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Keith Robert Orie Supplies HighEnd Medical Equipment

Keith Robert Orie is the owner of Advanced Medical Sales LLC, a Texas based company selling high quality reliable medical equipment (DME) at reasonable prices. This company was founded by Orie with some goals in mind. He wanted to provide patients an opportunity to live a life, where they do not have to completely rely on pain relief medication or seek invasive procedures. He wanted to help medical professionals increase their profits with the use of equipment that can assist them offer premium care to their patients. Hence, he came up with an wide range range of medical equipment, showcasing a blend of advanced engineering and modern technology. Currently, he stocks products such as Portable Ultrasound Machines that are designed to treat medical conditions including joint contractures, muscle spasms, etc; Neck Traction devices that relieve neck pain, nerve pressure, tension headaches, etc; Electrical Stimulation Devices that relieve pain; and many more.

Apart from supplying state-of-the-art medical equipment, Keith Orie has always strive to deliver complete customer support. He has a dedicated team of experts, who make sure all the queries of clients are responsibly addressed. These professionals have an immense knowledge about the durable medical equipment (DME) and are thus capable of adequately answering the clients' questions pertaining to the DME service. Keith also ensures that the orders of his clients are delivered at their facility in the most safe manner. His approach of dealing with the clients has attained him great respect. At present, Keith Orie serves a huge customer base that includes medical professionals like Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Family Physicians, and many more. In free time, he likes to involve himself in his favorite sports tennis and badminton. He is also very fond of trekking, gardening, and fishing.

Thank You Keith Robert Orie

Keith Robert Orie Supplies High-End Medical Equipment  

Keith Robert Orie, the owner of Advanced Medical Sales LLC sells high quality reliable medical equipment (DME) at reasonable prices. He foun...

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