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Annual Report 2008-09

Committee members of Saltburn Christian Projects Signing in are: Trustees –

Liam Gardiner Chair Guy Donegan-Cross Vice chair Cannon Madden Chris Eddy David Grimoldby Peter Fleck Treasurer John Vayro Anne Findlay Jude & Brian Patrick Julie Scott

Line Manager - Allison Noel Project Coordinator – John Pearson. We are also grateful to our volunteers; (Time for God) Winona Brueggemann, Signe Johansen – also John Livingston, Jay Ward and Naveeda Anjum. Our support group: Anne Craddock, Lindsay Jones and Cluney Blenky.


Chair’s Report 10th Annual Report of Saltburn Christian Project DoorWays This year DoorWays has responded to the problems faced by young people caused by the economic situation in which we find ourselves. Our Project Coordinator, John Pearson has set the groundwork to enable Doorways this coming year to deliver AQA accredited training to enable young people to achieve skills necessary for successful independent living and to enable them to access the jobs market. John sees this as an important service to build up the confidence and the focus of the young people that are involved with Doorways. DoorWays also works with Routes2Employment in supporting those who are out of work and are actively seeking employment. DoorWays is part of the Hanlon Database and help is given in producing CVs and Site safety tests. John has trained and worked alongside Winona Brueggemann. Winona became very involved in the Saltburn community and worked particularly well in one to one sessions with young people in Doorways. She returned to America after her 10 months stay. On September 1st we welcomed Signe Marie Johansen, a 19 year old Danish girl. Both girls became involved in this work through “Time for God,” an organisation which has been offering people of all ages opportunities to engage in a range of community based projects in countries throughout the world. Among the projects Doorways has been involved with, has been the drama sessions that have taken place on a regular basis at Huntcliff Secondary School. It is proposed to carry on with these sessions during the 2009/10 school year. The “Drop In” runs each afternoon from 3 to 5pm. The young people engage in activities, board games and puzzles. Support continues to be given with homework. As always the project workers are keen to point out that they “support” not “do” the homework! DoorWays is linked with Redcar and Cleveland Youth Services, Connections, Arcs and Centre Point with whom a 12 month partnership was set up to support DoorWays with policies and procedures in dealing with the homeless. Young people continue to be offered personal, confidential counselling. Once again DoorWays invites you to drop in to anytime you are passing to have a look around and to meet the Project Workers and the young people. Please pray for the ongoing work of DoorWays and that funding will continue to be found to support, engage and encourage the young people of Saltburn to grow spiritually and in maturity and happiness. Yours in Christ, Liam Gardiner, Chair


The Drop-in Drop-in activities include games, challenges, graffiti, art and media. Our last DVD, with young people from East Coast Training; entitled “Jailbreak” a bunch of escaped con’s are on the run through woods, sand and streets.

Reaching further, our new Web site and Facebook; making Doorways available to young people. They are making choices, taking us to the Movies and a Boro football match.

Our Hoodie Scarecrow did not win any prizes but has certainly turned a few heads and made a few people jump. -4-

Drama club @ Huntcliff Funding was provided by Tees Valley Youth fund to work with a group of 22 young people from Huntcliff School. Using drama, we explored relationships at home/ school, bullying and difficult situations; we also had great fun with games and drama exercises.

Thanksgiving meal Thanksgiving is an American tradition and when Winona suggested a thanksgiving meal I imagined a small family table; but when you add up the Doorways family, we ended up with a table of over 100 – turkey and all the trimmings. It was great to give thanks with so many.

Funding Fundraising Gift aid & Donations Saltburn & Marske parish council Youth Opportunity Fund Community Fund Routes 2 Employment Tees Valley Youth Fund


From Denmark to Saltburn Hi – my name is Signe Johansen, and for the next ten months, I will be volunteering as a youth worker at Doorways.

I was introduced to Doorways through my organisation Time for God (TFG) – and to be honest, my first thought was “Oh please, not another small town!” – but I quickly realized, that this project was something out of the ordinary; I like the fact, that the project on the one hand is a helping hand to young people in need of support, and on the other hand also functions as a youth club, and as a result to this, I packed my bags and travelled to the UK on the 1st of September 2009. I originally live in Denmark, in a small village called Karlebo, together with my parents. My mother works as a minister, which gives us the benefits of a very large house, surrounded by lots of nature. I have two elder brothers, both living in their apartments in Copenhagen, who I tend to visit now and then. Leaving my family and boyfriend at home is definitely going to be a challenge, but also a challenge that probably will help me grow. I graduated from high school in June 2009, with English, social studies and psychology as my high levels. During this time, I was very busy with my educational classes, however, I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with my friends, listening to music (mainly rock) and improving my photographic skills by doing photo sessions etc. I still haven’t quite decided which degree to study at university when I get home, but probably a study of psychology. I consider myself as a very creative person; I like to play the guitar, writing my journal and editing pictures on the computer. However, I also enjoy keeping fit by going to the leisure centre and walking in the nature. I like being surrounded by people; to be social and being inspired by other people’s lifestyles. Young people are a big inspiration to me, and I enjoy supporting and developing a young person. I hope that these 10 months will help me learn how to appreciate values; my own as well as others by helping people in need and developing young people’s lives by creating a positive atmosphere at Doorways.


Support & Development Centrepoint continue to help us through training in support and development of our clients. The new data base will help us monitor and evaluate our work and effectiveness. In addition we can now deliver AQA accredited sessions in – budgeting, assertiveness, healthy living, writing a CV, interviews and coping with emotions. Helping the unemployed in our area is part of our regular work, helping young people to write CV’s, job-searches and career choices. The Hanlon data base is a new venture for Doorways, working with Routes 2 Employment and other voluntary agencies we work together to help long-term unemployed back into work; this is also a means of income for us through a service level agreement. Over the last two years there has been an increase in the amount of one to one support given to young people in our area. This increase is small in comparison to the intensity of these needs, requiring more time and working closely with other agencies; to provide support and guidance. On the one hand – Doorways reacts to situations through support and development.

On the other hand – Doorways acts in a preventative mode during workshops, group work and chill-out time. From the front cover: Dominoes – A chain reaction starts with the lightest of touch. -7-

2 Station Buildings Saltburn by the Sea Cleveland TS12 1AQ 01287 625305

Working with young people Saltburn Christian Projects Ltd Company registered in England and Wales No:3565904 Charity No:1070063


Doorways Annual Report 2009  

Annual report of Saltburn Christian Projects (Doorways). 2008-09

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