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Farley’s StagePlayer 2 A must have for any player and shops too!

• No assembly required Pub ‘n’ club stages are never exactly endowed with an over-abundance of room... And if you’re using an acoustic guitar, then the chances of that instrument getting bumped over are almost 100%, even with the best of (protective) intentions. So this space-saving device from Farley’s, the StagePlayer 2 could well be the answer – a stool with an acoustic/electric guitar stand built-in. The stool folds completely flat, as the neatly-designed guitar stand support arms fold into the stool, so it doesn’t take up any space at home or in the car on the way to the gig. At home, at rehearsal, or on a cramped stage, the StagePlayer stool + guitar stand is the safe answer. Arrives in full colour retail packaging.

• Weighs only 10 Pounds! (4.5Kg) • Fits most guitars acoustic/ electric, bass and banjos • Comfortable, fully padded seat • Neck support and non-slip foam tubing on folding guitar support arms • Fold-down foot rest • Rugged metal construction holds up to 250 Pounds (133.3Kg) • Safe for all instrument finishes


The ultimate combination stool and stand for the performing musician!

Guitar Tool

The Right Tool for the job!

“My JP Guitar Tool is an indispensable part of my everyday life” Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles)

• 1 x Carbide Steel String Cutter

This precision all-purpose guitar tool is the last one you’ll ever need to buy...

• Self opening-spring action pliers • 4 x Pro quality hardened steel hex wrenches: (1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, .050hex) • 1 x Bridge pin puller (tucking into the handles) • 1 x Phillips head screwdriver • 1 x Flat head screwdriver


• Includes a nylon web carrying bag


Spare Picks At Your Fingertips!

These handy, crystal clear vinyl pick shaped holster holds two picks - tuck one in your wallet for emergencies, or affix one to your instrument, without any harm to it. Double sided 3M stickers hold the PickPod firmly in place, and it may be removed and used again and again. The PickPod does not protrude out from the guitar, it lays flat against the instrument, out of the player's way. • 2 Dual-Pocket PickPods


• 2 Guitar Picks • Removable Mounting Pads


Entertainer’s Secret The Black Tie Of Throat Sprays!

Singers Musicians Coaches Teachers Speakers Actors Choirs

Soothe your throat and smooth your voice. Get relief from Laryngitis, Hoarseness, Congestion, Stuffiness, Dry Throat ...and more! • • • • •

Taste that you will enjoy Safe, efficient and fast acting Soothing non-medicinal spray Improves comfort and helps restore vocal quality Supplements the throat’s natural moisturising lubricants EXCLUSIVE UK & EIRE TRADE DISTRIBUTORS:

JOHN HORNBY SKEWES & CO. LTD., SALEM HOUSE, PARKINSON APPROACH, GARFORTH, LEEDS LS25 2HR, UK. ©2010 JHS & Co. Ltd. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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Farley's Musicians accessories  

Farley's Musicians accessories

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