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Exactly What Capacity Pool Heating Unit Do I Need? An unheated pool is just able to be made use of when the climate is appropriate, so your utilization of your pool could be greatly raised by getting a swimming pool heater. Swimming pool heating units are readily available from numerous manufacturers and also in a selection of power capacities, which means that selecting the right one for you is hard. Swimming pool heating units can be found in a selection of power capacities and you must carefully select the right one for your pool. Whilst it is not too difficult to determine the dimension of the pool, there are other variables which must be considered which are a lot more difficult to be specific about. Heater capacity is stated in BTUs per hr. As an example the Hayward H Series of gas heaters ranges from 150 to 400k similarly Hayward Heat Pumps range from 50 to 140k. (A BTU is the heat energy required to increase the temp of one lb of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.) Larger heating units often tend to be somewhat more efficient but there is no reason to pay even more than you need to. The following should be taken into account when sizing a swimming pool heating unit: • •

Swimming pool dimension - The area of the pool area and also the volume of water to be heated. How you will use the pool? - Will you be heating up the pool continuously or, for example, merely at weekends? If you are heating up the pool intermittently it means you will certainly want a larger capacity heating unit than if you are heating up the pool continuously. Temperature boost wanted - Exactly what temperature do you want the water to be heated to and also exactly what is the air temp in the coldest month during which you will be heating up the pool? Sort of location of pool - Is the pool in a protected or windy site? Wind is a huge adversary of heated swimming pools since it boosts evaporation and as a result temperature reduction. The pool really should be sheltered from the wind if at all feasible. Will you apply a swimming pool cover? - Swimming pools that are not covered can easily lose 4 ° F to 5° F over night in many places. Using a cover, you can easily reduce that heat energy reduction by FIFTY % or more.

Assuming average location factors, a general indication of the requirements for a swimming pool heating unit may be determined using the formula below: Swimming pool area (in square feet) x Temperature climb wanted (in the coldest month) x 12 Nevertheless no simple calculation is able to take into consideration

individual location and usage factors. As a general guideline, you are recommended to go for a somewhat more powerful heater than you seem to need. It will warm up the water more swiftly and with reduced stress on its mechanism, which should help it last much longer.

What Capacity Pool Heater Do I Need?  

Choosing the right pool heater can be tricky as there are numerous factors to take into account. This article offers some guidance and a sim...

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