshitaka Amano

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38.00 23.50 46.00 26.50

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14.50 65.00 38.00 26.00

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38.00 23.95 70.00 55.00 23.95 45.00 28.50 25.00 23.95 28.50 23.50

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23.50 31.50

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25.00 23.95

100 Masks from Hopi, Zuni, and other Pueblo cultures 19th Century Painters of the Opal Coast A History of Montmartre

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35.00 9.95 17.00

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39.00 55.00 41.00 50.00 69.00 25.95 26.25 9.50 27.00 27.50 27.00 27.50 32.50 37.50 22.50 40.00 27.00 29.00 17.00 35.00 20.00 29.00 24.50 16.50 39.00 27.50 19.90 8.75 130.00

A Life in Africa 1894-1939 African Terracotta: Barbier-Mueller Museum Ahmed Shahabuddin Andre Charles Boulle (Fr Ed) Andre Charles Boulle: A New Style for Europe Andre le Notre and the Gardens of Chantilly Architecture Zoo Artists in Montmartre 1870-1910 Arts & Cultures 12: Barbier Muller Foundation Arts & Cultures 2006- Mattet Arts & Cultures No. 15/2014 Arts & Cultures No.14. The Barbier-Mueller Museums Artsakh: Garden of Armenian Arts & Traditions- Karabagh Australia of the French Explorers Balenciaga, Magician in Lace Ballets of Monte-Carlo 1985-2015 Bellegarde: The Quest for Color Benoit Lemercier: From One Infinity to Another Bernard Buffet: Intimement Bernard Pras Beyond the Horizon:Societies of the Channel Biennale Internationale Vallauris 2012 Braun-Vega Carbon 12: Art & Climate Change Cedrix Crespel: Monograph Charles de la Fosse (FrEd.) Chiens Cachorros Dogs China at Versailles Chinese Art of the Twentieth Century

Éric Geneste, Éric Mickeler Cécile Rivière et al Viart, Aude; Ooms, Saskia & Menedez, Maria Gonzales Dilley, Roy Floriane Morin Dominique Stal Jean Neree Ronfort Jean-Neree Ronfort Nicole Garnier Tschumi, Bernard Viart, Aude Laurence Mattet Mattet, Laurence Laurence Mattet Dickran Kouymjian Mouchet, Frederc Catherine Join-Dieterle Maillot, Jean-Christophe Lemercier, Benoit Ooms, Saskia et al Lemoine, colin Anne Lehoerff et al Corinne Carles Élisabeth Delorme Rivera, Guillaume Beatrice Sarrazin De Andrade, Alecio Rochebrune, Marie-Laure de Professor Lü Peng

JOHN RULE Spring 2017


9783864422287 9783864420450 9783864420801 9783864421716 9783864420818



9782757212547 9782757211496 9782757207437 9782757204566


9782757213971 9782757204979 9782757205617 9782757207789 9782757204412 9782850568978 9782757208533 9782757209783 9782757208823 9782757205419 9782757203071 9782757205679 9782757211847 9782757206645 9782850565526 9780912114378 9782757201329 9782757209486 9782850568565 9782757202098 9782757202623 9782757201473 9782757208595 9782757205129 9782757209172 9782757210727 9782757206065 9782757211779 9782757207154 9782757207956 9782757207017 9782757208939 9782757209059 9782757204634 9782757211809 9782757206003 9782757200834 9782850566806 9782757203675 9782757206720 9782757213971 9782757206591 978275721361 9782757207659 9782757208960 9782757206171 9782757205839 9782757213636 9782757213001 9782757212158 9782757206560 9782757213957 9782757204801 9782757212448 9782757207840 9782850569326 9782850568541 9782757205334 9782757203514 9782757208748 9782757212929 9782757202647 9782757209189 9782757203781

