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Top Web Hosting - What To Look For If you are creating a business web site, or a non-commercial site to which you want to get visitors, then you need a top web hosting service. Your visitors will want your site to load quickly and are less likely to return if it is slow or is not available. Google also takes account of this when deciding how to rank sites. To avoid these issues it is best to use one of the established and reputable hosting companies. Don't consider free hosting, there is always a disadvantage and you will not get the level of support that a new user will need. It is not expensive to get a good shared hosting package although there a great many to choose from and some are better than others. Finding the best hosting package for you can therefore take some work. You might look at review sites but this can confuse matters because they make different recommendations. You might search out user comments but inevitably will find some complaints about every host (to be expected given the number of customers they have). I have looked through a lot of such comments and would say that the majority of negative reviews in one way or another relate to support (or lack of it). To find the top web hosting for your needs you must to be clear what they are: •

Linux or Microsoft Hosting:- If you have employed third party developers they will advise on the hosting requirements. Which you need will depend on the tools you will use to produce and run your site. Most people use Linux hosting in the absence of any specific requirements. Type of hosting (shared, VPS, dedicated server):- Choosing a host that offers an upgrade path is a good strategy if you expect your site to grow significantly but it is normal to start with shared hosting. Shared hosting means that many users' sites are hosting on a single server and share things like the disk space on that server. It is possible to put too many users on one server but reputable web hosts will not do this. Site Performance:- A site that performs poorly is a sure way to lose visitors and frustrate those who stay. Look for guaranteed availability of at least 99.9%. To get an idea about loading speed you can look for any user comments and also look at the host’s own site. Customer Support:- As mentioned above good support is essential. Good web hosting services will provide support by phone, chat and email and do so 24/7. Resources:- For shared hosting you usually see unlimited website hosting offering unlimited resources including unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Clearly "unlimited" is not possible as a server has finite resources. The host must exercise some control otherwise one user could take all the server resources. Despite this


"unlimited" shared hosting keeps the product simple and resources are unlikely to be an issue unless the site gets busy. Price:- You should only consider price after your other requirements have been met. Although there are pricing differences they are not great enough to be more important than the points above. Most hosts offer incentives to new customers so you can take maximum advantage of these by signing up for as long as possible (provided you can get a refund if you need to cancel).

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Top Web Hosting  
Top Web Hosting  

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