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SYS-KPA100 Profile One PA System Specs Mixer Specs

Cabinet Specs

RMS OUTPUT: 100 Watts CHANNELS: 5 Channels XLR Inputs: 4 Balanced Inputs LINE LEVEL INPUTS: 5 Inputs MASTER EQ: 3-Band CONTROLS PER CHANNEL: Volume, Tone, Effects DIGITAL EFFECTS: 8 Effects w/DoubleTake™ PREAMP INPUT: Yes, Instrument-Ready CD/TAPE/IPOD INPUT: L & R w/Volume RECORD OUT JACKS: Left & Right EFFECTS LOOP: Insert Jack PHANTOM MIC POWER: Yes

SPEAKERS (X2): 6.5" per Cabinet CABINET HORN: 2" x 5" per Cabinet LINE ARRAY DISPERSION: Tuned w/Bass Ports SPEAKER CABINETS: Yes, 2 per System FINISH: Heavy-Duty Texture MOUNTING HARDWARE: Yes, 1" Diameter HANDLES: Yes, Ergonomic CABLES: 2 x 25'

Profile One PA System -

Profile One PA Complete Package SYS-KPA100 PA System with stands and roller bag. KSS100 Pair of speaker stands specifically for use with the Profile One PA.


The Kustom Profile® System One is the P.A. system to use when performance and portability really count. Suitable for a wide range of working and playing environments, the Profile P.A. consists of one powered mixer unit and two speaker cabinets, all of which may be mounted on vertical stands and positioned for maximum coverage. With 100 watts of output power, the Profile powered mixer delivers a strong clean signal, whether amplifying vocals, instruments or pre-recorded music. Flexibility is paramount, so you'll find five channels with one InstrumentReady preamp input – no need to run your guitar through a direct box first! Balanced XLR inputs, with phantom power, let you use every type of microphone available. And the line level inputs are a perfect match for keyboards, drum machines, samplers etc.

Eight 24-Bit digital effects give a studio-quality character to your sound. Dial in some digital delay, perhaps a room reverb or maybe a Chorus effect for your guitar. Connect your favourite outboard pedal or rack effect into the Profile and simultaneously use the Profile's digital effects; it's all up to you. When you’ve got the mix and overall volume determined, the unique Profile Line Array speaker cabinets make your music heard with clarity, all the way to the back of the room. When the performance is over, the entire system – powered mixer, speakers, stands and cables all fit neatly into one convenient roller bag. You won’t believe how easily and quickly the Profile system sets up and tears down. Find out why musicians, schools, churches and clubs around the world all have chosen the Profile System One. Great sound is in the bag!

P.A. SYSTEMS KPA80 PA System Specs Mixer Specs RMS OUTPUT: 80 Watts CHANNELS: 4 Channels XLR INPUTS: 4 Balanced Inputs LINE LEVEL INPUTS: 4 Inputs MASTER EQ: 3-Band EQ PER CHANNEL: Tone ANALOG EFFECTS: Spring Reverb CD/TAPE/IPOD INPUT: w/Volume Control RECORD OUT JACKS: Left & Right PHANTOM MIC POWER: Yes DIMENSIONS (IN): 4.8H x 18.3W x 9.8D DIMENSIONS (MM): 121H x 464W x 248D WEIGHT: 22 lbs/ 10 kg

Speaker Specs - KSE10 POWER HANDLING: 75 Watts (150 Peak) SPEAKER: 10" HORN TYPE: High Freq. Driver FREQ. RESPONSE: 75Hz - 18kHz SENSITIVITY: 93 dB IMPEDANCE: 8-Ohms DIMENSIONS (IN): 19H x 12.5W x 9.5D DIMENSIONS (MM): 483H x 318W x 241D WEIGHT: 17.7 lbs/ 8 kg


Microphone Specs

Perfect for smaller audiences, the 80 Watt Kustom KPA80 has the power and flexibility needed to meet a wide variety of sound reinforcement needs. Four channels, reverb

and tone controls provide the tools needed to fine-tune the sound for any application. The system also comes complete with two microphones and leads.

MICROPHONES: Two TYPE: Hi-Output Dynamic Cardiod CABLES: Balanced Lo-Z x 2 CARRY CASE: Yes included




KSE15 Speaker Specs

KSE12 Speaker Specs

KSE12M Monitor Specs

POWER HANDLING: 125 Watts POWER HANDLING: 250 Watts Peak SPEAKER: 15" HORN TYPE: High Freq. Driver FREQ. RESPONSE: 45Hz - 20kHz SENSITIVITY: 97dB IMPEDANCE: 8-Ohms DIMENSIONS (IN): 24H x 19W x 14.3D DIMENSIONS (MM): 610H x 483W x 363D WEIGHT: 44 lbs/ 20 kg

POWER HANDLING: 100 Watts POWER HANDLING: 200 Watts Peak SPEAKER: 12" HORN TYPE: High Freq. Driver FREQ. RESPONSE: 60Hz - 20kHz SENSITIVITY: 95dB IMPEDANCE: 8-Ohms DIMENSIONS (IN): 21H x 16.2W x 12.6D DIMENSIONS (MM): 533H x 412W x 320D WEIGHT: 32 lbs/ 14.5 kg

POWER HANDLING: 100 Watts POWER HANDLING: 200 Watts Peak SPEAKER: 12" HORN TYPE: High Freq. Driver FREQ. RESPONSE: 60Hz - 20kHz SENSITIVITY: 95dB IMPEDANCE: Switchable 8/16 Ohms VOLUME CONTROL: Yes DIMENSIONS (IN): 16.2H x 21W x 12.6D DIMENSIONS (MM): 412H x 533W x 320D WEIGHT: 32 lbs/ 14.5 kg EXCLUSIVE UK & EIRE TRADE DISTRIBUTORS:

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SS20B Speaker Stands With Bag HEIGHT: Min. 1.15m. Max. 1.87m

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