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Eye Health And Extended Wear Contact Lenses An increasing amount of people who suffer from vision problems who wear contact lenses are starting to use extended wear contacts. There are many benefits to be realized through the use of extended wear contact lenses. Without doubt the most significant benefit is their convenience and ease of use. In fact a user of extended wear contact lenses could simply insert the lenses and then go about their daily life and forget about them for a month. In practice that would not be an advisable course of action and a wearer should be a bit more careful about his or her eye health. In point of fact, merely “plopping” lenses into one’s eyes and then forgetting about them for several weeks really is not the best of all possible practices. Many eye doctors actually recommend removing even extended wear lenses from a person’s eyes on a daily basis for cleaning. This is on the basis that dirt will accumulate on the lenses quite quickly regardless of their type. Despite the fact that extended wear lenses are designed to remain in place for longer periods of time, this should not imply that the wearer does not need to keep cleaning them. In fact a significant proportion of wearers of these lenses actually report greater eye comfort when they do remove their lenses for cleaning on a daily basis. (Some consumers report that that they are able to use a specific pair of extended wear contact lenses for an extended period of time through a routine that includes daily cleaning of the lenses). Some eye doctors are a bit more drastic in their recommendations regarding extended wear lenses. These docs contend that even extended wear lenses should not be worn when a person intends to sleep for more than several hours. This means that these experts want even extended wear contacts to removed every night which, it has to be admitted, rather defeats the point of buying such lenses in the first place. At the end of the day, when you have decide on the type of contact lenses to buy, it is important to consult with a qualified eye doctor to determine what type of lens will best suit your particular needs. Regardless of the type of contact lens you choose to buy, you must ensure that you have a regular check-up to ensure that your eyes remain healthy and that you make sure that you have a regular cleaning routine to keep your lenses in good condition. Whatever type of contacts you use remember that you can buy discount contact lenses and eyeglasses online and make major savings. However, before buying contacts online you should ensure that you are happy with the brand and type prescribed.

Eye Health And Extended Wear Contact Lenses  

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