Chinese Contemporary Art since 1989 Christian Lacroix and the Hotels Claudie Laks Collecting in the Heart of the Alps: The History Museum of Valais, Sion Dances with Shango Denis Felix: The Thread of Life Dentelles: Quand la Mode Ne Tient Dix 10 [Roma Napoli & J.J. Dow Jones] Dogon Domicile:Prive/Public –Heygi Emmanuel Regent: While It’s Still Day En mode sport Erro: Retrospective Eva Besnyo 1910-2003: The Sensuous Image Expanding Horizons Festins de la Renaissance: Cusines et Tresors Francois Bard Francois Boucher: Fragments of a World Picture Francoise Mechain Gabriel de Saint-Aubin-Bailey Gary Hill & Gerry Judah-Blyth Georges Desvallières. Catalogue raisonné (French Ed.) Godwin Hoffman: Paintings- Kraft Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Gregory Masurovsky:Drawings 2nd Ed Gregory Masurovsky-Drawings Guadeloupe Islands in the Heart Hand in Morocco: Hamsa Art, Symbol & Tradition Herve Telemaque Ibeji J.D.Kirszenbaum: The Lost Generation Jade: From the Imperial Collections to Art Deco Jean Cousin, pere et fils Jean Dewasne Jewish Artists of the School of Paris Jewish Arts in Morocco Juana Muller Kachina :Messengers of the Hopi & Zuni Gods Käfig at 20! Kaidin on the Path of Basho: Nomadic Art Karine Arabian- Richoux La Villette 1971-1995-Orlandini Lapita: Oceanic Ancestors L’Automne de la Renaissance: D’Arcimboldo a Caravage Les dessins de la collection Mariette École italienne Look Mr.Monet..See How the Seine has Changed Louis Phillipe 1er et Versailles Louvre Lens: The Guide 2014 Louvre Lens: The Guide 2015 Low Tide: Japan in Chaos Luca Penni, A Disciple of Raphael in Fontainebleau Magnelli and “la Peinture inventée” Manuel Campo: Fear of a Kitsch Existence Masterpieces from the Leiden Collection Matisse : The Colour Paper-cuts. A revealing donation. Maxime Zhang: The whole spirit of painting Memories of Opium Montmartre: A Film Set Musee Eugene Delacroix Museum of Decorative Art of Bordeaux Myriam Bat-Yosef- Bat Yosef Myths & Mysteries: Symbolism and Swiss artists Nadia Saikali Najia Mehadji: The Revelation of Gesture Napoleon Never Trust a Living God Ouevres de Nicolas Poussin au Louvre (French Ed.) Patriarche 7 Co 1960-2010

JOHN RULE Spring 2017

Lu Peng Lacroix, Christian Grainville, Patrick Patrick Elsig, Marie Claude Morand

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28.00 105.00 22.50 36.50

Joubert, Hélène & Richer, Xavier Bernard Giraudeau, Alain Gerard Alice Gandin Lemaire, Gerard-George Helene Leloup

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45.00 36.00 68.00 35.00 47.50 17.50 26.25 19.95 40.00 40.00 35.00 37.50 39.90 35.00 21.00 29.95 15.00 295.00 56.00 28.50 26.50 22.50 35.00 41.50 31.50 40.00 25.95 38.00 45.00 31.50 49.50 35.00 26.25 35.00 25.00 21.50 22.50 31.50 36.50 37.50 490.00 25.95 49.00 17.25 17.25 33.50 29.50 25.00 49.90 20.00 31.50 25.00 36.00 20.00 8.75 14.00 21.00 45.00 26.50 27.00 29.90 25.95 27.50 36.50

Regent, Emmanuel Grasse, Marie-Christine Various Marion Beckers Hilliard T. Goldfarb Valerie Boudier Faroux, Renaud Joulie,Francoise

Ambroselli de Bayser,Catherine

Michel Butor et al Brusini, Veronique Khalid El Gharib, Maurice Arama Briend, Christian et al Joubert, Helene Nathan Diament Rey, Marie Christine Cecile Scaillerez Deparpe, Patrice Nieszawer, Nadine Goldbenberg, Andre Sabrina Dubbeld Eric Geneste, eric Mickeler Dumont, Agathe Kaidin M.le Houelleur

Christophe Sand Clair Stollig Rosenberg, Pierre d’Aymeric Perroy Bajou, Valérie Dectot, Xavier Dectot, Xavier Denis Rouvre Dominique Cordelier Abadie, Daniel (1989- 2017) Ducos, Blaise Patrice Deparpe Xuriguera, Gérard Dominique & Eric Delalande Philippe, Pierre Serullaz, Arlette

Valentina Anker Gerard Xuriguera et al Amel, Pascal Caude, Elisabeth Nick Tosches & Gravleur Rosenberg, Pierre Gilles Ragot

