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Diablo III is near the release date, coming out with 2 separate Auction Houses. One that will host gold and another that will host real money. If a player wants to trade his item for gold, he can freely can. But if he wants to give it a try, he can always switch to real money Auction House and list couple of his precious items. But hold your breath for a while, its not that simple as we all want to believe. As we all know, the guy that sets our auction, needs to get something, right? Also known as the middle man. So before we go and list our item into the Auction House, we need to pay a small fee to that guy. The guy in our case is Blizzard, the hosting king(or queen if you wish) of our so long waited game. Don't forget that this little fee is actual real money and not gold. So we are set with our auction and we wait for the item to sell. Well, for our bad luck, the item returned to us, without being sold to the market. Unfortunately, the fee is kept by our middle guy and we are stuck with an item that we are going to re list for the same fee once again. In our favour, the item is getting sold after a while and we go to receive our profit. To our great surprise we get the listing fee back, but we realise that there is a cut on your earnings that goes to the middle man for the successful trade. That was a short story pointing out 2 expenses the player must make to receive the well desired 'real money' from the Auction House. For every item you list, you need to pay a small fee. If no one buys the item, you lose your fee. If it does get sold, then you receive the fee and provide a cut of the earnings to blizzard. If you had a previous experience with World of Warcraft Auction House and eBay, you know that listing items on a game for virtual currency and listing items for real money, doesn't feel exactly the same. In real life, you don't get material goods so easy like you do in a game. But when it comes to Diablo III you are given the ability to do a real life procedure(posting on eBay for instance) but with a lot more quantity in your hands. You can easily understand that things can go out of hand very fast. But in that case, is the fall of some people the rise of others? So, can you make money in Diablo III? The answer is yes. Even when the real life markets are bad, there are still money to be made. Nevertheless you need the right tools and knowledge to proceed further. Once you familiarise your self with the auction house and the Diablo III economy, you will be a well standing player among the community able to manipulate and predict market changes and trends.

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Can You Earn Money In Diablo III  

Make a living from Diablo 3 With This Guide

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