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John Eagle

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Composition, French  horn,  piano   Education

California Institute  of  the  Arts,  M.F.A.  Performer-­‐Composer,  (May  2013) Bennington  College,  B.A.  Music  and  Philosophy,  2009 Composition:  Michael  Pisaro,  Mark  Trayle,  2011-­‐Present;  Allen  Shawn,       Nick  Brooke,  Kitty  Brazelton,  2004-­‐2009 French  horn:  Robin  Graham,  2011-­‐Present;  Daniel  Grabois,  2005-­‐2010 Piano:  Polly  van  der  Linde,  2007;  Marianne  Finckel,  2004-­‐2006


Music Scholarship—The  Duke/Surdna  Foundation,  California  Institute  of  the  Arts,  2011,  2012 John  Hendrick  Memorial  Commission  Award,  Bennington  College,  2009 Academic  Scholarship,  Bennington  College,  2008

Performance Experience

Select Concerts: New  Zealand  in  L.A.,  French  horn,  REDCAT  Theater—Walt  Disney  Center,  Los  Angeles,  CA,  2012 John  Cage  Centenary  Festival,  French  horn,  REDCAT  Theater—Walt  Disney  Center,  Los  Angeles,  CA,  2012 Summer  Sundays  at  Four  feat.  Tom  Bogdan,  Yoshiko  Sato,  and  John  Eagle,  French  horn,     Park-­‐McCullough  House,  North  Bennington,  VT,  2011 Mozart’s  Horn  Concerto  No.  2,  solo  French  horn,  Sage  City  Symphony,  Bennington,  VT,  2011 Three  for  Orchestra,  solo  piano,  Sage  City  Symphony,  Bennington,  VT,  2010 Joel  Kennedy  Ensemble,  French  horn,  Roulette,  New  York,  NY,  2009 Will  Stratton,  French  horn,  Bennington  College,  2009 Honegger’s  King  David,  French  horn,  Bennington  Choral  Society,  Bennington,  VT,  2007 Select  Ensembles: Sonic  Boom,  French  horn,  Valencia,  CA,  2011-­‐Present New  Millennium  Brass  Ensemble,  French  horn,  Valencia,  CA,  2011-­‐Present CalArts  Chamber  Orchestra,  French  horn,  Valencia,  CA,  2011-­‐Present Horse’s  Mouth,  French  horn,  laptop,  Brooklyn,  NY,  2005-­‐Present Sage  City  Symphony,  Principal  horn,  Bennington,  VT,  2005-­‐2011

Production Experience The  Seagull               Our  Town       Celebration  Service     Mahagonny  Songspiel   Sweet  Storm         As  You  Like  It         Movements  and  Postures     Who  am  I  today?    

Sound Design                                    Park-­‐McCullough  House,  North               Bennington,  VT  2012 Simon  Stimson  (character  and  pianist)        Hubbard  Hall,  Cambridge,  NY,  2011 Asst.  Music  Director,  keyboardist                      Bennington  College,    2010 Music  Director,  pianist                          Bennington  College,    2010 Sound  Design                            Hubbard  Hall,  Cambridge,  NY,  2010 Music  Director,  pianist                        Bennington  College,    2009 Composer,  Music  Director                        Bennington  College,  2009 Composer,  performer                        Bennington  College,  2008


Teaching Experience

Graduate Teaching  Assistant,  California  Institute  of  the  Arts,  Valencia,  CA,  2011-­‐Present • Teaches  Aural  Skills  (Intermediate  and  Advanced) Composer  Intern,  Bennington  College,  Bennington,  VT,  2009-­‐2011 • Taught  Aural  Skills  (Beginning  and  Advanced),  Music  Groundworks Mentor,  Sage  City  Symphony,  Young  Composers  Project,  Bennington,  VT,  2010-­‐2011 • Taught  orchestral  composition  at  local  high  schools Faculty,  Summer  Sonatina,  Bennington,  VT,  2010 • Taught  composition,  electronic  music,  and  theory Intern,  Tacoma  Youth  Symphony  Association,  Tacoma,  WA,  2008 • Managed  concerts,  lead  sectionals,  and  administrative  support

Selected Works words  and  other  forgotten  things,  for  violin  and  harp,  commissioned  by  Emily  Call,     2012 Asperges  Me,  for  melodic  instrument  and  string  trio,  The  Wild  Beast,  Valencia,  CA;  2012 rhythm  color  #2—resembling,  suggesting,  for  New  Century  Players,  Roy  O.  Disney  Hall,  Valencia,  CA;     2012 rhythm  color  #1,  for  solo  percussion,  commissioned  by  Jay  Sager,  Park-­‐McCullough  House,     North  Bennington,  VT;  Purchase,  NY;  Valencia,  CA;  2012 Either/Or,  6  voices,  piano,  &  percussion,  The  Wild  Beast,  Valencia,  CA;  2012 closer,  for  orchestra,  commissioned  by  Sage  City  Symphony,  Bennington,  VT;  2011 Tetraptych,  for  brass  quartet,  Williams  College,  Williamstown,  MA;  2010 Who  am  I  today?  -­‐  Overture  and  Finale  (a  new  version),  for  3  voices,  &  piano,  Bennington  College;  2010 I  Need  Thee  Every  Hour,  for  2  sopranos,  tenor,  2  pianos,  2  violins,  &  2  guitars,  Bennington  College;  2010 Conversations,  for  brass  quartet,  a  collaboration  with  Stefan  Anderson,  performed  by  quartet  including     Allan  Dean  and  Tom  Bergeron,  commissioned  by  Bennington  College  for  Commencement  2009 Self-­esteem,  an  electronic  installation  piece  with  user  input  (Max/MSP)  for  Musikhaus  ’09,  Bennington     College;  2009 Movements  and  Postures,  musical  for  4  voices,  guitar,  bass,  piano,  &  percussion,  Bennington  College;  2009 Potter’s  Field  Lullaby,  for  voice,  guitar,  &  piano,  Bennington  College;  2009 Thinking,  for  4  voices  &  2  pianos,  Bennington  College;  2009 Who  Am  I  Today?  Opera  for  3  voices  &  piano,  Bennington  College;  2008 Missed  the  Train,  for  soprano,  tenor,  &  piano,  Bennington  College;  2008 what  i  want  to  say,  for  French  horn  &  electronics,  Bennington  College;  2008 Jacob,  for  ampli_ied  piano,  percussion,  &  electronics,  performed  by  Elizabeth  Wright,  Matt  Gold,     Bennington  College;  2008


Notation: Finale,  Sibelius Audio  Production:  Pro  Tools,  Ableton  Live,  Max/MSP,  Reaktor

John Eagle


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