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Laminated Counter Top Installation Tips The following is a small collection of suggestions and tips on how to install counter tops fashioned from plastic laminate. These ideas are designed to safe time, effort and money over the course of the project. Laminated plastics can be found in many designs, patterns and colors, and can be used for a great variety of purposes including as table tops and counter tops, just to name a couple of the vast number of surfacing applications. You can purchase sheets of laminated plastic in both dull and gloss finish, depending on the type of project you're beginning. The following tips are recommended for preparing a surface for the installation of laminated plastic: oYour work surface should be flat, as laminated plastic sheets were created to be used on flat surfaces only. If you have laminated plastic at a 1/32" thickness, you can use them on vertical surfaces but the 1/16" sheets should be left for flat surfaces like counters and flooring. oMake sure that you thoroughly clean, and thoroughly sand the surface that will be below the plastic laminate. If there is any paint or varnish on the surface before installation, remove that too. oRegular particle board and sometimes plywood are the best bases for plastic laminates, so avoid the high-density particle board hype. The following tips are recommended for cutting the laminated plastic before installation: oYou can use a circular saw to do the job, or a backsaw or utility knife instead. Make sure that the blade that you use when sawing is fine-toothed, and place a strip of masking tape down where you plan to cut, to prevent chipping as well as making the line a great deal easier to see. oIf you use a saber or power circular saw, begin cutting on the backside of the laminate because these saws tend to cut on the upstroke, so it will prevent chipping. If you are using a hand saw, cut from the front side, but at a low angle. oYou can also use a fine-toothed hand saw when cutting laminated plastics. oMake sure that you have chosen the correct cutting tool for the size of the job that requires it. Luxury bedding

Laminated Counter Top Installation Tips