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Find A Reliable Host For Your Blog Should you need to create and be in charge of your personal blog you will need a website host. This means that you will have to sign up with a website hosting company that supports the type of blog platform you want to utilize. Prior to signing with any of these services you should just reflect on if a free blog on one of the large blogging sites like Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous or would match your requirements. These sites allow you to rapidly create a blog however you don't have the versatility that comes with self-hosting your site. The first aspect to consider is the domain name. You will need this when you sign-up with a web hosting product and will have to make a decision whether to register it through the website hosting company or with a 3rd party registrar. In terms of the day to day management of your site it won't have any effect however, getting it registered with a third party will most likely make it simpler to move between hosting companies in the future, if you need to do so. Should you use the hosting company make sure that the domain is in your name and bear in mind that even if it is free (as it is bundled with the hosting) you will be required to pay the cost of this if you cancel the hosting, even during the period of any money back guarantee. You can find a variety of software you can utilize to build a blog such as Movable Type, Textpattern or even Drupal (for larger blogs) however WordPress is the most common. There are a large number of plugins available which means you can get your blog to perform as you wish. There are also numerous themes available using which you are able to make the color scheme and layout of your blog as you require. If you encounter any issues or need something unusual you will discover lots of assistance accessible on the web as there is a large user community. Having decided to setup your own blog you will need hosting and you may consider using one of the free hosts. If you are new to blog hosting I would advise against this as there is invariably a downside to free services. You can't expect anything more than limited support, by means of email, neither should you expect any promises regarding uptime. Not only that but you are likely to be required to install your blog manually which may be difficult if you do not know what you are doing. As a result you are best served by signing up with one of the major suppliers the majority of whom give support for blog software such as WordPress (but this does not apply to all of them so you need to do some research). Many offer a One-Click, or at least very easy, install which means that your blog will be up and running in just a few minutes. If you have any difficulties they will give technical support at any time.

Find A Reliable Host For Your Blog  

The points you need to consider when choosing a hosting service for your blog.

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