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Many Diablo III players have no problem understanding the mechanics of the game, have great builds, and have the knowledge to beat all the bosses in the game. However, what many players do not have is the money to purchase good gear that will get them through inferno mode. Blizzard has designed the game in such a way that players with great gear will outshine players who are under-geared. Diablo III is a game where the best players are typically the guys with the best gear. Unless you are really lucky with item drops as you progress through the game (or you have invested money into the Real Money Auction House), the harsh reality is that you will need millions of gold in order to dominate in game. Making millions of gold in Diablo III can be a challenging. There are a number of ways which gold can be obtained, some being more profitable than others... 1. Gold/Item Farming Farming gold and items is one of the more popular approaches to obtaining gold in Diablo III. With enough magic find/gold find percentage on your gear, you can farm high quality yellow rares and decent amounts of gold. For good item and gold farming spots, check on YouTube! There are a variety of good farming locations for you to choose from. PROS: - If you are very lucky player, you can obtain items that can sell for millions on the Auction House - When farming gold, you can be sure that you will receive a relatively stable income of (typically) 150k to 400k per hour, depending on the amount of gold find you have on gear CONS: - Farming this way can become very boring and repetitive - No real promise of obtaining great gear - you could farm for 100 hours and obtain no great gear - Gold and magic find gear can become expensive, especially if you are trying to get close to maximum percentages on gear pieces.

2. 'Flipping' items on the Auction House In my opinion, this is by far the best method of generating gold for your character in the game. Flipping is a method whereby a player browses the auction house for under-priced items and resells these items for a fair price; generating a large profit. When done correctly, a large amount of gold can be generated in the game. PROS: - The amount of gold one can obtain using this method can be absolutely ridiculous. Some players have reported making profits up to 50 - 80 million gold in one day - You don't have to have a level 60 character on inferno in order to make money. Even a level 1 player can make a profit on the auction house - Blizzard nerfs will have little effect on this method. CONS: - You need to know the ins and outs of the auction house in order to hit the extremely high levels of gold (50 - 80 million per day) - Browsing the auction house can become boring over time, not everyone wants to spend their Diablo III experience browsing on the auction house. 3. Crafting Crafting is another popular method of obtaining gold. Levelling your blacksmith to level 10 is easy and relatively inexpensive, and crafted items can potentially generate large amounts of gold through auction house sales. PROS: - Gold obtained from crafting can be very large if you are lucky enough to craft good items that will sell on the Auction House - Stable source of income (so long as the game economy stays stable). CONS: - Crafting is a very repetitive process and can become very boring - This method relies on stability of the economy. I hope this short guide has been helpful to you as a player looking to get some extra coin in Diablo III.

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Make a living from Diablo 3 With This Guide

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