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Track a Wireless Call – The Most Important Tip! The ability to track a wireless call is now almost commonplace. But there are still people that are unfamiliar with this service. Hopefully, this article will make the matter more clear. If you want to track a cell phone owner, you won’t be able to do it by searching the White Pages. These directories only carry numbers behind landline numbers that also happen to be listed. You also won’t be able to find this information by searching Yahoo, Google, Bing, or any other search engine. Why is that, you may say? Well, the answer is very simple. The source of these numbers, the major cell phone carriers like Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile only release the data behind the phone numbers they manage by selling this information. Who do they sell it to? They sell this information to what are known as reverse cell phone lookup directories. These are the directories that make this information available to the public. But because they had to pay the wireless carriers for this information, they have to charge a small fee to anyone who wants access to these reports. Why Track A Wireless Call? One of the most popular reasons for tracking a wireless number, unfortunately, is to find out whether a spouse or significant other has been unfaithful. But, other typical reasons include: • • • •

Keeping one step ahead of bill collectors and/or telemarketers Putting a stop to prank calls Getting an address for a mobile number Keeping track of whom children are talking with

What Information Can You Find Out? Reports will vary based on where the data was collected. For instance, Verizon may store different personal information for a wireless number than what Sprint does. But, typically, you should expect to discover the caller’s • • • •

Full name List of current and previous addresses Other phone numbers that belong to the caller Household members

• Name of wireless carrier and names of previous owners of the number searched • Age and Occupation • Names of the caller’s possible neighbors and relatives Please don’t expect to find this information disclosed anywhere for free on the Internet. This information will cost a small fee because of how the data is collected. The privately owned directories that offer this information to the public have to continually pay the sources of this data a fee in order to make results available to anyone. For this reason, a small fee is attached to any single mobile phone report. The Most Important Tip The most important tip for doing a cell phone lookup I can give anyone that wants to safely track a wireless call is to only work with a directory that offers you the ability to get all of your money back if you are dissatisfied with the results. When dealing with data, this is the only way to fully protect yourself against unscrupulous sites.

Track a Wireless Call – The Most Important Tip!