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How to Maintain Feminine Hygiene Maintaining feminine hygiene is necessary in order to stay fresh and healthy. Women who demonstrate good feminine hygiene are often more confident in their appearance and are less likely to become sick or experience common female health problems such as yeast infections or urinary tract infections. There are a variety of products on the market to help women improve and maintain their hygiene. Douches Douche can be used sparingly to help clean and maintain the vaginal area. Some douches contain natural ingredients and others contain harsh chemicals. It is best to use douches that are natural as the chemical found in others can irritate the vagina or cause an allergic reaction. Always follow the direction on the douche packaging to make sure you are using it correctly. Feminine Wipes Feminine wipes are convenient moist toilettes that can be kept in a woman's purse or pocket and used as needed. The wipes not only clean the vaginal area, but can also prevent odors and infections. They are an easy way to freshen up after or during a period and are portable and easy to disguise. Soaps It is important to wash the vaginal area everyday with soap and water. Keeping the area clean will prevent infection and odors. It will also keep the vaginal area healthy and allow it to maintain the proper PH level. Use mild soaps and avoid those that contain dyes or harsh chemicals. If you notice a itching or burning sensation after using a certain type of soap, switch to a more gentle brand. Feminine Sprays Feminine sprays are used to refresh the vaginal area and prevent odors. Some sprays also contain medications that can help treat and prevent yeast infections or other feminine hygiene problems. Sprays come in portable sizes and can be kept in a purse or under a bathroom sink.