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The world’s coolest effects and mini amps

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Cool Cat pedals offer pro features and boutique sound quality at a price anyone can afford. Cool Cats feature true bypass operation with chunky metal chassis, jacks and cases for increased reliability, durability and performance, as well as better noise rejection. Cool Cats offer six superb tones in their range.

Cool Cat Pedal Board Holds 5 Cats. Includes DC power supply and all power and patch cables.


Get some cat class in your sound!



Gets you right back to those rocked-up psychedelic 60s tones, liquid to edgy and... manic. Use this beauty early in your pedal chain and roll back your guitar’s volume for sweet sustain.


This versatile pedal has 4 internal DIP switches – three allow you to select soft, medium or hard clipping distortion types. With 6dB boost already on tap via the volume control, the 4th DIP switch provides a further 6dB, giving it a massive 12dB ‘kick in the pants’ overall boost!

Thickens your tone with warm, smooth overdriven sounds – like the crunch channel on an amp, where the sound can be kept more defined, thanks to an onboard input Trim pot. Or use the ‘Lo Fi’ DIP switch to get closer to those gritty 60s garage rock tones...


TREMOLO Here’s a drop-dead classic effect that’s firmly back in favour today – TREMOLO gives you that real vintage amp vibe. And dig that ‘square wave’ setting for an authentic ‘hard trem’ tone!





Set the mood with the VIBE and overload the feelgood factor in your sound. Organic, swampy, trippy... this specialsounding pedal offers an undeniably retro sound, back to the late 60s days of rotating speakers and lush, floating chords. Get creative!


CHORUS CHORUS is always a guitarist’s favourite effect, and rightly so. Lush and lucid, just listen to your sound as it shimmers and swirls, while the EQ and Mix controls keep it all under control.


Tape Echo Reel Echo gives the perfect simulation of those great 50s tape echoes with added features: ‘Warble’ control to simulate the slight pitch deviation you get from any ‘driven tape’ system. Lo Fi control rolls off the high frequencies of each successive repeat, just like tape does. Tube/Solid State control – you can choose either sound. Up to 1.5 seconds of delay time. Sound on Sound – hit this button and play on top of the lick you just recorded.


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Talk Box


Routes the output of your guitar into your mouth... then into the front of your amp. Use your mouth to manipulate your guitar sound for a whole array of new effects.

Cool vintage tape echo effects. The warmth of an all-tube echo with the convenience of a pedal. Hi-Cut control cuts high frequencies on repeats, perfectly simulating the tone of a 60s era tape echo. The warmest sounding echo/delay around. Studio quiet. Play it and you’ll buy it!


FAB EFFECTS Danelectro's Fab pedals provide pro quality sounds at pocket money prices! Chock full of awesomely powerful and familiar tones, they're the perfect addition to your rig, with topnotch and fun FX for guitarists of any style. From thick overdrives and roaring distortions to flange, fuzz, out-there echoes and more, Fab has got it covered – in style. Plus, they're affordable enough for you to pick and mix to your heart's content, and their durable construction will easily last a lifetime of gigs in sweaty clubs.




In the late 1970s, a tiny effects maker in Japan produced a small quantity of what many believe is THE definitive distortion box. Delicious tonality, highly responsive, highly versatile. Danelectro offers you sonic equivalence to the prized originals at an unbelievable price.

In 1975 a music store in California commissioned the production of just 200 of what is perhaps the best overdrive effect ever. That pedal authentically simulated the breakup that occurs when a tube amp is run at full volume. Dano’s FAB2 also gives you that unique tone!





In a word: Fabulous!




Bold, combative, hostile, belligerent... Explosive.

Dano's superb FAB Slap Echo gives that classic garage 50s rock and roll echo that Dano does like no-one else.

FAB Chorus is rich and lush, perfect for beefing up guitar tone with dynamic tonal enhancement.


Use the FAB3’s dynamic ultra hi-gain to inject some searing scream into your guitar sound! Definitely not a pedal for the faint-hearted. Plug in... and erupt.


If you want that genuine stripped-to-the-bone 50s style slapback with no messing around, the FAB Echo is your go-to weapon of choice!


Dano Flange does what flange does so well hypnotic and captivating, a swirling sonic treat. The FAB Flange introduces a compelling, continuously moving tonal ‘sweep’ into your sound that’s just too hard to resist!


The ideal way to ‘flesh-out’ your guitar sound, the FAB Chorus adds an impressively atmospheric and sparkling tonality to chords or lead breaks.





FAB FUZZ Effects


FAB 600MS DELAY Effects

Fuzzolicious Fuzz that doesn't leave your wallet feeling light! Thick fuzz easily lets you dial up some Satisfaction toneness! Try it – you will be amazed!


The Danelectro FAB 8 is a thick and rich delay featuring a maximum of 600ms of delay time. Three adjustable knobs allow for controlling the amount of delay, the overall time of delay, and finally the number of repeats.


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THE ULTIMATE 60 S TONE TOY! HODAD Mini amp Sometimes you just have to pick up an electric guitar, plug it in and play... whether to play along with songs you’re listening to on your laptop, or if you simply need to express the raging anarchy in your soul... The Hodad is a powerful mini-amp for practice or back stage tune-ups with a novel twin speaker format that angles the sound in a divergent fashion, giving a spread of sound – relatively speaking, of course. Plus it just looks so cute and takes up hardly any space on your desk or table top!

• • • • • • •

• • • • • •

Input Socket Tremolo Switch Echo Switch Tone Control Gain Control Headphone Socket LED Power Indicator

Tremolo Speed Control Volume Control - On/Off Switch DC9V Input (Adaptor not supplied) Battery Driven (9V battery supplied) 340g Weight 133mm (w) x 120mm (h) x 63mm (d)

dh1 Hodad

HONEYTONE Mini amp The definitive mini amp. Cool looks, ace sounds. Louder than most minis! Real leather handle, belt clip and headphone jack plus volume, tone and overdrive controls. Big excitement in a small amp!

HTA-FA Nifty Aqua HTA-BLK Black



Headphone amp


Working on new song ideas?

Players all over the world are asking for them. Why? Today’s alkaline batteries discharge differently than the zinc batteries of yesteryear. Players tell us the Danelectro zinc battery sounds better when used in effect pedals and the like...

Catching up on the chords for that song you want to learn? With E-Studio, you can do it in complete silence. E-Studio’s onboard distortion and slapback echo expand your headphone sounds. Line Out makes E-Studio a great little preamp as well!


Pack of 10


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