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On May 15 2012, Blizzard Entertainment, a giant in the world of gaming, released the much anticipated Diablo III. Diablo II had been a great game and with the lessons Blizzard had learned about running Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) via their World of Warcraft franchise they created Diablo III to represent much of what players loved of Diablo II but with that MMORPG attraction. However, any good marketer knows that a product needs something different about it. Something exciting that will get people talking and dreaming. Enter the concept of the Real Money Auction House (RMAH) a place where players can buy and sell items they win/use when playing the game for real money. The concept of playing a computer game and making money sounds like nirvana to many. No game has been audacious enough to offer something like the RMAH to date so this is new territory. One of the key questions is, what will people have to do to make money with this feature? The principles of making money in Diablo III and making money in the real world will not be too different. In the most simple terms, the person who makes money in life in the person who has the skills to gain possession of items (or services) that others really want, and knows the best price to offer those at to maximise demand and profit. It will be no different in the RMAH. The items of interest will be in game gold, weapons, armour, items and commodities. The better or more rare an item the more it will earn for the seller. Getting these items will take many hours spent in the game winning the items or an ability to buy the items at a low price and sell at a higher price. Once the items are gained, that is the first part of the equation fulfilled. The other part of the equation, the selling of items, may not be as easy as it may initially seem. You are limited in the number of items you can list at any one time for starters. Secondly, when the RMAH is just starting out there will be a brand new out of game economy developing where the real world price of game items is not known through precedent. Thirdly, in the beginning there will be much less gold in the in game economy and fewer characters who can wield the more impressive items so selling your best gear immediately might not be the best ploy. To combat those obstacles the person looking to make money via the RMAH will require the very same thing that people who make money in the real world require; market information. The people (and there will be many) who blindly list their items and buy their items with little thought or consideration of market pressures will meet with limited success. Those who take the time to monitor the market price of various goods at various quantities at different times of the day on different days of the week will note patterns around when things are priced high and when things are priced low. They will get a sense of what is a good price and what is not. They will then use this information to buy low and sell high, thus generating a tidy profit in the meantime. There are people out there who work day and night to derive this sort of information along with their gaming and fighting skills and strategies in order to profit to the greatest extent. The rest of us

who have our real lives to live as well will need to turn to those experts prepared to share this knowledge if we are to have any show of making the most of this opportunity. For those that would like to be rich in game as well as make money out of game will need to reference a Diablo III gold guide. Such a guide lets you in on the latest research and helps you to create online and offline wealth. Information will be key to doing well in Diablo III. I wish you all the best in your journey through the world of Sanctuary.

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Diablo III - How to Make Money in the Real Money Auction House  
Diablo III - How to Make Money in the Real Money Auction House  

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