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Reduce the volume of your drums by up to 90% with Softapads! Noise reducing, technique improving Softapads reduce practice volume by up to 90%. Responsive, resilient and reversible, Softapads are the ideal solution for practising – without annoying the neighbours.

Practice Pads DRUM PRACTICE PAD SETS NOISE REDUCING – TECHNIQUE IMPROVING DRUM PRACTICE SYSTEM • Electronically Tested To Reduce Practice Volume By Up To 90% • Awarded Rhythm Magazine ‘STAR BUY’ • Practice On Your Own Full Kit • Responsive, Resilient, Reversible • Prevent Possible Damage To Hearing • Will Not Annoy The Neighbours

“As good as it gets!” magazine

Robin Guy: Session drummer and Head Of Drums at The Hampshire School in Chelsea uses and recommends Softapads.

Drum Pads

All sets are packaged for shop display

How do Softapads work? Softapads have two surfaces – flat on one side and castellated (hundreds of tiny hills and valleys) on the other. As a drumstick bangs down on the flat surface, the kinetic energy of the blow is absorbed within the flat surface area at the point of contact between stick and pad. This energy is temporarily stored and dissipated through the material of the pad while awaiting prompt release. The stick rebounds instantly. The castellated surface reacts very differently. When the same stick strikes with the same force, this specialised flexible material, unique to Softapads, allows the hills to flatten momentarily, causing bulging into the empty spaces provided by the valleys. As the actual amount of surface contact is reduced, so the localised energy levels now contained within the hills increase proportionately. The more the hills become compressed, (i.e. the harder you hit them) greater amounts of concentrated energy become focused and more readily available for immediate (well, nanoseconds) release as the material strives to restore itself to its natural state. The result is a more energetic and positive response. In other words – better bounce! The residual energy absorbed by and dissipated within the pad reaches the surface of the underlying drum head at around 10% of the force of the original stick blow. This is sufficient to allow a reduced deflection of the outer drum head at its natural resonant frequency, meaning you can still hear the different notes of each drum – but next door, they hear nothing!

SDP5 STANDARD DRUM KIT PAD SET Pack contents: 12’’, 13’’, 14’’, 16’’ diameter and bass drum pad.


Bass Drum Pad

10’’, 12’’, 2 x 14’’ diameter and bass drum pad.

CYMBAL PRACTICE PAD SETS SCP4 CYMBAL PRACTICE PAD SET Unique design offers a superb 90% reduction in percussion volume. Play the cymbal surface or pad, including striking the cymbal bell.

Pack contents: 14’’ Hi-Hat set, 16’’, 18’’ and 20’’ diameter pads. Cymbal Pad

INDIVIDUAL DRUM & CYMBAL PRACTICE PADS DRUM PADS: SIDP8 8”, SIDP10 10”, SIDP12 12”, SIDP13 13”, SIDP14 14”, SIDP16 16”. BASS DRUM PADS: BDP1 Single Pad 4” x 4”, BPD2 Double Pad 6” x 4”. CYMBAL PADS: SICP16 16”, SICP18 18”, SICP20 20”. HI-HAT PAD SET: SIHH14 14”.

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Drum Dampers

Unique design offers a superb 90% reduction in percussion volume. Play the drum and cymbal surfaces or pad, including striking the cymbal bell. Pack Contents: 14" Hi-Hat set, 16", 18" and 20" diameter pads.



• Play on actual drum and cymbal surfaces!

Pack Contents: 4 x Damper Rings to cover 8” Tom, 10” Tom, 10” Snare, 12” Floor Tom + 1 x 10” Cymbal PLUS Bass Drum Foam Pad.

• Encourages quieter practice and playing development • Beginners develop real playing skills – quietly! • Will not curb your child’s enthusiasm! • Immediately cuts down volume to sensible levels! • Will not annoy neighbours! • Parent friendly! • Prevents potential hearing damage!

SJDP7 3 PIECE JUNIOR DRUM DAMPER PAD SET Pack Contents: 2 x Damper Rings to cover 8” Tom, 8” Snare + 1 x 9.5” Cymbal PLUS Bass Drum Foam Pad.

Status Quo drummer Matt Letley endorses SoftaMats

SoftaMats The Multi-Instrument Anti-Slip Mat Keep bass drum pedals, hi-hats, keyboards, guitar FX and other instrument pedals firmly in place on any surface with SoftaMats, the non-slip, ‘anti-creep’ musical instrument pedal mats.


SoftaMats' unique, hard-wearing material is designed to last, tried and tested by musicians for durability, reliability and strength of grip. SoftaMats work on all surfaces – wooden floors, laminated floors, vinyls, tiles, carpet, etc. – and are particularly useful on stage or in the theatre pit. Just place the SoftaMat in position between your pedal and the floor (flat side up on carpet – flat side down on other surfaces), and off you go!

Pack Contents: 18” x 8” Pack of two.

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For Guitarists...

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