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By John Castello

I was lying in my bed, in the hotel room, reading a brochure for the hotel we were currently staying at in the Bahamas. It was a grand hotel. It was

enormous! It had everything like heaven, even a movie theater and it was huge too. It also had an immense water park. “Mom, mom can I do this pointing at a scuba diver on a reef,” I screeched reading the brochure. My nose was buried in the brochure. “I’ll go look at it tomorrow,” she replied avoiding eye contact. “Yesss,” I whispered to myself. I fell asleep easily that night becauseI was exhausted from going to the water park earlier that day. The next day I was the first one up and I immediately got ready to go. I was so pumped up for the scuba diving. After what felt like an hour my family finally woke up. We walked for a long time along a concrete pathway trying to find the place. It was the biggest water park I had ever seen. The water park was huge and it had tons of great rides. It was so huge that it was really easy to get lost in. There was one slide that was really tall and had a glasstube that went straight through a tank full of sharks at the end. We finally found the entrance to the place. It was like a small area of beach with land on both sides with a bridge acrossto both sides at the end and then it led out to the ocean. We met with the instructor who told us all about what we would do. He said that there were lots of fish coming into the lagoon straight from the ocean. We would be attached to a raft with air tanks by 30 foot rubber tubes. Wherever we swam it would follow. “Can we pleasedo it,” I begged. “Alright,” my mom said….sheseemed to have total confidence in me. I eagerly ran down the wooden steps to the sandy beach. A tall, thin, black man that was my instructor helped me pull on my wetsuit over my bathing suit and slide on my flippers. The wetsuit was nice and snug. He was very nice. He told us all the rules. Every once in a while he would give us a thumbs up and we would do it back if we were okay. If we weren’t okay we would give him a thumbs-down. He also told us to always descend or swim back up slowly because of the pressure Finally, he gave us our goggles and mouthpiece. We waddled over to the water in our flippers to test our gear. It felt surprisingly warm in the water with our warm wetsuits. We submerged our heads under water and

started to breath. It felt so cool to breath underwater. We brought our heads back to the surface. “How was it,” he asked from behind his sunglasses. “Cool,” I replied. He dragged the raft into the water and my brother and I followed. We walked until the water was 3 feet deep. He stopped and handed each of us a small bag of fish food to feed the fish. “Ready?” he asked. “Yup,” we replied. All three of us dove into the water together. When we dove into the water it was a whole different shade of light. It was a glowing blue color that made everything look shiny. Towards the bottom it was a murky green. With flippers on my feet it felt like I had jets on the back of my feet. We swam fast and it seemed as if the bottom was running away from us. We finally made it to the part where we would start to descend. The instructor led the way and we followed. There were fish all over us trying to eat our fish food. I sprinkled a little bit of the food in front of me and in an instant they were eating it all up. Within a few seconds all the food was all gone. I sprinkled more food around. The fish were right in front me and trying to get more food. They were everywhere! I saw all types of colorful and beautiful fish. The fish were so close I could touch them. They were getting aggressive and I couldn’t keep up with them. One bright blue fish the size of my hand came up to me and took my whole bag! I went without it and just started enjoying the wonderful and colorful underwater world. My brother was staying at the surface becauseof his asthma. He was snapping tons of pictures with the underwater camera. We finally came within 5 feet of the bottom. There were massive reefs all around us. I caught a glimpse of movement from the corner of my. I looked down and my instructor had seen it too. It was a small sting ray. It was about a foot long and 8 inches wide. He swam towards it while I stayed back. I spotted many blue spots on its back. My instructor touched it and it darted away. Cool, I just saw a real life sting ray. I thought to myself. He gave us the signal to resurface. I slowly swam up with him. We clung to the raft and took of our mouth pieces and masks. “How is it going,” he asked. “Awesome,” I replied. “It’s time to start heading back,” he supposed. “Ok,” I said putting on my mask and mouth piece. I started

towards shore. We got back quickly and took off all of our stuff. We walked up to my mom. “How was it,” she eagerly asked. “Great,” we said in unison. And then we wandered back into the water park.

Scuba Diving  

The time i went scuba diving in the Bahamas