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Merry Christmas 2009 Our first attempt at a Christmas letter and we are now firmly into the grand-parent stage; who said it got easier? (Not true)! Less words and more pictures and here they all are. Thomas the eldest and the youngest, his sister Lydia — letting everyone know, she is not going to be left out by the boys. Alex, Michelle and these two live at Redcar; whereas Carl & Vicki are just round the corner from us with their son Jules [we have been known as the convenient store]. Jules is just about to walk any day now and says a few words clearly; like abracadabra! And screams when you sing crocodile.


e really do feel like three very different grand parents as each one of them are at different stages and very different characters. Jules and Thomas play well together and Thomas is learning to cope with a little sister [just wait till she is running around]. Trips out at the weekend have been frequent and the pressure is on to get a 7-seater [we will see]. During the poor weather it has been hide and seek around the house and making Big Trucks out of cardboard boxes [granddad likes that].


anessa and I escaped to Spain for a week with family and friends from Kent; 14 of us and we had a great time. Work with the young people has been manic, Vanessa at East Coast Training and me at Doorways [Saltburn Christian Projects]; we love the work but need to escape at times. Signe is from Denmark and is working as a volunteer for 10-months at Doorways, she is also staying at our house and soon became part of the family. Signe has introduced us to Gnomes and there are a number around the Christmas decorations this year.

Knitting has been Vanessa’s passion this year, cardigans and felting handbags; however, the Nintendo DS has took over recently and oh yes, the X Factor. Brother David’s blog site for me has been fun to do but I am still writing chapter one of the book “Long journey home” perhaps I will complete the first chapter by the end of the year. Merry Christmas and Lots of love and every blessing for 2010

John & Vanessa

15 Marlborough Road, Skelton in Cleveland. Saltburn by the Sea. TS12 2JP Phone: 01287 203645 E-mail:

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Pearson Family

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