Paul Cesar Helleu Paul Poiret: Couturier & Parfumer Perfume: A Global History-Pouy Peter Saul Philippe Cognee Picasso: The Vollard Suite Pierre Alechinsky: Prints & Drawings Pol Quadens: From Drawing to Design and Drawing to the Idea 9782757208175 Portraits of Survival 9782757201909 Queens of Egypt- Ziegler 9782757212455 Raymond Duchamp Villon 9782757212486 Rik Wouters (1882-1916) : A Retrospective 9782757210352 Roger Taillibert: The Olympic Park in Montreal 9782757208281 Sensations: On Aura Tout Vu 9782757210000 Shadi Ghadirian: Retrospective 9782757209097 Shahabuddin 9782850568619 Shelomo Selinger: The Death Camps 9782757202784 Sketchbook by H.Craig Hanna 9782757209332 Speedy Graphito: Serial Painter 9782757204375 Squaring the Circle 9782757212097 TAPA: From Tree Bark to Cloth 9782757205846 Thali: Contemporary Aboriginal Art 9782757206089 The Field of Cloth of Gold 9782757213704 The French Touch: Cinema 9782757205419 The Knights Templar 9782757209974 The Louvre According to Clara Baum 9782757201770 The Louvre, a Tale of a Palace 9782757208946 The Spirit of Montmartre 1875-1910 9782757209127 The Winged Victory of Samothrace 9782757213599 The World of Speedy Graphito 9782757213407 Van Dongen and le Bateau-Lavoir 9782757213421 Vera Röhm : In Search of Rational Beauty 9782757203378 Vladimir Yankilevsky: Anatomy of Feelings 9782757212349 Wim Delvoye 9782757210611 Yoko Ono: Lumiere 9782757207482 Zoo. The Metamorphosis 9782757213759 ZoospectiveThe Animal Kingdom of Mauro Corda Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum 9788417173166 Vasarely: The Birth of Op Art Timezone 8 9789881714480 Andy Warhol China 1982: The Photographs Christopher Makos 9789881752246 Caochangdi: Beijing Inside Out 9789889926564 China [Sur]real: Mark Henley 9789881803306 China Talks: Interviews with 32 Contemporary Artists 9789881506375 Contemporary Art in Shanghai: Conversations with Seven Chinese Artists 9789081450300 Dragon & Rose Garden Art and Power in China 9789889926533 Liu Xiandong: Touching the Stones 9789881714336 Nine Lives The Birth of Avant-garde Art in New China 9789881714459 Pierre Bessard: Wuhan Boiler Company Workers 9789889960988 Richness of Life The Personal Photographs of Contemporary Chinese Artist Liu Xiadong 9789889726263 Rong Rong & Inri: Tui Transformation 9789881752116 Shen Ling: Eroticism and Love 9789889926533 Touching the Stones: China Art Now 9789881803498 Wild Wild East An American Art Critic’s Adventures in China Trillistar 9780986651106 Colour Creates Light: Studies with Hans Hoffmann Urban Fusion 9781732261402 Drawing Lines

Watrigant, Frederique de Catherine Parpoil

Hb Pb Pb Hb Pb Hb Pb Hb

35.00 22.50 32.50 19.50 22.50 28.00 29.50 40.00

Laurence Lhinares Florent Hugoniot Kira sapguir Charleux, Michel Marc Yvonnou, Nicolas Andrin Charles Giry-Deloison Bourgeois, Anbne Arnaud Baudin Baum, Clara Bresc-Bautier, Geneviève Cate, Dennis, Phillip Ludovic Laugier Hugoniot, Florent Hopmans, Anita D’Orgeval, Domitille Vitaly Patsyukov Lunghi, Enrico Raspail, Thierry Descharrieres, Veronique Lemarié, Gérard

Hb Hb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Hb Pb Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Hb Pb Hb Pb Pb Hb Hb Hb

22.50 45.00 150.00 35.00 40.00 22.50 18.50 45.00 21.00 38.50 36.00 23.50 89.90 33.50 13.25 39.00 25.50 19.95 27.50 17.25 31.50 39.00 19.00 35.00 55.00 35.00 40.00 26.25 25.00

Orosz, Márton & Imre, Györgyi



Peter Wise, Ai Weiwei



Robert Mangurian, Mary-Ann Ray Ed Lanfranco Jerome Sans Paul Gladston

Pb Hb Pb Hb

15.95 15.95 19.25 22.50

Sus Van Elzen Waling Boers and Pi Li Karen Smith Pierre Bessard Britta Erickson et al.

Pb Pb Hb Hb Pb

12.95 19.95 32.50 38.50 38.50

Wu Hung Jia Fangzhou, Zhang Zhaohui Various Barbara Pollack

Hb Pb Hb Pb

50.00 48.00 12.95 15.95

Tina Dickey



Zantout, Tamara



Bon, Francois Ballester, Frédéric Deparpe, Patrice Quadens, Pol Delacampagne Ateshian Ariane Jullien, Patrick Germeau, Laurent Orlandini, Alain Kamitsis, Lydia Aznavourian, Sylvie Stal, Dominique

JOHN RULE Spring 2017


9782757208120 9782757206751 9782757201077 9782850563607 9782757208427 9782757213551 9782757211816 9782757208601


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