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Web Site Hosting Providers - How To Select With a great many web site hosting services selling their services it can become complicated, if not impossible, to recognize which actually offer a good hosting package at an affordable cost. Preferably you would like to find a supplier that will be able to accommodate you as you grow your business. At the outset you will be on their entry level service but later on you can upgrade to the advanced services if necessary. You will not want to change hosting company later unless you really need to. Things you would like to avoid are: • • • • •

Downtime Sluggish Network Unreasonable restrictions on resources such as disk area Unnecessary constraints on email addresses and FTP uploads Poor consumer support.

This means that it is preferable not to go with a small cheaper hosting service provider. So what ought you seek in a web hosting supplier?: Financial: - Just how long has the company been in business? How big are they - any significant clients? Your internet site will be important to you and you wish to be signed up to a supplier that will be around for countless years to come. Network hardware: - Is the company a reseller or does it actually own the datacenter it is offering? Of course the latter is preferable. Does the business supply details regarding its network and the security built-in? Is there a guarantee concerning network accessibility or network uptime? Consumer Support: - Your hosting company should be there for you 24/7 and provide you instant access to the technicians you need resolve your issue. Do they specify a time for responding to issues? This is especially crucial if they are located in a different time zone. Services Supplied: - Whatever website hosting deal you take it ought to make it easy for you to rapidly and easily build a web site or blog site and operate it without any sort of problems. To avoid any sort of difficulty this ought to supply: • • • • • • •

Unlimited bandwidth Unrestricted disk capacity Unlimited email addresses/FTP accounts Guaranteed Uptime Cpanel for administering everything Tools for creating websites, setting up blog sites Reports on activity (site visitors, web page views etc.)

Even then it is worth browsing the web for comments on a website hosting services and exactly what you actually wish to do. I had a problem with one well recognized hosting supplier where a WordPress blog did not work properly, browsing the web showed that other users had the same issue. If I had realized this at the outset I might have found another hosting supplier. The basic hosting services are all based on shared servers, where multiple users compete for server resources. This can be a problem if the hosting provider hosts too many accounts on one machine. If this happens there is a danger that each customer can be impacted by what other users do. The usual upgrade from shared hosting is VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server). This is a means of hosting a number of accounts on one server and splitting the server cpu resources, memory, and other resources such that each user appears to have their own server. VPS hosting permits hosting providers to supply a service offering many of the advantages of a dedicated server at a lot lower cost. Eventually your website may become too busy for VPS hosting at which point you might need a dedicated server. Here you really have a physical server (which you might get to choose the spec of) for your individual usage. The requirement for a dedicated server might be some way off but if your website hosting provider can supply a good service with an upgrade path it will definitely make your life a great deal simpler.

Choosing Between Website Hosting Providers  

If you are looking for hosting for a business web site what factors do you need to consider?